Cheshire Cat Tattoos Designs

“Alice in Wonderland” written by Lewis Carroll remains popular 150 years after publication. Among hundreds of characters in “Alice” tales, one of the most prominent and original is the Cheshire Cat. Many people fall in love with this unusual hero that even decide to perpetuate the skin in the form of an incredible tattoo. The tattoo with the Cheshire Cat suits those who can find this slight line between madness and sanity of this crazy world.

Cheshire Cat Tattoos Meaning

The Cheshire Cat is rotund feline with a wide, secret grin. The cat speaks in riddles and asks others paradoxical questions. It wonderfully balances between sanity and insanity. The Cheshire Cat can disappear leaving only its shiny teeth with a head or eyes. This creature is mysterious and dark with many wonders and potential dangers. Therefore, the tattoo with this cat carries a wealth of mystery and intrigue.

The main feature of the Cheshire Cat is its cheerful smile. Thus, most tattoos are highly positive. The tattoo with Cheshire Cat symbolizes optimistic attitude towards life; it means that its wearer lives effortlessly, easily and quickly gets out of any difficult situation. Additional meanings include:

  • good humor;
  • enjoyment of life;
  • laughing;
  • freedom;

Throughout the story the Cheshire Cat frequently confuses Alice, so the tattoo can also indicate that the person is capable of manipulating and confusing other people. Besides, the Cheshire Cat changes forms from one to another, which means that the wearer is able to have various personalities according to life situation.

The Designs of the Cheshire Cat Tattoos

The Cheshire Cat is an old image that went through many re-design forms. Each of these stylistic directions adds peculiar to the famous cat, but a mad grin that stretches from ear to ear remains unchanged:

  • Disney style: the Cheshire Cat is depicted in wild pink-and-purple color scheme.
  • American McGee’s: the Cheshire Cat presents a dark, raw-boned body with a haggard look.
  • Tim Burton’s Cheshire Cat: is the most popular design nowadays. It is characterized by sharp teeth, large turquoise eyes and gray fur.

Apart from universal presentations, the Cheshire Cat can appear in cartoonish design – such tattoos are faithful to the well-known Cheshire Cat’s image but aren’t slavish copies of recognizable forms. Other traditional styles are:

  • sketch style;
  • watercolor;
  • black and white;
  • outline;
  • geometric style;

Sometimes the tattoo of the Cheshire Cat comprises other Carroll’s characters, such Alice or the White Rabbit.

Instead of the Cheshire Cat, you may see cat’s face, smile or eyes, which embody the main character.

Since the Cheshire Cat speaks very little in the book, some of the phrases have passed into the lexicon and tattoo art; the most popular of them is “We’re all mad here.”

So, the Cheshire Cat tattoos are filled with many wonders of the fictional world. This fabulous image is suitable for everyone, who is passionate about this legendary story. The Cheshire Cat is not only a gorgeous decoration, but it is a cool option to make an accent on your joy of life.
The famous quote “We are all mad here” is presented in quite unusual design on the leg. The bottle is a source of a wonderful picture in dotwork style, where you can recognize the pieces from Carroll’s story, such as rabbit, tree and hat.

The Alice in Wonderland tattoo with quotes in dotwork
This small black and white tattoo involves us in the intriguing journey with our favorite heroes. It illustrates a scene with the Cheshire Cat sitting on the tree and Alice standing in front of it.

The small black and white Cheshire cat on the forearm
This unbelievable tattoo of Cheshire Cat is your bright point in style. The pink cat with gray stripes and unrealistic body, which resembles a spiral, creates a unique cartoonish image.

The cartoon Cheshire Cat tats on the leg
If you want to leave a highly noticeable mark of the Cheshire Cat on your body, a hand is a perfect place for such experiments. The character looks prominent with huge turquoise eyes and sharp teeth of Tim Burton’s style.

The tattoo of the Cheshire Cats face on the hand
This lovely Cheshire Cat on the arm adds a magical charm to your image. The gray fur with turquoise shade on the top almost shines! It emphasizes green eyes and fascination of this creature.

The Cheshire Cat tattoo from Alice in Wonderland

Amazing Cross Tattoos Designs
The smile of the Cheshire Cat is difficult to confuse with something else, especially if it is complemented with a popular phrase “We are all mad here”. The tattoo is done in linework – a simple and strict form of design!

The Cheshire at mouth tattoo with words on the arm
This black and white drawing of the Cheshire Cat strikes a lot! The cat is shown in a stylish hat with a quote that reveals the owner’s positive attitude to life. The teapot in one of its paw is one more interesting detail.

The Cheshire Cat tattoo with quotes on the ankle
Here the smiling Cheshire Cat is located upside down on the arm. This unusual position makes the character looks particularly funny. The guys should pay attention to this tattoo in sketch style.

The Cheshire Cat smile tattoo in sketch style
This creepy Cheshire Cat is a character from “Alice Madness Returns”. The dark, raw-boned cat with evil eyes is still smiling. However, this smile is more like a grin, which only frightens.

The Cheshire Cat with a rawboned tail tattoo on the arm
This marvelous tattoo in watercolor design will not let you forget that time is precious. The black and green Cheshire Cat is keeping an opened pocket watch as a reminder to enjoy every moment of life.

The Cheshire Cat tattoo for ladies on the ribs

The Creative Wrist Tattoos
The tattoo with a quote “We are all mad here” can belong to optimistic and mad in a cool way people. This noted phrase on the ankle is supplemented by a lovely pink Cheshire Cat.

The Cheshire Cat tattoo Were all mad here
This abstract tattoo on the thigh presents a gorgeous combination of watercolor design and geometric elements. It leads to a completely unexpected interpretation of the Cheshire Cat with bright purple and turquoise splashes.

The Cheshire Cat tattoo in watercolor on the thigh
These clear green eyes and kind smile will touch your soul immediately! The idea of color transition from gray into blue patterns is a wonderful inspiration for your future Cheshire Cat.

The Cheshire Cat eyes tattoo on the forearm
This lovely kitty has little in common with a traditional Cheshire Cat. But the big eyes and enchanting smile remain unchangeable. “Stay strong” is an excellent motto, isn’t it?

The cute Cheshire Cat tattoo on the forearm
This Cheshire Cat is aimed at fans, who enjoy dark artworks. The black tattoo repeats Tim Burton’s character in its mysterious alternative. The contrast between black creature and pale skin is evident.

The Tim Burton Cheshire Cat tattoo on the shoulder

Zombie Teddy Bear Tattoo
The nice composition of the Cheshire Cat and Jack Skellington is located on the shoulder blade. The small but rich in colors tattoo represents an interesting design of Yin Yang, where the characters are mixed up.

The idea of tiny Cheshire Cat tattoo
Do you possess a little sense of craziness? If yes, this pattern of the Cheshire Cat in outline style is what you need. The falling cat with a separate head is a humorous piece of creativity.

The outline tattoo of the Cheshire Cat on the leg
This girl sacrificed the whole leg to get this marvelous tattoo. It illustrates a small piece of “Alice in Wonderland” story. The tree with the Cheshire Cat instead of leaves and Mad Hatter below will create a fairy tale for you.

The Cheshire Cat tattoo on the leg
Blue eyes and a broad smile is not only positive tattoo, but it also denotes the lovely character. Here the nice Cheshire Cat is done in a simple but still engrossing way on the calf.

The smile tattoo of the Cheshire Cat
The Cheshire Cat tattoo in geometric design is an enchanting form of self-expression. The blue eyes highlight the black and gray artwork, while a smile seems a bit dangerous.

The geometric Cheshire Cat tats on the forearm

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This tattoo presents a standard image of the Cheshire Cat. But colorful patterns above and below the cat make it special. The ornament of this amazing character is a key to a good mood.

The Cheshire Cat tattoo in colors on the forearm
The crazy mix of colors excites in this work! The portrait of Cheshire Cat consists of purple, green, black and blue inks. Thus, the tattoo looks bright and a little careless.

The mad Cheshire Cat tattoo on the forearm
The movie “Alice in Wonderland” becomes real with this amazingly detailed tattoo of green-eyed Cheshire Cat. The fabulous colors of black and blue design a cosmic background.

The Cheshire Cat design on the halfsleeve tattoo
This sweet composition of the Cheshire cat and Alice near animated flowers is performed in outline style. Despite a lack of colors, the picture has very expressive and natural look.

The Cheshire Cat and Alice tattoo on the thigh
The superb idea to depict an illustration from the book in the form of tattoo can be observed on the forearm. The tattoo in dotwork style shows a realistic scene with Alice and the Cheshire Cat on the tree.

The Cheshire Cat tattoo from the book on the forearm
The Cheshire Cat, Mad Hatter and the White Rabbit are nicely combined in one gorgeous sleeve tattoo. Besides you may find a catching quote “You are entirely bonkers…” that emphasizes the owner’s bright individuality.

The Alice in Wonderland sleeve tattoo

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