Astonishing Aquarius Tattoo Designs With Meanings

Ruled by Uranus and Saturn Aquarius is one of three air signs that has its strengths and weaknesses. Born between late January and early February all Aquarians have deep intuition and sharp mind; they are great listeners and loyal friends. Also, they are original, independent and creative people. They love all kinds of Art; tattoo art is one of them.

Aquarius Tattoo Symbolism

As any other zodiac tattoo, Aquarius tattoo is attributed to its astrological symbolism. Due to a personal vision of each tattoo bearer, the tattoo meaning can vary, but more often tattoos symbolize all the traits of Aquarius. Get acquainted with some common keywords that define Aquarius:

  • Determinism
  • Individualism
  • Loyalty
  • Intuition and Creativity
  • Intelligence
  • Rebellious personality and Stubbornness
  • Honesty

Aquarius Tattoo Features and Variations

If you want other people to get to know you better as a person, there are lots of possible Aquarius tattoo designs to deliver your message.

  • Waves – a tattoo of two paralleled zig-zagging lines is a standard Aquarius zodiac symbol and the most popular way to show others that you’re Aquarius.
  • Water Bearer – not less popular tattoo that presents commonly a man or sometimes a woman spilling water out of a pot. There are different takes on this design with mermaids, nymphs and even Greek god Poseidon.
  • Water Urn – is another well-noticed tattoo design depicting an urn or a pot with water pouring out of it.
  • Aquarius Constellation – as one of the oldest constellations and one of the 10th largest, it consists of a large number of different sky objects with five brightest stars. The most common tattoo image of Aquarius constellation has 13 stars. Less common 10 or 12. The stars can also be replaced by flowers to make the tattoo more feminine.

These are main Aquarius tattoo designs which oftentimes can be complemented by other designs in order to increase the symbolic side or for decorative purposes. Consider adding next images to your Aquarius tattoo:

  • Celestial bodies like Moon, Saturn, Uranus or meteors
  • Geometric figures
  • Flowers
  • Waves
  • Galaxy
  • Sundial Compass
  • Other zodiac signs and symbols
  • Inscriptions
  • Water
  • Sea creatures- fish, dolphins, whales

Aquarius tattoo is unisex, it fits perfectly both men and women. The tattoo placement depends on your desire either to show or to hide your ink. Thanks to the whole variety of designs, the Aquarius tattoo can be placed almost anywhere on your body. Waves look nicely on wrists or ankles; water bearer image can decorate your shoulder or forearm. As for tattoo styles, set your imagination free and follow your desires. Mainly people choose next styles:

  • Tribal
  • Geometric
  • Dotwork
  • Linework
  • Realism
  • Japanese traditional
  • Watercolor
  • Old School or New School

If you believe in the connection between your personality and your zodiac sign, this article will help you to choose the best Aquarius tattoo design to show off that.
Brutal and a little bit scary Aquarius and Aries tattoo

If you are a man seeking for a real brutal tattoo design, this blackwork geometric Zodiac tattoo is for you. Shaped in the triangle and encircled by some kind of meteors, the Aries tattoo finds its place in the center with zodiac symbol of Aquarius on the top.
Cute matching Aquarius and Pisces tattoos with flowers

These girls have two similar tattoos on their shoulders to point out on their connection. Flowers are chosen here to replace usual stars in constellations of both sisters. Cute and interesting approach to illustrate Aquarius and Pisces constellations.
Unusual minimalistic Aquarius arm tattoos in Dotwork

This adorable hand poked minimalistic Aquarius constellation tattoo looks like tiny moles on skin. Perfect tattoo if you don’t want to risk your career or your employer is too old-fashioned and don’t allow to have any tattoos.
Really cool Aquarius water bearer back tattoo

According to Greek mythology, Zeus kidnapped one handsome young man Ganymede and made him the wine carrier for Olympic gods. Since then we can see the Water-bearer constellation in the sky. This interesting legend is implemented in the awesome Linework Aquarius tattoo on the shoulder.
Nice Aquarius constellation tattoo in black color

If you are a dreamer who likes to look up at the night sky, try out this Aquarius constellation tattoo with stars and leaves. Nicely composed they look so charming together.
Elegant Aquarius flower tattoo on back for ladies

This outlined Aquarius constellation tattoo with roses instead of stars will surely catch the eye of girls due to its refinement and elegance.
Nice Linework Aquarius girl tattoo on back

The shining full moon, waves and bathing naked girl compose this beautiful smooth Linework tattoo of Aquarius zodiac sign between shoulder blades. Nice choice in big sized tattoos.
Amazing Galaxy Aquarius horoscope tattoo in watercolor technique

The overflowing vessel with water spilling out of it is symbolic of Aquarius. Here it’s accompanied by amazing galaxy background of hypnotizing colors. The tattoo looks like the window to the universe on the shoulder blade.
Delicate Aquarius constellation image tattoo with the moon

Though Aquarius sign is ruled by two planets Saturn and Uranus, people often chose full or crescent moon to depict with Aquarius constellation in one tattoo. Subtle and refined piece!
Lovely simple Aquarius constellation neck tattoo for ladies

Another subtle Aquarius constellation tattoo sits on the nape of the neck and looks awesome since it’s coupled with simple images of the crescent moon and Saturn.
Stunning picture of Aquarius urns tattoo on back

Two black and gray symmetrically placed Aquarius vessels with water pouring out of them meet one another at the nape of the neck. Nice tattoo choice if you come under Aquarius zodiac sign.
The perfect Poseidon with Aquarius shoulder tattoo

Here we can see the incredible Blackwork tattoo depicting Greek god of seas Poseidon wearing massive Aquarius locket, carrying octopus on his shoulder and holding the trident in his right hand. The names of children with their birth dates are inked below Poseidon in order to be protected by his power.
Classy Aquarius sign constellation tattoo for women

This classy, simple constellation of Aquarius is made of small and big dots that stand for stars and conditional lines that people use to connect stars of each constellation.
Brilliant Aquarius sleeve tattoo with sundial and all other zodiac signs

This black and gray hyper-detailed sundial pocket watch tattoo with Zodiac signs depicted in a circle blows the mind. Back in the days, sundials were used to know the position of the Sun depending on the time of the day and year. Each zodiac sign stands for each month of the year. Neat tattoo!
Mysterious Aquarius star constellation tattoo on ribs for men

Aquarius constellation tattoos are the most popular designs among people who come under this noble astrological sign. The mysterious and unusual look of the constellation broken line grabs the attention and intrigues.
Interesting simple Aquarius symbol tattoo design

Here’s what we call the creative tattoo. A handful of moon and stars spilling out like water drops along with Aquarius constellation form an interesting and unique zodiac tattoo design.
Perfect black and gray Aquarius tattoo design for men

Whether you are Aquarian or you just want to give a tribute to the age of Aquarius we live in, the Water Bearer tattoo is exactly what you need. Saturated gray color and perfect shading add this fantastic depth and the image pops off the skin.
Superb constellation of Aquarius tattoo for guys

The bizarre design of this adorable Aquarius constellation tattoo has so many tiny details which become noticeable when you give it a closer look. Stars, moon, Saturn, open and closed eyes and much more details can be found here. Guys would love this piece!
Delicate floral Aquarius constellation tattoo on shoulder for women

Still, we don’t forget about ladies whose refined taste requires more elegant and feminine look of tattoos. Girls, check out this fantastic floral Aquarius constellation tattoo made of tree branches with flowers on the collarbone.
Powerful OM and Aquarius horoscope symbol tattoo idea on ankle for men

Subtle OM tattoo along with Aquarius zodiac symbol on the ankle will help you to find the harmony in life.
Inspiring matching unisex Aquarius and Libra tattoos on wrists

Awesome couple tattoos on wrists show us Aquarius and Libra zodiac sign symbols that look like ancient cave drawings. What a sweet and special way to let the world know about your love!
Extraordinary Aquarius tattoo with quote on arm

You may like to replace the more common five-point stars with these nice four-point stars to make your Aquarius constellation tattoo more original and catchy.
Creative simple Aquarius Tribal tattoo on leg

Sometimes all you need for a truly impressive tattoo design is a simple black color like in this creative angular Aquarius jug with some water drops and the word ‘nothing’ pouring out of it.
Catchy Aquarius star constellation tattoo on hand for females

Five-point stars and dots form this nice Aquarius constellation hand tattoo. Solid black color makes the composition vivid in appearance.
Pretty Aquarius tattoo on back for girls

The moon along with the constellation tattoo, like Aquarius in this case, perfectly fits people who believe in the whimsical influence of celestial bodies on human destinies. The subtleness of this Aquarius tattoo is amazing.
Neat minimalistic male Aquarius constellation tattoo on the ankle

This neat Aquarius constellation tattoo looks like scratches from the distance yet if you give it a closer look, you will notice all the tiny details along with Aquarius astrological sign and stars.
Impressive black Linework Aquarius thigh tattoo for women

This impressive tattoo design consists of the half circle of Aquarius emblem picture with Linework water waves and the jug. The water spilling out of the jug shows how generous Aquarians are.
Splendid Aquarius Water Bearer tattoo in Dotwork

Inspired by ancient Greek mythology this bearded, muscular man pouring water out of the jug is supposed to Ganymede who was kidnapped by Zeus to become the cup-bearer for Olympic gods. We can’t think of a better style for this tattoo than Dotwork, agree?
Astonishing Aquarius waves Saturn and air element symbol tattoos near wrist

Aquarius zodiac sign is quite interesting because even though it is attached to air element, the main symbol representing Aquarius is water. This minimalistic tattoo combines all important symbols connected to Aquarius – planet Saturn that rules Aquarius, waves and air element symbol.
Phenomenal Aquarius with names tattoo on forearm

The portrait of a beautiful girl pouring water from the jug represents Aquarius sign and the scales below stand for Libra sign. Along with beloved people’s names, this black and gray tattoo adorns male arm.
Interesting Aquarius zodiac sign tattoo on body side

The scratchy font of the inscription perfectly blends with the colorful Aquarius water urn image that runs through the ribs of the man. We especially like the water flow that recalls traditional Japanese tattoo designs.
Cool Sketch Aquarius symbol on arm

Without waves, this enchanting Aquarius tattoo would have looked like a simple ordinary pot yet thanks to the excellence of tattoo master, his imagination and sketch style it looks complete.
Cute Aquarius tattoo on ribs for girls

Fine line Aquarius constellation tattoo on the side has an unbelievably soft look. Stars are decorated with rays to imitate star shining.
Intricate girly Aquarius tattoo with Libra scales

Two arrows create Libra scales with Aquarius astrological symbol on one of them and crescent on the other. Reminding blueprint style with its intricate drawings this amazing tattoo grabs the attention.
Marvelous thin geometric Japanese Aquarius tattoo

This marvelous tattoo reminds the Japanese hieroglyph yet it is Aquarius waves emblem nicely adorned by the red disk of the Sun and geometric sketch designs.
Amazing male Aquarius tattoo with geometric elements

Adorning male calf this Aquarius inspired tattoo reminds some kind of book engraving illustrating the handsome, muscular young man with the water urn above his shoulder. Shaped into rhombus this zodiac tattoo is absolutely amazing!
Some pretty Aquarius tattoo on leg

Another take on Aquarius constellation tattoo with cute decoration of crescent moon above. Thanks to the fine lines this barely seen tattoo has an amazingly elegant look.
Breathtaking Sagittarius and Aquarius tattoo on inner bicep

Celebrate your love with the super nice tattoo that depicts your zodiac constellation and the constellation of your beloved person. Thinner and thicker dots of Sagittarius and Aquarius constellations create some wondrous tattoo composition on the bicep.
Gorgeous Scorpio Leo and Aquarius sign tattoos for boys

Personally, this is the coolest way to show others how strong your family bond is. These cute Aquarius, Leo and Scorpio zodiac signs tattoos represent each family member and look gorgeously in bold black color on the back of the arm.
Romantic and sexy Aquarius constellation tattoo

The floral wreath along with Aquarius constellation create the wondrous tattoo between the shoulder blades. What a charming way to decorate the constellation tattoo and make it look more feminine and not so edgy.
Simple and beautiful Aquarius tattoo design on arm

Lines, dots and primitive stars create this inspirational Aquarius constellation tattoo on the bicep. Looks simple yet very beautiful. This is a nice option if you’re looking for some idea for the very first tattoo.
Original Tribal Aquarius symbol tattoo near collarbone

Simple black wavy lines that serve as Aquarius zodiac symbol may seem boring for true Aquarians because they are creative personalities. Original tribal patterns of this splendid collarbone tattoo bring the brand new look to traditional Aquarius waves sign.
Nice Virgo and Aquarius constellation tattoos for couples on legs

If you share same interests, why not share same tattoos. Among all the possible designs for couples, constellations are at the top of the list thanks to their complicated and at the same time simple structure and unique look.
Refined Dotwork Aquarius tattoo with name on arm

There’s no such image which couldn’t be depicted with the help of just dots. This nice Dotwork moon and Aquarius constellation tattoo is the best proof of the previous statement. Refined and cute this tattoo will catch anybody’s attention for sure.
Charming Aquarius tattoo with a fish clown for girls

It’s hard to do with the naked eye but there’s actually a figure of a man with overflowing vase can be seen in Aquarius constellation. If you like the idea but don’t want to ink just bold lines and dots illustrating constellation, take a closer look at this charming Aquarius and Pisces realistic tattoo.
Exquisite Aquarius one wave tattoo idea for women

Supposed you want to focus on your extraordinariness and creativity, this exquisite single wave Aquarius symbol will surely inspire you to get the same ink on your wrist. Plus, if you are a musician, the G clef tattoo on the other wrist will complement previous Aquarius zodiac tattoo.
Snazzy Aquarius constellation tattoo with blue stars

If you choose one color constellation tattoo, there’s a chance that this tattoo will look dull. Consider tattooing stars in some other color, for example, blue, as a result, the stars distinctively come out of the imagery composition.
Fantastic Aquarius and Capricorn tattoos for the best friends

If you want to celebrate the anniversary of friendship, same-themed tattoos will look just fantastic. Here’s the idea of getting tatted up with one’s zodiac constellations on the same place. Capricorn and two Aquarius constellation tattoos find their place on forearms of three best friends.
Eyecatching intense black waves of Aquarius wrist tattoo

These thick bold black zig-zagged lines that primitively illustrate waves, which is the Aquarius zodiac symbol, perfectly fit wrist and highlight masculinity.
Thoughtprovoking small female Aquarius tattoo

If you haven’t noticed yet, tattoos of one’s zodiacal constellation are truly trendy these days. Why? First of all, the tattoo looks unusual and eye-catching. Secondly, it gives much information about tattoo owner since you know his/her zodiac sign.
Impressive Aquarius constellation tattoo in Watercolor style

You will hardly see the man holding water urn above his shoulder in this Aquarius constellation tattoo yet he is there, or that’s what we supposed to see. We love the way color splashes refresh the image gradually change from color to color.
Intriguing minimalistic feminine Aquarius tattoo

This Aquarian has decided to point out on Saturn influence on this zodiac sign. Thus, Saturn is perfectly blended with stars in this constellation tattoo on the wrist that looks intriguing and original.
Attractive Aquarius zodiac sign tattoo on wrist for girls

This simple yet very attractive tattoo design illustrating two jagged lines that imitate water waves is the most famous symbol used to denote Aquarius.