Buddha Tattoos Design Ideas

Before inking Buddha tattoo, it is better to know the basis of the Buddhism religion.

This religion is one of the oldest and widely practiced throughout the Universe. Gautama Buddha has been a founder of the Buddhism teachings and principles. The images of Buddha are primly inked in Buddha tattoos. They exhibit Buddha in different poses, with various additional patterns, each carrying its special sense. So, what is behind the Buddha’s image?

The most popular tattoo shows the Buddha with a raised palm hand and the fingers of the other hand depict an «O».

This teaching Buddha represents wisdom and understanding of one’s path. A meditating Buddha means serenity and his legs are crossed with the hands in the center of the belly. A combination of Buddha with Bodhi tree stands for the supreme enlightenment while a lotus presence signs purity, rebirth, and path development. A laughing Buddha, often called Budai, is a great idea for those who have a good sense of humor and try to reach happiness without material things. Such symbol is also a reminder to live life to the fullest. This design is well-known in Chinese folklore and creates a visual delight. Another beautiful pattern that is often inked with the Buddha is mandala circle or wheel. The intricate ornaments not only attract the attention but also add some meaningful value. It represents wisdom and enlightenment. Some ink lovers prefer to etch only the Buddha’s head or face as it can be placed almost everywhere you want. It is symbolic of the chakra and mental functions. The crying Buddha pictures the old legend about the loss of the Buddha’s son and means the suffering of the world, peace, and strength. To enhance the Buddha tattoo and add layers of complex connotations you can choose other elements, such as dragon, elephant, owl, moon, stars, birds, all-seeing eye, etc. The Buddha’s figures are usually drawn in black and white colors. Gray works extra well in cases where it renders wood or stone statues. Additional patterns can be used as colorful to show a spiritual and positive attitude towards life.

Actually, all concepts with the Buddha image are highly spiritual and individual. At a certain point in our life, most of us are searching the ultimate condition to be happy. Look at the following ideas that catch your mind and heart. Choose your option, ink it and be happy!
3D Buddha tattoo

The 3D effect is always tremendous especially when skillfully inked as on this picture. A unity of Buddha and the rose sings passion and love.
An Asian Buddha tattoos on the side

The lines are neat and clean! The Buddha is inked in his second form riding the tiger. It is a symbol of powerful and passionate persona.
A baby Buddha tattoo design

This idea signifies purity and inner peace! Three images are so well located, and it seems that Buddha really shifts the hands. A cute design for the forearm location!
The best Buddha tattoo design

Top notch! A fullback design with Buddha portrays enlightenment and awakening. Every detail complements each other very well, and the Buddha is a centerpiece. This masterpiece really draws attention!
A black and grey Buddha tattoos on the thigh

Buddha is etched in a portrait style in black and white colors. Buddha’s face with lotus tattoo design presents who you are as a person, what way you follow. A dot work accentuates the face in the black and grey foreground.
Buddha and flower tattoo in watercolor

This piece gives an outburst of emotions! A watercolor fusion and shadings make the Buddha face magic. A pink flower of lotus depicts the Buddha homage. If you looking for something vivid, that is your cup of tea!
Buddha arm sleeve tattoo

An oriental ink is a wonderful example of the magnificent work of the artist. There seem to be some new details to notice each time you look at it.
A silhouette of the Buddha art tattoo

A silhouette of Buddha in the center of the Universe is a great sign of light and transcendence over material aspirations. It is intriguing and magic!
Buddha back piece tattoo

If you are the follower of the rather big tattoo sizes, you’d better choose a back location. There will be options to ink details as many as you want. The ink presented above is a nice example of the Buddhism religion. The closed eyes speak of the calmness.
Buddha Bodhi tree tattoo

Just stunning! It makes you look at it twice. In the Sanskrit language «Bodhi» means «fully awake». It is supposed that the roots of this tree lie deep in the earth. The tattoo is a reminder of an ultimate human potential in each of us.
A male Buddha chest tattoo

The sharp and geometric lines of this tattoo render a male power and wisdom. It is striking, isn’t it?
Buddhas face tattoo for men

The overall image impresses. If you want a tattoo to make a great statement, then why not have a big Buddha’s face on your body? It will take a long time for inking, but it is worth to wait.
Buddha forearm tattoo

Here is a perfect work for those who admire the Buddhist ideology. The Buddha image is detailed with an all-seeing eye and mandala flower. They come very well together even without color.
Buddha full sleeve tattoo

It is a well-done tattoo! Mandala ornaments cover a full sleeve and are coupled with the face of Buddha at the bottom. The combination of meanings is clear. Buddha stands for understanding and mandala – for luck.
Buddha girl tattoo sleeve

A badass design! Buddha is often portrayed in nature, and this piece is no exception. The inclusion of cherry blossom says of the peace that Buddha is at.
A geometric Buddha half sleeve tattoos

Geometric circles create an atmosphere of something unreal, and magic and the meditating position represents a search of peace. Think it, ink it!
Buddha head tattoo designs

A use of vibrant colors pops the head of Buddha. That is a perfect sample of skillful use of colors. A cute idea reminds us of our path.
Buddha Japanese tattoo for ladies

The idea looks very delicate yet deep by the value. A teaching Buddha with one hand depicting an «Î» with the fingers is a traditional symbol of wisdom and fulfilling personal destiny. A beautiful design for ladies!
Buddha mandala tattoo on foot

A face of Buddha is embraced with mandala flowers. This combination represents an ability to overcome obstacles and achieve goals. The foot location allows you to focus on it easily and meditate.
Buddha neck tattoo for men

Do you accept the life as a beautiful journey? The pictured tattoo will be your personal and meaningful totem. A fusion of dots gives some magic and uniqueness.
Buddha outline tattoo

An outline design in oldschool style is outstanding! Here we see a masterly done fractionation of the face in sections with the help of shadings, lines, and curves. Out of the ordinary!
Buddha skull tattoo for guys

Such outlook has a great religious sense of the ascent of the soul to be reincarnated into another circle of life. Mandala means balance and purification. Highly recommended for men!
Buddha statue tattoo

Buddha statues represent the teaching of Buddhism. A great founder of this religion looks absolutely awesome on the sleeve.
Buddha tattoo designs for men

If you position your beliefs straightly, then a location on the hand will meet your interests. This symbol of protection is a fantastic choice for men.
Buddha tattoo design gallery

An image of the Buddha is very beautiful. It is pictured in the position of serenity in time of calamity. Vivid colors remind us that life is wonderful in all its traits.
An amazing Buddha tattoo drawing

A black and white drawing is a sign of calmness, peace, and contentment. Here we see a perfect of work showing a balance and equality. Curly hair adds peculiarity and beauty to Gautama Buddha.
Buddha tattoo for women on the thigh

A raised palm tattoo signifies the blessings to all who see this tattoo. Autumn leaves create a contrast between black and orange colors. The thigh location serves as a good option for women if they don’t want to show it to a wide audience.
A sitting Buddha tattoo idea

The floral petals are luxurious! A sitting Buddha is a popular design describing a meditative position with an extra deep satisfaction on the face.
A cool Buddha tattoo on the stomach

It seems that Buddha’s face lies in the bouquet of leaves. Life is full of suffering, but one can achieve «Nirvana» and triumph all problems. The ink is ideally done on the stomach.
A calm Buddha tattoo pictures

Here we see a distinct style and approach! The blackwork is perfect! An outlook of the Buddha’s image reflects calmness, full satisfaction, and serene. Actually, we all need these things, don’t we?
Buddha tattoo for girls on the arm

A very delicate idea of Buddha tattoo for girls! A WOW moment lies in the leaf that covers an eye. In its way, this idea pictures interconnection with nature.
Buddha wrist tattoo

A wrist location is a sort of secret place that allows not opening Buddha’s tattoo to the surrounding world. A curly hair is styled in a grandiose way and that adds a real beauty.
A Buddhist hand tattoo

Buddha’s face in profile on the hand represents a cycle of birth-death-rebirth. The traditional tattoos in Thai were made by a bamboo sharpened to a point. That is a great concept to add a bamboo to one’s Buddha tattoo to show your devotion to the traditions and teachings.
A Buddhist symbol tattoos on the leg

All three Buddhist symbols bring its own deep sense, but together they provide a powerful totem to the wearer. It gives healing, luck, strength, and protection against evil.
A Chinese Buddha tattoo designs

An amazing artwork! A lotus denotes the path of spiritual development. The tattoo features hexes around the whole tattoo, exemplifying tranquility. It inspires and honors Buddha!
A cool Buddhist tattoo for girls

A brilliant Buddhist design! The curves and colors make this piece a female one. Buddha’s eyes are closed describing a deep concentration. Practice peace by wearing such tattoo!
A body dragon Buddha tattoo

Just overwhelming! A fullback tattoo scares away evil spirits and brings good fortune to the bearer. You can decide on how big Buddha ink would be but the presented piece affects deeply.
An elephant Buddha tattoo on the leg

Not all Buddha tattoo arts need to be simple. This one is creative and unique! The Buddha is presented as an elephant. Before Gautama’s incarnation as the Buddha, he developed in the womb in the form of a white elephant according to the legend.
A female Buddha tattoo designs

A lotus is used to symbolize the divine feminine–the ideal female traits. This is a good way to combine the Buddha and lotus if you want to show purity, love, and calm of the female nature.
Gautama Buddha tattoo with a flower and mandala

A sleeve area is a perfect place to ink a multipiece tattoo. This particular Gautama is carved with a lotus-flower and mandala. Indeed, the ink is deep and beautiful with no color.
A happy Buddha tattoo designs on the shoulder

Placing a lot of lotus flowers in the design is representative of the Buddha’s happiness in his life path. A tattoo really emits a positive charm by all details: an areola around the head, a perfect dot work, and a pagoda in the background.
A Hindu Buddha tattoo on the hand

So sophisticated! Here the hands depict Hindu Buddha and mandala. Sure, one can place such design anywhere, but the hand is unique by its matching style and visibility.
A lady Buddha tattoo in the Chinese style

Show your devotion to the oldest practice in the World, ink such gorgeous tattoo! The lady Budai image with a high hair represents a crown chakra and other mental functions.
A laughing Buddha tattoo designs

Those who choose laughing image of Buddha can be funny on his conscience, good humor, but a mentally deep concern of this figure. The Buddha is highlighted by some different geometrical figures and they really draw attention.
The Lord Buddha tattoo

Freaking awesome art! The job describes two figures, i.e. the Buddha and the Lord. You may adore any religion, but Father is the only one!
A lotus flower and Buddha tattoo

This look is definitely awesome! It helps to keep you on the right path. The diagonal position of lotus and mandala creates a complete outlook.
A mandala Buddhist tattoo

Mandala represents the Universe in the Buddhist symbolism. Placing a geometric artwork together with the Buddha builds up a strong protective and maintaining totem. The lines reflecting the water underneath are really cool and create a feeling of the reality!
A meditating Buddha tattoo for girls
An oriental colorful Buddha tattoo

Extremely beautiful! The rainbow color bands breathe the life in this job. If you look attentively, the bright lights are going from the mind, i.e., happiness is in your thoughts!
A realistic Buddha tattoo for men

The cracks on the Buddha’s face describe a real statue. Power is making itself felt here. A cool idea for men!
A simple Buddha tattoo

Simple, yet impressive! We see only the silhouette, but it is clear that the Buddha figure is in the typical meditative asana. You may make the following statements by inking such tattoo: stay the course and work hard to be better each day!
A sitting Buddha tattoo on the back

The glory of perfection! A celestial circle behind the Buddha’s head is a map of the universe, future, and past that helps guide a personality. The tattoo is extra detailed and it is no surprise it looks so incredible! Eagles, accompanying the Buddha from the sides, make a protective action by the wings.
A small Buddha tattoo for ladies

It is not obligatory to depict a full image of Buddha to express your spiritual belief. The pattern incorporates only the face and mandala ornaments give it some details. A nice option for ladies!
A wood crying Buddha tattoo

The ink is etched so skillfully that it looks as if carved out of the wood. One legend holds that Buddha is crying over the loss of his sun and suffering of the world. Such tattoo idea will give peace and strength to the bearer!
A tiny Buddha tattoo for women

An absolute favorite among Buddha ideas for women! A big belly and satisfied facial expression certainly stand for happiness!
The Buddha tattoo dotwork

The curly hair comes into the picture! The Buddha with the curly hair is called Shakyamuni. This person did all possible things to help the people. The tattoo with the presented image describes the wearer as a kind man.
A perfect realistic Buddha tattoo

A black and white job is perfect! A realistic performance can be done only by the brilliant master. So, take your time and choose the best one!
A lady Buddha tattoo design

A lady Buddha keeps a lotus in her hands. No doubt, each lady dreams to obtain the traits of the lotus meanings. That is possible by practicing the teachings of Buddha. A pretty design for girls!
The Chinese style Buddha tattoo

A beautifully executed and powerful art! There are many statues throughout Asia that depict the Buddha. This sleeve piece exhibits a stone Buddha being worshiped by an etched underneath monk.
Buddha shoulder tattoo

A fantastic areola around the Buddha! The Japanese styled tattoo symbolizes a strong religious belief in the peaceful, spiritual way of life. The standing Buddha incorporates a lot of ornamental designs, and this makes the tattoo unique.
3D Buddha tattoo with the lotus flower

The 3D concept is always a tremendous outlook! The black background is a perfect basis to pick the Buddha’s face out.
A hyperrealistic Buddha tattoo

Another great idea for your inspiration! The contrast between a realistic Buddha image and the colorful lotus flower excites the mind.
Buddha tattoo in colors

An unusual performance of the Buddha image in watercolor takes my breath away. The same job can be done individually with your favorite colors. The head design will look the best almost everywhere on the body.