Double Nose Piercing You’ll Want to Have

Double nose piercing is one of the hottest trends in modern fashion. This type of nostril piercing is widely adopted by men and women, who want edgy expression and super stylish look. Double nose piercing is more adventurous and daring, which allows you play around with symmetry. It is an ideal option for everybody, who enjoys being in the limelight.

Double Nose Piercing and Its Types

Double nose piercing is a form of piercing art that involves two holes on both the left and right nostrils. This piercing suits any face shape. If you have decided to have this type of piercing, you may also choose either a high or a standard nostril piercings. High nostril piercings are done slightly above the standard placement, which allows styling the nose in a new way. The standard piercing is for a double sided look

There are several variations of double nose piercing:

  • Opposite sides: the symmetric location of piercings on both sides of nostrils.
  • Same side: both piercings are placed on one nostril.
  • Septum and nose: one piercing is located on the nostril, during the second one on the septum. It takes more time to heal, as it pierced a thick band of cartilage.
  • Double septum: two piercings on the septum of the nose.


Before doing double nose piercing the professional piercer makes sure that there is enough space inside the nostrils to accommodate both piercings. You may puncture two holes at the same time, but it is recommended to wait some time for the first piercing to heal and then make another. It will reduce the pain and keeps at a minimum the risk of infection.

The procedure includes the following stages:

  • The piercer cleans the nostril with an antiseptic swab;
  • The piercing master marks dots on the nose to indicate the concrete place of future holes;
  • The special cork is placed inside the nostril to prevent piercing to the septum;
  • The piercer punctures a hole with a sterile needle.
  • The cork is removed and the piercer inserts the chosen jewelry.

The piercing must be performed only by experienced piercer in the sterile environment due to the risk of damaging nerve structures. The nerve endings are connected to eyes, thus, people experience intense pinch, and the eyes become water while inserting the needle. If the procedure has done correctly, the pain will disappear in a few seconds, but the nose will still ache. You may feel tenderness and a dull soreness for some days after the procedure.

Healing and Aftercare

Normally the initial healing time lasts two-three months and about a year to heal completely. The redness, bleeding or swelling are common during healing. Almost everyone gets a bump, notice crusts, whitish-yellow discharge or a pink color around the pierced area that is normal. It is not advised to wear cheap jewelry or change it too often, which can prolong the healing process. Pay attention that two nose piercings done at the same time may cause a real pain while cleaning.

In order to exclude infection and increase healing process, follow the general aftercare recommendations:

  • do not handle, touch or disturb the jewelry;
  • clean piercing at least twice a day with non-iodized saline water;
  • properly wash hands before cleaning the piercings;
  • use a clean paper towel after cleaning;
  • be careful while blowing your nose or sleeping;
  • take bags of chamomile tea in case of bumps, brew them and then put the warm bag on the nostril;
  • use antibacterial soap;
  • do not apply makeup, powder or any skin care products till it heals;
  • regularly change the pillowcase;
  • take vitamins C, B12 and zinc.

If you have noticed the possible symptoms of infection, such as continuous pain and bleeding, inflammation around the hole, yellow or green discharge of smelly pus, immediately consult your piercer or doctor, as it can lead to severe complications like blood poisoning and fever.

Double Nose Jewelry

During healing time the most appropriate jewelry are neonatal labrets with flat backs, which will not get tangled inside the nose. The captive bead rings (CBRs) and L-shaped rings are good options as well as surgical steel nose rings.

After healing, you may experiment with your piercing and take more compelling options from a wide range of jewelry for nose piercing:

  • studs – are extremely versatile: small, big, in the form of hearts or infinity signs; can be more apparent or less visible. They are a perfect choice for opposite piercings;
  • hoops/rings – vary in size and design that adds rebellious appeal. Double hoop goes well with side piercing;
  • horseshoes or captive rings are ideal for septum piercing;
  • rings: ball closure rings, open nose rings, nose ring screws, heart shaped rings etc.;

If you want more luxurious pieces, you can try gold jewelry decorated with diamonds.


The price differs from one salon to other and depends on the jewelry provided. A single nose piercing costs $45-50, while double nose piercing can be estimated from $80 to $100 along with the jewelry.
The contrastive Double Nose Piercing
This girl presents a superb fashionable look, where piercing plays a prominent role. Double nose piercing consists of a stud and a ring, which together with green hair create a very hot image.
The Nice Double Nose Rings
Two rings in one nostril offer a highly impressive way of self-expression for young, active girls. Here they are complicated with a septum piercing that adds some spice to the whole composition.
The Piercing for Both Nostrils
If you desire to achieve a perfect symmetry in your piercing style, the identical studs in both nostrils will give it to you. The beautiful septum clicker with diamonds supports this idea.
The Both Sides of Nose Pierced
Two lovely studs on both sides of your nose seem incomplete without such gorgeous septum jewelry. The studs with small germs show a quite simple and gentle design at the same time.
The Gold Nose Rings for Double Piercing
Thin, gold ring is an excellent choice for your future nose piercing. Here there is even a double variant of piercing in each nostril. It makes your nose look a bit big but extremely trendy.
The Double Nose Piercing With Studs
These paired nostril piercings resemble gold disks. They represent beautiful hammered solid 14k studs, which are a good basis for future nose piercings experiments.
The Double Nose and a Septum Piercing
This big septum jewelry is so eye-catching that you will be at the center of attention! If it is not enough, take these sweet studs in symmetrical design on both nostrils.
The Double Nose Piercing on Both Sides
Have fun with this precious option of a little bumblebee! The solid 14k studs in rose gold in the form of this exciting creature bring a feeling of endless summer.
The Double Nose Piercing With Studs and Hoop in the Septum
This girl picked up solid 14k yellow gold flowers for her nose piercing. These suckers are loaded with marcasite petals with decadent solid gold bead centers. Besides, she got a marvelous double septum piercing with two hoops and a tiny purple stone.
The Double Nose Piercing With Opposite Side
The wondrous composition of piercings consists of double nose piercing that creates a triangle with medusa piercing. Three turquoise studs are bright decorations for tanned skin.
The Double Nose Piercing With Pictures
This nose piercing is concentrated on one side. Two captive bead rings are located very close to each other that looks extremely impressive in combination with a glamorous septum clicker.
The Double Nose Piercing on the Same Nostril
The cutest design of double nose piercing is presented in this photo. The solid 14k rose gold braided continuous ring looks sophisticated with a solid 14k rose gold stud behind it.
The Double Nose Piercing on the Same Side
The idea to do a double piercing on one side attracts many people. This lady with two rings is not an exception. She’s got a nice union of two thin rings, which is a prerogative of famous rock stars.
The Double Nose Piercing With the Same Side on Pictures
The moon and star are the basis of mysterious design for double nostril! The charming solid 18k gold moon together with a tiny 2mm solid 14k gold dome splendidly matches each other.
The Silver Double nostril Piercing on the Same Side
Silver is a nice alternative for those, who like simplicity in style. This double piercing is decorated with two thin rings that are placed on the same nostril near each other.
The Double Studs in Nose and Septum Ring
These nose studs are very tiny that works well with a bright blue septum. This double nose piercing illustrates an admirable option for the lovers of ideal symmetry.
The Girls With Double Nose Rings
The contrastive design for double nose piercing will be interesting to women. On the one hand, you get a pretty simple golden ring, but on the other, you wear a blue ring with an interesting framing.
The Multiple Nose Piercings for Men
This guy knows how to get an unforgettable image with the help of piercings. Two gold studs in both nostrils are complemented with triple jewelry septum. This is one of the coolest combinations for men!
The Nose and Lip Piercing Together
It seems that this man was born with this amazing yellow gold jewelry. The paired floral studs embellish nostrils, while huge black labret piercing enhances the impression.
The Nose and Septum Piercing Together
The magnetism and beauty is a key of this fantastic mix of piercings. The studs in nostrils together with a magnificent septum clicker brightly show your creative approach to life.
The Nose Pierced on Both Sides
The piercing in floral design belongs to the prettiest. Here you observe an astonishing example of solid 14k yellow gold studs, which suit perfectly for this double nose piercing.
The Second Nose Piercing
This double piercing includes the smallest possible pairs of studs. These tiny pieces of jewelry in high nostrils consist of onyx and titanium that serve to bring a glorious and refined look.
The Sexy Double Nose Piercing
This breathtaking set of rose gold pieces cannot leave anybody indifferent. Just look at these seductive “Elizabeth” ends with genuine black pearls that softly occupy the high nostrils.
Two Marvelous Nose Piercings
This young lady managed to emphasize her beauty using perfectly chosen jewelry. She has done double nose piercing inserting two studs with small stones in each of the nostrils.
The Cool Double Nose Piercing
Do you find an idea of taking double nose piercing very exciting? Then consider these two titanium studs in rose gold. The ends are designed with gems in light turquoise coloring.
The Ideas for a Male Nose Piercing
The first thing that strikes when you see this guy is his incredible Odyssey clicker in the septum. But it looks so impressive only in one composition with neat studs of double nose piercing.
The Double Nose Piercing on Both Sides
If a graceful and delicate image is your main goal, this sweet design of numerous piercings is yours. The sweetest option is, of course, double nose piercing with two small studs in both nostrils.
The Double Piercing in the Nose for Boys
Wow! This incredible ornamental jewelry is outstanding. The only thing you need to get this unusual nose decoration is to do a symmetric piercing in your nostrils.
The Male Double Nose Piercing
This stylish nose piercing is your chance to be on the wave of fashion. This design of double piercing in both nostrils and large jewelry in the septum is waiting for cool guys.
The Aggressive Double Nose Piercing
This piercing variation illustrates the highest peak of creativity! The long crimson jewelry pierces a nose from both sides. The long spiky ends look particularly aggressive.
The Simple Double Nose Piercing
The simplicity is the main point of this piercing combination. Here the paired studs of double nose piercing, circular barbell in septum and Medusa piercing stick to one style of jewelry.
The Double Nose Piercing and Lip Piercing
Double piercing in one nostril and the same option in another is a brave choice without a doubt. What is more, there is a gorgeous vertical labret piercing with a circular barbell.
The Multiple Piercing Plus Nostril Dots
Are you in favor of tiny but appealing jewelry? This double nose piercing resembles only two dots in nostrils. Being so small and comfortable, you will fall in love with these studs immediately!
The Best Double Nostril Piercing on the Same Side
The modern option of double rings in one nostril is presented in this photo. It looks bold, cheeky and utterly sexy, especially with such a fascinating septum ring.