Ballerina Nails – the Latest Trend in the Nail Art Design

Ballerina nails (also known as coffin nails) appeared in the nail industry in the late 90’s. However, they have become extremely popular for the last few seasons. They look very feminine and require efforts and imagination to make them look exclusive and extravagant. Let’s talk about this outstanding nail shape a bit more!

What is ballerina/coffin nail shape? To create unique ballerina/coffin nails, you will need to grow long nails as the shape won’t be interesting on short ones. And one more important aspect is that they look even better when you have false acrylic nails rather than your own. So, the shape reminds of a coffin or a ballerina slipper and that’s the reason they got their name. It’s not so difficult to make this shape as the only thing you will have to do is to narrow the nail sides and to make the tips flat. That’s all! Now you have an interesting nail form that can be decorated in any way you want!

What nail designs are the best for ballerina nails? Well, when you’ve become the owner of this gripping nail shape, it’s time you thought about the design. Women mostly choose nude hues for such nails as they can express femininity and match any outfit. However, there are no strict rules what design to choose, and you may go for dark colors, creating interesting textures, exciting patterns and decorating your nails with different bling. It’s all about your image, so don’t stick to boring styles!

We have chosen a superb selection of ballerina nail art designs for you to become inspired and make your eye-catching manicure! Check them out right now!
Bright colors, interesting embellishments and massive rhinestones will make your ballerina nails even more attractive, especially for a spring or a summer season.

Acrylic ballerina nails
If you want something really exciting, then don’t hesitate and try out an extremely bright peachy color and accentuate your nail tips with V-shaped stripes. Gorgeous!

Ballerina coffin nails
Every woman wants to stand out, and one of the best ways to do this is to have a creative manicure. Use a black base, colorful nail fossil, a matte top coat and impress everyone!

Ballerina matte nails
Nude and white polishes shouldn’t be boring! Create a different look for each nail, dilute it with glitters and jewels and you will get a unique style for ballerina nails!

Ballerina nail art
Be feminine and gentle with such a sweet manicure! Ballerina nail shape is really nice itself and with the help of a nude/white ombre, you will create a very tender image.

Ballerina nails French tip
Are you going to get married? Then check out this unbelievable manicure with white and nude hues, jewels and 3D roses which is so perfect for ballerina shaped nails!

Ballerina shaped nails
When you have such long ballerina stilettos, there is no need to decorate them at all. The nails will look interesting with a purple matte polish.

Ballerina stiletto
Elegance is perfect. Make sure your ballerina nails are not very long for such a beautiful manicure. Add a few sparkles to make it more eye-catching.

Ballerina tip nails
What can be more sophisticated than black nails? Only black nails with silver fossil, gray swirls, a few crystals and a matte top coat. Just perfection!

Matte black ballerina nails
One of the most popular choices among women who wear ballerina nails. Nude nails create a feminine and stylish look. Use some crystals to make the manicure flawless!

Nude ballerina nails
Such a girly and sexy manicure that you won’t be left without attention! It becomes more interesting with rhinestones on different nails.

Pink ballerina nails
Short nail form is not as good for ballerina nails as a long one, yet you can make an accent on the shine and brightness using a chrome powder. In this case, your manicure will be gripping!

Short ballerina nails
If you are not a fan of bright and loud colors, patterns or decorations, ballerina shaped nails are always good for a classic white color. It will definitely make your image elegant!

White ballerina nails
What a great combination for those who like summer and fall. Glitters represent yellow leaves in fall and subdued pink is a good color for warm summer sunsets. Perfect combination!

Glitter ballerina nails
Is fall your favorite season? Then try out this really autumnal manicure! Glitters of different size and colors create a fabulous autumn atmosphere you would like to drown in.

Ballerina nails autumnal design
One more example of a creative manicure with only two colors used. Nude hue is a perfect base for white ornaments. And crystals are a good idea for a creative image.

Ballerina nails with crystals
Would you like to have the whole autumn forest on your nails? You wanted, you’ve got it! Long ballerina nails are perfect for hand-painted pictures and a matte top coat is a great way to make the picture real!

Long ballerina nails
Who doesn’t like classic combination of black and white? For long ballerina nails, it will be a great choice as you can play with shapes, patterns and decorations to create a trendy manicure.

White and black ballerina nails
How cute they are! It’s really easy to have such a manicure. The only challenging thing is to apply a nude bow, but you will see that it’s worth your efforts!

Pretty ballerina nails
Royal blue and light blue can become a fabulous decoration for your nails. Your manicure with intricate patterns and decorated with glitters and rhinestones will amaze everyone!

Blue ballerina nails
Your nails shouldn’t be bright and colorful to attract attention. It’s always enough to apply a right polish, like a glitter rose, and put some interesting detail, like a silver bow.

Cute ballerina nails
Alternate a peachy color with a black and white marble design and gold glitters to reach perfection in designing ballerina nails.

Marble ballerina nails
One of the most popular and trendy ways of decorating a manicure is to add stripes and apply gold glitters on one nail. That will work really well with a saturated purple color.

Purple ballerina nails
These nails are awesome, aren’t they? White color can become a perfect way to outline your ballerina nails especially when it’s decorated with a 3D shell design, glitters and rhinestones.

ballerina nails
A combination of light pink and dark blue colors will stand your nails out for sure! And it’s not necessary to have extremely long nails. Medium length and ballerina shape will be enough for a gorgeous look!

Medium ballerina nails
Simplicity is perfect. Stylish nude/white ombre is a great way to show how beautiful your ballerina nails are!

Ombre ballerina nails
Mint is good for any season, for any nail shapes and lengths. Don’t forget about different ways of decorating your nails and stay in vogue!

Mint ballerina nails
Is gray boring? When it comes to manicures, gray can become the best variant for your nails! Turn on your imagination and pull off metallic powder, fossil and gems and you’ll never get bored with your nail design!

Beautiful ballerina nails
Wanna try a rainbow on your nails? There is a fabulous manicure for you to try! Apply different colors on your nails and decorate them a little bit. Bright and vibrant!

Colored ballerina nails
Marvelous vertical ombre on each nail is a fantastic idea for those who don’t want to stick to one color or pattern. Be colorful!

Rainbow ballerina nails
No bright colors, no intricate patterns, no decorations. Not interesting? Maybe. But with such a tender nude/white ombre you will become the Queen of Elegance. That’s for sure.

Perfect elegant ballerina nails
Red, black and white are the colors that are always associated with passion. And this nail design can easily prove it. Interesting stripes, rhinestones and a matte top coat is everything you need for a great evening!

Modern ballerina nails
It seems like you are in the space with such a nail design. You can’t help decorating ballerina nails with purple glitters, chrome powder and rhinestones to get perfection!

Ballerina nails design
Long ballerina nails are so good for creative designs that you can’t ignore such an amazing manicure. Encapsulated flowers and chrome powder on the nails will certainly rock!

Powder ballerina nails
You can’t go wrong with glossy polishes alternating nude, pink and black colors. They look good especially with rhinestones applied on them.

Pretty ballerina nails