Infinity Tattoos

The universal infinity image possesses deep meanings and can be used with varied significant symbols. These enthralling designs will help you to make a right choice of your future tattoo!

Infinity tattoos belong to the unisex category, as they suit both women and men. It is considered to be one of the most meaningful sign, being a mathematical number and a magical symbol at the same time. Infinity image takes its roots from Tibetan rock engravings, where it was depicted as a snake biting its own tail. This snake embodied a union of the beginning and end, the cycle of the life. Today the meaning of infinity becomes particularly popular in tattoo art, where it acquires many new interpretations and stylish variations.

The Meanings of Infinity Tattoo

Despite the simple design and small size, infinity pattern embraces many deep senses: the eternal human’s desire for eternity, unattainable beauty and harmony, the continuous forward movement to the heights of life and many others:

  • Infinity of being and reincarnation – the life is not eternal but the soul lives forever and so the cycle continues but in a different body.
  • The idea of everlasting love and devotion is used by lovers, who want to show their desire to be together forever.
  • Loneliness – this tattoo is usually small and unnoticeable. It can be a reminder of the past experience.
  • Striving for perfection – is a sign of perfectionists, their pursuit of excellence as well as constant growth, progress and development.
  • The inscrutability of the world – infinity indicates immeasurable time and space and points out on inexhaustibility of nature and its creations.
  • The incomprehensibility of God – in theology the spiral infinity figure is unlimited and specifies the inability to know everything, the constant aspiration to comprehend God and the inability to implement it.
  • Freedom – the wish to live without limits and boundaries are often embodied by young people.
  • Interest to science: people decorate infinity sign with Roman numerals, alchemical symbols or Greek, Latin inscriptions showing in such way their commitment to a specific science.
  • Friendship – as a symbol of long, close friendship are quite in great request among the tattoo fans.

Infinity Tattoo Designs

double infinity tattoo
The idea of two infinities, which are united in one figure, is illustrated here. The signs are applied on the forearm in such way that you can see a cross, since, this form of tattoos quite often is associated with religious implied sense. This double interweaving expresses something marvelous and inviting.
infinity heart tattoo
The infinity heart tattoo on the wrist is highly popular among the couples. It is used as a symbol of passion and love. The infinity image is crossed with a heart that denotes the strong feelings, which will last forever. It is believed that this pattern brings happiness to people.
eternity tattoo
The history of eternity tattoo began from the image of a snake Ouroboros, which ate its tail but it grew again and again. This fabled design is embodied in such impressive way on the half-sleeve. Besides, the legendary creature, there are some patterns of sandglass and atom scheme, which remind about the transience of time.
infinity love tattoo
The tats with an inscription “love” are designed for couples and are similar to infinity heart image. However, you can make them more complicated and diverse by adding the floral decorations or tribal design. These tattoos resemble the wedding rings and are performed on the wrists of both lovers as a sign of mutual affection.
infinity anchor tattooinfinity anchor tattoo
The anchor sign is chosen not only by people, whose job is connected with the sea, thus, the combination of it with infinity indicates the holder’s inexhaustible vitality and confidence, which confirms the inscription “refuse to sink”. The women can be proposed to take the brighter variant of this image with colorful flowers.
infinity cross tattoo in cross infinity cross tattoo
These tattoos represent an unusual performance of infinity in the form of a cross. It may convey either the religious background or be used as a symbol of honor and infinite strength. These characteristics are more common for men, so they are in great request among the representatives of strong sex.
infinity tattoo on wristinfinity tattoo on wrist
The wrist is an ideal place for a small but so meaningful tattoo as infinity. It will specify the owner’s sense of purpose, wish to develop and live freely. If you add some pictures, for example, this tiny heart symbolizes your warm feelings to particular people: everything depends on what you apply in this pattern.
infinity feather tattooinfinity feather tattoo
The infinity is rather frequently portrayed with a feather that seems very expressive and beautiful. These two symbols have a lot in common: the feather means revival, while infinity – constant rebirth. Even the black tattoo seems colorful and memorable – the girls appreciate this aspect when choosing the image.
sister infinity tattoo
The relationship between sisters can be so close that they are searching ways to express their love to each other. So why not to apply this wonderful infinity sign on the outer wrists that fully illustrates the borderless love? These tattoos with the names are performed by both sisters as a sign of devotion.
infinity family tattoo
The family ties are very important for most people and this is a major motto of this work. If you appreciate this idea too, try infinity pattern on the inner wrist with an inscription “family”. What is more, all the members can use the same images as a symbol of full harmony and understanding in the family.
faith infinity tattoo
The infinity with a tiny, black cross aside and an inscription “faith” perfectly suits faithful people. This modest presentation on the wrist contains a great meaning of inscrutability of God and our world. Take this marvelous option to show your interests in the religious aspect of life.
infinity tattoos with birds
Here is a cute tattoo of birds on the inner wrist that creates a wondrous infinity pattern with an inscription. It is considered that a bird is a symbol of immortality and soul revival, which is harmoniously combined with infinity. They together enhance the idea that there is a life after death.
infinity knot tattooinfinity knot tattoo
The knot itself has neither beginning nor ending, in this sense, it is similar to infinity image and can also signify continuity and eternal life. The variety of knots that looks like a loop indicates the crucial moment in person’s life, thus, these tattoos on the forearm say about the owner’s life experience.
infinity tattoo on foot
The foot as a place for future infinity tattoo is usually chosen by women. This intriguing image will immediately capture the attention but at the same look neat and accurate. Aside from the basic meanings of this symbol, it adds a note of mystique and refinement to its owner.
tribal infinity tattoo
This is a breathtaking presentation of infinity with numerous spears and arrows on the forearm. The pattern belongs to the tribal style, which is characterized by realistic performance. Here infinity in tribal design denotes the courage and endurance that do not have borders. The tattoo is done in naturalistic view with red splashes in the middle.
white infinity tattoo tattoowhite infinity tattoo
The white image is a new trend in tattoo art and a stylish way for self-expression. However, it can also be used as a sign of loneliness and alienation. Moreover, this pattern will not be highly noticeable, since such drawing on the inner wrist conveys more personal character.
small infinity tattoosmall infinity tattoo
These tiny infinity patterns introduce very nice works on the fingers. We used to see different rings on our fingers but a good tattoo can perfectly decorate this part of our body and bring significant meaning. This lovely image will emphasize your strength and inexhaustible energy.
infinity tattoo with initials infinity tattoo with initials
We all want to have something unusual, so even the tattoo should possess special details, which is easy achieved if use initials. The weeny heart image with infinity image and initials say about the dedicated love of two people, whilst the inscription “family” on another wrist pattern indicates a close family relationship.
infinity tattoos with kids names
Many people decide to apply a tattoo in honor of an important event in the owner’s life. In this case, infinity with a name and date correspond to a birth of a child and express limitless love. You may add some catching details to your work like these marvelous pink flowers.
infinity tattoo with namesinfinity tattoo with names
These tattoos are predominantly performed in pairs, as they contain the names of beloved people. So, if you are searching for an image that can emphasize your love to another person, this is a right option. The additional signs like feather or creatures depend on your wishes and preferences.
cute infinity tattooscute infinity tattoos
The appropriate tattoo can say a lot about its holder, so why not to include some interesting ideas to the well-known pattern. Thus, the infinity in the form of cakes may symbolize your great love to sweets. The images of sun and clouds look so cute and indicate a big hope for the future.