Ideas of Rook Piercing

The rook piercing belongs to one of the most stylish ear piercing variations. It is a form of cartilage piercing with a unique location, which suits both men and women. The rook piercing is amazingly versatile, so you can easily start up your accessorizing game. The carefully chosen jewelry will perfectly represent you and emphasize your personality traits.

What Is Rook Piercing?

The rook piercing also known as anti-helix piercing is a perforation of the antihelix of the ear just above the tragus. It is located along the inner ridge of the ear cartilage, parallel to the outer rim. Unfortunately, not everyone can get this type of piercing, as it requires pronounced enough ridge.

The rook piercing was firstly introduced by Erik Dakota in the early 1990s. This renowned piercer from California named it after a shortened version of his first name. The rook piercing is quite unique in comparison with other ear cartilage piercings. The majority of them go from a front surface of the ear to the back surface, while the rook piercing goes from the bottom to the top.

There are two variations of rook piercing:

Double rook piercing – represent two perforations on the inner cartilage ridge. Great pain can accompany it but the result is stunning.

Faux rook piercing – is a single piercing made horizontally above the inner ridge with a backing behind the ear, similar to conch piercing. It looks wonderful with colorful studs.

Pain and Procedure

The rook piercing is regarded to be one of the most painful among all perforations of the ear, because of thick cartilage that hurts when pierced. Nevertheless, the pain level is a highly subjective question. Some people say that the rook piercing is not really painful, while people with a low tolerance for pain give 5 or 6 of 10.

The procedure is similar to other ear cartilage piercings and must be done only by the knowledgeable piercer, who is experienced with this type of piercing. Choose clean and hygienic piercing studio, where you will certainly get a quality procedure with the correct aftercare advice.

The procedure itself is done quickly. Firstly, a professional piercer thoroughly cleans the area and marks the piercing spots with a pen.  Then the cartilage is pierced using a 16 gauge or 14 gauge needle. When the hole is made, the piercer inserts the jewelry into the freshly pierced ear. Many clients admit that this is the most uncomfortable part of the procedure.

Healing Time and Aftercare

The healing process usually takes between 3-9 months to a year to heal fully. The initial healing time should be about 6-8 weeks. The careful aftercare, qualitative jewelry, and proper placement will promote healing. The rook piercing is one of the most susceptible to infection. Therefore it needs special attention. The common aftercare instructions include:

  • always wash your hands with an antibacterial soap before touching the piercing;
  • clean it carefully with a warm salty solution (one teaspoon of sea salt per quart of water). Try salt soaks for 5-10 minutes, and then rinse with distilled water; do it twice every day for the first month;
  • when it gets irritated, do a chamomile tea soak;
  • tie your hair back;
  • do not apply cosmetics or perfume to the area;
  • do not to sleep on the pierced side to prevent unnecessary pain;
  • never touch, play or twist the jewelry;
  • never use peroxide and alcohol as they can destroy new skin cell;
  • avoid lakes, swimming pools, towels, dirty pillows and holding the phone to the pierced ear;
  • do not remove jewelry, even temporarily, until it is fully healed;
  • carefully rinse the piercing with a mild soap while bathing;
  • do not use earphones or headphones;

Complications and Infection

The rook piercing tends to cause soreness as well as rejection and migration, especially if it is pierced at an angle or is too deep or shallow.  Different complications may appear as a result of improper aftercare, wrong placement and poorly done procedure. The swelling, constant pain, pus discharge, bleeding are important signals to rush to the piercer to remove the jewelry. In some cases, the bleeding can be caused by improper size or type of jewelry material, and after changing the piece, the ear starts healing.

Rook Piercing Jewelry

Normally, 18 or 16 gauge jewelry is used in fresh rook piercings. Taking into account a relatively small area, it is natural to choose jewelry that will be small in size. The piercing is usually done with a curved barbell for the initial healing. The piercer takes a longer barbell to accommodate swelling. When the piercing is completely healed, you may pick something more unusual from a great choice of rook jewelry types:

  • rings;
  • curved barbells with ornate gold, plain beads, ceramic, acrylic or side-set gem balls;
  • captive bead ring (CBR);
  • captive hoop or captive ball ring;
  • studs;

It is recommended to take jewelry made of surgical stainless steel, titanium or niobium so that it will prevent jewelry from possible rusting, which can aggravate the condition of piercing and provokes infection.

The rook piercing is not actually suitable for changing jewelry piece too often. Take the jewelry you will be satisfied with, as you will wear it for a long time.


The rook piercing costs between $35 and $50 in the professional parlor. The price of the jewel is between $2 and $50; it depends on the material and type.
The small gold ring is your step towards minimalism. There are no additions, gems that can outmatch the whole impression from the marvelous composition of piercings.

The lovely rook piercing.

The Lovely Rook Piercing 1

A+ Piercing Jewelry

The white gold ring with a number of diamonds is a superb choice for rook piercing. Here it is combined with conch piercing in one shining ensemble.

The antirook piercing with diamonds.

The Antirook Piercing With Diamonds 1


The Antirook Piercing With Diamonds 2

Calors Vitton Gold

This pave ring decorated with diamonds creates a gorgeous look for a real princess! The classical design of jewelry matches gentle options of tragus and conch piercings.

The cool rook piercing.

The Cool Rook Piercing 1

DazzlingRock Collection

Here is a super cute tiny rook with a little clicker. Diamond is big enough to catch admiring glances. This amazing rook piercing is aimed at emphasizing you tenderness and beauty.

The cute rook piercing.

The Cute Rook Piercing 1


Who says that rook piercing is boring? This curved barbell looks almost imperial in woman’s ear. The gold piece with a tiny green gem will add splendor to your image!

The pretty diy rook piercing.

The Pretty Diy Rook Piercing 1

Spiritlele Delicate Crystal

The Awesome Snake Eyes Piercing Design
The brave girls are not afraid to get double rook piercing. Is it very painful? – Definitely, yes! But you have all chances to have a unique piercing idea; the combination of double rings works well for it.

The splendid double rook piercing.

The Splendid Double Rook Piercing 1


Decorating your ear with piercings is essential to think about design. Here the triangle of simple gold rings is chosen for rook, pinna and tragus piercings. The lobe jewelry with chain will enliven the composition.

The striking ear rook piercings.

The Striking Ear Rook Piercings 1


If you are looking for something smart and original for your rook piercing, this exciting jewelry should interest you. The pretty steel ring with a charm gives your ear fascination.

The picture of rook piercing.

The Picture of Rook Piercing 1


Be trendy with this fabulous rook design. The wonderful gold barbell with a small diamond instead of a bead can easily lighten up your mood and impress others.

The incredible rook piercing.

The Incredible Rook Piercing 1

Zealmer Shoopic

This girl is a fan of ring jewelry without a doubt! How glorious look a set of cartilage piercings: the rook, triple helix, lobe and upper helix. This marvelous pattern is waiting for creative ladies.

The rook and cartilage piercings.

The Rook and Cartilage Piercings 1

DazzlingRock Collection

The Snake Bites Piercing in the Most Spectacular Variations
The black jewelry stands out from a common range. In the photo, the rook is embellished with black gold and black diamond pieces, while helix presents a spike captive bead ring. Very strong option!

The black rook and helix piercings.

The Black Rook and Helix Piercings 1

DazzlingRock Collection Black

The Black Rook and Helix Piercings 2


Have you thought of some simple but still stylish design for your ear piercing? Here you may find a thin gold ring for rook piercing and a sweet, tiny stud for tragus.

The rook and tragus piercings.

The Rook and Tragus Piercings 1

YINQAG 5 Paris

This ear styling illustrates a bright example of numerous piercings, which perfectly well complement each other. The gold is chosen as a basic material for all jewelry, including floral rook stud and a set of cartilage piercings.

The breathtaking rook and cartilage piercings.

The Breathtaking Rook and Cartilage Piercings 1


A true collection of beauty is presented in the form of glorious piercings. The scalloped ring with a diamondembraces the rook that brings a distinct attention to the way your ear look.

The cleaning of the rook piercing.

The Cleaning of the Rook Piercing 1

Chic-Net Flash

The Cleaning of the Rook Piercing 2

Fystir Rings

Don’t give up your girlie tastes while choosing the best rook jewelry. What can be more feminine and elegant than such floral accessories, especially if they decorate three piercings at once?

The rook piercing images.

The Rook Piercing Images 1


Types of Lip Piercing
This rook piercing gracefully accentuates the upper ear, adding charm to this part. It goes with row diamond eternity, which shows up an interesting combination with lobe piercings.

The rook piercing information.

The Rook Piercing Information 1


The Rook Piercing Information 2


This intricate dance in diamond and gold is possible due to the exciting accessories. The glowing diamond scalloped ring is hanging from the rook under a shimmering diamond moon, while two prong set diamonds delicately sit in the lobe.

The nice rook piercing for ladies.

The Nice Rook Piercing for Ladies 1

Infinitine Jewel

There is something exotic in this great number of earrings. Here a little rook piercing is added to adorable ear design of tragus, helix and lobe piercings. This awesome gold pattern will famously feature any ear!

The rook piercing matching other earrings.

The Rook Piercing Matching Other Earrings 1


The Rook Piercing Matching Other Earrings 2


Do you wish to get the same delicate decoration by means of piercing? This attractive union of silver jewelry offers a variety of glamorous pieces, where you can find a charming rook curved barbell.

The idea of silver rook piercing.

The Idea of Silver Rook Piercing 1


The Idea of Silver Rook Piercing 2


The idea to take earring with colored beads is very popular in piercing. This amazing rook jewel with turquoise and diamonds will highlight your new piercing addition!

The blue rook piercing for girls.

The Blue Rook Piercing for Girls 1


A splash of rich, yellow gold creates a delightful style for this girl. Diamond Princess Clicker in the rook, golden barand diamond trinity stunningly brighten your look.

The cool multiple piercing plus rook.

The Cool Multiple Piercing Plus Rook 1

Yunchuang Jewerly

This beautiful and brilliant barbell, with diamonds shining above and below the rook, is impressive. Notice how magnificent it looks with a sparkling stud in the lobe!

The rook piercing with diamonds.

The Rook Piercing With Diamonds 1

Jewelry by Ioka

This idea of rook design is probably one of the coolest, as it presents two types of piercings in one. The implant grade steel circular barbell passes through helix to rook orbital, creating unforgettable image.

The bold option of rook piercing.

The Bold Option of Rook Piercing 1


Looking for some refined rook jewelry, do not omit this graceful piece in the form of a flower. As you see, it is a classical female option, which will become a sweet detail of your dainty look.

The tiny feminine rook piercing.

The Tiny Feminine Rook Piercing 1

EternalDia I1 Diamonds 4.25mm Flower