Daisy Flower Tattoos – The Prettiest Design Ideas

Today tattoos with flowers are extremely popular among women. Like female names, they are synonymous with sweetness, beauty, dignity and innocence.  Among various florets, daisies are regarded to be the most tender and sensuous. Their natural simplicity inspires not only lovers and poets but also tattoo masters, who create unbelievable patterns of these marvelous florets.

Daisy Tattoos – The Symbolic Meanings

The Latin translation of daisy is “pearl”, while its generic name Bellis perennis means “eternally beautiful”. In England “daisy” is interpreted as “Day’s eye”, as this flower opens one of the first at sunrise. In the language of flowers, daisy symbolizes purity and innocence.

Depending on the culture, additional meanings of daisy flower include:

  • True and mutual love: this meaning came from the time of knights and noble ladies. The knight could put an image of red daisies on his shield if a beautiful lady returned his love;
  • “Flower of the Virgin” – in Christianity golden flower core personified the sacred fire of Mother of God’s heart and the white petals – the glory of God.
  • Rebirth and the harbingers of spring;
  • Loneliness;
  • Bright personality;
  • Gentleness;
  • Femininity;
  • Vanity;
  • Happiness;

Generally, the flower tattoos are rich in colorings though it can also affect the interpretation. The varied tints and paints of daisies may add some essential peculiarities in the meaning of tattoo:

  • Red shade – signify youth and audacity;
  • Blue coloring – emotionality;
  • White flower – naivety and innocence;
  • Yellow petals – intelligence and cheerfulness;

The Variations and Locations of Daisy Tattoos

Daisy tattoos are extremely diverse in representation. So, it is also possible to create a large number of different compositions with other images like:

  • Butterfly;
  • Flowers (rose, daffodil, sunflower)
  • Arrow;
  • Dragonfly;
  • Diamond;
  • Chain or bracelet of daisies;
  • Gerber;
  • Dream-catcher;
  • Cross;
  • Heart;
  • Rabbit;
  • Suit of playing cards;
  • Lettering (name; phrase).

Tattoos of daisies differ in sizes, thus, you may take a single floret on a small area of the body or try a large flower, which contains a wide range of colors and designs, for example:

  • Black and white;
  • Colorful;
  • Realistic;
  • Funny;
  • Simple;
  • Tribal;
  • Watercolor;
  • Traditional;

Tattoos with daisy are very decorative and look great on the body. Mostly, these small flowers are inked on the:

  • Ankle;
  • Arm;
  • Thigh;
  • Shoulder;
  • Toe;
  • Wrist;
  • Back;
  • Rib Cage;

The quite big bud with white petals and the black core is illustrated on the arm. The natural beauty of this daisy tattoo fascinates.
The black and white daisy tattoo
The daisy with prevailing black coloring is the uncommon choice for a tattoo. However, such image is supposed to be ideal for assertive and purposeful people.
The black daisy tattoo on the arm
This tattoo of daisy is full of bright touches: in addition to a lovely blue floret, you can see a fantastic colorful fountain.
The blue daisy tattoo on the foot
Do you dream about the gorgeous floral picture on your back? This exciting composition of blue and pink daisies is worth taking.
The colorful tattoos of daisy flowers
When you look at this nice floral ornament of daisies with blue splashes, it seems that a piece of nature is presented in one tattoo.
The union of daisies on the forearm tattoo
The flower with a butterfly is inseparable companions in life. Besides, the butterfly embodies freedom and independence, which makes the drawing very meaningful.
The purple daisy and butterfly tattoo on the shoulder
Some people believe that wildflowers are not compatible with regal roses but this incredible bouquet on the thigh confirms the opposite.
The thigh tattoo of daisy and rose
The mix of blue and purple tints in one daisy tattoo is intriguing. Finally, the green background completes the work.
The multicolored daisy tattoo on the foot
How do you feel about this tender daisy tattoo on the arm? The restrained colors of gray, blue and pink create an exclusive painting.
The daisy arm tattoo for a woman
The wrist is highly visible part of the body, so it should be decorated with something interesting and beautiful like this daisy chain.
The daisy chain tattoo on the wrist

The cute chain of tiny daisies is a super variant for active girls. The vivid colorings will not go unnoticed, especially in summer!
The daisy chain tattoo around the ankle
Here the daisy chain covers the thigh, which looks impressive despite the small florets. The notes of romanticism are presented as well.
The daisy chain tattoo on the thigh
What a masterpiece of tattooing is done here! The spectacular picture of daisies, sunflower and a butterfly are dazzled at once!
The daisy flower tattoo on the half-sleeve
The composition of three daisies is complemented with a colored haze around. As a result, the tattoo expresses special magnetism and charm.
The captivating daisy tattoo on the leg
The numerous daisies occupy the thigh, creating one picturesque tattoo. The white florets in the blue background personify the lightness of being.
The variety of daisy flowers on the thigh tattoo
This dark flower does not a lot in common with its natural prototype. The large daisy bud seems rather gloomy on the thigh.
The dark daisy tattoo on the thigh
The typical female tattoo of flowers can become a good variant for men, too. Choose this simple black daisy, where the geometry adds lacking brutality.
The daisy tattoo for men on the forearm
This tattoo is performed in so realistic manner as if three daisies with a dragonfly are located on the shoulder in reality.
The tattoo of a daisy with a dragonfly on the shoulder
The tiny daisy flower on the toe will always attract attention to the wearer, as only extraordinary people can choose such interesting place.
The daisy toe tattoo
Both flowers and precious stones belong to beautiful notions. The multifaceted diamond says about the huge potential, while the blue daisy denotes an emotional person.
The daisy with diamond forearm tattoo
These daisies are almost intertwined, forming one unity. The large purple and pink florets together with blue ornament are combined in a fabulous tattoo!
The Gerber daisy tattoo on the forearm
This appealing flower is not a big one but it is bright enough to serve as a wonderful decoration on your ankle.
The little daisy tattoo on the ankle
The pink daisy floret with shades of purple and orange core finds its place on the leg. The great option for energetic girls!
The super pink daisy tattoo
The rich colors of pink and purple make this daisy tattoo unforgettable. Thus, the foot looks elegant and stylish.
The purple and pink daisy tattoo on the foot
The real lovers of nature will not waste time choosing such outstanding maroon painting with a realistic flower that is performed on the leg.
The realistic daisy tattoo

This huge daisy bud with dark red petals symbolizes young and passionate holder, as red is a famous coloring of love and life.
The red daisy tattoo on the forearm
The simple interpretation of daisy with a heart can be found on the upper back tattoo. Three leaves around it resemble a lifecycle.
The simple daisy upper back tattoo
The blend of beautiful florets and a scary skull both please and frightens. So are you ready to ink this provocative quarter sleeve tattoo?
The skull with a daisy in one tattoo on the half-sleeve
These two weeny florets on the belly ideally emphasize your femininity and at the same time are not splashy – good choice!
The tattoo of two small daisy flowers
The small white bud and thin green stem – and that’s all, your tender new tattoo is ready. But how much charm is hidden in this tiny daisy!
The tiny daisy tattoo
You need time to consider this fantastic work on the turquoise pattern: daisies, butterflies, feathers and dream-catcher are presented with tribal style.
The tribal daisy tattoo on the side
In religion, the spade personifies a black spear that pierced Christ at the crucifixion. Nevertheless, here it can be used only as a catching basis for daisy.
The unique daisy tattoo on the forearm

The attractive pink daisy on your forearm is a superb pattern but if you want to enhance this impression, take watercolor design.
The watercolor tattoo of a daisy on the forearm
The white is a color of purity, so this daisy tattoo on the shoulder will suit young, gentle girls with pure thoughts.
The pristine white daisy tattoo
This white daisy adds a breath of freshness to the image. The small floral ornament will adorn your wrist in the best way.
The white ink daisy tattoo on the wrist
The tattoo of three daisies radiates kindness, as yellow flowers similar to the sun give positive emotions to everybody, who enjoys them.
The yellow daisy tattoo on the forearm
Here the delicate daisy floret is united with daffodil – a symbol of death in youth, sleep and rebirth. It is a fairly surprising compound, isn’t it?
The shoulder blade tattoo of daisy and daffodil
The bracelet of wildflowers is in trend today. The ankle is an appropriate place for this sweet daisy ornament.
The daisy bracelet in a tattoo on the ankle
Here the woman’s back transformed into a spectacular tattoo of charming flora: daisy floret, sunflower, ladybug and bee – everything is included in it.
The breathtaking tattoo of sunflower and daisy
This amusing daisy in the imaginative pot is a sign of a person with an excellent sense of humor. Let’s smile more often!
The funny daisy tattoo on the forearm
The tattoo with an arrow characterizes its owner as a single-minded and independent personality. Here the central image is complemented with a cute daisy.
The daisy in arrow tattoo on the forearm
You may think it is an extremely big pattern of daisies but their splendor is revealed fully in this work, gratifying the flower lovers.
The daisy union on the side tattoo
The pink coloring is woman’s prerogative; in this case, the daisy tattoo look very feminine and sophisticated and the black outline makes it prominent.
The traditional daisy tattoo on the forearm
The dream-catcher is a well-known amulet against evil spirits. It is decorated with varicolored daisies, which has an incredible look on the arm.
The protective tattoo of dream-catcher and daisy
The cross with a crown is an ancient symbol of victory. In this tattoo on the shoulder, they are embellished with sunny daisies.
The tattoo of a cross, crown and daisy
The idea of heart with an inscription “mom” says about great love to the mother. The daisies, in their turn, bring harmony to this drawing.
The daisy and heart tattoo on the forearm
The quite simple presentation of daisy looks so eye-catching due to the party-colored splashes around it, which cause special interests!
The daisy in a colorful tattoo on the side
The astonishing scene is depicted in this tattoo with lettering: the funny rabbit among daisies complete the emotional message on the forearm.
The thrilling tattoo of rabbit and daisy