Hamsa Tattoos Designs with Meaning

The hamsa tattoo embraces a deep magical sense and serves as a strong defensive amulet. These amazing variations of hamsa patterns below are aimed at different tastes that will not leave you impassive.

Hamsa – is one of the oldest symbols of protection known as the hand of God or the hand of Fatima. The word “hamsa” possesses Semitic roots and means “five”. The tattoo with this symbol is traditionally depicted in blue coloring, in the shape of a palm with big thumbs on both sides. Hamsa image is the most popular among Arabs and Jews, however, today it is applied by the representatives of any religions and nationalities.

The Hamsa Hand Tattoo Meanings

The major meaning of hamsa tattoo is protection from the evil, misfortunes and anxiety. The eye that is frequently presented in the middle helps to “push away” the dark force and defend themselves from the sneaky, unexpected attacks. Other hamsa interpretations include:

  • Happiness and hearth – hamsa with fingers down is a women’s amulet, which is designed to defend mothers, promote procreation, protect the family, relatives and bring harmony and mutual understanding between spouses.
  • Endurance and fortitude – according to an ancient legend the Prophet Mohammed’s daughter Fatima dropped her spoon in surprise when her husband came with a new wife but continued stirring boiling food in a pot with her hand, in spite of the pain. Since the image of her hand symbolizes patience and faith.
  • Eroticism – this sense is revealed in the composition of hamsa with two fingers.
  • Control – the hand is a symbol of power. Thus, those, who use the Hamsa hand as an amulet, manage their lives themselves or Fatima’s hand shows them the right way. Besides, the hand contributes to success in all undertakings.
  • Five-toed (with five fingers) – can be interpreted as a sign of the wisdom contained in the five books of the Torah.
  • 5 fingers are interpreted as the 5 senses – Jews believe that if a person properly uses these five senses, then he acquires the sixth sense – intuition.
  • Gift of nature – the adherents of Islam interpret the sign as an image of a miracle and consider that it can bring the long-awaited rain.

The Symbolism of Hamsa Hand Tattoos

In addition to the traditional depiction, this talisman can be supplemented by various protective symbols:

  • bear
  • unicorn
  • yin yang
  • elephant
  • fish
  • eye
  • moon
  • star of David

The hamsa image is often complemented with bright characters:

  • red flowers
  • colorful leaves
  • roses

The colors and designs propose many interesting ideas:

  • black hamsa
  • big hamsa
  • linework hamsa
  • hamsa with geometric elements
  • detailed hamsa

Hamsa Tattoo Ideas

hand of fatima tattoo
Hamsa image obtained the name “hand of Fatima” in Islam, where it is associated with five bases: faith, charity, prayer, pilgrimage and fasting. These black and white tattoos in the form of a hand are decorated with wonderful patterns in the center of which is an eye. This sign keeps safe from harm and the evil eye.
hamsa sleeve tattoo
This half sleeve tattoo is an ideal option for men: the striking size with a famous symbol of hamsa is supplemented by a presentation of a dove with spread wings. Both images are known as talismans – while hamsa protects you from enemies, the second sign brings the owner love and peace.
hamsa tattoo on the back
hamsa tattoo on the back
It is supposed that hamsa sign is a forceful amulet from harm and danger. In accordance with old traditions, it should be depicted on the back to protect its holder from the unforeseen threat. These two tattoos in black and white coloring with a big eye on the palm illustrate this point.
hamsa tattoo with bear
This lovely combination of bear and hamsa in one work is not a common phenomenon, which, nevertheless, expresses such substantial meaning as power and emphasizes the strong-willed character of the person. The hamsa with fingers down presents marvelous designs on the forearm that organically combined with the big but kind image of the bear head.
hamsa tatttoo with coloful leaves
Here is a quite unusual tattoo of black hamsa on the inner forearm with colorful red leaves on it. The integral part of hamsa is a large eye, which embodies the shield against all adversity, the leaves, in their turn, denotes the strength of spirit and endurance.
hamsa tatttoo with yin yang
This painted hamsa tattoo consists of many old patterns and symbols like a central eye, sun, moon and lotus, yin yang takes the important place among them. It includes well-known oppositions: evil and good, black and white etc., which points out that the owner is in search of himself and his place in life.
hamsa tatttoo on the chest
hamsa tatttoo on the chest
The chest tattoo is often chosen by men because of the big area for the picture, while women give preference to symmetric hamsa on the under boob. In this case, the black and white images are complemented with floral elements that can be equally applied by both sexes.

hamsa tatttoo on the leg
The tattoo on the leg is a men’s prerogative: the hamsa image with a realistic depiction of protective eye looks quite effective on this part of the body. Moreover, the palm with fingers down and the prevalence of black coloring can either determine power, prospects and money or sorrow and loneliness.
hamsa tatttoo with unicorn
The fictional picture of unicorn became a primary figure in this bright performance of hamsa on the upper back. The decorated palm with a bold outline is a real masterpiece of tattoo art: the white unicorn in blue waves is fantastic! This animal is very strong and is able to stand up for itself, thus, it is considered as a significant amulet together with hamsa.
hamsa tattoo with red flowers
What can be more suitable for women than the unbelievable presentation of flowers in a tattoo? These sparkling elements create a contrast with calm black and white hamsa image. Furthermore, the painted palm comprises a big range of patterns among which the floral ornaments are included as well. Tender and nice choice for an upper arm!

elephant hamsa tattoo
elephant hamsa tattoo
elephant hamsa tattoo
The elephant is deeply honored animal, particularly in Asian countries and its interpretation in the form of hamsa tattoo, is not unexpected. Together these two religious signs are used as a defense from all disasters and problems. Apart from the power, the elephant brings its holder wisdom and tranquility.
hamsa tattoo with roses
Here the roses as a famous embodiment of love and passion perfectly embellish the hamsa pattern. Two buds almost envelop the old sing with a big eye in the middle of floral ornament. The work is done on the inner forearm in white and black tint and expresses intense feelings like devotion and fidelity.
hamsa tattoo in the side
hamsa tattoo in the side
These two trendy tattoos of hamsa are located on the sides but present completely different views on one eminent symbol. The black and white picture with an eye in floral bud decorates the palm in one work, while the second tattoo is applied in brighter shades with red pattern and interesting circle in the center.
girl hamsa tattoo
girl hamsa tattoo
It is not a secret that the girls prefer unusual, compelling ideas in tattoos. So why not to execute the hamsa image in the form of lotus – the flower of perfection or choose the work with the most realistic eye performance and modern designs? Anyway, they are aimed at protection of the person.
hamsa tattoo idea
hamsa tattoo idea
hamsa tattoo idea
These hamsa tattoos show how unusual designs can emphasize your individuality and creative approach to life. You can add some floral theme like an eye with petals instead of eyelashes or bright blue and pink splashes or just paint the hamsa with numerous patterns: the more unpredictable, the better!
black hamsa tattoo
black hamsa tattoo
black hamsa tattoo
The black hamsa tattoo is for people, who want to express the meaning but not the form. Here the implied sense of protection is performed in quite serious, restrained manner – the variety of old, catching designs, with an eye as the main figure, are stressed by black, thin lines, which definitely make the strong accent in this composition on the inner forearm.
big hamsa tattoo
big hamsa tattoo
If you are a fan of big tattoos and looking for a memorable hamsa idea, the back will be the perfect place for your experiments. Here the traditional form of hamsa is complemented with a number of beautiful florets that look equally good both inside the “hand” and as a frame.
linework hamsa tattoo
The hamsa in linework style is something new and stylish in tattoo art. This design on the inner forearm proposes a modern vision on details, where the image seems abstract but looks very realistic. The black and white hamsa is done in extremely thin, subtle line with the smooth and accurate transition.
hamsa tattoo on the hand
hamsa tattoo on the hand
These striking tattoos of hamsa on the forearm are quite interesting from the religious and philosophical point of view. The dark patterns with a woman’s eye bring the feeling of mystery in the whole image, while the choice of the triangle symbol for another work signifies cyclicality of human existence.
detailed hamsa tattoo
detailed hamsa tattoo
Actually, it is sometimes not easily to recognize hamsa image among some extraordinary decorations like feathers, lotus or ornamentations, however, such detailed performance of the pictures looks highly impressive and skillful. Take these wondrous tattoos – amulets on back or hand and you will be in safe!
interesting hamsa tattoo
This hamsa pattern combines the startling colors of purple, green, yellow, red and black with a universe in the center. All these components produce the impression that the part of space is on your forearm. This interpretation of hamsa image specifies the owner’s intention to reach integrity and tranquility in life.
black work hamsa tattoo
black work hamsa tattoo
The black work style of tattoo always looks deep and concrete without any frills. Here the hamsa design is adorned with other images like butterfly and flower. Because of the predominance of black coloring, the pattern enhances the major meaning of this symbol that is defense from the misfortune.
hamsa tattoo with geomertric elements
The geometric design is a favorite genre for many tattoo lovers as it consists of incredible networks, which may create different figures like in this complicated hamsa pattern on the forearm. The combination of geometric elements with enthralling ornaments conveys a sacred significance with the mystic base.