Popular Nail Art Designs for Timeless Oval Shaped Nails

Everyone knows that the best way for every lady to complement the look is to make a creative manicure. Modern girls and women have a great chance to diversify their nails in any way they prefer! But don`t think it`s enough to change different polishes or designs to look impressive. Nail form is also very important! It is possible to create different types of nail form: square, round, almond, squoval, coffin… Despite the variety of the choice of nail forms, oval nails are still favored!

Nails of the oval form are similar to round nails but more neat and soft! Rounded tip like a semi-circle can make your fingers look longer! Think that oval form is used only for long nails? Nothing like that! Slender sides with a wide base forming a peak can have both long and short free edge. It`s an excellent choice for those ladies who prefer natural look! You can make your own nails oval or give natural shape gel or acrylic ones. The best thing about oval shaped nails is their utility! You`re unlikely to break a nail, `cause there are no sharp edges. Moreover, it`s easy to do oval nails yourself without going to a professional salon!

Oval form for nails is used with different pretty and feminine pastels as well bright and vivid shades. Dark and light colors, Swarovski crystals and rhinestones, art designs and combinations of different shades are among modern tendencies used for a creative manicure with oval shaped nails! Just decide what you want and what occasion you have! It does not matter who you are and what your occupation is! Oval nails are very appealing for young girls as well as for experienced women.

Unlike other forms, oval nails look more feminine! Want to change something in your life? Change the nail form! This article can help you to find the best variant how to make your nails an oval shape!

Oval Nails Designs

Hand Painted Oval Nails for a Bright Look

Vivid and shining… These long oval nails with hand painted pictures and Swarovski crystals on the blue background are so cute! Emphasize two nails with silver glitters, and you`ll look bright!
Impressive Acrylic Oval Nails with Holographic Effect

Chameleon effect on oval nails can rock everyone around you! It`s easy to diversify your manicure with holographic green chrome powder. You`ll be obsessed with these acrylic nails!
Cheerful Manicure with Almond Oval Nails

Bright and cheerful mani is exactly what you need to have fun! Yellow and blue colors create a good mood! And a sunflower and seed picture is a good choice for oval nails.
Interesting Combination of Black and Gold Colors for Oval Nails

French nail tip combined with half moon technique is an interesting decision. And gold foil looks elegant on black oval tips! It`s easy to do, but the effect will exceed the expectation!
Black and White Oval Nails for Daring Ladies

Black and white combination is classical, but not in this case! Oval nails with matte black polish and glossy white one complemented with red lips will emphasize you!

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Shining Crystals for Black Oval Acrylic Nails

Want to have some chic in your daily routine? Long oval acrylic nails painted in black are the best variant! The shine of Swarovski crystals can create a real luxury style!
Clear Turquoise for Bridal Oval Nails

Soft and gentle oval form for nails is the choice number one for brides! Who says bridal manicure have to be white? Clear turquoise can intimately complement wedding look!
Oval Nails with a Pretty Art Design

Create a real masterpiece for oval nails! A bird of paradise drawn with brush and gel polishes is like a breath of fresh air! It`s possible to make it in every color scheme you like.
Delicate Oval Nails with French Manicure

Have a romantic mood? Make classic French manicure and paint some nails with pink polish! Swarovski crystals will never be inappropriate here. You`ll like this delicate oval nails!
Luxury Gold for Fabulous Oval Nails

It`s easy to get a fabulous manicure! You only have to cover all nails with gold! These oval nails are a real luxury! Gorgeous and stunning! Is not it?

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Summer Sun on Light Pink Oval Nails

Pastel colors on long oval nails will be suitable for any style. Light pink is always a trendy and playful color! Creative summer design is an excellent addition!
Attractive Image with Long Oval Shaped Nails

Want to look attractive? These long oval shaped nails will help you! The harmonious combination of light pink polish and crystals with black patterns on clear base can impress everybody!
Geometric Nail Art for Cute Oval Nails

Nothing is easier than to upgrade your manicure with a geometric design! Use triangles, dots, lines and other geometrical figures on long oval nails. Simple but creative!
Fancy Nail Designs for Oval Nails

Vertical yellow and turquoise ombre is particularly appealing in combination with floral patterns, especially on long oval nails! Emphasize one nail with green glitters to get a gorgeous manicure!
Nude Oval Nails for Shining Women

Want to be shining? Choose nude oval nails with the silver glitters. An appropriate blend of a neutral color and shiny elements goes well with every outfit!

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Oval Fingernails Ideas for Emphasizing Your Beauty

A neat French tip of the white color will stress the beauty of your oval nails! You can decorate the nail of the ring finger with glitters and hearts to get the more festive manicure.
Oval Nails with Universal French Tip

So delicate and universal French manicure is well suited for different nail art designs! Thin patterns with dots look unobtrusive and attractive at the same time!
Creative French Tip for Oval Nails

The black color on long oval nails looks really gorgeous! Especially if it`s used for creative French tip in the form of the triangle! Translucent black with the diverse pattern is an original variant for original ladies!
Sparkle Blue Nail Art for Oval Gel Nails

Sometimes it`s enough to make one nail sparkle to get the magnetic manicure! Blue shimmers are well combined with pastel colors and create a magnetic image for the owner of these nails!
An Intricate Look with Oval Manicure

The smooth gradient is always an interesting idea for a nail design! Peculiar prints introduce an element of mystery while silver glitters add some chic. Isn`t incredible?

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Oval Nails with Impressive Designs

Bright blue with matte effect looks very impressive on oval nails! Want to keep pace with the fashion trends? Add confetti on few nails. It is simply worth trying!
Natural Design for Oval Nails

Simply manicured nails are really impressive these days! Natural pastel colors with a few rhinestones are an ideal variant for those who prefer elegance and simplicity!
Oval Shaped Nails for a Wonderful Party

Looking for a perfect manicure best suited for a party? Bright oval nails with Swarovski crystals and glitters are created especially for you! You`ll look pretty in this pink mani!
Oval Shaped French Manicure with a Special Design

Need a special manicure for a special occasion? Oval shaped French mani in ombre technique is simply perfect! The ensemble of rhinestones is an excellent complement exactly for you!

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Modern Trend for Oval Shaped Nails

Be in trend with oval shaped nails! The design incorporates everything you need: matte effect of a popular color, green glitters, geometric patterns… So fashionable! Don`t you think?
Oval Short Nails in Minimalistic Style

Don`t like too fancy manicure? Then minimalistic style for short oval nails is always your answer! Different shades of the blue color are an ideal choice for tidy nails!
Meet Summer with Oval Nails

You`ll be ready for the summer season with these fresh oval nails! Sea and seashells are exactly what you need to relax! Think it`s unreal to hear the sound of the sea? Just try!
Significant Oval Nails for the Spring Season

Floral ornaments are the most common variant for a spring manicure! Make it significant with vivid and shining crystals. Combine different colors and shades. It`s the spring season!
Creative White Tip for Oval Nails

What about a little experiment with your nail tips? Add the element of creativity into a classic French design. Oval nails with the tip in the form of the heart are new and impressive!
Nice Pink Kitty for Oval Nails

Are you a fan of the Hello Kitty image? You have a chance to wear it on your manicure! Pink and white colors, glitters and dots. Isn`t a cute combination?

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Pretty Oval Nails for Those Who Prefer Round Ones

If you prefer round nails, don`t worry! Just make sides of oval nails more rounded! Gentle blue and soft pink colors go well with silver glitters and stripe design!
Passionate Red Oval Nails

Red color always looks attractive! But these oval nails created in vitrage technique with shimmers aren`t only attractive but magnificent and charming! Feel passion with this red manicure!
White and Gold Oval Nails for an Everyday Life

Improve your everyday routine with such a creative manicure! Only white color doesn`t seem to be special. But put golden dots on the top of your nails, and you`ll get an incredible result!
Tempting Design for Egg Shaped Oval Nails

A thin layer of acrylic on oval nails is really tempting! Thin black stripes around the nail edges emphasize the form of nails in a creative way. You`ll go crazy with black and gold elements!
Gorgeous Oval Nails with Matte Black

An absolutely gorgeous mixture of glossy and matte! A simple decision to upgrade your manicure without extraordinary designs! Just emphasize tips of your monotonous black nails with the matte effect or vice verse!
Powerful Purple for Short Oval Nails

What a powerful color! Get your nails covered with glossy purple to create a warm atmosphere around you! You can also equip the manicure with the elements of broken glass for the more impressive look!

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