Cool Concepts of Baseball Tattoos

Boys and girls, fans and players wear baseball inspired tattoos on their skin. Wearing such tattoo is a great way to show your love to the game, but this is not only one reason to get it. Nowadays there is a craze of baseball themed ideas carved in different concepts, shapes, and designs. This game is kinda popular in the US, Asia and the Caribbean. So, the meanings are various and depend on the motive of the wearer. Have a look at the list of meanings:

  • Winner in life;
  • Good luck;
  • Dedication to the game;
  • Love to the team;
  • Grit;
  • Die-hard fan;
  • Hard-working person;
  • Determination;
  • A tribute to a passed away friend;
  • Character of the champion;
  • Team spirit.

Mostly the baseball tattoos are inked on the visible skin areas such as sleeves, forearms, neck, fingers, and legs. Sure, the choice of the body part depends on the design and size. Every design is extremely individual, but here are some variants to stir your fantasy up:

  • Baseball player tattoo;
  • Ball tattoo with stitching;
  • Logos or emblems;
  • Bat tattoo;
  • Game field tattoo;
  • Cross tattoo with stitching;
  • Baseball glove or cap tattoo;
  • Baseball and rose tattoo;
  • Baseball and skull tattoo;
  • Favorite team tattoo;
  • Baseball tattoo with lettering;
  • Famous baseball player/icon/number.

The option of 3D effect makes a baseball tattoo a standing out, a dot or outlined work adds creativity to the outlook, colorful details help to fill in the emptiness. The stitching is one of the preferable options requested in the baseball tattoo designs. It is commonly inked in black and red and is a particular sign of the game itself. Some tattoos are designed in the form of the initial letters to support a certain team such as LA or Texas. All in all, the baseball inkings show how much the person is concerned with a baseball. Why not show this concerning in a cool way?

Below you will find a quite number of incredible designs to consider your own baseball tattoo.

Baseball Tattoos Ideas

3d baseball tattoos on inner biceps

WOW! Very cool idea to show your affinity for the baseball game. Here the artist has used a 3D effect to render a highly detailed baseball and to make the stitching a hyper-realistic.
American traditional baseball tattoo in cartoon style

Do you identify yourself as a baseball fan? This cute design with the bat will be particularly noticeable due to the contrast of the black and red colors.
Awesome baseball tattoos with flowers

Fucking dope! Women usually like the smaller designs of the baseball inks as pictured above to exhibit determination. In fact, it is a unisex concept! The ink is located low enough that it tended to be visible while the wearer is playing.
Classic baseball bat tattoo for men

The tattoo actually does look very cool! A classic set of a revolver, sheriff hat, bandana and bat for a hard-hitting bro! Red and yellow colors work well on the blackwork background.
Baseball bat tattoos dotwork

That is an exciting dotwork! A baseball bat is a right option for the forearm location as there is enough space to ink a rather long image. Such tattoo can enhance your sporty look and show that you are a strong nut.
Baseball field tattoo with a player

A cool option for big fans of the most popular game in the United States! An idea depicts the game and the player in motion. The details of the player are just amazing. I just cannot get over how great it is!
Traditional baseball glove tattoo

It is a great example for the baseball players to estimate their team spirit. The drawing is cute due to the details involved in this design.
Baseball half sleeve tattoo with a skull

That’s incredible! A skull and baseball theme is kinda popular among guys. This combination signs power and control that are natural for the male sex.
Baseball memorial tattoos with dates and initials

A tattoo represents a memorial to the baseball players who have passed away. The shadings and masterly done etching with 3D effect make the ball more realistic. Great idea for those who want to remember someone of the team!
Baseball players tattoos in black

An old fashioned look of the player in the background of the US flag can be a great symbol of the wearer’s love for a baseball game and the US. It`s a dude concept for the forearm and sleeve locations!
Baseball related tattoos in old school style

If you are a passionate lover of the baseball, look at this bright design with fire tongues. A fire symbol in the tattooing represents energy, and here it emphasizes the wearer as an extra active and rush player.
Baseball rose tattoo on the arm

Absolutely stunning! A bat surrounded with roses and ribbon is a great option to honor a unique game in sports. A wooden structure of the bat is excellently carved, and it looks like a real one. This design is artistic enough, so take it as your inspiration!
Baseball team tattoos on ribs for girls

A spherical shape is so cutely detailed with shadings, stitching, and dotwork. A feeling of being part of a team is magnificent! A sexy fan!
Baseball skull tattoo for boys

If you are looking for a special and extravagant baseball tattoo, the picture presented above will satisfy you! Such visible and aggressive design is mostly preferred by men to display their champion character in the game and in life.
Perfect baseball sleeve tattoo with a skull

One more creative idea of the baseball tattoo! Black and gray with shadings are masterly chosen in this particular concept. Very sick idea to estimate your grit!
Elements of baseball tattoo ideas

Very cute way to show your team spirit! The tattoo has so many elements. A colorful design makes each element unique. It is a popular trend among youth!
Minimalistic baseball tattoo quotes

Fucking dude for teenagers! A famous quote from the song of Justin Bieber looks cool inked around the bat. Get in tune with modern tattoo trend!
Ideal baseball tattoos for guys

Only the black art is applied here, but the outlook is ideal. It is a cute way to show your allegiance to a baseball league.
Baseball tattoos for men in classic style

The traditional stitches are a very creative indication of the baseball theme in tattooing. The idea with sword shown here is a classic option for men to estimate the male power.
Baseball themed tattoos for men

A baseball man inked in a traditional style commemorates the game. Here is a gray scale thigh piece that shows a player in action. The slight shading at the bottom indicates that the player is standing on a bed of grass.
Black half sleeve baseball tattoos

Very clear and accurate job for winners in life! The lettering in the bottom emphasizes your honor to the Los Angeles Dodgers who are significant winners.
Softball tattoos designs on the finger

Here is a small and tiny tribute to the baseball game. Such soft design is right up for the finger placement. A wonderful idea for girls!
Minimalistic baseball player tattoo

A line work is perfect! Doc Ellis was an American professional baseball player. Probably, such tattoo can mean good luck through the successful no-hitter for the Pittsburgh Pirates under the influence of LSD.
Texas baseball team appreciation tattoo

A minimalistic tattoo represents a wearer’s appreciation to the Texas team in the baseball league and looks jolly good on the man’s thigh. This idea is a real inspiration to all kinds of fans to support a famous baseball team from Texas.
Dodgers baseball team tattoo in gray hues

OMG! Stunning! The gray hues artistically describe the LA points of interest and in the same time denote a famous LA Dodgers baseball team. No doubt, it will wow not only you but the lookers too!
Simple baseball tattoo with words

The idea itself is simple, but the meaning is deep. The ribbon with «MOM» word symbolizes an honor to the bearer’s mother. Perhaps, she has been playing a baseball.
Baseball bat tattoo on the arm

If you are a die-hard fan, support your team with a cool bat tattoo as shown above. Nice details in the form of lines imitate a wood so well. The arm is the best place for the baseball bat inking!
Baseball series of steps tattoo ideas

Do you want to create something truly amazing? This sample shows a baseball player in the motion and describes his position in each step of the game. It`s truly original! You will always be ready to win with such interesting tattoo!
Dotwork baseball tattoo idea

An unusual performance of the baseball player in a dotwork design plays well with its location. The size of the tattoo is rather small, so it’s nice for the ankle. Really cool idea!