Bow Tattoos and Meanings

Bow tattoos are kinda popular among women for their grace, sexuality, and beauty. They carry an attractive decorative effect on any part of the body depending on the size, design, and meaning. Based on the design, bow tattoos signify:

  • Beauty;
  • Awareness;
  • Union;
  • Femininity;
  • Amour;
  • Strength;
  • Remembrance.

Sure, each bow design adds its sense. The lace bow tattoos are mostly inked to emphasize a delicacy and elegance of the female nature. The intricacy of the ribbon stands for the lifestyle and attitude towards the World. The tied bows are powerful signs of the strength, loyalty, and unity. The most popular color options are black and white, pink, red, and purple. Pink refers a girly side and cutesy, red means passion and destiny, purple stands for romance and amour. If your choice is black and white design, the master can work with shadows, smoothing, color graduating, clarity and blurring the lines. But, since tastes differ, you can opt for any color you wish and feel. You can also add some girl stuff on your tattoo idea, including flowers, hearts, angels, beads, mirrors, etc. to make the outlook creative and personal. If you want something more real, consider a 3D bow tattoo.  A garter bow underlines the most sexual places of the female body, i.e. thighs. That is the undeniable idea of sexuality and femininity. If you want the tattoo to appear on the wrists, forearms, ankle, shoulder, finger, you can always invite people’s attention. The finger location is often used to show a marriage status or union.

If you search a girly and sexy tattoo, you are in the right place! Check the trending bow tattoo ideas below to make your body more amazing!
A beautiful 3D bow tattoo

A delicate idea for a lady! The subtle coloring at the background allows the 3D bow to be on the winning side!
A big bow tattoo

A sexy design to emphasize your femininity! The big bows play a role of the imagined stockings. It really sparks imagination!
A black and grey lace bow tattoo

So beautiful! The intricacy of the ribbon made its goal excellent. The 3D effect is completed with a slight shadow below the lace bow.
A black bow chest tattoo

The bow has a lot of details added to it in the form of flowery patterns and a woman`s portray. The tattoo is 100% female and appealing! But the tattoo on the chest is easily hidden! All depends on your desire!
A bow on the back tattoo

This is one of those tattoo ideas that find their beauty in their originality. The strokes in different directions between the shoulder blades create a feeling of mystery and secrets that the bearer keeps.
A bow tattoo on the back of the neck

The mixture of vibrant colors looks fabulous! The long ribbon hanging along the spine adds a hint of temptation. A nice option for girlie-girls!
A cool bow tattoo on foot

The lines on the bow remind the butterfly`s wings. A nice option for the foot location! This bow tattoo will look advantageously in summer when the foot is opened.
A bow tattoo on the sleeve for women

Such idea directly indicates that the bearer is tied closely with the best friend of her. The red color of hearts and bow adds passion to the concept, but the beads tender the image of the steel anchor.
A bow tattoo on the back of ankles

A cute design! The lines of the black work are clean and clear. A black color renders its symbolic meaning of mystery and strength.
An old bow tattoo on the hip

These old bows look like the accessories on the hips. We, girls, choose clothes, put on make-up before going out. If you have such bow tattoos on the body, you are already halfway there!
A bow tattoo on the legs

The dot work is just perfect! A combination of the bow with a crown and flowers really works well on the female leg. It is a symbol of union, love, and beauty.
A bow tattoo on the wrist

So tiny and delicate! The dots in the chain will create an atmosphere of lightness and freedom of your female nature!
A bow tattoo with the quotes

Just wonderful for a sensual creature! A pink bow on the key symbolizes love and purity! As a rule, quotes emphasize the meaning of the tattoo image and this case is no exception.
A bow tattoo with stars

WOW! A cosmic design is overwhelming! The white stars seem to be sparkling against the background of pink and blue colors. Rain or shine, each woman is the Universe for her man.
A bow thigh tattoo

Very sensual design! It includes all the charm every woman is looking for in tattoo ideas. The garter belt can be worn only by a self-confident woman!
A bow tie tattoo
A bow with the diamond tattoo

Black and grey work is well done realistically. An openwork lace in tandem with the diamond creates an inviting and alluring totem! I like this tattoo idea!
A crown and bow tattoo

An unusual performance! A crown is tied up with a red bow like a gift. Sure, the meaning depends on your feelings! But it is really a powerful symbol for the queen, only for the one!
A cute girly hip bow tattoo

You will be in love with such colorful tattoo on the hips! The purple, pink, and turquoise blue colors fit the bows perfectly and are pleasing on the eye!
The hearts and bows tattoo

A pretty leopard print makes the tattoo cool and attractive! There is something special in this tattoo and inside of the owner! Take it as your next tattoo inspiration!
A lace bow tattoo for women

Only a sensual and tender girl may ink it! The tattoo is located nicely on the collarbone and swings like a lace with the bow.
A picture of the pink bow tattoo

An adorable design! A colorful mysterious powder brings the feelings of mystery, fairytale, and sweetness. A girly option, for sure!
A polka dot bow tattoo

You would love it on any part of the body! It is one of the sexiest and brightest concepts among bow tattoos. It is associated with something to do with a gift of love.
A pretty purple bow tattoo

A purple ribbon shows the fighting and winning over cancer. This type of the bow tattoos is for a brave person!
A yellow ribbon bow tattoo

A ribbon bow is about sharing and giving! These features are owned by women, that is why such design is an often choice among females. The hand placement possesses the bow as an additional accessory of the bracelet on the wrist.
A sexy rose and bow tattoo

The sample presented above is a glorious piece of artwork! A use of guipure lace image on the bow and roses blends well with the female bearer. Look at it! It`s just ideal!
A simple bow tattoo design

A simple design carries a deep meaning of liberation! The size is rather small and fits well the finger where it`s worn. Moreover, this location will exhibit your position towards the World.
A small skull bow tattoo

Such representation can be a «memento mori» symbol or a symbol of mortality. The bow puts a girlish effect. The WOW effect is found in opened jaws. A strong symbol!
A tiny watercolor bow tattoo

A watercolor bow serves as a beautiful decoration on the shoulder. An undoubted sign of femininity will make your day!
A black bow tattoo on the back

So clean work! The lace bow reflects simplicity, femininity, and tenderness. The aesthetic value of this pattern is extra high! The shadings make a cool three-dimensional effect! Ink it!
A cat and bow tattoo

The lady is ready for romance and amorousness! A woman like a cat carries an abundant good fortune and happiness at home! Geometrical shadings of the cat capture my attention!
A small bow tie tattoo for girls

A small bow is the best suited for the decoration of an elegant female forearm. It may describe a willingness of romantic adventure and love. Small, yet stunning ink for girls!
A bow tattoo on the finger

A black colored bow creates a sophisticated look. Actually, the black color represents strength. If you are keen to opt for something tiny and small, then this idea is totally yours.
A half sleeve bow tattoo

The ink exhibits all the attributes of the women`s life, i.e. dress, jewelry, bow, and mirror. All colors presented in the tattoo are hot favorites among women. Express yourself through the body art!
A lollipop and bow tattoo

It is cute, funny, and even sexy! A pink lollipop is a popular tattoo for females to get, particularly on their shoulders and sleeves. The pink and blue color are reflections of the owner`s tastes and flavors. Position yourself as a «candy» and tempt men around you!
A thin bow tattoo

A black bow is eye-catching in very deed. The thin ribbon serves as a decorative accessory around the ankle. The play of black tattoo and pale skin works absolutely well. Be sexy and attract the attention by wearing such pretty bow tattoo.
A lace bow tattoo in black

So hot! The back of thighs is the most attractive place for bow tattoos. The hyper-detailed lace bows in this tattoo really catch my breath! I should say not only my, your man will adore it!
A national American bow tattoo

There is a nice combination of bow and Indian feather! The ink honors the nation and its strength. You are tied closely with America; carve such bow ink to show your feelings!
A skull bow tattoo on the legs

The black bows teamed with the skulls look advantageously on the back of the girl`s thighs. The thigh area gives the opportunity to ink an expanded tattoo like this. Here are grace and sexual force!
A blue bow tattoo with a cutie

That is girl stuff! A cutie with a blue bow is so sweet! A colorful glare enshrouds the tattoo with magic!
A Disney castle and bow tattoo

A neotraditional style is a brilliant choice in any tattoo design! This one portrays the Disney castle with Mini Mouse bow as may be supposed to show the wearer`s devotion to the Disney cartoons. Besides, a rather big size of the tattoo may hide some defects on your body.
A tiny bow tattoo

Looking for a sexy tattoo to boost you feminine look? The tiny bow mentioned above is the best variant!
A red 3D bow tattoo

A red bow looks like a provocation! The 3D idea directly carries love and passion! It is beautiful, isn`t it?
A bow and crystals tattoo

Oh, my goodness! A wonderful job! An original concept describes crystals tied with a neat bow. The artist colored the crystals amazingly. Choose the best master for your tattoo!