Daith Piercing Designs and FAQs

The daith piercing is a unique and stylish type of cartilage piercing. It is a great alternative for those, who are looking for new, uncommon ways of body modification. The placement of daith piercing is suitable for jewelry experiments, which will attract all the attention and always create a modern look.

Daith Piercing and Its Types

The daith piercing was created by Erik Dakota in 1992, who called it as the “da’at” piercing, meaning “knowledge” in Hebrew. She gave it such name because this ear piercing requires refined technique and can be done only by the knowledgeable piercer.

The daith piercing is done on the cartilage fold of the inner ear, the one that is closest to the head. This is regarded to be a very comfortable place with enough space for jewelry to sit in.

There are two types of daith piercing:

  • Double daith piercing includes dual perforation.
  • Triple daith piercing has three perforations in the cartilage.

Pain and Procedure

Before doing piercing, it is important to choose the most professional piercer, with best recommendations, who works in a sterile environment and can ensure quality implementation.

The piercing process itself takes about 10 minutes and consists of the following steps:

  • Sterilization of the needle and the chosen jewelry;
  • Cleaning of the ear exterior with antibacterial solution;
  • Marking the exact location over the cartilage portion;
  • Piercing a hole in the area with a curved needle;
  • Inserting of the jewelry in the new perforation way.

This type of cartilage piercing is a very painful. The majority of people give around 3-4 on a scale of pain 1-10. The clients may experience a throbbing pain once the needle is taken out; the whole jaw can be sore for a few days, but the pain should be gradually reduced during the healing time. The bleeding and warmth in the pierced area are normal for daith piercing.

Daith Piercing – Healing Process and Aftercare

The healing process is very complicated in comparing with other piercings and takes 3-6 months or even a year. It is a magnet for germs and dirt. Thus, you should always keep it clean and strictly follow aftercare instructions:

  • Don’t touch, pull or twist the jewelry.
  • Never touch the piercingwithout cleaning.
  • Clean piercing twice a day with antibacterial solution or soap that has triclosan or chloroxylenol.
  • Spray saline wound wash, and gently soak the holes wipe with a dry tip.
  • Avoid any contacts with makeup, shampoo, perfumes and hairspray.
  • Do not sleep on pierced ear.
  • Do not allow ear wax to accumulate in the ear canal.
  • Change the pillowcase every other day.
  • Cleanse the ear after talking on the phone or wearing earphones.
  • Avoid shirts pulled over the head and carefully put on scarves.
  • Do not change jewelry during the healing period.

During the healing time, regularly check any symptoms of infection, namely: constant pain, swelling, redness, changes in shape, abscess, discharge, large scars, etc. If you notice any of these signs, you should immediately consult the doctor.

Does the Daith Piercing Relieve Migraines?

The daith piercing is located at the inner cartilage of the ear and has a pressure point, which can relieve migraines or headaches. In this case, it works similar to acupuncture and many people believe that the piercing reduces pain. However, others say that the daith piercing is like a placebo effect, which produces possible relief for a short period (weeks to months) and then stops being effective. So, it is only worth taking the piercing if you really desire the piercing itself, regardless of whether it heals your headaches or not.

Daith Piercing Jewelry

In order to avoid possible infection and accelerate healing, choose only good material for jewelry, preferably titanium, 18 karat gold, surgical stainless steel or niobium. It is not advised to use 9 karat gold, silver, which can stain the tissues.

The popular options for daith piercings are:

  • captive bead rings;
  • curved barbells;
  • internally threaded barbells;
  • hearts;

The standard straight barbells do not suit. The sleepers are not good as well, as the sharp edges may damage the skin.

The size and gauge of jewelry depend on the thickness and size of the cartilage and must be determined by the piercer. Only 18 gauge or heavier jewelry should be taken because smaller gauges will migrate out through the skin and damage the cartilage.


The cost of daith piercing varies from piercer to piercer. On the whole, the cost ranges from $40 to $100.
The nice daith jewelry in the form of a diamond creates a gorgeous look of an ear. The tiny gems decorate the daith piercing and make you shine.

The cute daith piercing.
Here Apsara ring of daith piercing is complimented by a delicate diamond stud in tragus.  In addition, brilliant stones and vivid white gold are led by a triple lobe combination.

This girl with a rad custom Apsara in her daith piercing looks stunning! The glittering jewelry is done with black diamonds and black rocks of diamonds all around.

The daith piercing images.
The unbelievable setup of piercings with daith jewelry in the center is worth taking. The Apsara in white gold with diamonds brings tremendous sparkle to this work.

The beautiful daith piercing pictures.
This composition includes brilliantly adorned earlobe, a helix with a diamond Delia and of, course, daith piercing; its ring’s intrigue is enhanced with a low placed diamond stud.

Here the turquoisedaith ring makes a strong focal point among opal helix stud and two simple gold clickers, which in their turn, help to ground all the different stones.

The ear daith piercing.
The incredible brilliant stones of daith jewelry are supplemented by simple gold ball studs set in a fascinating trinity in the helix cartilage. This is a fascinating example of simple and complex pieces seamlessly working together.

The earring for daith piercing.
How about getting pierced with pearl coronets? This option looks particularly wonderful in daith piercing; this refined jewelry is a choice for real queens!

The inner ear piercing pictures.
You may believe or not in the healing of migraines by means of daith piercing. Anyway, this royal granulated spike ring crowns will be a perfect option to a collection of another spike ring in the lobe and floral stud in tragus.

The daith piercing against migraines.
This great variety of piercings in one ear excites the imagination. The captive bead ring suits ideal for daith piercing, while tiny butterfly will make a fresh point of rook jewelry

The amazing rook and daith piercing.
How do you feel about getting triple daith piercing? Pay attention to this superb daith piercing in photo. It requires a big desire and courage, but the result is worth it.

The bold triple daith piercing.
A full ear style with a brilliantdaith in the center seems unbelievable! This exciting design is complemented with diamond star studs, eternity rings, chains, two stars and a diamond trinity circle from conch to the rook to the tragus.

The cool daith piercing for girls.
A constellation of diamonds and a star fill out this ear design. The whole look is creatively elevated with a diamond daith Apsara ring. The classic diamond eternity and eternity spike ring enrich the image.

The silver daith piercing.
This sparkling daith piercing makes an intriguing addition to a simply adorned man’s ear. It is featured with Dhara style ring that creates a lovely contrast with black skin.

The male daith piercing.
This daith piercing is presented with an elegant jewelry of Dhara style. The luxurious ring with numerous small germs will place a great emphasis on your ear.

The classic daith piercing.
A fully dressed ear with simple daith ring illustrates an excellent example of minimalism. This accurate composition is impossible without helix rings and spike rings filling out the lobe.

The minimalistic daith piercing of the ear.
This nicely curated ear is embellished with a simple diamond stud in the tragus. It sparkles together with a whole diamond constellation rotating around a delicate coronet in the daith.

The daith and tragus piercings.
You will definitely fall in love with this glorious idea of daith piercing. The golden granulated three spike clicker expresses your obstinacy, boldness and originality.

The golden daith piercing.
Take this modest design into account, in case you appreciate simplicity, including your piercing piece. Here a cute daith ring adorns this awesome shaped ear!

The simple daith piercing.
This Apsara ring with diamonds is so beautiful and classy that other jewelry almost fades on its background. Despite the quite large size of the ring, it perfectly suits the area of the inner ear.

The daith piercing with diamonds.
This daith piercing is prepared for lovers of minimalistic style. Here a little rose gold ring together with two sweet pieces of jewelry in the lobe will make your heart smile!

The daith piercing for minimalists.
This girl managed to create a pretty aggressive image, due to the use of impressive spikes. A little triple spike of daith piercing makes a final point in this remarkable design.

The daith piercing with spikes.
Wow! It is difficult to find something more delicate and graceful than this collection of ear piercings. This daith jewelry with diamonds is a piece of the girlish dream.

The best daith piercing idea.
Here the turquoise daith ring matches blue stones of eternity ring in the earlobes, while the tragus diamond and plain gold ring reflect pure bright light. The awesome ensemble of colors!

The daith piercing in blue design.
This rose gold daith ring with spikes is a choice of cocky ladies. This jewelry seems incredible with garnet spike lobe ring, which adds color and catches the light. The plain lobe ring balances the look.

The attractive daith piercing in the ear.
This daith Apsara clicker with sparkling zirconia stones works excellent with helix ring. You will feel like a superstar with such magnificent composition of piercings.

The daith and helix piercings.
The captivating design of helix, daith and lobe piercings finely dresses this ear. The helix is decorated with double rings, while daith piercing is presented with a fabulous Dhara piece.

The double helix and daith piercing.