50 Burgundy Nail Art Designs to Try

Burgundy color has become one of the most popular ones. This hue is much deeper than a red one and much friendlier than a black color. It explains the choice of many women who don’t want to have bright and flashy nails but want to have classic and sexy design instead.

Have you ever seen the nail polish color that matches every skin color, every outfit and is suitable for every event in your life? If not, just meet burgundy color which is appealing everywhere and every time! While red color can sometimes be harsh and defiant, burgundy hue is very calm and quite being really sexy and passionate at the same time.

Such colors as burgundy are rare as they can be worn in any season and any weather. Either it’s warm and sunny day or cold and cloudy, your burgundy nails will shine and glow. The same we can say about occasions – burgundy nail art is suitable for office and business meetings as well as for wild parties and romantic dates, fitting classic suits and crazy outfits.

Taking into account a large variety of nail polishes, manicure technique and decorations we can certainly claim that burgundy polish will look flawless without any other adorning if you don’t appreciate any. However, providing you are an extravagant person and want to dilute your manicure with something else, you are always welcome to try ombre techniquereverse French with burgundy color, matte burgundy and maroon polishesmarble pattern and even cat eye burgundy polish. Decorations like flowery patternsglitter polish and rhinestones are also welcomed!

Nowadays nail art offers a great diversity of the forms and shapes, that is why it doesn’t really matter what shape you choose, roundalmondsquaresquoval or stiletto, no matter what length nails are, long or short, the burgundy coat is perfect for any nails. Although these days women prefer acrylicgel and stiletto nails to their one ones, in the case of burgundy color, artificial nails the same as real will look awesome!

We have selected the most striking variants of burgundy nail art design which are totally worth having them done! Take your time, have a look at all these masterpieces, choose the best variant for you. Or you can get inspired by these gorgeous pictures as burgundy color can be really called Royal for its deep shade and fabulous look.

Burgundy Nail Designs

Shiny maroon? It’s possible when you alternate matte maroon polish with nails covered with gold studs. Looks unusual and wild!
Maroon and stones nails
If you are against loud experiments, then burgundy and nude color polishes will be a great idea to make your manicure original. As usually, rhinestones and glitters won’t be extra.
Burgundy nude nails
Stiletto nails will open a lot of opportunities for you to decorate them. Black rose stampings are a good idea to diversify a simple manicure. Really worth trying!
Burgundy and rose nails
Almond shape of the nails is perfect when you choose a clear dark maroon color. Such a hue is adorable by any woman and can suit either business meeting or a crazy party.
Dark maroon nails
If you want your nails to look bigger, the burgundy glossy polish is an excellent variant to achieve it. Add some white nail caviar on one of the fingers, and you will see that the picture will be completely changed.
Short burgundy nails
Beautiful almond nails can be a masterpiece when you use burgundy color as a base and go mad with matte black curly lines that are unique on every nail.
Burgundy pattern nails

#7. Matte Maroon Nails

Pointy nails seem to be good for matte maroon color which looks not so boring in combination random nails done in negative space technique. By the way, maroon and yellow colors are appealing to many women.
Matte maroon nails

Polar lights can be seen not only in the sky but on the nails. Such a perfect fade looks gorgeous if you have the almond shape of the nails and gel polish.
Burgundy ombre nails
You think that maroon color is restrained and can’t be festive, don’t you? Then check this manicure out and make sure that even such plain color can be fun if you add pink and lilac ombre with sugar effect on ring finger nails.
Maroon color nails
A mild transition from a light carrot-red color to a black one looks original and unique. Burgundy color hues on the pointy and middle nails are the best choice for a mild transition.
Burgundy nail polish
Burgundy color looks majestic and doesn’t always need any further decorations. However, burgundy and white color will give your nails the look you’ve always wanted. Adding one simple flower is enough to look awesome!
Flowery burgundy manicure
If you are looking for a romantic manicure, this variant is just for you. Great variation of a French manicure with heart-shaped burgundy tips for a romantic dinner.
Burgundy heart nails
Royal blue and burgundy colors will make you the Queen! Just look at this flawless nails covered with matte gel polish and you will fall in love with them! Swarovski crystals will definitely fit this manicure.
Burgundy and blue matte nails
The dark burgundy color looks eye-catching when you have a smooth and neat square nail shape. The longer nails are, the more extravagant they look. Wearing silver jewelry on the fingers can complete your image.
Dark burgundy nails
If you are a fan of experiments and extraordinary color matches, then this variant is just for you! Royal Burgundy with wild green can be a real discovery for those who like unique and striking manicure!
Burgundy and green nails
Acryl is a good material for those who want to prolong their nails’ life and have a perfect form for covering them with so beautiful maroon color. Moreover, they become a perfect ground for different decorations like embellishments, studs and rhinestones.
Maroon acrylic nails
You will be so excited by this manicure that no doubts you will get it done! Burgundy matte nails look so restrained that it will be a good idea to add some glitter fun on random nails in addition to gold studs.
Burgundy nails with gold tips
Every woman has dreamt about stilettos at least once in her life. If you have decided to do that burgundy color would be striking. Also, you can always apply some crystals and glitter to look completely perfect.
Burgundy long nails
Such an interesting design is a good idea to show off a bit. A mixture of burgundy chameleon color, black nails with sugar powder and dark glitters will rock at any event!
Burgundy chameleon nails
One of the most popular combinations is maroon color in ombre technique with gold glitter. It’s not so difficult to apply even when you have short nails.
Maroon and gold nails
Short nails in shimmering burgundy color look nice. However, you can make such a manicure a bit brighter by adding chameleon polish on ring finger nails.
Maroon and chameleon nails
Can you imagine flawless manicure? You are looking at it right now! Almond nail shape, matte burgundy polish and absolutely striking marble pattern – these are the key points of the most fashionable design!
Matte burgundy and marble nails
The combination of burgundy and black colors looks great when you apply some small details to make your nails as awesome as you can. Among these details, you can set your choice on embellishments, flowers and Swarovskicrystals.
Maroon nail art designs
Short nails are great when you choose the correct nail polish. In this case, they look totally striking as cat eye nail gives the impression of using different shades and hues on one nail.
Burgundy cat eye nails
Party is the best place to boast a striking manicure. Maroon color will be a perfect choice for you at such an event. Yet, pay attention to the nail shape as long rounded nails would be the best for the color.
Maroon gel nails
Winter is a perfect season for burgundy nails. Especially when you have a Christmas party and want to grab everyone’s attention. Add a few glitters of the same color and set the party on fire!
Burgundy Christmas nails
This manicure is a real example of ideal. Saturated burgundy coat with a mixture of ombre technique, comb pattern and gems looks just flawless. This can be a real masterpiece in the nail world.
Burgundy acrylic nails with rhinestones
Do nails look great when they some male decorations on them? Definitely worth trying, especially when basic color is burgundy, which looks absolutely fabulous!
Burgundy nails with bows
Stilettos aren’t the most comfortable nail shapes to wear, yet they help to show all the beauty of the nail art especially when the master uses maroon color and a few rhinestones to mark your manicure out!
Maroon stiletto nails
Go crazy with gold embellishments on dark burgundy nails. This is a combination which will never go out of trend. Moreover, you can use one nail on each hand as an area for decorating it with studs.
Medium burgundy nails
Swarovski crystals have always been in vogue the same as burgundy color. Adding minimum quantity of gems will outline the grand burgundy color and help you to become a Queen!
Burgundy and Swarovski nails
Just have a look at this variant of a burgundy manicure! Ballerina nail shape covered with grand burgundy matte color needs nothing else to add. You will be satisfied with the result having such nail art done.
Burgundy matte nails
Burgundy color can become a stunning decoration in the nail art kingdom. Having beige and black colors in different variations can be a bit boring unless you add pure burgundy base and some 3D flowers of the same color.
Burgundy nail art designs
Using white color will always be an advantageous variant. However, if you want to add a zest to it, burgundy color in ombre technique decorated with tiny roses will be a great idea.
Burgundy rose nails
Having an attractive manicure is the result of an imagination and a good work. These two aspects interact in this photo. Dark burgundy and light beige match each other as never with the help of ornaments and Swarovskicrystals.
Burgundy and beige art designs nails
A real masterpiece can be created if you add some creativity to burgundy color on your nails. Geometric patterns outlined with glitter together with beautiful and shiny crystals will amaze everyone!
Burgundy bling nails
Featuring red, pink, maroon and burgundy colors in the form wrapping stripes put on the white base is a must have if you want to be on trend!
Burgundy and white nails
Almond shaped nails with burgundy and black polishes is a good idea as these two colors supplement each other especially being done unusually with negative space technique.
Burgundy and black nails
What can be sweeter than such neat short nails? Burgundy color and minimum decorations will create a perfect match which is really good for a romantic dinner, for example.
Mini burgundy nails
You will fall in love with such a manicure for sure! Acrylic square nails are so popular that any color, like wine, will be a perfect coat for them. Of course, you are always welcome to apply shiny rhinestones!
Wine colored nails
Choosing glitters as decorations, it is very important not to try too hard. This picture shows a golden mean in restraint of burgundy hue and flash of glitter polish. They both look great when combined with an ombre pattern.
Burgundy and silver nails
Stiletto nails won’t be a good idea unless you cover them with a deep and rich burgundy color. Also, you may want to look a bit more extravagant, and then the idea about small fingernails completely covered with Swarovskicrystals will appeal to you.
Burgundy stiletto nails
You definitely need these nails done! Burgundy nails will look perfect on their own, but they require some fantasy to add. Amazing intricate designs, glitters and rhinestones – that is what you need for a fabulous manicure.
Burgundy and crystal nails
Don’t be afraid of experiments especially mixing burgundy nails with an extraordinary ombre on the ring fingers where burgundy color slowly flows into white in the form of mosaics. Great choice!
Burgundy color nails
Ballerina nail shape is a good idea if you want to dilute your burgundy nails with some design. Adding some drops of white polish on ring finger nails, you can easily transform into tender feathers.
Burgundy and feather nails
Not a fan of loud polishes and glitters? Then go for burgundy nail design covering the ring finger nails with subdued glitters in different dark colors. You won’t regret it!
Burgundy glitter nails
Such an awesome manicure will certainly grab people’s attention. Thanks to the deep maroon color, really neat work and a ring finger nail that shines like a diamond you will also become a star!
Maroon nail tips
he problem of short nails can be quickly solved with the help of a gel polish base which will help you not only to lengthen the nails but also to make burgundy color rich and extremely attractive.
Burgundy gel nails
Burgundy color itself looks majestic and grand. However, applying some glitters on the nails won’t spoil the picture providing that you are careful and don’t overdo the glitter.
Burgundy and gold nails
Almond nail shape is very popular among women. Burgundy color will ennoble this shape and make it look grand. With the help of the specific polish, you can create various flower patterns to decorate your nails.
Burgundy and flowers nails
Maroon gel polish is the best variant for those who want to have an outstanding manicure as it makes your nails strong and sleek. Get sandy sugar powder on some random nails, and your manicure won’t leave anyone indifferent!

Black and maroon nails