High and Tight Fade Haircuts for Men

The short male haircut is a trend, which includes a wide variety of amazing hairstyles. The high and tight haircut is one of the most popular hairstyles, due to its easiness to maintain. It is also known as a military high and tight, taking its roots from the military hairstyles. Today it is a modern haircut not only among soldiers or sailors but also among businessmen, actors and politicians.

What is the High and Tight Haircut?

The high and tight presents a classic variant of a buzz cut. It is characterized by the shaved hair on the sides and back, leaving short hair on the crown. The length on the top of the head must be 1 to 2 numbers higher than on the back and sides. Usually, the sides are cut at length 0-3, while the crown – 3-5. So, the strip should be definitive and have hard edge lines.

The high and tight is the easiest type of haircuts to maintain, which can be done even at home with a proper set of hair clippers. It is aimed at minimalism and practicality. However, some guys prefer leaving fairly long top and style it with hairspray or styling foam, giving a new shape to their hairdo.

The Variations of the High and Tight Haircut

  • High and tight Hipster or Pompadour hairstyle – the pompadour as well as hipster mainstream has been updated for the modern The short sides emphasize height on the top.
  • High and tight Jarhead hairstyle – is a version of the popular buzz cut. It suits people with elevated cheekbones, diamond face shape and slender jaw-lines, foreheads.
  • High and tight Recon hairstyle – the hair on the top is shorter in length and higher on the scalp in comparison with the high and tight, so the top takes a smaller surface area.

Who Can Choose the High and Tight Haircut?

The high and tight suits gentlemen with nicely-shaped head, who want a short haircut but not a full buzz cut or shaved head. Being standard and very common hairstyle, the high and tight has some nuances to point out:

  • The type of hair. The high and tight is a good choice for most hair types, except the extremely kinky or coiled hair.
  • The face shape. This hairstyle will definitely emphasize the shape of your face, leaving a small area of hair on the top. So, it looks better with oval, square and triangular face shapes. The men with diamond, oblong and round face are not recommended to try it.

The Reasons to Have the High and Tight Haircut

Nowadays the famous military haircut has transformed into a fashionable hairstyle. It is not surprising, as the high and tight has a plenty of advantages, highly appreciated by men:

  • Time and money saving;
  • Do not need special styling;
  • Has a big range of styling options;
  • Looks great with many face shapes and hairstyles;
  • Works well with longer and shorter hair;
  • Can be done at home;
  • Suits people with different jobs and lifestyles.

The buzzed sides with back and a prominent top is an ideal option for those who currently serve in the military. The high and tight creates a very serious look of a mature, young man.
The strict army high and tight hairstyle
The gradually faded sides are a cool and fresh element of this high and tight hairstyle. This technique together with one side part haircut will emphasize your personality without a doubt.
The trendy fade high and tight haircut
The Marines constitute one more important group of the high and tight followers. Here the neatly buzzed sides are combined with the combed back top. The smart decision for sea lovers!
The high and tight haircut for Marine Corp
If you like the hipster direction in fashion, you can easily bring it in your high and tight hairstyle. The long, black slicked back hair seems fantastic with buzzed sides.
The hipster-inspired high and tight haircut
The high and tight suits practically all men, despite their age. But if you wish to achieve brutal appearance, the beard is what you need. In this way, you get a contrast between almost bald back and a short beard.
The high and tight haircut with a beard
The clean-shaven back and sides with a distinct high fade create a cool image. On the one hand, you get almost bald hairstyle, but on the other hand, you leave a little space for fantasy.
The high and tight haircut fade
The high and tight hairstyle is characterized by minimum hair left on the crown. However, this trendy haircut shows a nice option with distinct top and faded sides.
The perfect photo of the high and tight haircut
It is not typical to see high and tight hairstyle with frizzy hair due to its unique structure. But this man with elongated top and shaved pattern in the form of triple branching shows how it may work well.
The picture of the high and tight haircut
If your goal is to impress others, you need to consider this exciting idea of the high and tight. The top design includes white curls on the dark basis with a famous technique of fading.
The wavy high and tight haircut style
The perfect combination of sharp lines with natural growth is presented in this photo. Here the forehead stays natural and with a stretched fade creates the balance, producing a “cookie cutter” style.
The high and tight hairstyle
The extremely long top makes a prominent point of this high and tight haircut. In contrast, the polished sides and back deepen the impression. Three sharp lines behind the ear complete this brutal image.
The long high and tight on the top
The wearers of thick, a bit wavy hair can boldly choose the high and tight haircut. The completely shaved sides with sharp beard are integral details of this modern look.
The men’s high and tight haircut
The high and tight recon is a wonderful alternative for lovers of the traditional high and tight. The oval shape of the top is complemented by the separate shaved pattern. The outstanding choice for confident men!
The high and tight recon haircut
This high and tight haircut is prepared for conservative people. The long, spiky top with a bang sticking out remains a classic today. Leaving a rather long top but practically bald sides, you get a super stylish look.
The high and tight skin fade
Zero-length on the sides and a short Mohawk on the crown will remind of military service. Even if you do not have any connections with the army, still you may try this remarkable hassle-free hairstyle.
The Jarhead haircut
If you stick to traditional designs of hairstyles, this high and tight haircut is what you need. The totally bald back and sides turn into the fade part, while the curly top is left intact.
The traditional bald high and tight fade
This version of high and tight is ideal for those who already have great texture. The long top makes it possible to slick hair back or adds some salt spray to bring out more texture.
The short and high textured hairstyle
The contrast between the skin and hair is a major feature of this high and tight hairstyle. It seems that the hair is disappearing step by step due to the well-known fade technique.
The bald high and tight fade
You can choose the high and tight haircut in order to emphasize an unusual structure of your hair. Not everyone can boast of thick, curly hair that becomes even more evident with shaved back and faded sides.
The curly high and tight fade
Here the high and tight hairstyle is a bright example of virility. The kinky top is nicely combined with faded sides and a short beard. It illustrates a perfect neatness of lines and shapes.
The faded high and tight haircut
The mix of old styles and techniques leads to fresh, interesting result in hairdressing. The long top styled forward with hard side part look youth, interesting and rather cocky.
The fresh high and tight haircut
If you wish to create your own, memorable image, this bright hairstyle in bright shades of crimson will suit you. Leaving enough space on your crown, you get a great contrast with fully bald part of back and sides.
The high and tight fade with color
The cleared sides and a short, accurate top help you to feel confident in any occasions. The amazing afro curls dominate this look together with three designed lines on the temple.
The afro high and tight fade
Being one of the oldest haircuts, this high and tight presents the easiest option for everyday life. Here the polished skin fade creates a wonderful union with a perfectly short top.
The wave high and tight skin fade
Braids bring uniqueness to any hairstyles, and the high and tight is not an exception. They are gathered in a ponytail at the drop of the back head, while the sides are fully bare.
The high and tight fade with braids
You may think that Pompadour is a style of past. In fact, Pompadour fade is the hottest trend today. The ultra-clean cut makes a high top look even more distinctive and volume.
The high and tight Pompadour styl
It is difficult to find a more appropriate haircut for the army than the high and tight. Among numerous variations of this hairstyle, this haircut is characterized by quite long, straight top and traditionally cleaned sides.
The army high and tight hairstyle
This high and tight hairstyle combines a mix of classic with a fashionable technique. The thick, long top with a clear part line is styled on one side. This is a nice alternative for formal events!
The high and tight haircut fade
You can easily see this smart high and tight hairdo in the Marine Corps, because of its universality. This man possesses medium sized top finely combed. The back and sides are clear shaved to add freshness.
The high and tight haircut for the Marine Corps
The hipster haircut is in big request among men who are keen on vintage. Here the high and tight works well with hipster style, illustrating an undercut option with the sleeked back top.
The high and tight haircut hipster
Beard is a symbol of maturity and masculinity. In this case, it serves as an excellent addition to this stylish high and tight. Choosing this hairdo, you get a standard short haircut on the crown with sides and back cleared to bareness.
The high and tight haircut with a beard