Ankh Tattoo Designs – Meaning of Egyptian Cross Symbol

Ancient Egypt is regarded as one of the cultures where the art of tattoo emerged. Egyptian tattoos are becoming increasingly popular in our lifetime. They are stylish and socially acceptable at once. This type of tattoo is really nice and bright images of the ancient history.

One of the best-known Egyptian tattoos is the ankh, otherwise known as the Egyptian Cross or the key of life. It brings together the cross as a symbol of life, and a loop, which means infinity or cyclical nature. Its meaning is deeper than only a sign of eternal life. It symbolizes the transition of life processes, the inexhaustible essence of life force.

The ankh besides identified as a source of all hidden knowledge that the priests and pharaohs so much wanted to master. The cycle was an eternal soul with no beginning or end, and the cross was a death. So the ankh was a key to figuring out the secrets of life and death.

The key of life implied a high acumen and wisdom and was a fecundity symbol as well. It denoted the mix of the elements to create a life, the Sun and the Earth, male and female energies. This all indicates the union among of the greatest gods of Egypt – Osiris and Isis. A new life’s beginning in a perfect harmony of the man and woman.

The Egyptians had faith that earthly life was only part of the eternal one. Therefore, the Ankh symbolizes both mortal living and the afterlife, which was just as invaluable as the present life. The Egypt’s cross was ensuring the key to the afterlife gates – the reign of the dead, where the soul could get eternal life. The Ankh was applied in embalming rituals that helped to achieve immortality after death.

Egypt Pharaohs tattooed the ankh sign to receiving the gods’ protection. They believed this only way to get the power from the gods to mortals.

There is no surprise it’s a favorite Egyptian tattoo now. The amount of meaning this simple sign included is impressive!

There are many motives why people make the ankh tattoo. Based on the original meaning of the symbol, everyone fills it with an individual sense. The Egyptian Cross should yield a good fortune and a long life, health and beauty to a person who makes this ink. Just imagine some people hope to get a powerful protection against deadly dangers!

Man or woman who appreciates the cohesion of opposites makes this mark to attract harmony in their love life.

Individuals who believe in mysticism, the world beyond, make the ankh tattoo for getting an eternal life after their death. And maybe they want to get a clue about the life secrets. Why not, actually?

Many people choose this symbol just because they like it. After all, it’s simple and universality, and suitable for both women and men. Ankh is so symbolic and tasteful, which can be tattooed on one’s own. And also it can be included in a large design in combination with more symbols and elements for a more powerful message.

The dark color is incredible matched to ankh sign and creates an amazing image of a cycle of life, death and rebirth.

There is nothing more exciting as the moment when you see a new tattoo on your body! So if you still haven’t picked ankh tattoo you want to get, look below our 34 awesome ideas of the Egyptian cross tattoo.
The African Cross Tattoo with Black Eyes of Horus on Chest

Such clear lines, intense black color, and large size of tattoo make it a bright and unique.
A Perfect Ankh with wings and Eye of Horus Tattoo on Forearm

Here are clear lines and a lot of tiny dots, where every part stands out apart and works together in general. And the threads attach an amazing live look to this ink.
The Ankh and the left Eye of Ra Tattoo in Black on calf for Men

The skillful composition of black and gray ink lends a soft look of the wings and natural form of the eye. Such a tattoo definitely will attract attention!
A nice Ankh Ankle Tattoo in Dotwork Style

The soft, airy and elegant tattoo shows up as if from nowhere. This mark is similar to the terrific dance of dots. Fantastic work!
A delicate Ankh Arm Tattoo Dotwork for Ladies

The black color slowly dissolves and disappears, leaving behind single dots. They point out the meaning of ankh about the infinity of our souls. It came out perfect.

Semicolon Tattoos – Possible Designs and Interesting Features
The Ankh Cross Tattoo With Wings and Eye Dotwork

A lot of black color, clear contours and soft dots make this work truly magnificent. It seems like the pyramid emits the light because of the bright space above. The tattoo has a powerful message.
An Attractive Ankh Outline Tattoo Behind the Fish

The master did an excellent job! Ankh is made as if from the sea stone, a tail and fins are translucent, the scale is like a real. Thousands of points make a drawing so smooth as if the fish is really under the water.
The Ankh Symbol Tattoo With the Head of Anubis

Here the Anubis and the key of life are depicted strictly and with restraint, without unnecessary details. However, this only emphasizes the power of the underground God.
A cute Tiny Ankh Tats Images on the Body Side

You can hide tiny black cross on body side from strangers. But this ink will remind you that your identity as the sacred spirit is the key to everything.
The Original Neck Ankh Tattoo Ideas for Boys

The jewel of this cross catches the light like a genuine gem, what’s making this dotwork so gorgeous.

Tribal African Elephant Tattoos
The Gold Ankh Tattoo Pictures With Skeleton Arm

Thin lines, gradual shadows, bright color of the ankh and gleam of the light animate this mark. Excellent picture!
A Great Ankh Tattoo With Honeysuckle Flowers On The Sternum

Due to a mix of techniques of blackwork and dotwork, the tattoo is very feminine, delicate and refined, but at the same time very bright and interesting.
3d Sleeve Ankh Sign With Wings And Scarab Tattoo

It’s like a piece of the pyramid’s wall was moved on the sleeve. Wanting to consider each detail, every brick and feather. That is admirable work of the artist.
A Pretty Cross of Life Tattoo With Lotus Flower on Back for Women

Smooth bends of the wings, thin threads and beads blend well with the curved lines of the petals of the lotus and the key of life. Nice artwork.
The Winged Scarab and Egyptian Cross Tattoo Designs Blackwork for Men

This mark raises admiration for its minimalism and rigor of black. A scarab is a symbol of perseverance and forward movement, and the rising sun, which he pushes, symbolizes victory over darkness and the desire for a new life. It’s an impressive blackwork tattoo.

The Daisy Arm Tattoo for a Woman
The Egyptian Eternal Life Symbol Tattoo With Wings on Chest

The black and gray style of this tattoo helps to take the point of the picture as a whole better. A master has managed to convey the chiaroscuro of the drawing accurately. Awesome tattoo!
The Egyptian Rebirth Symbol Tattoo on Ribs With Roman Numerals

Roman numerals and the Egyptian eternal life symbol are perfectly going together in a tattoo. And similar darkening and highlighting of color of them make the picture complete.
A Minimalistic Egyptian Sign of Life Tattoo With Pyramid on Belly

The composition of the picture is very interesting. Clear contours and the deep black of Ankh in tandem with straight lines and a smooth shadow on the pyramid look out of the ordinary.
The Tribal Ankh Tattoos on Foot for Guys

These tattoos are performed very professionally. Here you can see sharp corners, clear lines, a lot of black. And the ankh looks great in the Tribal style.
A colored Unk Symbol Tattoos in Classic Style With Scarab

Such а great picture. Bright and shiny colors, it looks like a real scepter for the pharaoh. This tattoo couldn’t be more perfect!

Traditional Baseball Glove Tattoo
A Plain Black Ankh Tattoo on Hand for Girls

Hands are one of the best placements for the tattoo for girls. This ankh isn’t large but looking very dashing.
The Unique Egyptian Sign Complementing Hand Tattoo

While at first glance the shapes of the tattoos on both hands are similar. But they have a difference in the lotus petals form, fullness of color, light, and shadow. And the ankh symbol and crescent are very harmoniously complementing this tattoos and their meaning.
The Black Ankh Tattoo With Geometric Pattern on Forearm Ideas

The geometric style tattoos are looking pretty impressive. This mark is the fantasy interweaving lines, gathering in a single drawing with hexagon and Ankh, meaning the endlessness of pleasures, beauty, harmony, freedom, love, mercy, etc. You can put your value on the geometric tattoo, experiment a lot, “play” with lines and shapes. And it definitely will be very modern and stylish ink.
The Simple Ankh Tattoo on Face in Black Color

Tattoo on the face – this phenomenon is quite rare and extraordinary. This ink can be made both beautiful and not provocative, neat and elegant. The Egyptian sign is perfect for such a tattoo.
An Outline Ankh Neck Tattoo With Wings

Here the artist made perfect shadows, what gave a volume to the Egyptian cross. The outline technique is very suitable here, giving the impression that the ankh and wings are painted with a lead pencil.

Linear Simple Cross Tattoo on Ankle
The Ankh Tattoo on Finger for Men

A person does the tattoo on the fingers wishing to express his or her views on life and own individuality. There is not much space here to make a large drawing, so usually, people make small symbols here. Ankh is one of the sign what has a good looking as in a big as a little size. So it fits perfectly for finger ink.
A Simple Finger Ankh with Glyphs Tattoo Ideas

Ankh is a universal sign that will perfectly match glyphs of different cultures, alchemist or astrology symbols. Every person puts in such a tattoo his magical sense, what is really important for satisfied with the result.
Amazing 3d Sleeve Tattoo of Ankh With Gods Eye

Thanks to using of bright colors a Horus eye and the rays look so realistic. Incredibly vivid tattoo!
A Perfect Male Grey Ankh With Wings Tattoo for Boys

Excellent work. A grey color and soft shadows make the tattoo voluminous and realistic. A great option for men.
The Lovely Ankh Tattoo Dotwork on Inner Elbow

This is unbelievable neatly artwork with such thin lines and tiny dots. It’s like a real jewelry, fragile and exquisite… A lovely tattoo.

Teddy Bear Tattoos with Names
Anubis and Ankh Tattoo With Pyramids

There is a whole story in one picture. It looks like you are watching a true Egypt’s writings. You can spend many hours to consider such a tattoo, trying to find out what it is telling about.
Forearm JackalHeaded God and Ankh Tattoo in Black and Grey Colors

Smooth transitions from black to gray give volume and depth to the image. Clear lines and dense black color make the tattoo with an eye-catching design.
A Male Ankh With Waves Tattoo Ideas

The lines of this ink are very smooth, like the movement of water. But bright contour and pointed corners make this ankh quite manly. It’s a good idea for man’s tattoo.

The Egyptian Eye Tattoo on the Wrist