Amazing Cross Tattoos Designs for Men and Women

In remote ages, the cross symbolized the torture, death and negativity, but after Jesus Christ’s crucifixion, it became the token of life, sacrifice and revival. Check out our article to learn more about the cross, its symbolical meaning and take a glance at the coolest cross tattoo collection.

Kinds of Crosses and Their Symbolical Meaning:

Armenian: the elongated lower shaft, expandedwings”, interlaces and “Wheel of Eternity” in the center are remarkable features of this cross conveying light of Christ, everlasting life and love.

Christian (Catholic,“Crucifix”) Cross contains, basically,  the Jesus Christ’s crucified body. In Christianity, the cross represents the victory of life over the death, God’s sacrificial love, salvation and resurrection.

Celtic Cross is detected thanks to the circle around the intersection of the four arms of the cross and interwoven knots on the shafts. This cross epitomizes cyclicity of life, oneness, harmony and infinite hope.

Latin cross (Protestant): is a plain cross where the vertical line is longer than the horizontal one.

Egyptian (Ankh) is an absolutely recognizable cross consisting of the loop and three intersected bars of equal length which signify the Holy Trinity, fertility, and inexhaustible energy. 

The admirers of the Gothic culture can choose the Gothic Cross tattoo famous for its elaborate ornaments, patterns and mysterious look.

Maltese (Iron) Cross has four V-shaped arms of equal length with the straight ends and denotes courage, bravery and valor.

Infinity Cross is two intercrossed infinity symbols standing for everlasting love.

Inverted Cross it’s an ordinary Latin cross turned upside down and symbolizing rebellion and disobedience.

Orthodox Cross- is an eight-pointed cross having two upper horizontal beams and one lower oblique crossbar.

INRI Cross: the Latin cross with the acronym INRI meaning Jesus the Nazorean, King of the Jews.

To make the cross design more compelling and meaningful, tattoo-lovers incorporate some elements:

  • Roses- honor of the dead person
  • Snake- defense, healing, rejuvenation, depravity
  • Heart- love to the departed soul
  • Angel-spirituality, protection and faith
  • Eye of Ra- protection, life and fertility
  • Skull- victory life over the death, immortality
  • Dragon- might, longevity and good luck
  • Rosary- repentance, sacrifice, guidance
  • Wings-guardianship, protection and regeneration
  • Liliesinnocence, renewal and hope

Cross Tattoo Features

Cross tattoo is a common body embellishment sported not only by the religious folk. Males and females of all religions inscribe this talisman on their flesh to protect themselves from the evil spirits, misfortunes and wrongdoings.The minimalistic black-inked cross is the most desirable tattoo motif. The gals prefer to place the cross pattern on the thigh, ankle, back and fingers, while the guys apply it on the chest, necklace, half sleeve, forearm and calf.


  • 3-D
  • Blackwork
  • Black and Gray Realism
  • Photorealism
  • Traditional
  • Linework
  • Tribal
  • Dotwork
  • Old School

Eye-popping 3d Cross Key Tattoo on Arm
The exclusive 3-D black and gray cross key tattoo extends over the biceps. Many believers accept the cross as a key to forgiveness and life.
Badass Knotted Armenian Cross Quarter Sleeve Tattoo
This tremendous Armenian quarter sleeve cross piece in black and gray with the Wheel of Eternity and awesome ornate knots symbolizes celestial and eternal life.
Black and Grey Cross Tattoo with Crown of Thorns on Forearm
The massive black and gray Latin cross tattoo entwined with the crown of thorns signals that the owner has overcome many hardships in his life.
Cool Brush-Stroked Blackwork Cross Biceps Tattoo
The simple and symbolic tattoo is what the heart desires? This minimalistic sable cross with the smudged edges on the biceps will suit your personality.
Photorealistic Blue Diamonds Cross Tattoo on Woman’s Hip
The mesmerizing Photorealistic blue cross tattoo encrusted with the diamonds on the female’s thigh is a marvelous choice for the pious gals.

Beautiful Tree Tattoos Designs
Sick Black-Outlined Catholic Cross Tattoo on Calf
Express your faithfulness and spirituality through this adorable black-outlined Catholic cross tattoo with the peaked arm ends inked on the calf.
Awesome Celtic Negative Space Cross Tattoo on Ankle
Need a navigator in a spiritual sea? This awesome blackwork Celtic cross ankle tattoo done in the negative space technique will be your reliable guide.
Mind-Blowing Memorial Christian Cross Tattoo on Inner Arm
The memory of the deceased person will live in your heart and on the skin if you ink such mind-blowing black and gray Crucifix forearm tattoo.
Enchanting Double Exposure Cross Flower Tattoo on Back
This Latin cross tattoo outline filled with the lovely black and gray blossoms is an alluring illustration of the on-point double exposure technique.
Ornamental Gothic Cross and Heart Tattoo on Forearm
The dark-hued Gothic cross piece with the scarlet heart, wings and gorgeous lifelike rose create a true symphony of beauty on the girl’s forearm.

Possible Designs of Male Tattoos
Lovely Catholic Cross and Rose Tattoo Design on Hip
The ebon black Catholic cross thigh tattoo piercing the fab black-contoured rose with the slight shading signifies love for the lost soulmate.
Cross Angel Half Sleeve Tattoos in Black and Gray Realism
Hyper-realistic sepia-toned cross half sleeve ink with the guardian angel and biblical verses is aimed to protect the wearer from the misfortunes and dark forces.
Splendid Rosary String Cross Necklace Tattoo
A cool alternative to the traditional chain with the cross is this splendid blackwork rosary cross necklace tattoo which will be always near your heart.
Linework Cross Cherry Blossom Tattoo for Girl on Back
Soft and delicate in nature linework cross and cherry blossom tattoo on the girl’s back highlights the innocence and spiritual awakening of the bearer.
Epic Cross and Snakes Tattoo on Forearm for Guys
This black and gray cross entwined by the snakes forearm tattoo depicts the constant fight between the evil and the good in the human’s heart.

Amazing Roman Numeral Tattoo for Guys
Egyptian Cross Tattoo with Eye of Ra on Back of the Neck
The hieroglyphic all-black Ankh neck tattoo splendidly co-exists with the mysterious Eye of Ra pattern and conveys life, prosperity and protection according to Egyptian culture.
Teeny Tiny Black Cross Tattoo on Forefinger
Despite being fragile and subtle, this black finger cross tattoo remains a powerful weapon against the evil eyes and spirits.
Linear Simple Cross Tattoo on Ankle
As per some believers, the black cross tattoo placed on the ankle indicates the right way to the owner and illuminates his life path.
Outstanding Cross Tattoo on Hand in Dark Shades
Incredible dark-colored Crucifix with the contrasting intense background is resting on the hand and reminds the bearer of the God’s sacrifice.
Traditional Cross and Red Roses Tattoo on Guy’s Neck
Traditional-styled sable cross tattoo on the neck sited with the blood red rose is one more sample of the rip tattoo.

Black and White Daisy Tattoo
Cross with Wings and Broken Heart Tattoo on Ribs
The winged black and gray cross pattern with the broken heart on the ribs signals that the bearer has lost a loved person or experienced breakup.
Black Watercolor-Esque Cross Tattoo on the Side
This ordinary black Latin cross tattoo made in the watercolor technique on the male’s side is the most-loved design among the followers of the Christianity.
Geometry- Inspired Cross and Arrow Tattoo Outline on Forearm
Here is the cross and arrow forearm tattoo illustrating an astonishing mix of “Dotwork”, “Blackwork” and “Geometry” styles. The tatt signifies movement forward, invincibility and defense.
Beguiling Gothic Cross Tattoo Patterns on Arm
The elaborately-patterned black and gray Gothic quarter sleeve cross ink with the winged rose in the center is symbolic of the free-spirited nature.
Mind-Boggling Cross and Skeletal Hands Tattoo for Men on Chest
The skeletal hands holding the cross on the rope create a mind-boggling black and gray cross chest piece symbolizing the victory of life over the death.

Colorful Lace Tattoo with Floral Details
Delicate Fine-Lined Cross Tattoos for Women on Back
The fusion of three elements- cross, flowers and heart- makes up a delicate linear Rip cross tattoo on the girlish back.
Awesome Small Cross with Rosary Tattoo on Arm
The monochrome rosary wrapped around the cross arm tattoo means the bearer’s aspiration to get freedom from the sins through the prayers.
Wonderful Cross in the Cloud Tattoo on Back
This bold black cross in the cloud tattoo is applied by people who were at the death’s door and only faith helped them to survive.
Terrific Black and White Crucifix Cross Tattoos on Male’s Chest
The linear crucifix tattoo with the stippling is flaunted proudly on the male’s chest and shows that the God lives always in the wearer’s heart.
Single Budded Dotwork Cross Tattoos on Forearm
The Budded Dotwork cross tattoo covers the forearm. The three-budded arms of this cross resemble the buds of the flower and represent growth in faith.

American Traditional Sleeve Tattoo for Men
Badass Сross on the Winged Shield Tattoo on Shoulder
This densely-shaded cross on the winged shield tattoo was extremely popular with the Spartan warriors and exhibited courage, fearlessness and invincible spirit.
Petite Maltese Cross Tattoos on Wrist
This coal-black petite cross tattoo on the wrist is a variation of the Maltese Cross standing for spiritual regeneration and rebirth.
Nice Catholic Winged Cross Tattoos with the Name on Forearm
The black and gray cross forearm tattoo with the extended wings and the name is made to cherish the memory of the lost dear person.
Amazing Cross with Angel Wings and Latin Lettering Tattoo on Forearm
The grayish winged Latin cross forearm ink with the Latin inscription: “Hoc quoque transibit” reminds the owner that everything goes by in this life.
Fab 3-D Cross with Ribbon Tattoo on Calf
The 3-D cross tattoo accompanied by the ribbon running through the cross indicates that the bearer has fought a serious disease.

Eye-catching Hebrew Phrase Tattoo
Exclusive Crucifix Tattoo Idea on the Inner Arm
The black and white Crucifix cross forearm tattoo with the image of the nailed Jesus Christ holds the symbolism of sacrifice, selfless love and eternal life.
Colorful Detailed Celtic Cross and Dragon Tattoo on Leg
The green-gray Celtic cross combined with the fierce-looking dragon is a common male’s tattoo design signifying longevity, might, good luck and fertility.
Brilliant Eagle Stone Cross Tattoo on Arm
The huge stone cross forearm tattoo depicted with the eagle sitting on it exemplifies the rest in peace tattoo design.
Pocket Size Female Linework Cross Tattoo on Back
The dainty cross tattoo located on the girl’s upper back is made of the fine asymmetrical lines which resemble the rays of the sun.
Exquisite Lacy Feminine Cross Tattoos on Hips
A fascinating pair of the filigree lacy crosses tattoos on the lady’s thighs discloses female’s sensuality, tenderness, sacrifice and power.

Black and Red Tattoos
Gothic Cross with Skull and Spider’s Web Tattoo on Arm
The skull pierced with the cross and wrapped in the spider’s web make up a killing Gothic arm tattoo conveying struggle, protection and immortality.
Sensational Infinity Cross Tattoo on Wrist in White Ink
The elegant diminutive infinity cross tattoo inscribed in white ink on the wrist can be used as a decorative representation of the everlasting love.
Rebellious Inverted Black Cross Tattoo on Arm
Deep-black inverted cross ink embellishes the arm. In Christianity, this cross means humility, while the unorthodox folk associates it with atheism, rebellion and the occult.
Jaw-Dropping Iron Cross with Skulls Tattoo on Back
This jaw-dropping iron cross back piece mixed with the skulls holding the chain is a fave design of the soldiers, bikers and rockers.
Rad Double Exposure Jesus on the Cross Tattoo on Arm
The linework double exposure arm cross tattoo with the sorrowful Jesus Christ profile is aimed to pay homage and love towards God.

Mechanical Owl Tattoo in Steam punk Style
Elegant Lily Flower Cross Tattoo on Girl’s Side
Elegant and fragile lily flower is portrayed in the cross shape on the lady’s side. In the Orthodox Church, lily represents chastity, modesty and mercy.
Little Cross Tattoo with Planets on Forearm
The wooden cross tattoo surrounded by the planets is sported on the forearm and indicates that the wearer believes in God and astrology as well.
Screaming for Attention Urban Long Cross Tattoo on Back
Creative cross tattoo lavishly- adorned with elaborate patterns runs down the woman’s spine. The cross has no deep symbolical meaning but serves as a decorative feature.
Memorial Inverted Cross with Wings Tattoo on Forearm
The lovely inverted cross with the wings on the forearm is used as a reminder of the person who passed away.
Nail Cross Tattoo with Inscription on Leg
The nail-shaped cross leg tattoo with the Gospel inscription above is a brilliant idea for those who like to stand out of the pack.

Extraordinary 3d Peacock Feather Tattoo
Gorgeous Murky Orthodox Cross Tattoo on Arm
The murky Orthodox cross tattoo inserted in the huge one wards off the evil spirits on the owner’s arm and also in his life.
Religious Cross with the Jesus Tattoo on Forearm
This Jesus Christ hanging on the wooden cross forearm tattoo confirms the bearer’s faith in Jesus, his teachings and propitiatory sacrifice.
Traditional Monochrome Rip Cross Tattoo on Leg
Traditional black and gray cross tattoo with the tombstone on the leg is a wonderful tribute to the deceased mate.
Simple Latin Cross Tattoo on Finger
The ordinary cross finger pattern consisting of the vertical and horizontal lines represents the unity of opposites: spirit and matter, life and death, earth and heaven.
Adorable Bold-Lined Small Cross Tattoo on Wrist
The microscopic black cross tattoo in bold lines adorns the wrist. According to the esoteric knowledge, the cross is a powerful source of energy.

Traditional Japanese Tiger Tattoo
Stone-Patterned Cross Tattoo with Chain on Biceps
Unique Catholic cross ink with the gray-shaded stone pattern is entangled in the chain on the biceps and speaks of the owner’s unbreakable faith.
Ordinary Thin Cross Tattoo on Wrist
Pocket- size cross in minimalistic style is sitting on the wrist. In ancient Greece, people applied such cross to have a constant connection with the God.
Three Mini Blackwork Cross Tattoos on Wrist
Three mini blackwork crosses standing in the line flatters the wrist and represents the link with the friends who left this naughty world.
Tiny Elongated Protestant Cross Tattoo on Forearm
The elongated plain cross tattoo on the forearm is carried very often by the adherents of the Protestantism and its denominations.
Traditional Cross Tattoo with Nautical Star on Leg
The traditional-styled black-outlined cross tattoo in duo with the nautical star covers up the leg. Design signifies guidance, protection and strength.

Best Friends Infinity Tattoo on the Wrist
Refined Tribal Cross Forearm Tattoo
Tribal tattoos have special magical power and this intense black tribal cross piece imprinted on the lad’s forearm isn’t an exception.
Unique Celtic Cross with Skull Half Sleeve Tattoo Idea
The jet-black Celtic cross half sleeve ink with the black-outlined and gray-shaded skulls may denote rebirth, masculinity and no fear of the death.
Dazzling Colorful Half Sleeve Cross with Wreath Tattoo
The color-packed wooden cross with the crown of thorns and shroud of Christ tattoo on the arm reminds of the God’s sacrifice for the mankind’s sake.
Upside Down Cross Tattoo with Figure Six on Neck
This upside down cross encircled with the figure six tattoo on the neck is a typical anti-Christian omen portraying the rejection of Jesus Christ.
White Cross Tattoo on Middle Finger
This scarcely noticeable white cross tattoo on the middle finger melts into the skin and can be easily hidden from the curious eyes.

Organic Biomechanical Tattoo
Classy Wooden Cross and Snake Tattoo on Arm
Tattoo encompassing the serpent winding around the wooden cross, like on the upper pick, is mostly symbolic of cleansing, rejuvenation and defense.
Eye-Pleasing Chrome Cross Tattoo on Leg
For the lovers of aesthetic motives, we have this eye-pleasing monochrome leg cross tattoo imbued with the ornamental flourishes and patterns.
Gothic Black Watercolor Cross Tattoo on the Back
This knockout all-black watercolor cross back tattoo fascinates with its arms made in the pouring colors technique and resembling the angel’s wings.
Enchanting Praying Hands and Cross Half Sleeve Tattoo
The praying hands holding the richly-decorated cross is a top-rated religious tattoo design indicating owner’s faith in the power of the prayers.
Single Simple Cross Back Tattoo for Man
Alone-portrayed solid black Latin cross tattoo done on the back is an ideal statement of faith for the devotees.

Geometric Bear Tattoo Design Ideas
Old School Cross Tattoo on Forearm
The Old School black cross ink with the chess board pattern lies asymmetrically on the forearm. A perfect design to uncover your creative nature.
Cute Small Cross Tattoo on Ear
The teeny-weeny cross tattoo on the ear is a hot trend among the observant gals, while it looks delicate and meaningful.
Breathtaking Black and Grey Cross Tattoo on Chest
This chic monochromatic cross tattoo on the chest is a picturesque portrayal of the timeless battle between the God and the devil.
Astounding Rosary and Cross Tattoo on the Back
This astounding black-gray back tattoo encompassing two sacred religious symbols- cross and rosary- epitomizes sincere repentance and reveals the wearer’s gratitude to God.
Sophisticated Lined Cross Tattoo on the Woman’s Side
The eloquent linear cross pattern superbly flows along the female’s side. The ink looks very simple but still leaves the onlookers in complete admiration.

Hamsa Hand Tattoo Meaning
Rip Coffin Cross Tattoo on Forearm in Traditional Style
Negative space Catholic cross tattoo on the coffin done in the trad style on the forearm is a brilliant way to commemorate the departed soul.
Sweet Tiny Cross Tattoo with Lilys on Biceps for Girls
The tender coal-black cross covered with the cute lily flowers decorates the gal’s biceps. The pattern may represent fertility, peace and purity of heart.
Head-Turning Inri Cross with Crucified Jesus Tattoo on Back
This cross back piece is a totally impressive illustration of Christ’s crucifixion crafted in the black-and-gray realism which can’t leave anyone indifferent.

Double Infinity Tattoo