Awesome Blue Nail Art Designs

When it comes to the nail design what is one of the most popular colors among women? You might think that it’s pink, but then you would be wrong. It may sound surprising, but women prefer to use blue color although it is considered to be masculine. The blue color looks awesome on nails and can become a gorgeous decoration which will complete your image.

Why would women choose a blue color to apply on their nails? First of all, this is the color of something peaceful and quiet like the sky or a calm sea. Secondly, the variety of shades and hues gives you endless possibilities to use blue color – you can start from a subtle light blue and finish with Royal matte color. You can choose among baby blue and pastel blue and use them as bases; you may want to experiment with electric, holographic, neon or Chrome blue hues; you may also combine all these variants with each other if you want. Moreover, the blue color is so universal that it’s not important whether you have short or long nails, round or square, almond or stilettos, artificial or your own nails because you can select from the large diversity of blue shades and your manicure will look flawless anyway.

Taking into account the fact that blue color is quite specific, a lot of women consider it to be inappropriate for business meetings or working places. However, it is not true. Among all the shades you can choose the light blue color and it will suit any business event you are going to attend. The same with any holiday, blue is a great choice even if your outfit is not the same color. Blue colored nails can look casual and festive, luxury and businesslike, everything depends on your choice.  The only important thing is to choose the right hue and you will amaze everyone!

Talking about color combinations blue color is one of the most versatile. It can be combined with gray, pink, red, purple, black and white colors the same as with silver and gold glitters. Using these combinations will definitely diversify your nails and make them look more eye-catching. What’s more, you can always go for different interesting techniques using blue and any other colors. For example, it can be ombre or gradient, striped or marble technique, negative space and even French manicure with a blue color. Rhinestones, gems, Swarovski crystals, deals, stamps, plaits, bling and 3d embellishments are also welcomed.

As you can see, this color is pretty widespread for nail art that’s why we offer you to look through the best ideas about blue design and choose one for the best-looking manicure ever!
Coffin acrylic nails look like “sailor-styled”. Use different techniques including transparent black color, bling manicure and striped technique with 3D decorations and stand out!

Acrylic nails blue tips
Believe that ocean can be near you every time! Such beautiful stiletto nails with different blue shades and the water effect won’t leave indifferent anyone around you.

Aqua blue nail designs
Go for light blue color if you want your manicure to look restrained yet magnificent. Some small rhinestones won’t be extra. Moreover, they will add more charm to your nails.

Baby blue acrylic nails
This manicure is really adorable, isn’t it? Pastel blue color is so gentle that you may want to festive it and in this case using silver glitter polish and a few crystals would be perfect.

Baby blue nail art
Blue can be alternated with any other color. This manicure is a good example of how beautiful your nails can look if you choose a white-light-blue-dark-blue scheme and decorate them with subtle 3D flowers.

Blue and white nails

Astonishing Black and White Nail Designs
Light blue color would be a real masterpiece when applied on short round nails. Dark blue, yellow and red hand-painted embellishments will definitely dilute the light base.

Blue acrylic nail designs
Amaze everyone by getting such hot and sexy manicure! Royal blue color looks flawless applied on ballerina nails. Ring fingernails also deserve attention as negative space technique with black and blue colors is awesome!

Blue and black nail art designs
Perfection, isn’t it? This nail design is perfect for some party events as blue and nude bases are decorated with so glittery and shiny gems that it would be difficult to take your look out of them.

Blue and glitter nails
Get your inspiration from this manicure! If done to the contest it would definitely win with such a neat work. Stilettos with matte blue, sheer black and gold glitter completely blow the mind.

Blue and gold nail designs
If you are a fan of Tsum Tsum or just like cute manicure, you should try out this one. Reverse French design with blue and pink colors in combination with sweet animals will touch everyone!

Blue and pink nail designs

The Quarter Sleeve Tattoos in the Most Unbelievable Designs
That is definitely the Mermaid Kingdom. Just look at this perfect combination of pink and blue colors with so cute and tiny seashells decorations! One of the best nail design ideas ever!

Blue and pink nails
Long nails will always give you a lot of space to work on. You can alternate clean blue and glitter polishes with negative space technique decorating the whole manicure with gems and crystals.

Blue and silver acrylic nails
Having a romantic dinner? Then this nail design should be taken into consideration. Light blue and white colors harmoniously match each other[В1] , and a small butterfly will add tenderness to them.

Blue and white nail art designs
Dreaming about festive mood? Nail design can give it to you if you show some creativity. Amazing dark blue with gold stripes and nail foil on white base polish will turn your life into a holiday!

Blue black and white nail designs
The[В2] [В3] sophisticated[В4] matte blue color is a perfect choice for any lady. For a more interesting look, you can use a fountain nail pen to put some black embellishments onto the tips of your nails.

Blue color nail designs

49 Stunning Ideas About Prom Nails
What an interesting choice of colors! Light blue nail art looks more like blue sky which slowly transfers into the storm represented by amazing gray middle finger nail in marble technique.

Blue fingernail designs
Combing different blue color hues may be a great idea if chosen right. Simple blue color with holographic and gray nails becomes more stunning with gold accents on them.

Blue and gray nails
While the main color of this manicure is matte blue, you can still vary it with black nails adding some creative foil patterns.

Blue manicure design ideas
This perfect line work is worth trying! Saturated blue and yellow polishes which are neatly interwoven in ombre on ring finger nails outline the whole manicure!

Blue nail art design images
Absolutely gorgeous stilettos! As you can see, the[В5] blue color is so universal that it can be combined with its any hue and applying gems and jewels makes it shine extremely bright!

Blue nail patterns

51 Most Inspiring and Mysterious Moon Tattoos
This manicure looks like a splash! Striking blue colored nails can be stood out with the help of creative eye images and richly looking nails with a variety of rhinestones.

Blue nails with diamonds
Fans of “Frozen” can go for a beautifully designed theme manicure. Snowy blue color, silver glitters and hand painted Elsa will bring you to the fairy-tale atmosphere.

Blue painted nails
Blue and purple colors go very well with each other. Even so, you may want to join them in one ombre gradient which can be easily decorated with shiny rhinestones.

Blue and purple nail design
Beautiful summer motive can be applied onto your nails with the help of saturated blue and pink colors. Some pictures of the palms against the sunset background will remind you of the paradise!

Blue summer nails
Wanna galaxy on your nails? It can be easily done with the help of deep dark blue nail polish and a creative approach to applying gems onto them.

Blue toenail designs

Non-Classical Ideas of Art Design for Classical Red Nails
Long coffin nails polished in dark blue color with cat eyes effect will be a perfect adornment to the evening dress. With rhinestones on your nails, you need minimum jewelry.

Bright blue nails
Cobalt blue color can be so charming on the nails that it would be difficult not to look at them. However, it shouldn’t stop you from diversifying you a manicure with space motives on ring finger nails.

Cobalt blue nail art
When you want to remember the best moments of your life spent in Disneyland, it can be a cool idea to combine incredible blue color hues with decorations and cute Goofy and Mickey decals.

Cool blue nail designs
Rounded acrylic nails are so cute that you definitely won’t spoil them applying light blue and white bases. In case you want to be extremely cute and sweet add nice bunnies on the tips.

Cute blue acrylic nails
This manicure can be appealing to brides. Light and subtle blue nail polish with white embellishments and some crystals expresses tenderness and lightness.

Cute light blue nails

The Ancient Egyptian Tattoos that Will Blow Your Mind
Simple and stylish looking manicure. Dark royal blue color without any further decorations certainly rocks!

Cute royal blue nails
One astonishing manicure can combine any techniques that you desire. Still, it will look gorgeous just like this one with negative space, matte and glossy blue polishes, ombre technique and rhinestones.

Dark blue manicure
If you are a minimalist, baby blue color is a great choice for you. Make your manicure a bit more interesting by applying some aqua color shimmer on random fingernails.

Easy blue nail designs
These electrifying nails are so easy to do, you just need to select a right blue hue polish! You get a nice manicure almost effortlessly.

Electric blue nails
This bouquet of turquoise, dark blue and green colors gives you pleasure, doesn’t it? A bit of creativity on ring finger nails and decorations with studs and crystals and your manicure is amazing!

Blue and green nails

Refreshing Orange Nail Designs for Bright Ladies
Short round nails are for those who don’t want loud manicures and designs. That’s why applying baby blue and pink polishes onto the nails would be the best variant.

Light blue and pink nails
Pretty simple but still catching nails art. The primary idea of a good manicure design is to stand out the ring finger nails which is vivid in this photo – neat line work on the[В6] colorful background.

Matte blue nails
You will fall in love with this nails design. Turquoise color in marble technique amazes with its unique style. The[В7] gold metallic accent will make this style more interesting.

Nail design blue
The[В8] square shape of the nails is a good way to outline their beauty. Especially when they are polished with such a deep blue color. Real flowers which are encapsulated in the nail are a real masterpiece!

Navy blue acrylic nails
The[В9] deep blue color is just like the ocean. Matte top coat makes the look more interesting in addition to black and white line work and crystal decorations.

Neon blue nails

Fabulous Elements and Designs of the Steampunk Tattoos
It is exactly what can be called a perfect nail art design. Blue almond nails and white ones decorated with floral decals harmoniously supplement each other.

Nice blue nails
Airbrushing technique is becoming really popular in nail designs. With the help of it[В10] , you can reach really excellent patterns. You can just add some intricate stamps and enjoy your piece of art.

Nude and blue nails
Every nail is unique here. You can use clear blue color, white-and-blue ombre and rhinestones with navy decorations to grab everyone’s attention wherever you go!

Ombre blue nails
Great variant for a spring season. Isn’t it? Aqua blue color outlines the beauty of almond-shaped nails[В11] , and nude ring finger nails with blue tips express tenderness.

Pale blue nails
Can you imagine such a wild combination of a subtle pastel blue color and an explosive dark blue color with sequins encapsulated? Here you go, a unique manicure that you will like for sure!

Pastel blue nail art

Full Body Tattoos – Inspiring Pictures and Ideas
With such long square nails polished in a light blue color you will be the Queen at any party! This is the example of a simple but extravagant and eye-catching manicure.

Powder blue nails
Dark blue can be a great choice for those who want to decorate their nails with multicolored hand painted embellishments. Looks interesting and very bright!

Pretty blue nail designs
This work looks really great! Royal blue color, negative space with rose embellishments and golden shining won’t let people take their eyes away!

Royal blue and gold nails
How beautiful the nail design can be if every detail is neatly done! Make accent on royal blue color and accompany it with light blue nails with embellishments and silver polish.

Royal blue and silver nails
Any manicure can look luxurious and extravagant if you put some rhinestones and gems on little finger nails. In combination with light blue polish, it takes your breath away!

Simple blue nail designs
Such a fabulous manicure can make a feeling of being somewhere on the sky-blue beach. Beautiful subdued glitter polish also gives the impression of gold sand under the warm sun.

Sky blue nail design
A simple nail design which won’t take much time to be done but that will impress everyone. Electric blue nails which are decorated with yellow studs are amazing!

Blue nail polish designs
Baby blue pointed nails look great. However, you may want to make them more impressive[В12] , and marble technique will help you in the achievement of this goal. Awesome design!

Sky blue nails ideas