Hebrew Tattoos Ideas with Meaning

As any other ancient language, Hebrew carries the wisdom of generations and sacred knowledge. Let’s be honest, most of the people, bearing tattoos in Hebrew, have nothing to do with the culture of Israel where Hebrew is a national language. Moreover, tattoos are forbidden in Judaism so this article is for those who are just fascinated with beautiful and mysterious Hebrew letters and want to hear the question: “What does your tattoo mean?” every day.

Hebrew Tattoo Symbolism and Meanings

Depending on your preferences a tattoo in Hebrew can mean whatever you want if it is translated properly. Here are some of most common Hebrew tattoo designs:

  • Words such as love, faith, courage, life is written in Hebrew;
  • Names of family members in Hebrew to immortalize your love to your family;
  • Names of prophets from Torah;
  • Hebrew sayings about God, faith, and religion;
  • Initials of beloved written in Hebrew;
  • Couple Hebrew tattoos to indicate your devotion etc.

Hebrew letterings can be inked as a separate tattoo piece or with some complementing details which can bring some new senses into a tattoo.

  • Flowers;
  • Star of David;
  • The Hamsa;
  • The Sun and the Moon, etc.

The Features of Hebrew Tattoos

First thing first, you have to get a qualified translation from a native speaker of the phrase or a word that you want to ink in Hebrew. The language is complex and mistakes in Hebrew tattoos are a common thing. When you have coped with translation, next thing to do will be choosing a tattoo font, a size, a color of letters and a spot where to ink it. Big phrases or passages in Hebrew should be placed on back, thigh, calf or arm. Small phrases or single words can be depicted on the finger, behind the ear, on the neck, on wrist etc.

Be sure that the aesthetic appearance of Hebrew tattoo will grab anyone’s attention right the way when they see it. With all the intricate curves and swirls of this ancient script, the tattoo will look fantastically anyways.

For more inspiration for you Hebrew tattoo, take a look at some exceptional pictures with meanings and translations that we collected for you!

Hebrew Tattoos Ideas

Despite the fact that tattoos are not welcomed in Judaism, many people still choose Hebrew to indicate their faith. Here it is the name of Micah, one of the prophets in Tanakh, inked in the
Stunning ancient Hebrew tattoo on forearm
In Hebrew means Jehovah that is another name for God in Old Testament. As a way to show off your religious beliefs, this tattoo on the neck is very attractive.
Christian Hebrew tattoo on back
If you want to have only one word tattooed, consider it to be written in Hebrew. Here is the word “faith” but tattooed in such unusual way on arm. Looks fantastically.
Interesting Hebrew tattoo for faith on forearm
A family is thought as the most valuable thing in the world for Hebrew people. You can ink “a father” in Hebrew like the one in the picture to signify your love and respect to your family.
Touching tattoo of family in Hebrew inked on side

Lettering in Hebrew that is coming out in the image of roses performed in Watercolor is just amazing. The translation of this Hebrew tattoo is “with the help of God”.
Unbelievably beautiful floral Hebrew lettering tattoo on forearm
You can easily incarnate the names of your loved ones like a man in the picture did. He got tattooed with the names Dominick and Anna, probably his parents.
Heartwarming Hebrew tattoo with names on forearm
This incredible spine tattoo written in Hebrew sends a message which can be translated as “my love will not fade away”. It looks delicate and mysterious at the same time!
Eye-catching Hebrew phrase tattoo on back
Here is one more take on Jehovah Hebrew tattoo. Placed on the wrist this one is an interesting and quite personal tattoo for those who want to show deep faith to the world.
Simple Hebrew sayings tattoo on wrist
If you simply change the calligraphy, the whole tattoo will look differently. Check out this incredible Hebrew tattoo on the shoulder and make sure.
Breathtaking Hebrew scripture tattoo on arm
Love is eternal and fundamental for all the people around the globe. For those of you who can’t imagine life without love, we found this simple yet attractive Hebrew tattoo for love.
Cute tattoo with Hebrew symbol for love on wrist
Even though different religions don’t approve tattoos, many people still find a tattoo as a great way of expressing an indicating their belonging to a particular religion. This Hebrew ink
Motivational Hebrew tattoo quote on arm
If you think that having a bold lettering isn’t enough, ink something to complement your tattoo. For instance, flowers and roses, in particular, can create a beautiful tattoo design with
Old School rose with Hebrew writing tattoo on forearm
Love is probably the most popular word that is tattooing in Hebrew. Due to its symbolic power, it can be chosen by anyone and performed in different styles and fonts.
Cute Hebrew tattoo for love on wrist
Some tattoos are quite motivational and once you get them your life can change in a moment. This alluring Hebrew wrist tattoo stands for strength and courage.
Word strength in Hebrew as a tattoo on forearm
This simple yet interesting Hebrew lettering on the wrist can be translated as life, alive, living. There are only two symbols but so many senses, ha?
Awesome Hebrew tattoo for life on wrist

As you may notice wrist is the most popular part of the body to get a Hebrew tattoo. The explanation is easy – wrist inks look cool and sweet and they are quite easy to get.
Matching Hebrew tattoo on wrist for girls
With the letters that remind geometric figures this tattoo that means Jehovah looks original and interesting. This one is made of bold outlines but you can have it fully inked if you like.
Superb geometrical Hebrew tattoo on hand
This fantastic spine Hebrew tattoo literally says: ‘Be still and know that I am your God’. This passage is taken from Psalm 46:10 and carries deep religious sense for the tattoo bearer.
Distinctive Hebrew letters tattoo on back
Yeshua is Hebrew name of Jesus. This lettering in Hebrew presented on the biceps can be translated as “Disciple of Yeshua”. Nice way to indicate your religious views and loyalty.
Fine Hebrew tattoo with YESHUA quote on arm
Hebrew writings look exceptionally beautiful if they are tattooed on spine. Decorate the writing with lilies or other flowers and the result will be incredible!
Gorgeous Hebrew writing and flowers tattoo on back
If to translate from Hebrew, we’ll get the word “one”. Isn’t it sweet having this exact word written in Hebrew as a couple tattoo?
Romantic Hebrew symbol for being together tattoo on finger
Girls all over the globe take vows to follow God’s rules and get tattoos that say ‘Daughter of the King’ as a reminder that they are all daughters of one Father and He is always here with
Meaningful Daughter of the King Hebrew tattoo on arm for girls
This circular dotwork tattoo containing Hebrew letters put in order that only the tattoo bearer knows. With its light soft curls and swirls, Hebrew letters create a unique tattoo design on
Unique Dotwork script Hebrew tattoo on arm
Jehovah is another name of God in Judaism. Probably this man got tattooed with this Hebrew tattoo design to show his devotion and deep faith.
Saturated in red color Hebrew tattoo on forearm
It is a Buddhist Pali incantation written in Khmer script, the language of Cambodia. It is there to protect her and her adopted Cambodian son Maddox from bad luck.
Angelina Jolie Hebrew letters tattoo on back