Dark Grim Reaper Tattoo Designs with Mystical Meanings

Though Death has existed since the beginning of time, the usual image of Grim Reaper appeared in Medieval times when the world faced the death in the form of wars and plagues. In most cultures, the Grim Reaper is commonly portrayed as a shady skeletal figure wearing a long black robe and carrying a sharp scythe which Death needs to collect the souls of the dead and show them the path to the afterlife. Some believe that the Grim Reaper just causes the death by simply touching the victim and doesn’t guide the soul. In different myths, the Grim Reaper can be shown as male or as female.

The Symbolism behind the Grim Reaper Tattoos

As a part of transcendental the Death is something you can’t see or touch, therefore, its visual portraying may be the way of accepting the inevitable and overcoming the fear of unknown. The tattoo culture isn’t an exception here. Grim Reaper tattoo carries different meanings both positive and negative:

  • Death
  • Fearlessness
  • Bravery and courage
  • Evil and darkness
  • A symbol of Good luck
  • Transience of life
  • The beginning of another life
  • The memory of the loved one who passed away
  • Emotionless

The Grim Reaper is quite interesting tattoo design itself, but it can be complemented by other images as well. Here are some of the common designs which you can add:

  • Clock, watch, hourglass
  • Crosses
  • Angels
  • Playing cards
  • Woman’s portrait
  • Smoke or fire
  • Skulls and skeletons
  • Flowers
  • Lettering and quotes
  • The Moon
  • Sword or Knife
  • Masks
  • Church
  • Crown
  • Heart
  • Palms and Sea
  • Snakes
  • Candle or torch
  • Wings, etc.

The Features of Grim Reaper Tattoos

First thing first you have to completely sure in getting inked with a Grim Reaper tattoo. While commonly depicted in black ink, there are a dime a dozen interesting, colorful tattoos as well. If you are a daring person, go for a realistic Reaper image which appears to be more impressive. Still, we’ve rounded some of the most appropriate tattoo styles to implement any Grim Reaper tattoo idea:

  • Dotwork
  • Linework
  • Blackwork
  • Old School
  • Traditional and Neo-Traditional
  • Black and gray realism
  • Trash Polka
  • Hyper-realism or 3D

Usually, Grim Reaper tattoos vary from medium to big-sized, so better place them on the back, side, thigh, arms etc. However, small inks are also possible and look just fine on the hand, wrist or even finger. Whatever Grim Reaper tattoo design you choose, it will be the great reminding to live your life fully and not fear of anything.

Grim Reaper Meaningful Ideas

Typically depicted with a skull instead of face carrying the infamous scythe this wicked Grim Reaper arm tattoo is creepy and awesome.

Well-shaded wicked Grim Reaper pic on biceps
Thanks to fantastic shading it seems that the Grim Reaper appears from nowhere. Holding his scythe above the head, reaper looks dark and frightening.

Cool simple Death tattoo on arm
We are chilled by this awesome cold black and gray 3D-realistic Grim Reaper tattoo on the forearm. The drawing depth enchants and frightens at the same time.

The amazing 3D Grim Reaper tattoo for men
The author of his astonishing leg piece caught Grim reaper’s profile and depicted him in a common loose black robe and appalling scythe. Guess it’s not finished yet but even on this level looks fantastic.

Truly amazing realistic Grim Reaper tattoo on leg
The flawless job of the undoubtedly talented master made this highly detailed grim reaper leg piece possible. Are you that brave to look straight into the eyes of death and do not fear? Well, the girl in this tattoo image is brave and the whole tattoo idea is about fearlessness.

The awesome Grim Reaper in love with a girl tattoo
This gloomy, grim reaper shoulder tattoo is dope with all its shadowing and well-done outlines of every single detail. And the message is quite clear – don’t be afraid of and don’t forget that the Death will come for you one day.

Real badass Grim Reaper tattoo idea on the shoulder
This outstanding Blackwork gothic reaper skull tattoo has the deep dark shading and cool detailed image. The chains encircling the reaper perfectly complement the tattoo.

One of the best Grim Reaper tattoos with chain
One more absolutely amazing blackwork reaper tattoo stands out on the calf. Thanks to pale skin of the bearer the tattoo look is even more contrasting and frightening.

Dope black and gray Grim Reaper tattoo for men
If you’ve come up with the idea of a grim reaper tattoo, the best way to implement it is to ink a traditional image of Angel of Death in a long black hooded cloak holding his scythe above the head.

Creative black and gray Grim Reaper tattoo on inner arm for boys

You may like to get tatted up with this wonderful black and white contrasting Grim Reaper tattoo. What a professional portrayal of Reaper’s evil and dark nature! We especially love those tribal elements decorating his nightmarish scythe.

Sinister black and white Grim Reaper tattoo with decorated scythe
Bet you couldn’t even imagine that the typically black and gray Grim Reaper can be depicted in such cute way – with flowers and hearts images. Looks nice and feminine!

Cute picture of a classic Grim Reaper female tattoo
The “Harry Potter” version of the Grim Reaper is presented in this fantastic Dotwork tattoo encircled by the quote: “Greeting death as an old friend, they departed this life as equals”.

Cool Harry Potter version of Grim Reaper tattoo in Dotwork style

Placed on the calf this cool tattoo shows the harbinger of life’s among leaves and the full moon. Great shading and detailed skull fully transmit his lifeless skeletal gaze that haunting you.

Horrifying dark Grim Reaper skull tattoo on leg
Despite all negative significances, the Grim Reaper tattoo may play the role of a good charm and enable to protect the bearer. This terrifyingly beautiful Grim Reaper artwork shows him faceless carrying a sword instead of a scythe.

Positive dark Grim Reaper tattoo in shadow plumes
This astonishing hyper-realistic sleeve depicts the scythe bearer in transparent veil instead of familiar black robe looking at the clock which is the symbol of the fleeting life. Fantastic piece!

Breath-taking Grim Reaper as Death tattoo in Realistic style
When it comes to death-themed tattoos, it’s hard to avoid ancient Egypt because back in the day Egyptians had some strong beliefs in the afterlife, honored the god of dead Anubis. Here’s a nice take on Grim Reaper tattoo in a pharaoh mask in Traditional Style.

Nice Egyptian Pharaoh Grim Reaper tattoo for men
We are blown away by this real badass artwork picturing a Grim Reaper with skulls. If you want to make an accent on a sinister look of Grim Reaper, consider highlighting the eye sockets of the skull with red color.

Stunning evil Grim Reaper tattoo with skulls

Grim Reaper decorated with roses and lilies creates some stylish and girlish arm piece. For many people tattooing this entity is simply the way to remind themselves of some essential things in life like enjoying it while you can!

Refined female Grim Reaper tattoo with flowers
Reminding a ghost of an old lady in a night cap somewhere from the nineteenth century this cool Dotwork tattoo of Grim Reaper holding an old-fashioned lantern brings the medieval Christian idea of reflection on mortality that is in Latin “Memento Mori”.

Flawless free-hand Grim Reaper tattoo with lantern
What hides behind the grieving woman’s mask? Well, there’s a grin of evil Grim Reaper waiting for his time to grab the soul of a dying person. Cannot help to mention this beauteous adornment behind Reaper’s head.

Fantastic tattoo of Grim Reaper taking off the mask of a girl
Using different shades of gray, the tattoo artist made a fascinating Grim Reaper arm ink that reminds a pencil draft. The tattoo is as gloom and devoid of colors as Death itself.

Phenomenal gray Grim Reaper tattoo design for girls
Shrouded in his lifeless cloak, the Grim Reaper creates some truly amazing tattoo. Highly detailed and softly shaded the image of the skull looks so real thanks to the white highlights. Terrific piece!

Terrific Grim Reaper arm tattoo
The evil Grim Reaper tattoo design conveys a simple message that no one can escape the Death as it is a part of life cycle. From this side of view, even the most sinister Grim Reaper tattoos may inspire you to cherish your life.

Inspiring Grim Reaper back tattoo design
The familiar image of Grim Reaper revealed itself in a late fourteenth century when Europe went to wars, famines and plagues. Death literally scythed people. Here we can see a visual embodiment of those times horror in the form of solid black Linework back tattoo.

The rich black full back tattoo of Grim Reaper above the church
The Traditional style works fine for a real badass girl if she wants to wear some really macabre Grim Reaper hand tattoo in color.

Damn good Grim Reaper hand tattoo in classic style
This super clean Linework piece that illustrates the Angel of Death holding a shovel instead of the commonly seen scythe and an hourglass that symbolizes the transience of life reminds a gravure from medieval books.

Gravure-like Grim Reaper with a crown and hourglass tattoo for men
Grim Reaper themed sleeve is a good idea for people who want to sport a large tattoo. The prevailing black ink with some white highlights creates the skeletal figure of Angel of Death carrying a heart. The tight tattoo!

Rad Grim Reaper keeping the heart sleeve tattoo
This funny, intense black Traditional tattoo with a grim reaper chilling out on holiday carrying a palm tree instead of a scythe and drinking a cocktail means that no one will die as long the Death is on vacation.

Positive Grim Reaper on vacation tattoo design
Is it just me or you can see this Grim Reaper flirting with us through this ace tattoo as well? Hiding her sinister grin behind the fan decorated with snakes, the Death creates some truly impressive black ink piece.

Eerie Grim Reaper with fan tattoo on forearm
The ominous image of Grim Reaper is accompanied by a fogged night cemetery and a clock symbolizing the transience of life. Just simply looking at this horror piece creeps me out.

Horrifying Grim Reaper tattoo with smoke, cemetery and a clock
Here’s a fantastic black and gray Grim Reaper with a clock tattoo and lettering that says: “In Life, all you have is Time, in time, all you have is Death”. Nice way to motivate yourself not to waste precious time.

Motivational Grim Reaper with clock tattoo on the shoulder
This one is an utterly hilarious colorful grim reaper tattoo. Dressed up in a bright Hawaiian shirt carrying a gun and a well-known scythe the Grim Reaper is on his extended vacation and obviously not going to do his work. Well, lucky us!

Hilarious Grim Reaper with a gun tattoo for boys
There are just bold outlines of an awesome future tattoo inked on the chest, but even on this point, it looks so cool with this burning candle in a portable flashlight that is a symbol of fleeting life and chains that connect life and death.

The Undoubtedly Ideal Grim Reaper tattoo outlines on chest
As for me, this Grim Reaper is trying too hard to look spooky but looks funny instead. Accompanied by all these spider nets and some blood drops on the edge of his scythe, the solid black tattoo with the dark soul carrier finds its place on the leg.

Funny little Blackwork Grim Reaper tattoo
Interesting in shading yet with a minimum of details this small Grim Reaper tattoo that is portrayed with a burning candle and a knife appears to be looking for another victim’s soul to take away.

Spooky minimalistic Grim Reaper tattoo on forearm
Unlike the usual skull instead of face this cold blue Grim Reaper is faceless. His long white cloak and skeletal hands holding the sharp scythe can put anyone into fear. The full moon behind his back adds some ominous atmosphere to the whole composition.

The perfect colorful Grim Reaper under the Moon tattoo
This mind-blowing black and gray Grim Reaper with angel tattoo full sleeve represents this invisible link between life and death pointing out that all the things in the world are finite.

Phenomenal realistic tattoo of Grim Reaper and Angel sculptures
Inspired by Rorschach psych test this saturated black Dotwork tattoo shows a sinister image of the Grim Reaper in a hat with a scythe behind his back. The whole point of Rorschach ink test is that you can see something completely different.

Ominous Rorschach style Grim Reaper tattoo in dots
Performed in two basic colors black and gray this one is so awesome that even the Grim Reaper himself would definitely want to get inked with such tattoo!

Beautiful and scary tattoo of Grim Reaper standing among snakes
Boys remain boys, even when it comes to such serious topic as Death. This Neo-Traditional tattoo presents a Grim Reaper with a body of the super sexy lady. Looks cool anyway!

Super sexy Grim Reaper tattoo on the inner forearm
The tattoo master absolutely nailed the snake scales. This quarter sleeve tattoo kills with its excellence and horrifies as well. The crowned Grim Reaper tattoo is for those who see death as a natural part of life cycle and who is daring enough to wear it!

Sick Grim Reaper with a crown and a snake tattoo
Dotwork style always adds super cool image graininess to tattoos. This Grim Reaper reminding a character from a cartoon walks with his horrifying scythe among the clouds and signifies death.

Unusual simple Grim Reaper tattoo in Dotwork style
The tattoo of this lifeless carrier of souls is obviously for those people who don’t get goose pumps once they hear the word ‘Reaper’. Would you dare to get inked with this fantastic back piece showing the Grim Reaper with the banner “Do not fear”?

A bit slouchy Grim Reaper tattoo on back
This interesting small bold black Traditional Grim Reaper tattoo is rather cute than scary. Still, it is perceived as a dark servant of hell and heaven, the entity that takes the life away.

Small yet meaningful Grim Reaper tattoo for men
If you are a big fan of “Sons of Anarchy”, you may like to get inked with their noted patch of Grim Reaper wielding the scythe and a fired up bomb.

Inspired by “Sons of Anarchy” grim reaper tattoo on back
The colorful Grim Reaper and an anvil are depicted on both hands in Traditional style. These simple tattoos may give the wearer a reminding to be hard-working and appreciate all the gifts that life sends us generously.

Significant Traditional Grim Reaper and Anvil hand tattoos for guys
You may find stories in which some brave men tricked Death and stayed alive. This enormous clean Tribal back piece portrays Grim Reaper playing cards with an ordinary man for his life. This themed tattoo symbolizes good luck.

Sick Tribal Grim Reaper tattoo covering back fully
Depicted without his infamous lifeless cloak this awesome Grim reaper tattoo shows him as a skeleton with wings and a scythe. Neat work!

Awesome unisex Grim Reaper with wings tattoo