Cool Biomechanical Tattoo Designs

Biomechanical tattoos appeared in the 80s in the United States, as a symbol of a new era in technical progress. Stunning compositions that connect electronic or mechanical parts, which are closely intertwined with the muscles and tendons of the human body, look really realistic and fascinating. Many biomechanical patterns copied H.R. Giger’s works, a representative of “fantastic realism”.

Biomechanical Tattoos – Meanings and Locations

The main “trick” of biomechanical ornaments is that they do not have deep meaning or sacred sense. The picture creates a supernatural image and the special status of some mysterious power, strength. Thus, these tattoos may symbolize:

  • man-machine;
  • man- cyborg/robot;
  • superhuman abilities;
  • hidden potential;
  • the absence of pain and fear;
  • brutality and uniqueness.

Shoulder – is the most popular place of biomechanical style, due to the relief surface needful for a three-dimensional effect. However, tattoos can be inked on another part of human body, such as:

  • arm and forearm – drawing looks dynamic;
  • leg – perfect canvas, which allows the master to create and draw the smallest elements and at the same time give the area a special relief;
  • back (shoulder blade) – thanks to a wide area the most sophisticated design of tattoo will look excellent;
  • chest – the stylish variant in the heart area depicting the human heart muscle, “working” at the expense of mechanisms;
  • hand;
  • calf – is the most typical male variant, emphasizing the bare bone sticking out, surrounded by wires and screws;
  • thigh – is chosen by women, as it looks softer than the calf tattoo;
  • neck – expresses strength, courage and power;
  • head;
  • behind the ear;
  • corset – is the only girl’s symbol fits into the framework of the biomechanical pattern;
  • full body.

Biomechanical Tattoos Designs

The major storyline includes stylization of the human body parts for machine parts and mechanisms:

  • pistons;
  • nuts;
  • gears;
  • wires;

Also, you may find the depiction of fantastic, unearthly characters and cyber-organisms:

  • alien biomechanical creatures;
  • mechanistic scenes from the movie “Terminator”, “Alien”, “Zombie”.

Mainly, biomechanical tattoos represent a mix of metal devices with flesh but today you can choose:

  • colored tattoos with different details and elements: skull, heart, watch, compass.
  • blackwork design;
  • black and gray images.

The biomechanical tattoos can be subdivided into bio-organic and bionic styles. Here the flesh is connected with nature rather than with machinery, so they are less grim and aggressive.
The union of a skeleton with flesh is performed in the smooth transition of lines on the woman’s back.
The extensive bio-organic tattoo on the back
Long metal tips with thin wires inside are connected with tissues in complicated composition on the forearm.
The biomechanical forearm tattoo with metal tips
The male forearm with iron discs that dismember the living tissues seems highly brutal. What do you think?
The biomechanical forearm tattoo with iron discs

This black and gray pattern of an alien creature with dangerous tentacles covers the full hand, illustrating a little bit scaring image.
The biomechanical tattoo of the creature on the hand
We often hear “heart of flint” but this “mechanical heart” on the chest is a new option, which became possible in biomechanical tattooing.
The biomechanical heart tattoo with mechanisms on the chest
Here the amazing leg sleeve ornament embraces numerous details, among which the metal wheels and clutches can be observed.
The machinery leg sleeve tattoo in biomechanical design
This sketch of a magnificent aircraft starts on the shoulder and stretches through the shoulder blade, opening the area for something awesome.
The biomechanical aircraft tattoo on the shoulder
You can get closer to your fantastic idol with this incredible sleeve tattoo. The skeleton body with iron plates is fabulous!
The Terminator’s biomechanical sleeve tattoo
In this work, the sleeve is presented as a complex bones interweaving, which is visually narrowed in the center.
The bones trace along bionic sleeve tattoo
This tattoo is advised for bald fans to achieve this expressive effect on the head, while the principal part covers the neck.
The devilish bionic tattoo on the neck
Do you believe in UNO? Think about this interesting idea of the alien cyborg in female disguise that abducts the human.
The tattoo of UFO cyborg abduction on the arm
This is not a common tattoo, it is a masterpiece with tattooed sleeves and a frightening metal monster on the back.
The cyborg - monster back tattoo
Who can choose the gears for the future tattoo? Of course, it is a person who is fond of engineering and technology.
The chain of black and gray gears on the forearm tattoo
This monster ornament on the back is definitely for men, who try to express strength, patience and power over others.
The tremendous Giger’s tattoo on the back
The machine instead of forearm – is a striking idea! You will look like a supernatural man with unlimited energy!
The forearm tattoo with machine substitute
The nude woman’s back is always tempting but here you can see more: the bones structure, which is, nevertheless, very appealing.
The organic-biomechanical tattoo on the back
Robots are not fiction – they became part of our life but can they destroy it like in this dark forearm picture?
The realistic robot tattoo on the forearm
This sleeve ornament resembles the “Iron Man” movie, so you may become the part of the famous story with this tattoo.
The steel robot protection on the sleeve tattoo
The idea of working mechanism with a number of discs on your leg is so complicated but super fantastic!
The robotic mechanism in a tattoo on the leg
The skull image is usually associated with negative things, especially in such terrible ornament with metal inclusions on the forearm.
The biomechanical skull tattoo on the forearm
The enormous monster tattoo is a man’s prerogative, while the girls choose smaller variant like this one on the upper back.
The funny tattoo of Giger’s lizard-man on the upper back
The men desire to look brutal and brave, this effect is easier to achieve with this severe beast on the chest.
The funny Giger’s beast on the chest tattoo
Three robots with eyes instead of heads seem unreal today. Is it a picture of future on the back, who knows?
Three robots of the future on the back tattoo
This shocking sketch on the leg illustrates a huge animal, including predator’s eye that brings a feeling of danger.
The bio-organic tattoo of dragon eye on the leg
The abstraction of this painting on the chest leaves you place for imagination. Despite the sharp outline, it looks quite gentle.
The bio-organic weaves on the chest tattoo
This extravagant cobra tattoo on the head will not go unnoticed. One thing you need is a completely bald head!
The bio-organic cobra tattoo on the head
The bio-organic style proposes a new look on typical tattoo: the union of animal and human nature is presented on the back.
The dark tattoo in bio-organic style on the back
If you wish to decorate your shoulder with something unpredictable and risky, take this gorgeous bones presentation in black and red coloring.
The organic skeleton tattoo on the shoulder
This intriguing work embraces complicated pattern performed behind the ear. Its unclearness gives the wearer the notes of the mystic.
The intricate biomechanical tattoo behind the ear
Here is a compact but a very popular variant of the biomechanical style on the forearm. So, start a trend with modern design!
The piece of robotic forearm tattoo
The skull – symbol of death and compass will help you find the right path in life, reminding about its brevity.
The biomechanical tattoo with compass and skull on the sleeve
This dark sleeve ornament with a range of deformed patterns immediately directs horror, particularly the eye of an unknown creature.
The bio-organic sleeve tattoo with the monster inside
Do zombies exist? This work consists of many tattoos, which covers the full body and create an image of real zombie man.
The fantastic bio-organic zombie boy tattoo
Sometimes the tattoo replaces even clothing that is illustrated in this full body design. The face on the chest enriches the composition.
The Giger’s full body tattoo with a face
The “naked” bones are a favorite genre among men that adds severity. This forearm tattoo confirms this point.
The biomechanical X-ray tattoo on the forearm
This female ornament in the form of corset both amazes and shocks. The terrifying beauty is a key of this tattoo on the back.
The elegant biomechanical corset for ladies
How fabulous look this tremendous robot tattoo on the man’s back. Superpower, invincibility – everything is in this image!
The imposing robotic tattoo on the back
One day robots will be an integral part of our life. Be ready for it with such cute pattern on the forearm!
The lovely robot tattoo on the forearm
The frightful cyborg girl is done on the arm with a horrible skull under her mask. And what are you hiding?
The transforming cyborg girl on the arm tattoo
Choose blackwork design in case you admire minimalism and want to apply severe and expressive robot ornament in the inwrought background.
The cyborg tattoo in blackwork style on the arm
The lightning is a clear sign of a strong character and its combination with the heart emphasizes a strong-willed person.
The heart tattoo in traditional bionic design on the leg
The mystical female image with skeleton monsters is prepared for horror fans. The enormous size looks unforgettable on the back.
The fearful biomechanical tattoo on the back
Such bio-organic tattoo is in great request among nature lovers. The magnetism of half sleeve covering is impossible to comprehend at once.
The half sleeve tattoo with bio-organic patterns
Here is an excellent example of the black and gray tattoo. The hand acquires the supernatural look of a fantastic creature.
The black and gray hand tattoo in bio-organic style

The stylish interpretation of cyborg’s leg is located on the calf. The using of color inks makes the design more realistic.
The colorful tattoo of cyborg machinery on the calf
If you are looking for something unusual and effective, do not waste time. This skeleton tattoo will fit well.
The dramatic bio-organic neck tattoo
The mix of mechanism with human heart is exactly what is expected from the biomechanical tattoo. This is a modish mainstream!
The biomechanical tattoo with heart rhythm on the sleeve