King and Queen Crown Tattoos

The crown tattoo shows the dominance and strengthens your authority in society, as it is an attribute of strong personality. Look through these great images to make a royal choice!

Crown – is a very exclusive and noble symbol. In ancient cultures, it denoted divinity and was a sign of the gods. Today crown tattoo allows a person to demonstrate the superiority and authority over other people. The elegant image of the crown is proposed for girls, while its brutal variant will be relevant for men.

Crown Tattoo Meaning

In general, the crown tattoo indicates the desire for power and emphasizes the owner’s high position in society. The person with this image is a true leader, who can subdue others’ will.

In addition, the crown expresses the following meanings:

  • Immortality;
  • Divine inspiration;
  • Jesus;
  • The power and authority;
  • Luck;
  • Majesty;
  • Prestige;
  • Legality;
  • Justice;
  • Control;

Depending on the location on the body and combination with other symbols, crown tattoo acquires different meanings:

  • Crown with the heart is often applied by lovers and means fidelity, passionate love and dedication; Crown above the heart signifies good luck and fortune.
  • Crown on the turtle’s head is a Korean symbol of quiet life and longevity.
  • Crown with precious stones denotes an attempt to find the meaning of life.
  • Two hands holding a heart with a crown: hands symbolize friendship, the crown – loyalty, heart – passionate love.
  • Crown with a cross is chosen by religious people, it embodies the faith in our own strength and in chosen path in life.
  • Crown with the tower is the sign of the Mother Goddess.
  • Teeth on the crown mean faith, hope, love.
  • Lion headleadership qualities of the owner.
  • Crown with gems and skull – points on the power and
  • Crown with spiky rays represents sunlight; such tattoo belongs to the person with only good intentions.
  • Crown with money symbolize the financial well-being.

The Variants of Crown Images

There is a big variety of combinations with the crown. Aside from the most typical options, the crown can be found with various:


  • glasses;
  • wings;
  • cloud;
  • rose;
  • eye;
  • diamond;

b) size:

  • small;
  • big;

c) phrases, words:

  • lettering;
  • names;
  • inscription:
  • price;
  • princesses;
  • queen;
  • king;

d) styles and colors:

  • detailed crown;
  • old school crown;
  • traditional crown;
  • simple crown;
  • colorful crown;
  • black crown;
  • black and gray

Crown Tattoos Ideas

The religious 5 point crown tattoo on the arm
This black five point crown with an inscription “Forever with God” characterizes the wearer as a deeply believing in God person.
The crown tattoo of eternal love for the couples.
The lovers tend to express their feeling to each other, the crown on both forearms works perfectly for this purpose.
The union of male and female in crown finger tattoos.
The black crown with a white one embodies the relationship between man and woman and its important place in the owner’s life.
The heart and crown in shackles on the chest tattoo.
The man can also experience strong feelings of love, which is illustrated in this impressive tattoo of a heart with a crown.

The crown performed in blackwork style on the hand.
The woman’s hand decorated with this gorgeous crown looks stunning, besides, the black rays in the background add nobility.

The space element in tattooing is taken by dreamers, here it is nicely combined with a crown providing the feeling of inscrutability on the shoulder blade.
The crown tattoo for guys on the shoulder.
The image of this large crown fits serious, strong-willed men; this black drawing with numerous precious stones seems pompous.

The crown tattoo with lettering for men on the side.
Here the famous Latin phrase “Finis coronat opus” finds a new interpretation in the form of the tattoo with so amazing crown.
The combination of crown and glasses for women on the neck.
This small image of a crown with glasses can say a lot about the owner: it belongs to a romantic and smart lady.
The expressive tattoo of a black crown on the neck.
The neck is a wonderful place for a tattoo; this elegant crown pattern will be a noticeable and eloquent ornament.
The crown tattoo with a black queen on the wrist.
This tattoo represents a crown with a skull in the center, a little bit scary design – what do you think?
The sweet names with a crown on the wrist tattoos.
The women apply the names of a dear person as a symbol of love, these two crowns on both wrists illustrate this point.
The talisman tattoo of a crown with wings on the neck.
The union of crown and wings bring its holder big success and can also mean a strong friendship and loyalty.
The colorful crown tattoo and a diamond.
This colorful picture of the crown is complemented with a blue diamond, which facets symbolize the all-rounder and hidden potential.
The idea of female superiority in the crown tattoo on the collarbone.
Do you wish to emphasize the empire character and authority? Try this magnificent and seductive crown picture on the collarbone.
The crown tattoo for his and her on the wrist.
These graceful crowns are for real King and Queen. The wrist tattoos express the excellence of the couple and confirm true love.
The crown tattoo of King and Queen on the wrist.
The meaningful patterns of two crowns with inscription “King and Queen” are ideal options for a sincerely loving couple.
The king crown tattoo with a wreath of victory on the forearm.
The man, who chooses crown with Laurel wreath, wants to show both his leadership skills and the desire to win.
The optimistic male crown tattoo on the chest.
Nobody desires to stay alone, which is shown in this beautiful ornament of the crown on the man’s chest.
The idea of matching the crown tattoo on the side.
Two tattoos of a crown on man and woman’s side denote the inextricable connection that exists between beloved people.
The gold prince crown tattoo on the wrist.
Are you ready to declare yourself as a possessor of blue blood? The lettering “prince” will be essential in this case.
The enormous tattoo of a princess with a crown on the thigh.
Many girls wish to be a princess and ink this marvelous woman with the crown to emphasize their divine beauty and uniqueness.
The queen crown tattoo on the arm.
The slight confusing inscription “killer queen” accompanies the crown pattern on the arm. It brings the secret to the whole image.
The colorful royal crown tattoo on the forearm.
This spectacular crown with imperial headdress in purple coloring will suit notable men, who tend to stress on their status.
The simple crown tattoo on the arm.
The simple performance of so complicated symbol as crown creates a contrast, as simplicity does not diminish the gorgeous of this tattoo.
The crown tattoo with dark skull images on the forearm.
The number of bound skulls with crowns on the forearm produces negative associations, indicating the big owner’s ambitions to be the best.
The small crown tattoo on the finger.
The crown on the finger is a tiny but highly remarkable ornament, which characterizes the holder as independent and purposeful.
The traditional crown and a rose tattoo on the forearm.
Both images crown and rose signify supremacy and this colorful combination with an inscription “respect” is more than just
The crown tattoo in tribal design on the shoulder.
The magnificent crown on the man’s shoulder performed in tribal style, it doubles your masculine image, adding some brutality.
The forearm crown tattoo with an inserted cross for guys.
This crown with a cross and lettering “Braidon Knight” embodies the owner’s faith in God and the dedication to life principles.
The unique tattoo idea of the black crown on the arm.
The unusual detail like this adunc element is a successful choice for such tattoo, as it gives a special charm to the sumptuous crown.
The idea of 3 crowns tattoo in one chain on the leg.
Three crowns with dates indicate the family ties. The choice of crowns shows how high the owner appreciates the relatives.
The crucial ground crown on the shoulder tattoo.
The idea of crashed ground is quite untypical but it looks so effective with a splendid crown on the man’s shoulder.
The crown with protective eye tattoo on the arm.
The person with a crown wants to demonstrate his superiority and greatness, which often requires powerful talisman like this eye symbol.
Exceptional tattoo of a simple crown on the ankle.
The tiny crown tattoos on ankle always looks cute and gently and despite the nearly invisible place, it signifies the uniqueness of the holder.
The black and gray crown and cloud tattoo on the arm.
The clouds emphasize the central figure of the crown, symbolizing the search for truth, inner harmony and the pursuit of sublimity.
The crown tattoo as an attribute of elitism behind the ear.
The crown behind the ear belongs to intimate tattoos, which denote the importance of the person, whose name is depicted below.
The terrifying sugar skull girl with a crown tattoo on the hip.
This uncommon portrait of a girl in the regal crown with skull face presents so peculiar but highly sexy tattoo on the hip.
The old school crown and a diamond tattoo on the arm.
This tattoo in old school style includes the diamond that so perfectly complements the crown and adds invincibility and fortitude.
The detailed tattoo of the crown for girls on the upper back.
The girls tend to look special and the crown helps you to feel that the whole world is at your feet.