Cherry Blossom Tree Tattoo Meaning and Designs

Commonly found in Eastern cultures such as Japanese and Chinese cherry blossom or sakura is probably the second most popular floral tattoo design inked all over the globe. The rapidly spreading popularity of these tender flowers among tattoo lovers can be easily explained by the unique beauty coming out of pink and red hues of delicate petals. Not to mention that cherry blossom carries deep symbolism behind its beauty.

Cherry Blossom Tattoos – Symbolism and Meaning

Here are some of the most common significances of cherry blossom in Japan:

  • Sakura is a Japanese national symbol accompanied by a great number of festivals celebrating its beauty, the most well-known is Hanami.
  • Sakura is associated with samurais and their wisdom.
  • Sakura is the representation of transience of life as to its short flowering period.
  • Buddhists believe that all the bad and good things will pass away eventually as well as cherry blossom fades away. In Buddhism sakura means suffering and transition.
  • Sakura also means simplicity, love, hope and innocence.

The interpretation of cherry blossom meanings is slightly different in China:

  • Cherry blossom is a symbol of femininity for Chinese.
  • It’s the representation of life changes.
  • Cherry blossom means independence and freedom.
  • It also symbolizes hope and renewal.

If you want to enhance the symbolic part of your cherry blossom tattoo or to make it look even more beautiful think of some complementing details among which are:

  • Birds;
  • Japanese theme – dragons, koi fish, water waves, samurais and geishas;
  • Skeletons or Skulls (mostly for men);
  • Animals;
  • Butterflies;

Features of Cherry Blossom Tattoos

Due to the elegance and delicate beauty of cherry blossom tattoos women mainly choose them. Still, men can find some interesting sakura tattoo designs as well. If you want to ink a large cherry blossom tattoo with branches or the whole tree, better put it on the back or side. Small single flowers look gorgeously on the wrist, hand, arm and ankle or behind the ear. Cherry blossom tattoos are usually performed in color, but they can also be black and gray. If to talk about tattoo styles, cherry blossoms are commonly tattooed in:

  • Japanese traditional;
  • Realism;
  • Watercolor;
  • Dotwork, black and gray or blackwork;
  • Sketch style or cartoonish, etc.

Cherry Blossom Tattoo Designs

The astounding circular cherry blossom tattoo presented on the forearm shows the falling petals and flowers that symbolize the transience of life.
Delicate cherry blossom tattoo idea on the forearm
One more beauteous circular cherry blossom ink is performed in black and gray 3D realism style. Masterly inked with the exceptional realistic image transmission, this tattoo looks like a photo.
Stunning 3D cherry blossom tattoo on the forearm
For Chinese cherry blossom is the embodiment of femininity and sexuality. It’s hard to find some other flower tattoo that would look as harmonious on woman’s body as this cherry blossom side tattoo of one color.
Feminine Asian cherry blossom tattoo on the back
If you want to perpetuate the memory of the beloved person who passed away, you may choose a single pale pink cherry blossom with falling petals tattoo.
Incredibly beautiful cherry blossom tattoo on the arm
You have the chance to make sure that cherry blossom tattoos look just fantastic on women. This cherry branch shoulder tattoo makes an already sexy girl look even sexier.
Truly the best cherry blossom tattoo for girls
It’s amazing how just a light touch of white ink can add a three-dimensional effect to the enchanting cherry blossom wrist tattoo.
Cute black and white cherry blossom tattoo on the wrist
We are used to the white, pink or even red cherry blossoms, but the blue color is quite extraordinary for this kind of tree flowers. These delicate blue cherry blossoms look fantastic on the forearm.
Adorable blue cherry blossom tattoo on the forearm
Birds are by far the most common images that go hand in hand with cherry blossom tattoo designs. Since birds represent freedom, cherry blossoms with buds symbolize youth and the beginning of life path.
Gorgeous cherry blossom and bird tattoo on the arm
Simple yet attractive this cherry blossom tattoo on the ankle is the perfect option for those who are not ready to cover much skin with inks.
Cute small cherry blossom ankle tattoo
Guess that men would rather go with some black and gray cherry blossom tattoo because of pink, you know, it is a quite girlish color. This well-outlined and softly shaded cherry blossom armband tattoo looks fantastic on man’s arm.
Interesting blackwork cherry blossom arm tattoo for men
Japanese Traditional full body tattoos are quite symbolic; the color isn’t an exception. Saturated pink color with intense red hues of sakura means the blooming of life and the green scales of dragon stand for nature and life.
Expressive red cherry blossom body tattoo
While being fully packed with meanings, sakura flowers look very tender and exquisite especially when it comes to smaller inks like the one in the picture.
Beauteous cherry blossom branch tattoo behind the ear
We must admit that these tender black and gray cherry blossoms look breath-taking. With already opened flowers and not blossomed buds this delicate tattoo represents life.
Full of lightness black and gray cherry blossom flowers tattoo idea
If you are a tattoo-mad, give this awesome pink sakura full-sleeve a go. The tattoo shows the already fallen sakura flowers and scattering petals in dark waters since this period is the most appreciated by Japanese because it reminds them of the mortality and transience of life.
Saturated in color Japanese cherry blossom full sleeve tattoo
Since this adorable cherry blossom tree tattoo is placed on woman’s body, it represents independence and femininity. This kind of tree ink may fit a person who has the strength to overcome any difficulty, who is independent and confident.
Spring inspired cherry blossom lower back tattoo
We particularly love the placement of this nice black and gray cherry blossom vines tattoo that perfectly encircles this man’s neck. Truly amazing!
Fabulous cherry blossom necklace tattoo
The beautiful combination of two powerful tattoo symbols such as sakura and infinity sign made of tree branches finds its place on the wrist.
Striking infinity cherry blossom tattoo on the wrist
The lack of details and color makes this cherry blossom bicep tattoo simple yet delicate and interesting. We especially adore the circle made of dots that complements the image.
Exquisite simple black cherry blossom tattoo on the arm
It’s obvious that cute cherry blossoms in this wrist tattoo serve as decorative elements. The lettering that says: “No pain no gain” takes the vital part in the significance of this tattoo to the bearer.
Lettering with cherry blossom tattoo design on the wrist
Using only pale color palette, the tattoo artist created the gorgeous thigh tattoo piece presenting a cat-samurai with katana and red koi fish image on samurai’s clothes. Well, how to do without beauteous sakura flowers symbolizing samurai wisdom and bravery.
Watercolor cherry blossom and cat samurai tattoo design on the hip for guys
Since black koi fish swimming upstream represents courageous overcoming any obstacles, lonely floating sakura florets and petals embody the belief that life is transient and remind you that all the good and bad things will end someday.
Interesting cherry blossom and koi fish tattoo idea for male
This charming pale pink cherry blossom branch tattoo covers the foot and looks super attractive. Symbolizing woman’s beauty, independence and representing femininity, cherry blossom is a great tattoo idea for women.
Eye-catching cherry blossom tattoo on the foot
A simple pink cherry blossom tattoo is the most common one people get when considering cherry blossom for tattooing. The point is in the simplicity of design and deep symbolism at the same time.
Delicate Korean cherry blossom tattoo on the forearm
When it comes to floral hip tattoos, you will barely find some better design than a Linework tattoo showing branch with tender cherry blossoms fully made of thin black lines and contours with minimum shading.
Cute Linework cherry blossom branch tattoo on the hip
Seems as if the image of tiny sakura flowers was enlarged by magnifying glass and transmitted on the leg. Close to realism this tattoo shows the elegance and beauty of cherry blossoms using only black and gray.
Very sexy cherry blossom tattoo on the leg
This fresh cherry blossom tattoo finds its place on girls’ ribs. We adore the pale color palette that has been chosen to emphasize the tenderness of cherry blossoms.
Elegant cherry blossom tattoo on the ribs
Cherry blossoms can be a sad symbol which reminds of the loss of someone close. This girl got tattooed with the image of her dog sitting in sakura flowers and the lettering “Nothing can be instead of you”.
Poignant cherry blossom and dog tattoo idea on the thigh
Those of you, who prefer outlines over details, take a look at this incredible outlined cherry blossom branch tattoo accompanied with inspirational lettering “Every cloud has a silver lining”. The last means that even the worst situation has some advantages.
Inspirational outline cherry blossom tattoo on the forearm
If you want to highlight your femininity, tenderness and sensitivity, give this incredible cherry blossom collarbone tattoo a shot. Your expectations will be rewarded.
Pretty cherry blossom upper arm tattoo
Sakura blooms few days only. Therefore, it is identified with the transience of life. Combined with the skeleton design these beauteous sakura florets remind how precious the life is and that you have to appreciate every moment.
Meaningful cherry blossom and skeleton tattoo on the forearm
Barely seen this tender cherry flower tattoo finds its place on the arm. The tatt of single stand flower is made of only pink color with varying degrees of saturation and shading.
Astonishing Korean cherry blossom flower tattoo idea on the arm for women
If there wasn’t a photo showing a tattoo before the cover up, we wouldn’t probably see where it used to be. Masterly inked this single sakura branch tattoo looks fantastic.
Artfully done cherry blossom cover up tattoo on the arm
Breast is a priori the sexiest body part to get inked especially with a lovely cherry blossom tree tattoo spotted symmetrically.
Lovely cherry blossom tree tattoo on the breast
We can only wonder how much tenderness and femininity there is in this fantastic cherry blossom shoulder tattoo. The light pink and green colors blend with pale skin perfectly creating some unbelievable girlish tattoo.
Stunning cherry blossom tattoo on the shoulder
Performed in black and gray with some pale pink hues this tiger with sakura side tattoo is phenomenal. In Japanese tattoo tradition, tigers symbolize power, strength and bravery while Sakura is associated with samurai warriors.
Striking cherry blossom and tiger tattoo design on the side for girls
We love the Graphic style used in this delicate cherry blossom vine tattoo that adorns the chest. With some blossomed flowers and closed buds, the tattoo points out on the fleeting youth and life in general.
Fascinating cherry blossom vine tattoo on the chest
The most intense gray color of the petals smoothly fades into light gray inside the flowers. This amazing play of gray ink enchants and inspires. The last addition to this great leg tattoo is a butterfly flying majestically over cherry blossoms.
Enchanting cherry blossom with butterfly tattoo on the leg
Slightly sharp and careless lines imitating the trunk and branches of sakura tree are inked as if the tattoo artist used a brush instead of the tattoo machine. Vibrant in color and expressive this sakura tree tattoo is presented on the back.
Contrasting Chinese cherry blossom tattoo on the back
Thin black contours tenderly encircling every petal of these gorgeous cherry blossoms create a truly unique arm tattoo. Gradient pale pink and green colors breathe life into the image and finish the composition.
Splendid colorful cherry blossom tattoo design on the forearm
We particularly love Traditional Japanese tattooing due to the symbolism of mythical motifs in a first place. Mighty dragon wriggling around the hip accompanied by bright pink sakura florets and petals signifies strength, wisdom and courage of the bearer.
Top-notch dragon and cherry blossom tattoo on the hip
We especially adore the softness of shades and lightness of the image of this cute cherry blossom bouquet tattoo inked on the ankle.
Feminine cherry blossom tattoo on the ankle
Blooming sakura in tandem with geisha portrait is a symbol of female youth and beauty. The flowers of pale pink shade harmonically complement the geisha image and embody all inexhaustible tenderness and beauty of a woman.
Beauteous geisha and cherry blossom tattoo on the hip
There’s much more in this traditional Japanese full-sleeve than meets the eye. Every single detail is deeply symbolic. Pink sakura florets represent transience of life and youth; peonies are the symbols of courage and bravery and the yellow snake wriggling the arm stands for protection.
Mind-blowing Japanese cherry blossom sleeve tattoo
We are absolutely amazed by the beauty, tenderness and softness of this cherry blossom arm tattoo. With some light blown-away petals, this tattoo celebrates the life and motivates the bearer to appreciate every moment in life.
Motivational pink cherry blossom tattoo on the arm
If you are after the tattoo uniqueness, don’t forget that you’re already unique from the birth and even copied single cherry blossom tattoo may look just fantastic on you.
Unique, realistic cherry blossom tattoo on the arm
Super sharp and contrasting colors make this red cherry blossom shoulder tattoo eye-catching. Slightly blurred blue background creates some enigmatic look of the ink.
Intense red cherry blossom tattoo on the arm
If you like cherry blossom tattoo idea but don’t know about the placement, take this cute single sakura tattoo behind the ear into account. It looks nice and rather realistic.
Nice sakura flower tattoo behind the ear
Constellations have always fascinated human minds; therefore in tattoo culture, they also take a vital part. Take a look at this charming Pisces constellation adorned with a blue moon and cherry blossom branch that looks just fine on the shoulder blade.
Extraordinary moon and sakura tattoo on the shoulder
Some people who prefer being by themselves and love solitude may opt for a single cherry blossom tattoo that means independence and freedom.
Significant single cherry blossom tattoo on the forearm
As a symbol of grief and sorrow people who want to ink a tattoo in memory of someone who passed away often use a lonely sakura flower or an already fading with scattered petals.
Small memorial cherry blossom tattoo design on the ankle
A single cherry blossom tree branch is delicately sitting on the woman’s arm. Some light green leaves add an accent to the beautiful pink flowers and buds.
Elegant tiny cherry blossom tattoo on the arm
Traditional Japanese tattoos are interesting thanks to the mystical orientation in a first place. The tattoo master, if he treats his work with complete seriousness and responsibility to every detail, is able to create an unrivaled tattoo masterpiece like the one in the photo.
Incomparable Traditional Japanese cherry blossom tattoo
This impressive wrist tattoo shows an amazing play of colors performed in Watercolor and fine outlines that create the cherry blossom.
The unique cherry blossom tattoo design on the forearm
This awesome combination of sketch-like cherry blossoms with watercolor splashes of pink dye all around. In addition to this, the word ‘family’ inscribed into the flowers since the family is the most important thing in life.
Sketchy cherry blossom and watercolor shadow tattoo on the forearm
Slightly creepy yet interesting in design, this cherry blossom tattoo on the forearm is performed with just bold black outlines. Cool-looking!
Cool blackwork cherry blossom tattoo design on the forearm
Every person sometimes goes through some ups and downs in life and needs something for encouraging and reminding that all the bad things are temporary. A single Watercolor pink cherry blossom tatt that is barely seen on this man’s hand deals with its task perfectly!
Delicate Watercolor cherry blossom tattoo on the hand
Tattooed on the ankle this cherry blossom ink impresses with the gradient pink color and soft shading. Some floating petals convey the idea that our life is as fleeting as the blossoming of these tender flowers. Beautiful, isn’t it?
Colorful cherry blossom branch tattoo on the ankle
We are truly amazed how with a simple touch of pink, white and green ink such beauteous realistic cherry blossom tattoo can be created.
Nice Korean cherry blossom tattoo on the wrist
As for this tattoo, it is important to note the finest work of the master over the petals’ lines. Tiny yet attractive black and gray cherry blossom tattoo impresses with its elegance!
Unbelievably beautiful Korean small cherry blossom tattoo on the foot
If you want to enhance the meaning of freedom and independence of your cherry blossom tattoo, then go with a bird design. The tatt will be symbolically complemented and will get a fresh, delicate look.
Super cute cherry blossom and bird tattoo on the ankle
There’s something in this cherry blossom thigh tattoo that doesn’t allow you to take your eyes off. We assume that these are unbelievably beautiful lines, colors and shades of cherry blossom supplemented by exquisite lettering that reminds the handwriting.
Interesting cherry blossom branch tattoo on the hip for women
This one is by far the most colorful and vibrant Japanese traditional red sakura with a green dragon tattoo that we have ever seen. The hard image with bold outlines creates an amazing tattoo composition stretching from the lower back to the thighs.
Surprisingly colorful cherry blossom tattoo on the booty
This Japanese male tattoo sleeve appeals to the motives of geisha beauty and youth which, like the cherry blossom, are short-lived. Highly detailed and mostly black and gray colored with some pink hues of sakura flowers the tattoo is impressive.
Glorious Japanese cherry blossom and geisha sleeve tattoo for men
This westernized Japanese half-sleeve tattoo includes a beautiful geisha and a snake wriggling around her body. The composition is accompanied by delicate pink sakura flowers and buds.
Magnificent Japanese cherry blossom and geisha sleeve tattoo for men
Cherry blossoms symbolize love as well. Therefore if you want to celebrate your love with a close person, consider this cherry blossom couple tattoo on hands. It looks adorable!
Sweet cherry blossom couple tattoo on the hand
Buddhists believe that you have to live your life without getting too attached to it. As the representation of these beliefs and as a symbol of independence a cherry tree tattoo might be your greatest option.
Philosophical cherry blossom tree tattoo on the back