Industrial Piercing FAQs

The industrial piercing is one of the most rewarding piercings to do. It presents two cartilage piercings linked together, which creates an amazing and eye-catchy look. The industrial is a popular type of ear piercing for girls and boys alike that boast uniqueness and an alternative style. It is highly decorative and shows an endless potential for awesomeness.

The Industrial Piercing and its Variations

The industrial piercing is actually two piercings in one. It was named and popularized by Erik Dakota in the early nineties. The traditional type includes the perforation of the outer helix and a forward helix with a straight barbell. The industrial has other names popular in some countries, such as scaffold piercing, construction piercing and bar.

Apart from the traditional industrial piercing, there is a number of exciting configurations for horizontal and vertical piercing across the ear, such as:

  • upper helix to conch;
  • upper helix to rook;
  • tragus to conch;
  • upper helix to rook to conch;
  • two vertical industrials side-by-side through the conch;
  • cage – a crisscross pattern through the upper ear.

The Procedure

The procedure takes about 10-15 minutes and consists of the following steps:

  • The piercer properly cleans the area;
  • The master marks the piercing channels and draws a line to ensure alignment;
  • The piercer perforates the 1st hole by pushing a hollow needle, inserts jewelry through this hole, then makes the 2nd hole and inserts another end of the jewelry;
  • The disinfection of the area is provided once again to clean the possible blood.

Before doing industrial piercing, it is recommended to find a professional studio with a sterile environment and a skilled piercer that has a big experience in dealing with this type of piercing. The piercer should determine whether there is enough free and suitable cartilage to perform this piercing to avoid shift over time or laceration.

It is important to drink plenty of water and eat within 2 hours before the procedure. The painkillers are not advised to take, as they thin blood and can increase bleeding.

Industrial Piercing Pain Level

The level of pain tolerance differs from person to person. The industrial piercing is a type of cartilage one, which belongs to the most unpleasant things to get pierced. It is a tricky piercing because the angle of the two holes must be lined up right. Otherwise, it will cause pressure on the side of the hole and as a result rejection.

The first four weeks after the procedure are the most painful. The piercing may become crusty, itchy and get bumped. The actual pain appears during the cleaning process. The professional piercers often advise twisting jewelry while cleaning which induces intense pain. Besides, the level of pain depends on whether the ear piercings are vertical or horizontal.

In general, on scale 1-10, where ten is the most painful, the clients give 5-6.

Healing and Aftercare

Normally healing takes between 1 – 6 months to heal, however, in some cases fully it may last a year or more, which is dependant on the individual. The healing process also depends on some factors:

  • the proper anatomy (a prominent “fold” in the ear);
  • the jewelry – the weighty jewelry may result to irritations;
  • proper aftercare.

The aftercare and good standards of hygiene play the prominent role during the healing. In order to reduce the risk of possible infections it is strongly recommended to perform the tips:

  • do not touch the piercing, except for cleaning;
  • use salt water solution and soaks the piercing for five minutes at least twice a day and then rinse with warm water;
  • always wash the hands before cleaning process;
  • do not sleep on the pierced ear;
  • use an antibacterial soap while cleaning the piercing;
  • use hot water to thoroughly rinse the piercing at the end of the shower to wash off any products like shampoo or soap;
  • do not apply makeup, lotions, perfumes, moisturizers or body sprays to the area;
  • beware of hair and glasses, which can irritate the piercing and can be the source of infection;
  • avoid swimming and other water sports activities;
  • use clean paper towels to dry the piercing;
  • do not wear hats or uncleaned clothes;
  • avoid using alcohol when cleaning.

Infection and Allergic Reactions

As a rule, the piercing procedure causes a wound on the pierced area, which later may lead to infections. The most typical reasons of industrial piercing infections are: poor hygiene during procedure and healing time; pathogenic microorganisms (viruses, bacteria and other); injuries; wrong jewelry;

It essential to seek medical attention immediately if you notice any of these signs:

  • dark brown, yellow or green pus;
  • severe swelling;
  • very painful;
  • pierced area is hot and throbbing;
  • highly visible redness;

The allergic reactions can be provoked by body jewelry, which often contains nickel. If your body rejects this metal, the piercing will not heal well. Usually, the first symptoms appear within 12 to 48 hours after the procedure and are characterized by:

  • scaly or crusty blisters;
  • rash, redness or dry patches;
  • swelling, itching;


The appropriate size for industrial piercing jewelry is 1.2mm – 1.6mm gauge. After the piercing has completely healed, you can wear smaller or larger piece of jewelry. The longer jewelry will help to cope with swelling and is easy in cleaning. The piercers recommend starting either with implant grade steel or implant grade titanium barbells. There is a wide variety of barbell variations, such as:

  • staple/long plastic surface barbells;
  • zigzag stripe barbells;
  • loop barbells;
  • single barbells;
  • curved barbells;
  • twister barbells;

Apart from barbells, you can choose more extravagant individual jewelry types like labret studs or captive bead rings.

How much does an industrial piercing cost

The price for industrial piercing varies from one piercing shop to another. The more reputable and experienced piercers may demand a higher price. The cost of jewelry is one more factor to consider. Generally, the cost of industrial piercing is from $50 up to $70.

Industrial Piercing Ideas

The 16 gauge jewelry is an ideal option for your industrial piercing. This barbell is quite long and thin that leaves some space for movement.

gauge industrial barbell jewelry.
Here is a really royal industrial piercing for elegant girls. Two turquoise balls on both sides are complemented with two smaller balls inside. The white gems in the center complete this beautiful image.

The gorgeous bar in the ear piercing.
This nice industrial piercing presents a barbell with turquoise balls. The lovely blue flower creates a girlish look, which will suit tender, young ladies.

The floral barbell ear piercing.
This is an industrial piercing with an exciting jewelry design. Here a steel bar is decorated with a fantastic green gem. It features a prong set oval emerald orbit with a threaded end.

The best friend industrial bars.
Among a great range of the most unbelievable piercing variations and jewelry, this black industrial bar definitely stands out! The helical jewelry adds uniqueness to this collection.

The black industrial bar.
This piece of industrial jewelry consists of two parts, which together create a heart. What is more, it pierces an ear in the form of an arrow. Do you desire such a cute option?

The sweet body jewelry barbells.
Consider this cool design in case you like some extraordinary piercing ideas. This project presents trident titanium jewelry, which looks extremely stylish and unexpected.

The cartilage bar piercing.
The classic golden jewelry is always modern and in demand. Look at this little 18g industrial barbell. It is very thin and simple that suits conservative people.

The cheap industrial barbells.
This incredible combination of industrial and lobe piercings will make an expressive accent on your personality. Here the long barbell is connected with lobe jewelry using a nice, long chain.

The clear industrial barbell.
This industrial piercing with titanium barbell and Swarovski jewelry looks precious and refined. Two round gems and one square one in the center work well together.

The cool industrial piercing.
The custom bent industrial with grade titanium provides a suspended double marquise red CZ, topped with two “bullet” threaded ends. Two princess cut garnet with threaded ends in a 3mm and 2mm embellish a fascinating composition.

The cute industrial bar piercing.
This industrial barbell consists of two solid synthetic white opal ends. But a key point of this marvelous jewelry is, of course, a tiny mint CZ orbit in the middle.

The industrial piercing with a diamond.
This hot design of industrial piercing will catch everybody’s attention! Here the jewelry includes a great hanging component. The big rhombic gem adds spice to this cosmic work.

The complicated bar earring piercing.
Flowers in piercing are woman’s prerogative. This industrial piercing with collaborative jewelry shows how fresh and lovely it can be. Two white gems on the sides make one unity with a blue floret.

The industrial barbell with a flower.
This industrial with a side-threaded titanium barbell is completely impressive. It is fixed up with a magnificent lavender opal suite that shines with amazing pink shades.

The glass industrial barbell.
The combination of several gold piercings seems elegant and rich. Here the incredible set of lobe piercings looks more eccentric with this delicate industrial barbell.

The gold industrial piercing.
The barbell in the form of an arrow is not new but still highly demonstrative one. It expresses the owner confidence, freedom and inexhaustible desire to move forward.

The industrial arrow piercing.
These paired cartilage piercings are fitted with a double spiral barbell. Apart from a very unusual shape, the jewelry is complemented with a claw set of blue stones with threaded ends.

The industrial belly piercing.
Shake your style with this black opal triple with threaded orbit. The 14g shafts are topped with three onyx “bullet” style with threaded ends. This option is a real dream for rock stars!

The spiky industrial body jewelry.
This red arrow barbell will not leave you without attention. Besides, this bright decoration keeps a tiny heart in the middle. What can be more touching for girls?

The industrial piercing with a heart.
The mix of black and turquoise colors leads to the startling result. The whole set of jewelry is designed in one style that looks like a complete picture.

The black industrial piercing.
The purple earring is an outstanding choice of jewelry, especially with additional decoration. This piece illustrates a good company of three rhombic gems that will make you shine without a doubt!

The purple industrial piercing earring.
If you are not afraid of pain, why not try this remarkable double industrial piercing. The barbells with two blue stones are located so close to each other that highly increases the greatness of this work.

The industrial piercing with steel barbells.
This guy is certainly a big fan of a purple and black design. The industrial barbell is one of the most breathtaking piercings in this composition. This mysterious image is impossible without such cool dark stones.

The industrial piercing jewelry for men.
A key is a meaningful object, which can be interpreted differently. Thus, this industrial barbell with a huge opal on the top may become an intriguing detail of your style.

The key industrial piercing.
This black barbell is short and thin enough to be barely noticeable. However, the spiky ends highlight this modest jewelry design. This option shows a balance between simplicity and fashion.

The small industrial piercing.
This triple spiral is topped with princess cut medium blue spinels set. The glorious jewelry in implant grade titanium gently encircles an ear like a snake.

The spiral industrial barbell.
The surgical steel is a reasonable choice for initial industrial piercing. This simple barbell in combination with triple forward helix and lobe piercings creates a striking image.

The surgical steel barbell earrings.
This industrial bar is made of titanium that is one of the most popular metals. The jewelry presents a classical design with a straight bar and balls on the ends, which is suitable for your everyday style.

The titanium industrial bar.
The twisted industrial earrings still admire the lovers of piercing. This girl chose a quite big piece of a barbell that grabs all the attention to her cartilage.

The twisted industrial barbell.
This custom-fitted serpent barbell brings some exoticism into your appearance. The creature with ocean blue diamond eyes creates an impression of movement within an ear.

The wavy industrial barbell.
Here the conservatism is perfectly united with elegance. It looks like the horizontal barbell strings three white stones. The different size of gems is one more amusing point of this work.

The horizontal industrial piercing.
This wavy titanium jewelry perfectly repeats the shape of this ear. The set of opal decoration adds freshness to this industrial design and resembles crystal clear ocean waves.

The pompous scaffold piercing.
Three big balls connected through straight bar embellish this industrial piercing. This jewelry with bright turquoise coloring will particularly suit the owner of dark hair.

The 14 gauge industrial barbell.
This variation of four-helix piercings is an outstanding idea for industrial design. They are fitted with two hand-bent pure titanium 14g barbells in a cross position.

The double industrial piercing.
Girls prefer sophisticated piercing like this industrial one. In this case, the thin gold barbell makes a great addition to the already existing collection of lobe piercings.

The industrial piercing for girls.
These two tiny gems are aimed at emphasizing your charm and beauty. There is no bar between them that looks untypical for industrial piercing but does not diminish its loveliness.

The industrial piercing without a bar.
This W-shaped jewelry is a queen’s choice. It is decorated with numerous round gems of different size. This piece of jewelry has a luxurious look and resembles a crown.

The Wlike industrial piercing.
The fantastic three point project is prepared for industrial piercing. The jewelry includes triple elements hanging from one center. The composition of blue and green stones catches the breath!

The triple industrial piercing.
This astonishing industrial piercing shows a wonderful and creative work. Three helix piercings are joined together by two marvelous earrings. The huge gem in the center will never cease to amaze.

The unusual industrial earrings.
The industrial jewelry with large spiky ends seems quite aggressive that the majority of men find appealing. Here you may find two options with straight and curved bars, which even doubles this effect.

The male industrial piercing.
This steel barbell is complemented by tiny pink additions on both balls. Being a symbol of femininity and sensitivity, pink will serve a nice decoration for beautiful ladies.

The pink industrial ear piercing.
This remarkable design of industrial earring will stand you out from the crowd. Here a small ring connects two pieces of barbells into one incredible pattern.

The cool industrial piercing.
A traditional bar is a universal option, which is appropriate for most occasions. The only creative thing that can distinguish it from the similar jewelry is hardly visible rings along the bar.

The simple industrial bar.
The wavy barbell has more captivating and uncommon design in comparison with a straight one. Take as an example this amazing industrial piercing in tricky shape.

The wavy industrial ear piercing.
This blue titanium barbell is an essential detail in this girl’s appearance. The blue hair and such a long industrial decoration point at a creative person with a rebellious character.

The blue industrial piercing.
The piercing jewelry with transparent basis belongs to the most surprising. It seems that you see only two balls without a bar, but it is only an illusion. Are you in favor of such light earrings?

The transparent industrial barbell.
The cute heart is a splendid feature of this industrial barbell. If you wish to stress on your daintiness and passionate nature, take this sweet jewelry without hesitation.

The fresh industrial piercing with a heart.
This bar shows a glamorous jewelry with a lightning bolt on the basis. The spiky ends serve never better for this idea. This industrial may characterize its owner as a strong, confident and a quick-tempered person.

The industrial bar jewelry.