Trash Polka Tattoos Ideas in Black and Red Colors


What Is Trash Polka

Thrash polka tattoo is a new, unusual trend in the body art industry, which denies monotony and banality of patterns imposed by society. “Trash” means garbage, “Polka” is a fun dance. The merging of two different concepts creates a unique style, which came from Germany. Trash Polka is the brightest opposite of glamor, which always looks spectacular, stylish and expensive.

 Trash Polka Tattoos Meanings

Trash-polka style symbolizes anti-glamor and protest to all the monotony and similarity with the gray mass. It shocks, frightens and suppress. The energy of such illustrations is heavy. Trash Polka tattoos are full of rebelliousness that impresses the people around.

The main theme of trash polka style is death and everything connected with it. Thus, these tattoos symbolize horrifying and philosophical pictures of:

  • decay;
  • vulgarity;
  • fear;
  • despair;
  • confusion;
  • elusive moments;
  • disgust;
  • resentment;
  • discontent;
  • the challenge to society;

Trash Polka style attaches a great importance to the symbols of time. For example, the tattoo with an hourglass in the terrifying composition is highly relevant. It reminds of the transience of life.

Designs of Trash Polka Tattoos

The main features of trash polka tattoos are sharp color transitions and absolute absence of norms and limits. Usually, they are performed in two primary colors of flashy red and bright black. Black is prevailing in the tattoo, while red is the accent, a way to attract attention and emphasize the details. However, the style is evolving, so there are combinations of black with some additional tints, such as:

  • Gray;
  • White;
  • Green;
  • Purple;
  • Burgundy;

Tattoo master can offer different variants of designs, as trash polka presents boundless freedom for creativity, where both men and women can find something special. It is easily combined with other styles and art techniques like:

  • Realism;
  • Watercolor;
  • Polynesian;
  • Japanese;
  • Dot tattoo.

The mysterious interpretation of death is the basis of this style. The sketches often contain crosses, skeletons, coffins, blood, which aim is to amaze and attract attention. In addition to these grim patterns, the images of the tattoos can be:

  • Flowers;
  • Portrait;
  • Angel;
  • Compass;
  • Birds;
  • Heart;
  • Cat;
  • Motorbike, cars;
  • Samurai;
  • Batman;
  • Scorpio;
  • Cartoon characters;
  • Tree;
  • Eye;
  • Dream-catcher;
  • Train;
  • Tattoo with names;
  • Coordinates;
  • Memorial tattoo;

Trash Polka Tattoo Art Ideas

#1 The Black and Red Sleeve Tattoo with Skulls

The idea of death is brightly presented in this trash polka tattoo. The image of skulls is very symbolic in this work.The black and red sleeve tattoo with skulls.

#2 The Black and Red Tattoo on the Arm

Two types of watches embody the time, which is fleeting. The guitar makes the final touch in this pessimistic trash polka tattoo.The black and red tattoo on the arm.

#3 The Black, Gray and Red Sleeve Tattoo

This unknown portrait in polka trash design is fantastic. Despite the small area on the sleeve, the tattoo looks balanced.The black, gray and red sleeve tattoo.

#4 The Martial Black and White Tattoo on the Arm

A new interpretation of war is found in this trash polka tattoo on the arm. The skull with a black tank horrifies immediately.The martial black and white tattoo on the arm.

#5 The Half-Sleeve Trash Polka Tattoo Art

Here is an outstanding trash polka tattoo with an obvious smack of death. The black cross, skull and red splashes create a sense of despair.The half-sleeve trash polka tattoo art.

#6 The Realistic Full Back Trash Polka Tattoo

This enormous ornament is striking at a glance: it covers the full back representing fantastic, dark skull image with some pieces of maps below.The realistic full back trash polka tattoo.

#7 The Political Trash Polka Dot Tattoo on the Arm

This scene of a city and a big gas mask with a red symbol of anarchism is a good choice for a human rights activist.The political trash polka dot tattoo on the arm.

#8 The Trash Polka Tattoo with Flowers on the Chest

The mix of a heart between two black roses in red outline illustrates a spectacular picture on the man’s chest.The trash polka tattoo with flowers on the chest.

#9 The Exciting Trash Polka Sleeve Tattoo

This sleeve ornament does not include any particular images, but exactly the abstract idea with geometric objects makes trash polka tattoo so unusual.The exciting trash polka sleeve tattoo.

#10 The Tattoo in Trash Polka Style on the Biceps

The musicians will appreciate this tat with musical notes. It is complemented with the watch and flying birds, which personify transience of life.The tattoo in trash polka style on the biceps.

#11 The Memorial Full Back Tattoo in Trash Polka Style

This one is a real story in tattooing with depicted people in gas masks and weapons. But the most remarkable is a black screaming silhouette of a person.The memorial full back tattoo in trash polka style.

#12 The Romantic Trash Polka Tattoo with Names on the Forearm

The tattoos with a name belong to intimate ones. Here the black arrow with a lettering “Alice” may denote the owner’s sweetheart or even unrequited love.The romantic trash polka tattoo with names on the forearm.

#13 The Leg Tattoo with Trash Polka Technique

The trash polka design is so unique that it creates a wonderful picture only applying some black and red touches without specific meaning.The leg tattoo with trash polka technique.

#14 The Trash Polka Compass Tattoo on the Forearm

The compass is a symbol of constancy and faithfulness. The red spots of trash polka style add necessary brightness to this pattern.The trash polka compass tattoo on the forearm.

#15 The Trash Polka Tattoo with Birds

The black birds often scare, as they are associated with night and danger. This tattoo on the ribs is not an exception.The trash polka tattoo with birds.

#16 The Trash Polka Tattoo of a Heart on the Chest

The chest with a heart on the compass is an option for brutal men. The key point of the drawing is the presence of coordinates below.The trash polka tattoo of a heart on the chest.

#17 The Cat in Trash Polka Dot Tattoo on the Forearm

The cat is a lovely animal but here it is depicted with a skull instead of the head part. The red lines increase the intensity of this image.The cat in trash polka tattoo on the forearm.

#18 The Cute Trash Polka Tattoo on the Arm

This sweet tattoo changes our vision of trash polka design. It can be easily combined with some cute characters like a hero from “Hello Kitty” cartoon.The cute trash polka tattoo on the arm.

#19 The Moto Trash Polka Tattoo on the Forearm

The motorbike is a sign of brave people, who like risk and speed. The wings, in their turn, emphasize the independence of the owner.The moto trash polka tattoo on the forearm.

#20 The Trash Polka Tattoo of Samurai on the Forearm

If you ink Japanese warriors, you show the complete honor to their rules and traditions. The samurai tattoo denotes your strong spirit and will.The trash polka tattoo of samurai on the forearm.

#21 The “Batman” Comics in Trash Polka Tattoo

Joker, a famous Batman’s enemy, appears in a tattoo on the leg. The negative but so charismatic character will keep you good company.The “Batman” comics in trash polka tattoo.

#22 The Gorgeous Trash Polka Tattoos on the Arm

The skull and black birds are the failsafe choices in trash polka tattoos. They bring mysticism and anxiety, which is needed in this genre.The gorgeous trash polka tattoos on the arm.

#23 The Trash Polka Tattoo on the Rib

This tattoo art of big watch confirms the idea that we cannot stop time but we should appreciate every given moment.The trash polka tattoo on the rib.

#24 The Trash Polka Tattoo with a Rose on the Calf

The black rose with red touches looks quite careless, while its leaves, performed with various geometric solutions, greatly enrich the painting.The trash polka tattoo with a rose on the calf.

#25 The Amazing Skeleton Trash Polka Tattoo

The black and gray ornament of a huge skeleton on the chest deserves special attention. It ideally illustrates the trash polka design.The amazing skeleton trash polka tattoo.

#26 The Delicate Trash Polka Tattoo for Women

A little bit tender variant of trash polka style is represented on the full back. The floral theme is combined with abstract patterns.The delicate trash polka tattoo for women.

Crown Tattoo of King and Queen on the Wrist

#27 The Green and Black Trash Polka Tattoo on the Forearm

The bulb is an uncommon image in tattooing. The green leave inside adds freshness and liveliness and serves as a symbol of life, inspiration.The green and black trash polka tattoo on the forearm.

#28 The Black Cross in Trash Polka Tattoo

This wide cross on the arm is an impressive addition to your everyday style. The Roman numerals “MCMXC”, which means the “1990”, makes the sketch more intimate.The black cross in trash polka tattoo.

#29 The Trash Polka Tattoo on the Leg

The exciting trash polka tattoo covers the whole leg and includes two men’s portraits, one of whom is Isenberg – a well-known movie drug dealer.The trash polka tattoo on the leg.

#30 The Marvelous Trash Polka Tattoo on the Shoulder

If you depict woman’s portrait with two beautiful black and red flowers you can get such an attractive pattern in trash polka design.The marvelous trash polka tattoo on the shoulder.

#31 The Purple Trash Polka Tattoo on the Thigh

This purple and green owl tattoo is far from original trash polka style. The owl may symbolize not only wisdom but also mysticism and evil.The purple trash polka tattoo on the thigh.

#32 The Trash Polka Tattoos for Real Men on the Sleeve

The men are big fans of machinery. You can apply cars, motorbikes as a sign of this passion on your body!The trash polka tattoos for real men on the sleeve.

#33 The Watercolor Trash Polka Tattoo on the Forearm

The watercolor design gives a chance to diversify composition, even trash polka pattern. As a result, we see this dazzling skull with red and blue tints.The watercolor trash polka tattoo on the forearm.

#34 The Scorpion Trash Polka Tattoo on the Forearm

The scorpion image in the red and black background looks stylish. This dangerous creature says about your courage, bravery and fighting spirit.The scorpion trash polka tattoo on the forearm.

#35 The Horrific Trash Polka Tattoo on the Neck

The small but so terrifying tattoo of the skull is located on the neck. The main accent is done by a red cross that embodies death.The horrific trash polka tattoo on the neck.

#36 The Polynesian Trash Polka Tattoo on the Arm

This compass in tribal style is a unique option for everybody. The tattoo expresses your desire to move forward and have freedom of choice.The Polynesian trash polka tattoo on the arm.

#37 The Trash Polka Tattoo of a Tree on the Arm

The tree is an old and powerful symbol, thus, its interpretation with roots and heart signifies life and person’s resistance and steadfastness.The trash polka tattoo of a tree on the arm.

#38 The White, Blue and Black Tattoo on the Forearm

Life is full of surprises, isn’t it? The inscription around the tattoo of a plane symbolizes that everyone may have another chance.The white, blue and black tattoo on the forearm.

#39 The Trash Polka Tattoo with an Eye

Do you wish to have a protective talisman in the form of tattoo? Then try this massive gray eye on the biceps.The trash polka tattoo with an eye.

#40 The Dream-Catcher Trash Polka Tattoo on the Leg

Taking this incredible tattoo of dream-catcher, you will feel the protection from evil eye and problems. Besides, this ornament along the leg seems very seductive!The dream-catcher trash polka tattoo on the leg.

#41 Japanese Half-Sleeve Trash Polka Tattoo

The tattoos connected with Japanese culture are highly appealing. This strong warrior is a superb choice for fearless, valiant men.Japanese half-sleeve trash polka tattoo.

#42 The Colorful Trash Polka Tattoo Art on the Sleeve

This trash polka tattoo with a watch is breathtaking! In addition to standard black and red colorings, there is a wider range of blue, purple and gray.The colorful trash polka tattoo on the sleeve.

#43 The Trash Polka Style Tattoos for Guys on the Arm

The aim of any trash polka tattoo is to impress. Either an aggressive monkey or newspaper clippings work perfectly in this case.The trash polka tattoos for guys on the arm.

The trash polka tattoos for guys on the arm.

#44 The Train Trash Polka Tattoo on the Calf

A very surprising picture of a train decorates both calves. Using only the black coloring the tattoo master depicted so realistic machinery.The train trash polka tattoo on the calf.

#45 The Cool Trash Polka Tattoo on the Forearm

This trash polka tattoo with numbers a circle presents something unusual but very captivating. The forearm is definitely the best place for it!The cool trash polka tattoo on the forearm.

#46 The Symbolic Trash Polka Tattoo on the Ankle

The tree tattoo is both a nice decoration and very meaningful pattern. It embodies the life’s path, while its roots symbolize perseverance.The symbolic trash polka tattoo on the ankle.

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