Bright and Colorful Nail Art Designs for a Unique Look

Since the nail industry has become extremely popular, every lady tries to follow trends and fashion to be in the spotlight. However, there some situations, when you just need to stick to your own ideas and then get the most impressive nail design you’ve ever had!

Summer is the season when you want to refresh your manicure. And you will certainly fancy bright and saturated colors like orange and yellow, green and blue, pink and red. But do not limit yourself and try out new color combinations, mix them with different techniques, decorate your nails with every shining adornment and be on trend! It’s always up to you how to grab people’s attention with a summer nail design, whether it is long nails or a wild color tandem, remember, summer is the season for something that will blow your mind out!

Bright events, bright life and bright nail art is everything you need in a hot summer season! That’s why we have selected the most outstanding nail designs for you to get some new fresh ideas. Enjoy!
Don’t use one pattern on both hands! Make one hand shine like a diamond with the help of different gems and apply the rainbow pattern on the other hand. Extremely unusual!

1 Bright acrylic nails ideas
If you want to mix different colors, just do it! Such a manicure will spice up your image with the help of unusual color tandem, glitters and luxurious rhinestones!

2 Bright color nail designs
When you don’t know what exactly you want on your gel nails, go for everything! Line work? That’s great! Glitters? No problem! Lip art? Of course! Rhinestones? Perfect!

3 Bright gel nail designs
Super colorful manicure won’t stay unnoticeable. Especially when it is covered with animal prints and lovely hearts!

4 Bright nail art designs

Nail Art Design for Round Nails
Hot, sweet, juicy! All this can be said about this manicure. Bright neon pink color in tandem with orange and yellow sandy nails is extremely dazzling!

5 Bright neon nail designs
If you are willing to look luxury and bright, there is an option; you won’t ignore. Long ballerina nails covered with saturated orange looks impressive!

6 Bright orange nail designs
Summer has come; it’s high time you got the manicure done! Summer season requires blinding colors, creative ombres and seaside motives applied on your nails!

7 Bright summer nail designs
Wearing open-toe sandals, don’t forget about showing your toes’ nails beauty! Applying bright orange and yellow colors with silver embellishments will be flawless!

8 Bright toe nail designs

Metallic Fingernails
Crazy color combinations, flower patterns, matte top coat and rhinestones create a unique bright manicure which will be in the spotlight wherever you go!

9 Cute bright nails
Even if you have short nails, you can become a star with a right color gamut! Interesting vertical ombre with a fossil on it and matte shades will definitely rock!

10 Nail designs with bright colors
Long nails demand beautiful picture on them. Pull off bright ombre, black lines and Swarovski crystals and your nails will turn into a real masterpiece!

11 Vibrant nail designs

Gray and Pink Nail Art