Designs of the Sparrow Tattoos With Meaning

The Sparrow Tattoo Designs to Heighten Your Fantasy

Sure thing, sparrow tattoos have its specific designs chosen and brought by the wearer. But here are fairly common ones:

  • Traditional sparrow tattoos;
  • Tribal designs of the sparrows;
  • Matching sparrows;
  • Absolutely black sparrows;
  • Captain Jack Sparrows;
  • Japanese design of the sparrow ink;
  • Old school design;
  • Realistic or 3D style sparrows;
  • Cartoon or funny looks of the sparrows;
  • Outlined sparrow tattoos;
  • Sparrow silhouette or skeleton tattoo.

The Meanings of Sparrow Tattoo

These small birds are very sociable and prefer living closer to human beings. Many cultures have had the sparrow symbols in their traditions and thus influenced the meanings that sparrow tattoos have. Actually, they are used to symbolize:

  • Freedom;
  • Love and loyalty;
  • Humility;
  • Devotion to family;
  • Adventurous nature;
  • Wealth and good fortune;
  • Hope and good luck;
  • Cheerfulness and enthusiasm;
  • Happiness without restrictions;
  • A memory of somebody close.

The Features to Know about the Sparrow Tattoos

Sparrow tattoos fit almost all people due to the designs mentioned above and meanings. The sparrow in flight always brings a feeling of good luck, wealth, and freedom. The colorful ideas reflect happiness and cheerfulness. The monochrome and outlined designs are often inked by men to stand for their adventurous nature. Sometimes these tattoos symbolize the memory of close persons in the wearer’s life. As a rule, such designs have additional patterns as ribbons with the date of birth and names. The sense of family devotion takes its origin from Celtic tribes and these way sparrows are tattooed in traditional styles. In Chinese and Japanese cultures, this small bird outlines the wealth and power. As you can see, the sparrow tattoos have a wide range of meanings; all is up to your wish! One can put these tattoos almost everywhere. The small liberal birds look gorgeous on shoulders, chest, forearms, neck, and foot. There is one peculiarity on location that you should know, but it is not a restriction. People, who have been in prison, often inked sparrows on the fingers and wrists to show their long-awaited freedom. But on the opposite, the sparrows coupled with hearts and flowers are impressive and stand for true love. Take a look at these awesome tattoos that will shake up your imagination!
American traditional sparrow

Smooth and curved lines create an elegant look the sparrow tattoo in traditional style. The sparrow stands for the liberty of the person who wears it.
Black and gray sparrow tattoo

This tattoo is really amazing. The nice areola around the bird is carved in the form of picks and here is a nice detail imaged by the crown. That describes the wearer as a special person who could do something that a normal person can not. Sure, the crowns sign loyalty and wealth.
Black and white sparrow tattoo.

The matching design of two sparrows on the knees means love. The birds are inked in black and white colors but look like real ones. That is a cool choice for a marriage or love couple.
Cartoon sparrow tattoo.

A cute cartoon sparrow image! A splash of pink and purple colors is well painted on the girl’s shoulder. The vibrant colors add a sense of life and happiness.
Classic sparrow tattoo.

It is a classical choice for both, men and women. The idea with the flying bird is a full f freedom and fun.
Colored sparrow tattoos.

A quietly sitting sparrow is etched in a realistic style. The real look is gained due to the choice of colors: brown bird and the pink blossom. A pretty sign for your undying love that makes you fly!
Colorful sparrow tattoo.

A fully flashed design! The traditional colors of yellow, blue and red are used here to depict the beauty of the bird and its meaning. The meaning, of course, is about love as described in The Beatles song: «Please me».
Cute sparrow tattoos.

A rather funny and cute image of the sparrow is pictured on this tattoo. But the quote on the ribbon is deeper in meaning. The wearer is sure that she will be flying against all the odds. Nice idea, isn’t it?
Flying sparrow tattoo.

The sparrow I clearly in flight and it symbolizes a swift mind. The tattoo has a perfect pattern in the background in the form of the blue moon. The sparrow looks attractive against this backdrop.
Japanese sparrow tattoo.

If you are a lover of the tremendous inks, this Japanese tattoo with the sparrow is a good choice. Here the bird among lotuses and peonies reflects rebirth. But the full ink really impresses!
Old school sparrow tattoo designs.

There is a transfusion of three details, i.e. sparrow, woman, and rose. The old school design serves as a memorial to a loved person and the love feeling is intensified by rose and the image of the woman. An awesome idea for male body!
Realistic sparrow tattoo.

Damn real and can be the cute sign of freedom! It is a wonderful job that reflects all peculiarities of the sparrow. The green and blue shadings work in the sparrow’s favor. The brown feathers look absolutely gorgeous on such background.
Simple Sparrow tattoo.

A single colored bird tattoo resembles hope and looks pretty on the forearm. A simple but cute tattoo!
Small sparrow tattoos.

That’s tuff! A small tattoo with the sparrow outlines is associated with the sailors because they have used these small birds to know that the land is near. So, sailors or any seafaring people can ink it.
Sparrow arm tattoo.

Very beautiful! It can serve as a sign of victory and wealth. The sparrow is united with the fruit tree and sun, and all three can also stand for good luck and great fortune.
Sparrow feather tattoo.

It looks fantastic. The ink with sparrows flying out of the feather is a straightforward representation of freedom.
Sparrow heart tattoo.

This idea is a wonderful memorial of something special as mom and dad are. The sparrows are painted as if they are caring and protecting the hearts of the closest people. Lovely piece and VERY well done!
Sparrow hip tattoo.

The matching design of two similar sparrows could be a good option for twins tattoo. The chosen location is very special and is nor seen for everyone. This fact tells about the importance of the ink to the bearer.
Sparrow neck tattoo.

There is no limit for sparrow tattoo location. As you can see, this one is inked on the neck and looks marvelous. The watercolors are smudgy, but the sparrow’s body lines are seen clearly.
Sparrow outline tattoo.

The black lines depict the structure of the sparrow’s feathers. The wings are inked in an opened position and this imitates the flight. The pattern discloses Ancient Indians` idea where the sparrow image was a symbol of wealth. Replicate this tattoo as it is shown above and you will be satisfied!
Sparrow silhouette tattoo.

The silhouette of the bird looks very elegant on the girl’s side. The job is absolutely clean and expresses a freedom and love, for sure.
Sparrow skeleton tattoo.

The meaning is something special to the wearer, and he is simply enjoying it. But the concept works well on the men’s chest. Maybe this one was inspired by Captain Black Sparrow.
Sparrow tattoo for guys.

WOW! A cheerful sparrow tattoo describes the personality as the determined and reputable one. The feathers are inked in brown and reflect the natural color of the sparrows. If you want to position yourself as a cool and wealthy guy, opt for it.
Sparrow tattoo for men.

The sparrow is sitting on the sword, and there is a branch in the bird’s mouth. Every detail fulfills the tattoo with meanings of adventure, protection, and hope. A sword could be a sign of holy war; a holy war is an internal war with yourself. Great concept for men!
Sparrow tattoo on foot.

Surrounded with pink flowers, the blue sparrow gives an airy curved feel. It is a more female tattoo and speaks about humility, love, and hope.
Sparrow tattoo on hand.

There is a motion on the above-pictured tattoo. It is located on the hand so masterly that is exactly enough space to describe the movement. Done in this way such ink can be a sign of following one’s destiny. The combination of brown and small details in turquoise color plays well on this tattoo!
Sparrow tattoo on wrist.

A brightly colored sparrow is an eye-catching variant for the wrist tattoo. If you are lucky and like to travel, such luminous idea will fit you so much! It`s so beautiful, isn’t it?
Sparrow tattoo outline.

The facing inwards sparrow is etched in outlined design on the shoulder. This bird creature carries spirits from the land of the living to the land of the dead. Well, it is a really good idea for high-spiritual persons.
Sparrow tattoos on chest.

The bird is inked tattooed realistically to focus on the nice coloring and structure of this creature. A shapeless orange mark represents the sun, the symbol of life and energy. White and black splashes give the feeling of motion in the air.
Sparrow tribal tattoo.

Sometimes people ink such tattoo design to show that they are looking for a loved one. The sparrow and tribal designs work well on the tattoo. The tribal strips are used here to show motion. Such design will not disappoint you, choose it.
Traditional sparrow tattoo.

Sparrow tattoos in traditional style look great on their own, especially colored like this sample. It is a nice illustration of lifetime commitment.
Two sparrows tattoo.

Two sparrows represent two individuals in a pair to show their relations. The birds are matching as if they are going to kiss each other. Rock on though, that’s an awesome piece!
Vintage sparrow tattoo.

The soaring sparrow looks attractive on the collarbone. Here is added the vintage message of mystery and secrets to represent the unknown. Pretty design for girls!