Luxury Gold Nails Designs

It`s very difficult to keep all modern fashion tendencies in the manicure industry with such a rapid changing of beauty trends, tastes and preferences! The variety of possible nail art designs can shock everybody! You can choose everything you want: your favorite color (or the shade of this color), shade and decor. It`s also possible to create real masterpieces on your nails!

Whatever trendy nail designs are at the definite period of the time, gold nails always remain popular! Are you surprised? Nails covered with the color of gold or complemented with some elements of golden accessories are considered to be one of the most effective ways to emphasize the beauty of your hands! Gold nails are often associated with the glamor, elegance and luxury! Women like making gold nails not only for their manicure but also for the pedicure!

There are so many ways to make your nails gold! Modern ladies can use a lot of gold polishes with different shades such as rose gold or white gold. You can combine gold nails with other colors creating unusual designs! Gold glitters, confetti and shimmers can also be used when making gold nails.  Gold rhinestones and crystals are popular décors, which make your nails gold! But the most demanded tendency in the gold manicure is the using of gold powder and an overlay foil which make your nails look as if they were covered with a real gold!

Have you ever made gold nails? If yes, you have to confirm that this type of the manicure is versatile! Combined with various designs gold nails are good for all occasions (parties, weddings, prom nights and others) and suitable for wearing them in your everyday life! Don`t worry about the dress code at your work, `cause gold nails can be appropriately used by women of all professions! The length and the form of nails play no role as gold manicure looks impressive on all nails!

Do you want to have an eye-catching manicure? We`ll help you! Look through the post and choose the variant of gold nails you like. Be sure you cannot go wrong with our variant of designs for gold nails!

Ideas of Gold Nails Designs

Beautiful Gold Acrylic Nails with Wealthy Tips

You`ve never had anything like this! Emerald with shimmers as the primary color creates a beautiful background for the wealthy design with gold glitters, accessories and the elements of money on the tips!
The Mechanical View on the Black and Gold French Manicure

The mechanical parts in your manicure aren`t a joke! Not everyone will appreciate the black manicure with the volumetric key and gold tips with mechanical parts and gold glitters, but everybody will be surprised!
Sophisticated Black and Gold Nails for Prom

Like dark colors? The combination of black and gold is very common! Geometrical figures made with the help of gold stripes are singled out on the black base. You`ll have a sophisticated look!
Wild Black Nails with Gold and White Designs

Free your wild side with the leopard manicure! The ring finger with black and gold dots on the white base creates an impression of the wildlife! Black and shining gold pointy nails look impressive!
Magnificent Black Nails with Gold Tips

Are you a fan of long stiletto nails? Decorate them with glossy black with magnificent gold glitters! You can emphasize one nail with glitters on the tip and another with glitters on the whole nail.

Black and White Nails With Modern Art
Black Nails with Gold Line for a Complicated Look

Train your mind with complicated designs! White nails are well paired with translucent black ones! Gold striping tape on black nails and black crystals with gold on white nails create a complicated look!
Impressive Design for Blue and Gold Almond Nails

Want to impress everybody around you? Decorate matte blue nails with gold ornaments on middle fingers and silver rhinestones on ring fingers. Make your nails impressive!
Expressive Image with Brown and Gold Nail Designs

Long stiletto nails covered with the brown polish can be perfectly complemented with the gold taping strip! With ring fingers fully emphasized with gold Swarovski crystals you have the more expressive image!
Chrome Gold Nails Which Make You Shine

You can shine! Gold chrome nails decorated with Swarovski crystals and nails with sparkling gold sugar will make your heart flutter! These chrome gold nails are nice and bright for holidays!
Cream and Gold Nails Which Will Blow Your Mind

These cream and gold coffin nails are the real treasure! Some prints of the gold foil on the transparent and nude base and nails fully covered with big rhinestones can blow your mind!

Blue and Gold Nail Designs
Sparkling Spring Manicure with Cute Gold Nail Designs

The combination of light purple and sparkling gold is a good choice for the spring season! White volumetric flowers decorated with gold beads look cute on the purple base!
Pretty Good Manicure with Easy Gold Nail Designs

These accents nails are pretty good! Light pink nails go well with the gold mirror powder on the middle nail. Black triangles with two gold stripping tapes are easy to do without any additional help!
Christmas French Manicure with Gold Tips

Who doesn`t like a French manicure? Nobody! Tips with shining gold glitters instead of classical white are fresh! Small white snowflakes are the symbol of winter and holidays. It`s an appropriate design for Christmas!
Unique Designs for Gold Acrylic Nails

To become unique, you need a unique manicure! It`s easy to do with these white nails decorated with gold glitters near the cuticle! Add the rose as an additional decoration, and you`ll be splendid!
Gorgeous Gold and Black Nail Art Designs

You`ll definitely want this black and gold design! Diversify your manicure with the gold and black feather! Matte black nails with gold jewelry and abstract patterns on the translucent base create a gorgeous image!

Cute Long Nails with Mirage Designs
Gold and Blue Nail Designs Which Make Your Life Brighter

The harmonious combination of blue, purple and gold cannot be left without your attention! You can cover all your nails with glitters and confetti or just emphasize their tips.
Discreet Nails with Gold and Cream Design

Black and cream colors complement each other perfectly! An unobtrusive design with gold triangles makes your nails discreet and interesting at the same time. You`ll never go wrong with these nails!
Cool Gold and Nude Nails

Short nails can also be cool! The nude color with gold glitters on the tips and diamonds near the cuticle complements your hands beautifully! The nail with black spots also has a specific charm!
Adorable Nails with Gold and Pink Designs

It`s not hard to create a beautiful manicure! The combination of pink and gold nails is an easy step! Supplement them with black lines and dots, and decorate with 3d elements to get adorable nails!
Great Variants of Gold and Silver Glitter Nails

You have a chance to wear your favorite coffin and stiletto nails simultaneously! Make all of them different! Light pink, white, gold and shimmering nails are just great!

Children’s Nail Art Designs
Gold and White Nail Art You Must Necessarily Try

Nails covered with glitters aren`t enough to satisfy you, aren`t they? White ornaments with crystals on the transparent base and gold drops on white will improve the situation! You need to do this!
Gold Color Nails with Trendy Designs

Gold nails with the mirror effect are not a joke! Mirror foil creates a unique effect of the mirror reflection! Combined with crystals it makes your nail trendy! This is a bomb!
Pretty Ideas for Gold Fingernails

Sunflowers on nude nails look very attractive! Nails with gold glitters and black matte ones with crystals serve as an ideal background for these sunflowers! Aren`t they pretty?
Flashy Manicure with Gold Glitters

Gold glitters and flakes on long stiletto nails will brighten up your day! Decorate nail tips with gold sparkles and complement them with a design! Red and white rhinestones and black spots look flashy!
Stunning Ideas for a Gold Manicure

Ballerina nails with the glossy beige polish are not enough to have a stunning manicure! Cover a few nails with shimmering gold glitters and add some glitters on the beige base. Now you`re really stunning!

Round Nails Designs
Gold Metallic Ideas for Short Nails

Don`t know how to decorate your short nails? Make it with the help of the gold metallic foil! Shiny metallic nails are a good choice for everyone!
Popular Rose Gold Nails for Prom

Rose gold is a popular shade of gold which now can be on your nails! Cover some nails with the rose chrome powder and others with rose gold glitters. Are you impressed?
Creative Ideas of Gold Nails with Black Tips

Black tips in the form of the triangle on the translucent, shiny base can be perfectly combined with the geometrical design decorated with gold, glitters and rhinestones! So creative!
Gold Painted Nails with the Exotic Design

Matte nails are still in trend! Dark green nails with black geometrical patterns and Swarovski crystals will complement your look! Emphasized gold nails and black 3d snakeskin effect look very exotic!
Passionate Gold Sparkly Nails

Pointy red nails with gold sparkly French tips and red rhinestones are very passionate! Sexy red lips with the black ornament on the matte nail will make you hot!

Excellent Nail Designs for December
Easy Gold Stripe Nail Art

Don`t have a lot of time to spend it on your manicure? Just cover your nails with the white polish and decorate them with the gold striping tape! It`s easy and cool-looking!
Gold Toe Nails for a Special Event

Planning a party don`t forget about your image! Complement nude nails with the gold and white ensemble of rhinestones and make some nails sparkling! You need this manicure to stand out!
Extremely Look with Long Gold Nails

Not everyone can find the fortitude to wear such a long nails! Extremely long and pointy nails covered with the dark chrome polish with the shade of gold and decorated with rhinestones are very extravagant!
Matte Gold Nails with the Vintage Design

The design is very beautiful and elegant! It’s just the nude with the matte gold and beige decorated with stucco which makes nails kind of old and almost like something an antique!
Pink White and Gold Nails with the Marble Effect

Find new love in your life with pink sugar nails! Little fingers with the marble design separated with the gold striping tape and middle fingers with the foil look festive!

Astounding Glitter Pointy Nails
Pretty Gold Nails for the Summer Season

Light blue pointy nails create an impression of the delicate sea breeze and shimmering gold glitters remind the warm sand on the beach! Are not these nails perfect for summer?
An Awesome Designs for Rose Gold Nails

Are you a fan of chrome nails? You`ll appreciate pink and gold mirror nails! Soft and gradual ombre made with the help of chrome powder and decorated with crystals will beautify your hands!
Sparkly Gold Nails with the Graceful Design

Elegance and beauty in your manicure! Nails fully covered with the sparkling gold foil are graceful! You do not need to use any additional decorations to be wonderful!

Gold and Silver Design for Fancy Nails