Arrow Tattoos and Its Meaning

When someone adorns their bodies with the tattoos, they do it for some reason. Each symbol has an accepted definition or even a few. Recently, an arrow became a very favored body design. Therefore, it obtains much deeper symbolism.

What Does the Arrow Tattoo Mean?

Mankind has been decorating their bodies with the tattoos for thousands of years. It was believed that only men, especially warriors, ink themselves with the weapon drawings.
Nowadays men often choose similar designs; even they are not related to weapons and military affairs. And there are various reasons. They see it as a symbol of self-control, equanimity, rigor, agility and other men qualities.
The direction of the arrows is important for the image interpretation:

  • The North is a knowledge and experience;
  • The South is a chastity;
  • The East denote a foresight;
  • The West is an intuition

If a few arrows crossed or bundled on a tattoo, it means that everything is interconnected in the world. Also, two crossed arrows can represent the loyalty and friendship.
The arrow tattoo is quite popular among the girls. It was they who set a new direction for the tattoo “Bow and arrows” – now it’s a symbol of love. The main weapon of Cupid means readiness for relationships and marriage. And the heart pierced by an arrow has two variants of interpretation: a successful union or, on the contrary, unhappy love. Today an arrow design implies such human features as self-confidence and sincerity. It is also a symbol of overcoming difficulties.
The symbolism of the arrow is mostly positive. Such tattoo shows the human strengths, the most striking features of the character, values in which they do believe!
As a rule, most people choose a monochrome image, because black and white tattoos don’t fade as fast as colored ones, so you rarely need to correct it.

Which Style to Choose for a Tattoo?

The Dotwork style looks impressive! The image is created with separate points at a different distance from each other. Also, Graphics looks very original. Such works are often supplemented by geometric figures; mostly it’s a triangle or a circle. The arrow itself can also be inked using geometric figures connected to each other

Arrow Tattoo – Placement and Disigns

Let’s consider the most suitable places for the arrow designs. A small sized arrow tattoo can be inked on the wrist, ankle or finger. It will look neat and harmonious.

If you do not plan to work with a lot of details, then a small tattoo arrow on your wrist will look neat and harmonious. However, that the tattoo on this place has to be adjusted more often because the wrist often comes into contact with the environment

While a medium to bigger one can be done on the side, back, shoulder, chest, arm, thigh or leg. The prolonged shape of such tattoos can be placed along the spine.
The minimalism and approximate application are exactly the main features of the arrow tattoo. So you should choose a skilled artist to create a perfect skin art that will emphasize your individuality.
People often find a huge support referring to the history of their family. You know a single arrow can be easily broken, but several arrows are tougher to break. Such ink design will help you to stay strong in every difficult situation.
5 Maori Arrow Tattoo in the Black Ink
Such skin art looks very exciting on the lady’s arm. All dots, lines and shadows of this arrow reflect the inner strength of the person. And a feather adds some tenderness and mental balance. It looks very gentle.
Amazing Arrow and Feather Tattoo
Armband tattoos have always been popular but using an arrow is a really unique idea. Look at these sharp lines – so simple but a stylish design. It’s so cool!
The Minimalistic Arrow Armband Tattoo
This incredible design with a multiplicity of details can impress every tattoo fan! It gives inspiration and signifies the right direction for one’s thoughts and deeds. Just get it, If you wish!
The Unique Back Arrow Tattoo for Ladies
An arrow as a symbol is full of life philosophy; arrows encourage us to go forward. You can find some inspiration with these cool tattoos!
Outline Arrow Compass Tattoo on the Arm

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The Arrow is an integral part of Sagittarius zodiac sign. So you could get it inked to portray a piece of the inner you on your skin. The Handpoked tattoo looks much more organic and less painful.
Tiny Arrow Finger Tattoo for Girls
This Ear tattoo is cute and tiny. Everybody can get an ear design whether you are men or women. Most tattoo lovers get small zodiac ear tattoos to bring some mystery to the everyday life.
Small Arrow Tattoo Design on the Head
This tattoo looks amazing! So if your heart was broken, the blooming flowers will remind you of new bright feelings which are waiting for you in future.
Beautiful Arrow Heart Tattoo in Black and Grey Colors
The unique arm band with a wind rose and a world map for all adventurers as a prompt of their conquered summits and an inspiration for some new missions. Such tattoo will surely show you the right way!
Amazing Arrow Tattoo Design With the Global Map and Compass
This well-designed tattoo looks incredible on a strong man’s arm. Since the ancient times, people believed in the force of the Moon. So today we continue to follow the Moon phases at the various aspects of our life.
Awesome Detailed Arrow Tattoo for Men With the Moon Circle

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People are always looking for their way in the life. But the right direction is not so easy to find. The compass and the wind rose will help you to find and don’t forget it for sure!
The Simple Unisex Arrow Tattoo on the Arm
The unlucky symbols also have the reverse meanings and are taken to be lucky. The tattoo with this number is very popular because according to the statement of many owners, it is something like a talisman from evil forces and dark magic.
Pretty Arrow Tattoo on the Wrist
It’s the example of the accurate work of an ink master. The shape and elements of these arrows are so clear and look amazing!
Two Cute Aztec Arrows Tattoo for Girls
Often people choose the duet of the arrow and the feather. These symbols give the feeling of lightness, speed, and flight to their owner. Also, such tattoo means freedom, mentally personified with the birds.
The Black Arrow Tattoo With a Feather on the Arm
This gorgeous design of a Gibson girl and a Cupid surrounding with a floral motif can capture the attention of every person. Beauty and love are two eternal themes which excite people all over the world. This stunning tattoo can reflect your state of mind or love feelings.
The Cupid's Bow and Arrow Tattoo Sleeve

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Typically, a broken arrow tattoo can be representative of finding inner peace in your life. Colorful design is the modern variation, but it still has a deep meaning.
The Broken Arrow Color tattoo in the Traditional Style
Traditionally considered a Native American symbol, the arrow can hold a wide array of meanings. A single arrow can mean a protection against harm. It can also be a metaphor for receiving guidance in life.
The Traditional Celtic Arrow Tattoo for Women on the Body Side
Two arrows crossed is another symbol of friendship. And the bundle of daisies can also be used as a symbol of faith. However, the meaning of any tattoo will depend on the type of daisy you have, its color and why you decided to get one.
Two Crossed Arrows Tattoo With the Daisies
Your space tattoo could mean you, yourself, can be mysterious; perhaps it could mean your great love for mysteries. Those mysteries can or can’t be answered. But the arrow always means the forward movement to know and to see something new.
The Cute Tiny Arrow Tattoos on the Arm for Ladies
Such a delicate work! This tattoo is beautiful – so tiny, but so strong! A cherry blossom can also be used to symbolize youth and independence. And the arrow will help to find your way.
The Feminine Well Detailed Arrow Tattoo With Flowers

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Two crossed traditional arrows mean that friendship is going to last a lifetime. It can be simple designs, but owners usually want to represent themselves and to represent their friend. You can add your initials or the memorable date, and your tattoos will acquire a hidden meaning that is understandable only to you.
The Real Friendship Arrow Tattoo for Men
Do you like music? Do you live music? This amazing black work geometric tattoo is just for a huge music fan or for a person works in this area.
Geometric Arrow Tattoo on Inner Forearm
This drawing is suitable for an amateur of DC comics and the superhero the Green Arrow. The watercolor tattoo looks great with its bright colors and style of execution.
The Watercolor Green Arrow Tattoo on the Arm
Arrows have always thrived in humanity’s realms of art and symbolism, making them appealing to an extensive crowd of cultures with varying tastes. Native Americans arrows are very popular as a sign of the history and the forefathers’ reverence.
Indian Arrow Tattoo on the Arm
Such design can be regarded as an irresistible urge to move forward only. Achieve your goals and your tattoo will remind and support you wherever you are!
The Dotwork Infinity Arrow Tattoo on the Leg

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Such a detailed work deserves your attention! All the parts of the bow and arrow were made so well, that it seems like real. Find the skilled ink master and your tattoos will look amazing too!
The Little Arrow Tattoo on the Breast for Men
Traditionally considered as the Native American symbol, the arrow can hold a wide array of meanings. This dotwork tattoo is so realistic! All shadows and forms are incredible!
Black and Grey Native American Arrow Tattoo
What a gorgeous design for the barista! The arrow worked out to the last detail and was added a zest to the coffee beans and the lettering.
Realistic Arrow Tattoo With a Word
This astrological design looks like a sketch. The artist fulfilled the bow and arrow in the line art with the black ink. Take a look, may be this Zodiac sign suits you as well.
Sagittarius Arrow Tattoo on the Chest
Geometric patterns and motifs look stylish and cool! An excellent choice for a female is a magic tattoo geometry.
Small Red Arrow Tattoo on the Forearm

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Ladies looks fascinatingly with the tattoos on their bodies. And this is an excellent example of charming and neat design for young girls.
Tiny Arrow Tattoo on the Ankle for Girls
Romantic people adorn their body with the arrows that are entangled in the thorns of a rose. It can mean the desire to fall in love, or, conversely, an unhappy love experience.
Traditional Arrow Tattoo With the Rose on the Thigh
If more than one person gets a single arrow tattoo, it is there to mean that their friendship or love is going to last a lifetime. It’s an excellent choice for the couple in love.
Tribal Arrow Tattoo for Couples
Two arrows pointing away from each other commonly mean that someone is battling something in their lives. Geometric elements in the structure of the arrow add decisiveness and firmness to its owner for a life struggle.
Sophisticated Unique Arrow Tattoos
This tiny arrow looks like a traffic sign “Be careful! It’s a turn.” Maybe in your life, there were such situations from which you could find the way out by turning in the completely opposite direction. This tattoo art is quite innovative. The space between the V’s should be exactly the one size.
White Ink Arrow Tattoo on the Wrist

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A solitary arrow represents defense and protection. This minimalistic work with its geometry gives much strength and determination to the person who has such tattoo.
The Minimalistic Arrow Tattoos for Girls
Here we have another drawing with added flowers to double arrows. It’s so realistic that we can smell them. Each arrow can symbolize a partner in a romance, forever fleeting with one another
Girly Arrow Tattoos on the Thigh With Flowers
Such black work tattoo is typically designated strength and unity. Friends or family members will hold tight together with no matter what will happen. Forever!
3 Arrow Tattoo on the Forearm in Minimalism Style
If you are inspired by ancient symbols, then you can acquire such a tattoo. This tattoo design can be inked on all the fingers. The black color is prominent in this work.
The Best Simple Arrow Tattoo on the Fingers
Our ancestors associated the crow with the evil dark forces. A bird pierced with an arrow can mean a victory over the person fears. Such drawings are carried out in black and white tones as usual.
The Black Arrow Tattoo With the Head of a Bird

Tribal Elephant Tattoo – Aztec Face Elephant Tattoo
Today many choose to tattoo the skulls of their animal guides onto themselves as a tribute to the macabre beauty of all living things. Black and white colors add depth into your design
Classic Arrow Tattoo With the Skull on a Leg
Tattoos with geometric figures are a special category. Clear lines of shapes and slender silhouettes of outlines often conceal mythological and religious interpretations.
Simple Arrow Tattoo Ideas With Geometric Elements
Those geometric tattoos look very stylish! The ink master must have a firm hand to do such an exquisite design with such thin lines.
The Perfect Thin Arrow Tattoo Ideas
The dotwork designs differ in the depth of the shape and volume transmission of the images. It seems that we can touch this rose and feel the sharpness of the arrowhead.
The Arrow Tattoo With a Rose Dotwork
Arrows these days can be mixed with other symbolism. Here we have an arrow and a geometric shape, giving this person a more space show in ink.
Fine Arrow Tattoo for Boys

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A broken heart is a symbol of lost love or frustration in it. Such a tattoo is often made in memory of a loved one who cannot be forgotten.
Cool Arrow Tattoos With the Realistic Heart
Traditionally considered a Native American symbol, the arrow can hold a wide array of meanings. You can make the tattoo of your ancestor’s arrows as a tribute to their heritage as well.
The Traditional Arrow Tattoo on the Arm for Men
If you want arrow tattoos, get them! They can be inspired by old school tattoo art or be a little more creative, but the meaning is yours forever!
The Old school Style Arrow Tattoo Design
Realistic sparrow tattoo designs capture the beauty of the bird, and they usually mean love and loyalty, rather than referencing a journey. There is no right or wrong meaning to the sparrow tattoo. It is entirely what you make it be.
The Simple Arrow Tattoo With the Bird
One of the favorite tattoos among the young and the old are the sleeve tattoos. The variety in sleeve designs is endless as they give the liberty to the designer to create something new.
Arrow Sleeve Tattoo With a Girl

Cute Teddy Bear Tattoos Design Ideas with Meaning
It takes a bit of bravery to get collar bone tattoos because it hurts. Even so, it is one of the most popular new spots for tattoos. So take a look at it, and this tattoo will inspire you.
Simple Arrow Tattoo under the Collarbone
Wow! What a gorgeous design! Such a wonderful work cannot leave anyone indifferent. Such neat and elegant lines thought out elements and a profound meaning for its owner.
The Ideal Arrow Tattoos Dotwork