Coffin Nails Designs

No woman will allow herself to leave the house without beautifully manicured hands! As a rule, all of them seriously, concern this question beginning from the choice of the length and shape of nails and ending with their color and design. But primarily one should bear in mind that it`s impossible to get an ideal manicure without an appropriate nail shape! That`s why it`s so important in our time to be acquainted with all possible shapes of nails!

Have you ever experienced any difficulties when a manicurist asked you what nail shape you wanted? Don`t worry! It`s a common situation for almost women. There are so many ways to upgrade your manicure these days! Square nails or round, almond or oval, squoval or stiletto… It`s very easy to get confused in the abundance of nail shapes! But not for those who always want to be trendy! Most modern ladies have the answer in advance! Coffin nails!

This really popular shape of the coffin for nails is the choice number one among those who keep all fashion tendencies! Although coffin nails appeared much earlier they have become popular only a few years ago. What do coffin nails look like? Coffin nails are also known as a ballerina or squareletto nails. They are something like the blend of square and stiletto nails: long, dramatically tapered shape with a squared off tip and a flat top. Most ladies think these nails look best long. The more length you have, the better your manicure will be! Don`t like long nails? Medium length is also possible!

Coffin nails seem to be the most controversial! One people think they are creepy while others say they`re sexy! Someone prefers nude and pastel colors for coffin nails but others think that dark and bright ones are better! Therefore it`s up to you to decide what tendency to choose! Everything depends on what you plan to do: go to an office or the party, meet with friends or get married.

Do you have to work with your hands? Be careful! Coffin nails are pretty much destructible and not very comfortable to wear, `cause they always chip in the corners. In this case, it would be better to use some strengthening gel polish, builder gel, acrylic or even powder.

Why do so many women go crazy about coffin shaped nails? You`ll understand it when seeing how impressive and intriguing coffin nails can be! From time to time it can be very difficult to choose from the variety of nail art designs for coffin nails. But not with this article!
Acrylic Coffin Nails with an Elaborate Design

All people will be intrigued by such an elaborate design! Neon pink as the primary color is well paired with the geometrical design in the black color on the transparent base and Swarovski crystals!
Meet Summer with Blue Coffin Nails

Blue version of coffin nails with the matte effect is interesting and suitable for the summer season! Multicolored ombre with a unique design reminding the spider web and Swarovski crystals will make you shine!
Casket Shaped Nails Which Will Complement Your Look

Very long coffin nails are a good reason to create beautiful matte shadow flowers with red shining crystals! Some elements of the golden foil on the nude base can perfectly accessorize your look!
Coffin Acrylic Nails with an Intricate Design

Details are very important for each design, especially for this intricate one! Delicate lilac and white colors go well with nails fully covered with glitters. Amazing butterflies look as if they are real!
Coffin Cut Nails Instead of All Accessories

These matte black coffin nails with accent jewelry on the middle finger are perfect with the design made with the help of the sunset ombre colored foil! You needn`t any additional accessories!

Burgundy Matte Nails With Gold
Coffin Fingernails with a Creative Modeling Design

Like modeling art for nails? These pink matte nails are for you! Volumetric flowers surrounded with multicolored Swarovski crystals are wonderful! Emphasize one or two nails with silver glitters to get a magnificent result!
Fabulous Ideas for Coffin Shaped Nails

To have diamonds you don`t need to buy them! You can create them! Unreal? Not with these coffin nails! Turquoise nails with Swarovski crystals and hand painted diamonds on the ombre base are fabulous!
Coffin Nail Art in the Hollywood Style

Are you eager to come to Hollywood? Create your own Hollywood! A Hollywood landmark on coffin shaped nails is a unique phenomenon! This manicure is a real art!
Coffin Nails with Inspiring Designs

Super pretty abstract design with straight lines of different colors is aimed to attract attention! An original accent on the ring finger looks sexy and attractive! These nails are everything!
Spectacular Nails of the Coffin Shape

You can capture the softness of lavenders with a delicate color of these flowers! Emphasize some nails with shining glitters to be more extravagant and magnificent! What a stunning manicure!

Cool Kid Nail Designs for Summer
Coffin Nails in the Winter Style

What is winter for the manicure industry? This is the season for sleek and dark matte nails with a little snowflake action! A magnificent color of granite looks really magnificent!
Coffin Tip Nails for the Fall Season

Are you ready for the fall season? With these coffin tip nails of the beige color and dark floral patterns, your answer will be β€œyes”! Complement your manicure with diversified crystals and enjoy the result!
How to Do Coffin Shaped Nails for the Spring Time

To be bright is easy with these nails! Pastel colors are perfect for the spring mani! Turquoise, blue and pink ombre with white ornaments and the ensemble of crystals creates a real spring atmosphere!
Matte Gold Nails for a Luxury Look

Make your nails noticeable with black and matte top coat. Black conical crystals can add the element of creativity while gold accents with glitters make your look really luxury!
Shining Look with Extremely Long Pink Coffin Nails

Are you ready to do something extreme? Violet glitter accents with baby pink nails look gorgeous on extremely long coffin nails! With such a shining Swarovski crystals you`ll also shine!

Short Round Acrylic Nails
Short Coffin Nails with a Fresh Design

Neon pink is ideally complemented with cute bows, while glossy and matte black patterns combined with glitters and translucent French nail tips create a fresh look! Simply amazing and bright!
Elegant Short Nail Designs with Rhinestones

Want to be elegant? A good manicure is an integral part of your look! Nude polish as a primary color, white patterns and French nail tips with rhinestones are really elegant!
Neat and Tidy Silver Coffin Nails

Don`t like very long coffin nails? Choose this variant of neat and tidy nails of the middle length! Matte silver base goes well with such amazing glitters of granite color and the silver foil!
White Coffin Nails with a Wonderful Volumetric Design

The glossy white color is very impressive and classic on its own. It`s also an ideal variant for different types of decor such as golden volumetric nail jewelry. Chain, crystals and beads look wonderful!

Chrome Gold Nails Which Make You Shine