Beauty of Black and Gold Nail Designs

Everybody knows that the first impression is very important in our life! Ask any woman, and she will say for sure that the manicure along with various nail art designs is an integral part of each image. It`s impossible to be attractive and impressive without pretty nails! You have to choose properly not only clothes but also the design for your nails (sometimes to dress up your nails can be even more important!).

The variety of modern nail art designs allows women and men to choose everything they want to make their hands more beautiful! The choice of polishes of different colors and shades can impress even the most fastidious fashion girl! Despite this fact, the combination of black and gold colors in one design is considered to be one of the most popular. It`s not a big secret that such colors as gold and black are classic not only for clothes and accessories but also for a manicure. Thus the combination of these two colors will never be out of fashion! The tendency to make nails in black and gold color scheme becomes more and more popular!

Black and gold nail designs are various and can be made in different styles and with the help of different elements of decor! Glitters and crystals, the ensemble of rhinestones and studs, foil and volumetric rhinestones… All these things and many others are widely used for black and gold nail art designs! Geometrical patterns and French nail tips along with floral patterns and abstract images are popular variants of black and gold nail designs.

No matter what kind of nails you have. Long nails with a black and gold nail design look impressive and extravagant, while short nails with the same design are elegant and fresh-looking! Stiletto and coffin, round and square, squoval and almond… all these nail shapes will look glamour and charming with all types of black and gold nail designs!

No one can argue that nails, decorated with a black and gold design, are a good choice if you have a party or another special occasion. But it`s also possible to complement your look with the help of the black and gold manicure in everyday life. Classic black color, combined with the gold one, will suit any outfit. You don`t need to worry about the choice of your clothes anymore!

Still, don`t know what nail art design to choose for your manicure? It is very easy to be fashionable and chic if your nails are decorated with a black and gold design! Forget about all hesitations, and just do it!
Fancy Black and Gold Acrylic Nail Designs

Don`t know how decorate your nails to get a fancy manicure? Pointy nails with gold glitters, black nails with crystals, and translucent geometrical patterns are your answer! Shining and beautiful!
Gorgeous Black and Gold Fingernails

Black nails of the stiletto shape may seem too dark. But the ensemble of gold rhinestones on some nails and translucent design make these nails gorgeous! Feathers on the index and ring fingers are cool!
Stunning Black and Gold French Manicure

Black nail tips, gold glitters on the edges, gold foil with black ornaments… What a rich design! Shining sugar of the black color is a special element of this manicure! Absolutely stunning!
Conspicuous Black and Gold Glitter Nails

When you want to emphasize your nails, gold glitters of different shades, covering some nails fully, can help you! Black accent on the ring finger, decorated with the gold diamonds will not spoil the image!
Fashionable Black and Gold Nail Art Designs

The variation of the corset design with the gold foil and glitters look interesting in the black color! The mixture of matte and glossy effects is used as the universal idea for a fashionable manicure!
Beautiful Black and Gold Nails for Prom

Black, white and gold colors are the best friends! White nails with gold rhinestones, black sugar, the foil of the gold color, and glossy black nails are unforgettable! Absolutely beautiful for all occasions!
Special Black and Gold Toe Nail Designs

Like special designs? Decorate black nails with gold rhinestones and the elements of the foil. Paint geometrical patterns at the edge of gold nails, and cover nails with glitters. Special manicure for a special owner!
Black and Gold Nails in the Tribal Style

Are you a fan of tribal paintings? Represent them on your long pointy nails! Black and white patterns from ancient times look stunning if combined with huge gold accessories! Everything you can imagine is real!
Black Matte Nails with the Wonderful Gold Foil

It seems that the foil on nails will never be out of fashion! Especially if this foil is gold! Some prints of the gold foil on black nails with the matte effect are wonderful!
Black Nails with Surprising Gold Stripes

Black nails and nails with black tips can be perfectly combined with nude ones! Gold rhinestones and Swarovski crystals on the black base look incomparable! Gold and black stripes on nude nails are surprisingly beautiful!
Black Nails with Beautiful Gold Lines

Matte black, covering extremely long stiletto nails looks too gloomy, but not when combined with gold nails and translucent ornaments! Gold lines in the center of pointy and middle nails are a real bomb!
Awesome Black Nails with Gold Tips

Have you thought about decorating the underside of your nails? Now it`s an appropriate moment! Black nails with small gold images on the top and gold glitters on their underside will make an awesome manicure!
Great Black and Gold Nail Designs with the White Color

Round gold nails with glitters and black nails with gold lines and rectangles look interesting enough to be represented on your nails! White nails are also possible to decorate with some figures. Isn`t great?
Classy Black and White Nails

Popular black, copper, and marble set on long ballerina nails will not be left without attention! Unique black and gold patterns and textures on each nail will make your look classy!
Cute Gold and Black Nails

Squoval nails, covered with the black polish only by half, and nails, fully covered with gold glitters create a design for a cute manicure! Neat black lines with crystals in the middle are special!
Easy Gold Black Nail Designs for Everyone

Do you like the gold foil on the black background? Cover your nails with the black polish and print the gold foil on two nails. You also can emphasize a nail with the light polish.
Flawless Gold and Black French Manicure

Black nail tips in the form of a triangle and flirty bow are cool! Translucent ornaments, covered with the matte top coat, along with black and gold French manicure create a flawless design!
Perfect Black Gold Nail Designs for Almond Nails

Do you have almond shaped nails? Cover them with the black polish and decorate with gold studs and the striping tape. Other nails can be complemented with gold crystals and the foil. It`s a perfection!
Natural Nails with the Black and Gold Design

If you don`t like artificial nails, upgrade your ones! Gold glitters on index fingers, translucent patterns on the middle ones, gold metallic ring fingers with ornaments and matte black small fingers… Simply stunning!
Black and Gold Designs for Beige Nails

The beige color, as the basic one, will help you to create a posh manicure! Translucent geometrical patterns of the black color, nails with gold glitters, and large crystals will become your favorite color combination!
Point Black and Gold Nails for Good Luck

Make your nails work on yourself! Black shamrock on the translucent base will bring your luck! Cover other nails with gold glitters and the black polish with the matte top coat. Such pretty!
Black Manicure with Red and Gold Nails

Red nails with crystals, red and black chevron nails, nails with gold glitters, black translucent ornaments…all trends in one manicure! But hot red lips are the main accent! Would you dare to wear these nails?
Girly Black and Gold Nails with Pretty Dots

Do you like such a popular nail trend with dots? Black dots on long stiletto nails make your fingers even more expressive! Gold base with glitters is a good background for this design.
Expressive Black and Gold Gel Nails

The black polish can sometimes be a little frightening, especially if it covers long pointy nails. But not in this case! The prints of the gold foil make nails glorious! Express yourself through your nails!
Black and Gold Nails with Nice Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns always look complicated. But if you decide to create your nails with this design, you`ll not be sorry! Black diamonds and triangles on the gold base are luxurious!
Black Sharp Nails with the Incredible Gold and White Design

You will enjoy the combination of black, gold and white colors, matte and glossy top coat, marble technique and the ensemble of Swarovski crystals! Black ornaments on the translucent base are incredible!
Images of Magnificent Black and Gold Nails

Gold powder with the mirror effect and black nails with the matte effect look magnificent! Volumetric ornaments on the translucent base and Swarovski crystals near the cuticle can please everyone!
Sufficient Black and Gold Nails of the Almond Shape

Black is a very rich color! It always looks sufficient on long nails! But if you want to add a specific element to the design, some prints of the gold foil will be enough.
Black and Gold Nails with the Rebellious Green Design

Have you dreamt of being rebellious for a while? You will be! The leaf of marijuana on the middle finger is cool! Gold glitters with geometric patterns, and the black polish are creative!
Lovely Black and Gold Nails of the Short Length

Gold glitters on short square nails are well combined with black nails, covered by half. Gold triangles near the cuticle are an interesting addition! Such a lovely design! Just do it!
Attractive Black and Gold Nails with the Marble Design

The marble technique of two colors is a popular design, which attracts the attention of many people! The ensemble of gold rhinestones on some nails and the prints of the foil on others are splendid!
Fantastic Black and Gold Nails with the Blue Design

The combination of black, gold and blue colors isn`t uncommon but fantastic! Make blue French tips on some nails, black and gold on others. Put the gold foil on middle fingers and paint black lines.
Perfect Nails with Wild Black and Gold Designs

The image of a gray wolf is the first thing, which attracts your attention! It`s like real! A noble gold nail and gray nails with black ornaments have a spectacular look! It`s a priceless design!