Feather Tattoos Meaningful Designs

The feather tattoos limelight the attention due to its beauty and diversity of symbolic meaning. It can be just a traditional Indian feather or feather of any birds like peacock, crane or eagle. You’ll opt to add a plenty of colors to your piece or add some shades or just make a black/white one to create a masterpiece on your body! If you have hesitations about your ink design, just read and do it!

Feather Tattoos – The Main Streams in Designing

The feather images spring from Native Americans who used the feathers in their rituals. The spirit of the bird which is symbolized by the feather has the power to purify our Spirit and clean the energetic environment. In most Indian tribes, particularly the eagle feather is used. The warriors were given the eagle feather to show their courage, bravery, and triumph in a battle.

In recent years, the feather has taken on a plenty of meanings that allow people of all beliefs to enjoy this popular ink design. Moreover, not only the eagles can be responsible for the symbolism. Such admirable birds like peacocks, cranes, ravens, seagulls, turkeys and owls are closely tied with the personality who choose them and can serve as an accessory or guard mark. In Christianity teachings, a feather stands for renewal and rebirth. In the alternative, Hindus feel peacocks signify kindness and luck. For instance, Egyptians believe a feather marks the wisdom of the goddess Maat who was a figure of truth and justice. The Celtic goddess Morrigan wore a cloak of raven feathers to be able to transform into a bird. So, by this way, she could easily travel the earth and spy on people.

Once you have the bird selected it only remains to hack up your ink design together with your tattooer. The coupled feather tattoos attract a special attention of the people who has already discovered a feather as the main symbol. Expand your self-expression by the elements: flying-out birds, flowers, dream-catchers, animals, just Latin sayings or the names of your near relatives. The elements are not only great pairs to the feathers; they also bring a strengthening of the sense or one more sense to the ink.

Feather Tattoo Meanings


The bird is one of the freest creatures in the world. So, the meaning is absolutely obvious. A greater part of the people who have got the feather tattoo on their bodies, call themselves as the free spirits or wanderers because they have the hots for emotional, mental, and physical freedom.

Bravery and strength

The wearers of the feather ink symbol have great strength and faith in themselves to make the right decisions and not to fall like the birds fly and believe only in their wing’s power. In ancient times the warriors were given feather marks on their bodies as the symbols of protection. So, it can serve as the guardian to your mind and body.


Some choose feather tattoos as a pretty body art. But nevertheless, various birds like peacocks, cranes, ravens, seagulls, and owls are closely similar to the wearers.  It can mean royalty, beauty, pride and self-control depending on the chosen bird’s behavior in nature.


Feathers were used by different cultures as the connection with the spiritual world and their celestial wisdom. They are also used in many charms such as dream catchers, which are very meaningful and beautiful at the same time.


The feathers are of course the air the bird elements, so they symbolize the lightness of being. The inked feathers can also represent a bird’s ability to fly as a consequence new heights and dreams that we should follow.


The meaning is connected with the ability of the light feather to wander everywhere.  It also stands for an adventurous nature of the person.

There are some senses that can be also expressed by the feather tattoo:

  • Purity
  • Communication
  • Rebirth
  • Spirituality
  • Enlightenment
  • Hope
  • Journey of the soul
  • Wisdom
  • Speed

Feather tattoo designing often are accompanied by other objects and symbols that also bring their particular shades of meaning. For example, flowers, Latin, and other sayings, dream catchers, animals and the birds themselves.  The sayings are very popular marks which often located under the horizontally or vertically positioned feather, such as:

  • «Sometimes you’ve gotta fall before you fly».
  • «Live, laugh, love».
  • «Free yourself».
  • «Broken, yet flying!».
  • «Light like a feather, heavy as lead».
  • «Hope comes on a feather».

Regarding the colors! Of course, the choice is up to the wearer. Black is the common color of the feather tattoo. Others inject colors and shades for the eye-catching look and more expanded sense.  Red illustrates passion and energy, green – nature and growth, blue – peace and soul, white stands for spirituality, yellow means sun and joy. One can get just about every part of your body tattooed: visible and non-visible. The prevailing areas are biceps, shoulders, foot, fingers, arms, tits, ribs cage and as the armbands.

If you are trying to decide exactly which tattoo idea will be your one – well, take a look!

Feather Tattoos Design Ideas

This lovely 3D performance of the feather tattoo serves as a nifty reminder about the significance of balance in our life. The biceps is a cute place to ink the 3D feather in a vertical position to show all its beauty. Moreover such variant is a unique unisex tattoo element that can be worn by any sex.
3d feather tattoo on biceps
The infinity birds tattoo looks fantastic in any execution! Two names are embedded to the loop in curved letters which are the additional elements to show the infinity. If you are a couple wanting to show your endless love, this fascinating idea is for you!
infinity birds of a feather tattoo on forearm
There is a cute combination of the feather and flowers on the arm. The feather stands for strength and the flower- for love. It can mean that love gives us wings to fly!
black feather with flowers tattoo on arm
The placement is done perfectly. The dreamcatcher seems to be hanging on the cord and plays a role of the armband. Such design is popular amongst girls generally because the feathers and web-like elements are seen as a more feminine design. The feathers are colored in blue and pink and look airier due to these pastel colors. Dream without fear with such fascinating tattoo design!
blue and pink feathers tattoo on arm
A splash of colors and elements! The design of the tattoo looks like a bouquet of flowers with the feather on the foreground. The above-pictured tattoo is very rich in the diversity of colors and elements. It can be a symbol of love which is represented by the lily of the valley, passion- by the strawberry, flight and speed – by the feather, and prosperity – by the cone.
colorful feather tattoo on leg
Small but effective! The meaning of feather tattoos differs and depends on from what bird it is. It is the crow’s feather on ankle in the given picture. So, it can mean creation and birth, foresight or messenger of the gods. More often it means mind because the ravens are very intelligent birds. They even can be taught to speak.
small crow feather tattoo on ankle
So close and personal work of the artist! Feather tattoos are a great choice for anyone with a deep love of nature and her creations. It is a really attractive tattoo but it is seen only for close friends. Its location is very delicate, on the underboob. It may be caused by the deep meaning which the wearer does not want to show to everyone.
eagle feather tattoo on the underboob
A unique design! It spreads from the wrist till the sleeve and occupies the arm. A composition of the feathers and the birds who are transforming from the feathers into the birds is just alluring! Accordingly, it stands for freedom and flight!
feather and bird tattoo on arm
A real alternative to the jewelry on your ring finger!
The tattoo is made in Indian style which is seen on the ornament. It describes the wearer to be a free bird in flight. Indian feathers also sign a new hope, virtues, faith, and luck. Sometimes it marks a female homosexuality. Generally, a feather ink can signify whatever to whomever. It is your own choice!
small feather finger tattoo

An impressive idea of two eagle feathers which are taking a start at one point and are dispersing in different directions on the back of the neck. One of the feathers is more delicate and the other one is stricter with the geometrical forms. It is a tribal style of the feather tattoo. In the Native
American Tradition, an eagle feather is an emblem of spiritual power and purity. That is why such tribal feathers tattoos are so popular.
tribal feather back of the neck tattoo
The above is a beautiful tattoo depicting feather on the arm. A green color on the ink speaks about the belonging of the feather to the peacock. THE Peacock feather tattoo could indicate a
very proud person or a person who is self-confident.
Bold feather pen tattoo
A concise but meaningful style of the ribs cage tattoo. The feather tattoo has its own power to each wearer. There is an ancient Chinese belief that if a peacock looks at a woman, she will be able to get pregnant. For this reason, females get such inks. Moreover, it is inked on the rib and is not opened to the surrounding world. So, it can be connected with the wearer’s privy desire.
 feather ribs cage tattoo
This feather tattoo is very small and best for the females. If you want to be like a bird, get a realistic feather tattoo on your body, exactly on the shoulder blade. The cursive name under the feather adds some more delicacy.
realistic feather shoulder blade tattoo
The inked sleeve combines a lot of marks which are meaningful and sensitive to the wearer. The feather signifies a spiritual protection. You can see several inked birds which are flying in different directions. This fact speaks that the wearer is a very freedom-loving person.
 traditional feather sleeve tattoo
Here is a cute location- behind the ear. There is a small heart inside the feather. Such tattoo can be worn in the memory of a darling one who has passed away.
feather tattoo behind ear
Love brings up emotions that run the gamut from agony to ecstasy. The tattoos as the marks of love are quite popular. And the above one is the queen in this list. Two feathers which are interweaving in the form of the heart create a pretty sign on the arm. It looks really charming!
 love feathers tattoo on arm
The little blue feather looks very soothing! It is greatly associated with freedom since the feather can fly quickly in the wind. Such variants are respected among those who admire body art and
Native American traditions.
 little feather tattoo on foot
There is a flow of the airy feathers on the whole extension of the arm. Feathers are also symbolic of knowledge because of the first writing tool, the quill pen, was actually a bird’s feather. Such tattoo can render the wearer’s wish to develop his knowledge or readiness for something new.
 amazing feathers tattoo on arm

A lovely feather carved in black ink on the side is a sign of freedom that is got with our noble actions. This feather tattoo is rather small and best for the women.
black work feather tattoo on the ribs
Here is one more small but cute idea for the girl’s tattoo. It is inked on the wrist and has rather angled lines but still stands for luck or birth depending on how you look at things.
simple feather tattoo on wrist
The bird feather hanging under the moon creates a mesmerizing effect. The Latin quote means that the wearer is not afraid of anything. Colorful inclusions of purple and blue add a charming to this combined tattoo.
feather tattoo with quote and the moon on the half sleeve
Feather tattoos with quotes are best ideas who want quotes and feather tattoo together. But the main advantage of this tattoo idea is a lightness and airiness. It is really awesome!
 light feather tattoo for girls
If you want something attractive, go for the combined tattoo ideas. This one is just alluring! An arrow is considered as the protection and hunting weapon. So, such variant is cool as a safeguard badge.
 feather with arrow tattoo for men on the collarbone

This feather tattoo is looking great in watercolor. A mind-blowing design of the coming out birds from the feather signifies the fact that we should come out of the self-made restrictions and chains. It looks cool on the half sleeve.
 feather turning into birds
One can see an incredible style of mandala bracelet and the hanging feather on the forearm. Feather tattoos possess a special relationship with mandala ones because they both are bearing the deep meaning of birth, luck, soul and reincarnation. Such accessory on your hand will lift the spiritual, creative or emotional flight.
Indian feather tattoo on forearm
The design looks quite pretty on the wrist. Two free and undependable feathers are matching each other. The tattoo portrays two individuals as a loving couple.
 matching feather tattoo on wrist
Looks stunning with the woman’s eyes inside the feathers! It is also rich in design. It combines beads with colorful inputs, a figure of the woman and feathers as the main elements. It is supposed that the wearer is guarding his sweetheart. The tattoo design looks attractive on men and best when used on the forearm just as shown above.
 native American feather tattoo on forearm
A peacock tattoo is rather an extravagant design that most females prefer to be inked. The highlight of the above tattoo is the golden strokes on the almost black background. “Peacocking” is a general term for an individual who is totally involved with his appearance. So, such tattoo is an often choice for fashionable women.
peacock feather tattoo on forearm
The phoenix feather ink stands for life, time and magic. Phoenix is also a powerful sign, and also a very popular tattoo inspiration. The placement is chosen well. The elbow tattoos always look stunning.
colorful phoenix feather tattoo
The red feathers symbolize strength and vitality. The red-tailed hawk is reckoned a power animal in Native American culture, so such feather tattoo design is in favor among men.
red skull feather tattoo on half sleeve
The design is invented for those who want to mark his position and important things but in more subtle manner. The ink located on the arm, but you can make such ink on every part of your body. A light feather indicates freedom, purity, communication and wisdom.
 simple feather tattoo on the arm
Of course, such variant is associated with the airy element and symbolize the lightness of being.
small feather tattoo on tits
Fantastically outlined feather on the forearm of the man! Black colored feather tattoo describes the wearer as a courageous and brave person who is also intended to achieve his goals.
 tribal feather tattoo on forearm
There is a fascinating animal symbolism of the turkey in this tattoo! It deals with male virility and pride. This isn’t surprising why the men choose such ideas quite often!
tribal turkey feather tattoo on half sleeve
One design is repeated over a field to create a motif of the feather. The geometric motif reminds the mountain and it is connected with the eagles that are living in the mountains. The ink portrays the person as the courageous and strong one. This type of half sleeve tattoo is suitable for guys!
 unique geometric feather tattoo on half sleeve
A white feather is ordinary seen as a sign from the angel and many people believe that finding a white feather is a sign that they are on the right path in life. White color adds the sense of purity! So, this is a good option for feminine forearm tattoo!
white feather tattoo on forearm
The presented ink combines two very deep symbols: rose and the feather of the peacock. All two symbols stand for beauty, love, and purity. The feather of the peacock is inked in very airy style but nevertheless, all lines are seen clearly. It speaks about the professional job of the artist!
 feathers with roses tattoo on foot
An interesting design made by the way of the curled feather. It seems to be real and flying. It is a small sign of freedom like a bird in the flight. The tattoo looks very alluring due to its location. It can be hidden under the hair as your small secret.
beautiful feather on the back of the neck
A black tattoo looks like a small jewelry accessory. A small feather is very popular and can be tatted in a lot of places on the body. They also are great ones to adapt into your own unique style. When you shake or move the hand, the feather is seen to the surrounding world! It is a really cool idea!
little feather tattoo on hand
A tiger figure is inked inside the silhouette of the feather with emphasis on the blue eyes. Pride, passion, and majesty are portrayed in this originally styled tattoo!
tiger feather tattoo on arm