37 Graduation Outfit Ideas

If we talk about graduation outfits it’s necessary to separate it in two parts – an authentic academic dress and outfits for proms.

Academic dress is a traditional form of clothing for academic settings, worn mainly by those who have been admitted to a university degree or hold a status that entitles them to assume them. Contemporarily, it is commonly seen only at graduation ceremonies, but formerly academic dress was worn daily. Today, the ensembles are distinctive in some way to each institution and generally consist of a gown (also known as a robe) with a separate hood, and usually a cap (generally a square academic cap).

And outfits for proms are the ensembles, which usually wear for a prom (a formal dance held for a high-school or college class typically at or near the end of the academic year), which, basically, consists of evening dress for girls and tuxedo for guys.

There are many variants of graduation outfits depending on what type of an educational institution are you graduating from, for example:

  • 8th-grade velvet blue outfit;
  • college graduation outfits;
  • luxury high school outfit;
  • university graduation outfit;
  • elegant prom look;
  • unique modern prom style;
  • gold dress style for college;
  • white and gold dress prom outfit;
  • fashionable purple dress prom outfit;

The Graduation Day is a happy day not for graduate only, but for all of his (or her) family too, so you can easily find a great number of attires, such as:

  • outfits for mothers;
  • looks for fathers;
  • looks for grandfathers;
  • outfits for grandmothers;
  • and even a dog outfits.

All graduation outfits can be very different depending on where and how you are planning to celebrate it, for instance:

  • shine pink party outfits;
  • graduation outfit for celebrating with friends;
  • chic dress  party looks;
  • cap and gown outfits for graduating ceremony;
  • gorgeous modern graduation party outfits.

The graduation outfits are quite versatile item that suits for every shape, body type and size, including junior size and plus size.

There were times when only men could get an education, and women could only dream about it. But, luckily, times changes, and today the graduation outfits aren’t men’s privilege only, so you can easily find:

  • for boys;
  • red for girls;
  • phd  for guys;
  • university graduation outfit for boys;
  • suit prom outfit for girls;
  • green velvet prom outfit for girls.

The graduation outfits can be very different depends on the season, when you are graduating, for example:

  • for fall;
  • looks for summer;
  • for spring;
  • winter looks.

Graduation Outfit Ideas

Earlier, the graduation gowns were dyed mostly in black, or shades of deep blue color, but today you can find a wide range of colors of the graduation outfits, for example

  • black;
  • navy blue;
  • brown;
  • yellow;
  • red;
  • olive;
  • pink.

The graduation outfits are not only dresses for women and suits for men. Today you can find a huge list of great combinations of different types of clothes and choose the perfect variant of outfit that will express your personality the best way, for instance:

  • golden crop top and maxi skirt prom look;
  • best pastel prom look;
  • accessories to prom look;
  • peachy sexy dress to graduation party outfit;
  • Gucci dress with cool element to prom;
  • luxury back elements to prom night;
  • flowers elements on pastel dress to prom;
  • amazing dress to prom night;
  • romantic purple dress to prom.

What to Wear to a Graduation

#1. 8th-grade Velvet Blue Graduation Outfit

The new graduate looks lovely in this blue velvet outfit! Short wraparound dress amazingly accentuates the dignities of your body and blue color adds confident and chic.
8th-grade velvet blue graduation outfit

#2. Best Sexy Graduation Outfit

The black color is never out of trend. So prefer it for your graduation outfit to look super preppy. Add classic black pumps and voila!
best sexy graduation outfit

#3. College Graduation Outfits

A little black dress is the best choice for a win-win graduation look. Pair it with the long burgundy cardigan and silver sandals. Super stylish!
college graduation outfits

#4. Cute Graduation Outfits

Do you want to look like a princess on your prom? Then try this cute and gentle graduation outfit. Add extra chic to this look with sparkle hair decoration.
cute graduation outfits

#5. Graduation Day Outfits

This combination of fancy gentle milky pink dress and classic black jacket creates the perfect balance of beauty and style. It looks perfect with black tights and heels.
graduation day outfits

#6. Graduation Gold Dress Style for College

Do you like to stand out from the crowd? Then you should try this astonishing golden dress. It looks very feminine with nude heeled sandals.
graduation gold dress style for college

#7. Graduation Fashion Style

The long black dress goes well with black heeled sandals and black sports coat. Just add a matching purse and some jewelry.
graduation fashion style

#8. Yellow Dress Graduation Look

Your graduating occurs in the spring? Then a bright and colorful dress is a no-brainer. Just complain this yellow crocheted dress with nude flats and a little purse.
yellow dress graduation look

#9. Graduation Outfits for Boys

You will always be appropriate with this amazing black tuxedo. Combine it with a crispy white shirt and black bow-tie. Add dressy shoes and cufflinks to finish this clean, classy and formal look.
graduation outfits for boys

#10. Red Homecoming Outfits for Girls

Do you want something romantic for your homecoming? Go for gorgeous burgundy evening dress, which is appropriate both for a graduating ceremony and the party after it.
red graduation outfits for girls

#11. Graduation Outfits for Ladies

Take a look on another graduation look for summer months. It consists of feminine crocheted red dress, comfy heeled golden sandals and a little matching purse.
graduation outfits for ladies

#12. Graduation Outfits for Men

If you don’t like the conservative suits but nevertheless want to look smart and preppy, then try this combo of black skinny trousers, stylish jacket, and long sleeved floral printed black shirt. Add black belt and shoes to finish the graduation outfit.
graduation outfits for men

#13. Graduation Outfits for Mothers

If you are a fan of bright colors and simple silhouettes, look no further than this gorgeous floral coral and blue dress. Finish off this elegant look with striped heeled nude sandals and jewelry.
graduation outfits for mothers

#14. Shine Pink Graduation Party Outfits

If you have a girly sense of style, try wearing a beautiful gentle pink dress with the on-trend necked back. Add some delicate jewelry (like pearl earrings or golden ring) and a matching purse.
shine pink graduation party outfits

#15. Luxury High School Graduation Outfit

This adorable combination of long black satin skirt and bustier-style black and gold crop top will definitely make you the queen of this day! Just add some vintage inspired jewelry and use bright lipstick.
luxury high school graduation outfit

#16. Outfit for Graduation Ceremony

This day has come! You did it! And the only thing that you need to do is to choose a nice graduation robe, cap and finally get your diploma.
outfit for graduation ceremony

#17. Phd Graduation Outfit for Guys

The black suit is a regular formal outfit but one that always looks good. Just add a classic white shirt, matching black plaid tie and shoes.
phd graduation outfit for guys

#18. Plus Size Graduation Outfit

The graduation ceremony is a quite special occasion, so you need something formal to wear. Make a note on this absolutely elegant outfit of long graphite dress, black sandals, and a little purse.
plus size graduation outfit

#19. University Graduation Outfit

If you are graduating in the summer, you can choose something light and simple. For example, it can be a white summer dress, since you will be putting the robe over it.
university graduation outfit

#20. Elegant Prom Look

If you want to be extra fancy, go for a delicate white silk dress and black high-heeled sandals. Compliment this look with a pearl necklace and beautiful ring.
elegant prom look

#21. Unique Modern Prom Style

If you are graduating in cool months, you can wear this pale pink satin dress over a cute long sleeved maroon turtleneck. Add some accessories and you are ready.
unique modern prom style

#22. White And Gold Dress Prom Outfit

Are you a fan of a fantasy genre? Then why don’t you try to be a wood nymph on you prom day? This white and gold dress looks gorgeous with a delicate golden diadem.
white and gold dress prom outfit

#23. Chic Dress Graduation Party Look

If you are going for a bold look, this deep blue with silver sparkles dress is guaranteed to impress. Team up it with black heels and a clutch.
chic dress graduation party look

#24. Fashionable Purple Dress Prom Outfit

Combine this fashionable A-line purple dress with an extraordinary black pointed toe knee-length boots and dark purse with fringe for the absolutely stunning look.
fashionable purple dress prom outfit

#25. University Graduation Outfit for Boys

This could be the perfect outfit if you are graduating in the winter. Black ankle shoes, black turtleneck, and classy blue suit look perfect.
university graduation outfit for boys

#26. Suit Prom Outfit for Girls

Another brilliant winter graduation outfit idea is a combination of olive suit and tie and a fur coat. Trendy brimmed hat and black shoes add extra chic to this look.
suit prom outfit for girls

#27. Green Velvet Prom Outfit for Girls

You will look smart and trendy in this green velvet. Pair it with heeled black and gold pumps. The accessory that really finishes this look is the golden belt.
green velvet prom outfit for girls

#28. Golden Crop Top And Maxi Skirt Prom Look

Do you want to know the key for a win-win look? Go for an ensemble of long sleeved turtleneck crop top and long skirt, both made of light guipure.
golden crop top and maxi skirt prom look

#29. Best Pastel Prom Look

Are you one of those girls, who love to be on the top of the fashion trend? Then try this amazingly gentle pastel dress for your prom.
best pastel prom look

#30. Accessories to Prom Look

Sometimes, it is enough to add one cool accessory to your outfit to make it more unusual and fun. It can be anything: a belt, a scarf or even vintage silver bracelets.
accessories to prom look

#31. Gorgeous Modern Graduation Party Outfit

This extraordinary boho dress is a great choice for those girls, who like to be in the spotlight. You can team up it with a pair of classic pumps or just flats on your taste.
gorgeous modern graduation party outfit

#32. Peachy Sexy Dress to homecoming Party Outfit

This draped asymmetrical peachy silk dress and wide neck decoration creates a sophisticated ensemble. It will look great with nude flats.
peachy sexy dress to graduation party outfit

#33. Gucci Dress with Cool Element to Prom

Even plain black dress will look gorgeous if you add some fun and cute details to it. Take a look at this nice bird and get inspired.
Gucci dress with cool element to prom

#34. Luxury Back Elements to Prom Night

The little black dress is always a fashionable choice for special occasions, and graduation is no exception. But if you want a fancier look you can decorate it with a luxury back elements.
luxury back elements to prom night

#35. Flowers Elements on Pastel Dress to Prom

If you are a fan of flowers, try wearing this cute bare-shouldered floral dress. You can team up it with a pair of black flats or classic heels on your taste.
flowers elements on pastel dress to prom

#36. Amazing Dress to Prom Night

This amazing dress decorated with feathers looks incredibly feminine. Finish this ensemble with a pair of nude pumps and a matching purse.
amazing dress to prom night

#37. Romantic Purple Dress to Prom

You can never go wrong with wearing a dress to prom. This romantic purple lace dress will look absolutely cute with classic pumps and a little clutch.
romantic purple dress to prom

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