Deer Tattoos

Deer Tattoo Ideas

Minimalism brings a new breath in tattoo art – the combination of geometry and monochrome emphasizes the beauty of this quite small antlers image on the elbow. The stress is done on the content but not a form of tattoo that says about the self-confidence and a strong male character of its owner.

minimalist style antler tattoo on the hand

The thigh is one of the most favorite places for tattoos among women, where such wonderful composition of buck skull head looks really spectacular! The skull is the embodiment of death, and flowers – life, so they show two radically opposite edges. The rhombus behind the deer image signifies motherhood, fertility and love.

buck skull tattoo on the hip

This exclusive pattern of deer on the shin aims at the lovers of black tattoos. Despite the dark coloring, the image possesses a saturated and deep look. The buck’s head and tremendous antlers span the large area of the leg, thus, the picture reveals power and energy of this magnificent animal.

black buck tattoo on the leg

There is no necessity to apply the whole deer on your skin if you wish to share symbolism of this animal. It is enough to take this catching ornament of antler on the shoulder. It is embellished with a nice composition of leaves that personify nature, while feathers mean courage and immortality.

deer antler tattoo on the shoulder

Do you want to emphasize your self-sufficiency and virility and add some lovely notes to the tattoo? What about this realistic performance of deer in geometric multi-faceted design on the chest? It is complemented with tiny dove, which is not only the beautiful creature but also indicates goodness and compassion.

deer and dove chest tattoo

The deer tattoo is always associated with something good like valor, longevity, honor, the exception is a deer skull with horns. This black pattern on the leg terrifies, especially the animal’s grin on the muzzle. However, such horrifying image can be chosen to shock people and accentuate on the man’s brutality.

deer skull head tattoo on the leg

Each detail of this deer composition is based on the mystery: a rhombus is presented with an eye in the big circle, which is a symbol of eternity and infinity. The eye is an embodiment of protection, wisdom and invulnerability. Finally, the predominance of black tint completes this mystical design.

blackwork eye and deer skull tattoo on the leg

This sweet deer tattoo is an ideal option for ladies, who want to have this graceful animal and at the same time are looking for aesthetically pleasing design. In this work on the thigh, the various flowers make a great frame, while the moon behind the beast, creates a mysterious image of its holder.

deer and moon tattoo for girl on the hip

There is no doubt that deer pattern is very popular among men, as this animal is famous for its herculean strength and excerpt, which characteristics are highly appreciated by strong sex. This half sleeve idea of the black and gray picture is done so accurately and scrupulously that perfectly represent the beauty and strength of this creature.

half sleeve deer tattoos for men

Despite the long history, the tribal designs remain on the top of the most well-known styles. These distinctive spiky patterns of black make a wonderful ornament of a deer on the man’s shoulder blade. This tattoo is not large in size but it nicely indicates the best traits of this robust animal.

deer tribal tattoo on the shoulder

The pretty black and white tattoo of deer is combined with a weeny leaf on the side, which immediately draws attention. This small pattern is meaningful: the falling maple leave is considered the harbinger of parting with loved person, so this tattoo is applied by man, who experiences a rupture of relations.

small deer with maple tattoo on the side

This image of deer in black suit proposes another view on the common tattoo on the leg. The stag image is supplemented by neon geometric elements in the form of circles around the animal. The tattoo with neon components is trendy innovation in tattoo art; they illuminate under ultraviolet light that produces an unbelievable impression.

stag tattoo with neon geometric elemets on the leg

This presentation of deer in black and gray tint induces bleak feelings because a skull is associated with negative meanings: death, oppression. What is more, the image is decorated with colorful flowers, where red poppies indicate transience of life and oblivion. In spite, the pessimistic context, the tattoo on the inner forearm looks effective.

tribal deer skull with flowers tattoo on the forearm

Whitetail deer is an elegant representative of deer with light gray wool, which is frequently chosen for a tattoo. Here the animal is performed in full-length on the leg. It is done with numerous flowers on its antlers that personifies the Tree of Life and symbolizes longevity and source of living energy.

whitetail deer tattoo on the leg

If you are in search of colorful, vivid deer’s tattoo, do not waste your time anymore. This incredible deer portrait is painted in such way on the thigh that it seems like the animal appears from the picture frame. The lovely blue forget-me-nots beautify the image and symbolize true love and hope.

traditional deer tattoo on the hip

This is one more example of Tree of Life image that finds its interpretation in antlers not in vain: the older the deer, the more majestic antlers – the same is with the branches of the trees. The modest white and gray tattoo on the shoulder implies the desire to live and fearlessness in face of difficulties.

deer trees tattoo idea

The small tattoo is a universal variant, which suits both men and women. These deer antlers reflect all the force that this animal embodies, withal such diminutive pattern seems laconic and unobtrusive. The tattoo is placed on the elbow – rather uncommon location but the ornament looks attractive and memorable.

small deer antler tattoo on the hand

Do you wish to be in a trend by adding new colors to your appearance? This innovation of 3D effect is a progressive design, which brings unbelievable notes in the animal tattoo. Due to 3D style, the deer antlers are characterized by unusual realism, they create the illusion of volume depicted objects on the wrist.

3d deer antler tattoo on the wrist

This tattoo is designed for active, young people, who live a full life. According to the symbolism, the deer antler serves as a personification of the tree with beautiful blossom that indicates life. The black and gray tint does not minimize the positive meaning of this fascinating drawing on the shoulder.

flower and deer antler tattoo on the shoulder

Everybody dreams about happiness in life, and winter is a time when all treasured desires can come true. If you want to have a piece of this fairy tale, apply this bright snow globe with a deer figure on the leg. Aside from snowflake, it is adorned with two nice flowers – untypical for winter but very lovely!

winter wonderland deer snow globe tattoo on the leg

Here is a deer performed in triangle figure on the thigh. This geometric element is very often chosen by women because it conveys three significant stages in life: girlhood, motherhood and old age. This appealing tattoo may also bring health and serve as an amulet for its owner.

deer with triangle tattoo on the hip

The bright colorful designs in tattoos are girls’ prerogative: the ladies try to apply the real masterpiece on their body. This pattern on the leg is a good example of girlish presentation of deer. The animal looks gentle and delicate among glorious florets; the turquoise globe behind the beast adds a little riddle.

colorful deer tattoo on the leg

The tattoo is done in modern geometric style, where the picture is based on numerous triangles, which together form an image of deer on the forearm. The triangle corresponds to a witty, energetic and confident personality, thus, choosing such interesting, abstract design, pay attention to symbolism applied in geometric figures.

geometric deer tattoo on the forearm

This simple, on the first sight tattoo, includes trendy techniques such as graphic approach with geometric options of the circle, triangle and rhombus. The simplicity and originality are the main features of the animal image on the elbow, which makes it distinctive from the big range of similar tattoos.

geometric and graphic deer tattoo on the sleeve

The major characteristics of minimalism style are conciseness and elegance of images. Look at this marvelous composition of male and female deer – the notions of love and devotion are implied in the tattoo on the shoulder blade, which is read between the lines. The accurate, simple lines reflect the wish to be together with your lover.

minimalist style deer tattoo

The meanings of deer tattoo are so varied that everyone can choose what is more appropriate for him/her. This pattern of deer’s family on the inner forearm is performed in dark shades in the background of the high trees that show the tremulous and devotional attitude to the family relationship.

family deer and trees tattoo on the forearm

If you a fan of minimalism and geometry in tattoo design, you will like the deer image done in linework on the forearm. The primary stress is done on antlers, which are shown in the form of tree branches – the sign of life. The central figure is complemented with geometric elements – circle and two triangles.

linework deer tattoo on the forearm

This pattern presents a quite young silverback deer on the upper arm. The realistic image of the strong animal is achieved with a help of black and gray tint: the deer seems subtle and vulnerable, however, in reality, it hides the great strength. The man, who takes such tattoo, shows his wisdom and manhood.

silverback deer tattoo on the sleeve

Some girls need the brightest and the most picturesque picture to impress everybody like this superb variant of deer on the hip. The wild beast looks highly cute in this composition with flower ornament. It expresses the beauty, finesse and slight fearfulness that are inherent in this animal.

deer girlish tattoo on the hip

It is impossible to take the eyes off this colorful masterpiece of deer on the half-sleeve. The ideal choice of colors, shades makes you believe that this is a real animal near the flowers in the background of the sun. This nice creature radiates the best things: goodness, kindness and charm.

realistic deer tattoo on the sleeve

Have you ever seen anything as surprising as this deer tattoo? It is a sort of mirror through which the beautiful landscape can be seen: trees, clouds in the deep black scene. It is needed a lot of space to perform this interesting idea on the body – the side will work well for it.

trees and deep tattoo idea on the side
Deer tattoo always carries kindness, positive emotions and expresses generosity, confidence strength of spirit and peace of mind. This animal is sometimes identified with the Tree of Life, as the shape of its horns resembles the crown of trees. Deer tattoo is more suitable for men because it embodies will and wisdom, while women choose the image of fawn or female deer that signifies fearfulness, grace and tenderness.

The Meanings of Deer Tattoo

The basic definitions of deer are spirituality, purity and light; its horns are a good omen of revival and renewal. The meaning of tattoo depends on the location, thematic design and can comprise:

  • Virility, grace and calmness – is the image of an adult male deer. The Asians associate the animal with male sexuality, passion.
  • Purity and strength – is a popular meaning, an exception is the deer skull tattoo, which conveys negative forces of evil and lack of spirituality.
  • Noble solitude – this sign is familiar to wanderers and travelers.
  • Symbol of God and the triumph of good over evil: horned deer indicated Jesus Christ in Christian culture; its image is often decorated with the baptismal font as a symbol of divine reverence. The deer trampling the snake represents an annihilation of evil.
  • Vitality and fertility: the luxury branched antlers embody the tree of life and the powerful sunlight.
  • Wisdom and longevity – is the symbol of white deer that is especially venerated in Japan.
  • Wealth and success: in China, the animal is connected with riches and the word “deer” sounds exactly the same as the word “abundance”.
  • Rapid grace, credulity and, at the same time, fearfulness, the beauty of movement are characteristics of female deer without antlers, which is usually applied by women.
  • Creativity, art: due to its grace and beauty, this animal is very often associated with music, poetry and other arts.