The Most Elegant Leather Jacket Outfits for Men and Women

The leather jacket is a kind of garment that gained the status of “must-have” a long time ago and still keeps it. Maybe it is because of its ability to suit and style for everyone and with everything.

An authentic leather jacket is a jacket-length coat that is usually worn atop of other clothes, and made from the tanned hide of animals. But nowadays there are a huge amount of leather jackets made of simulating leather fabrics (such as polyurethane or PVC) that used for creating the garments for example for people, who pursuing vegan lifestyles.

Today, the leather jacket outfits aren’t men’s privilege only and suit amazingly for women too, so you can easily find:

  • guys leather jacket outfits;
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Leather jackets can be designed for many purposes and can be used in different styles, for example:

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And can be associated with:

  • specific subcultures (such as greasers, motorcyclists, military aviators, police);
  • music subcultures (like punks, goths, metalheads, rivetheads, etc).

The leather jacket is a very versatile item that can be worn not for autumn only, but for every season:

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Earlier, the leather material was dyed mostly in black, or various shades of brown color, but today you can find a wide range of colors of the leather jacket outfits either solid-colored or multi-colored, for example

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What to Wear With a Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is a pretty versatile item that easily combines with different types of clothes, for instance:

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How to Wear Leather Jacket

#1. Black Leather Jacket Outfit

Stylish all black ensemble of classic leather jacket worn atop textile maxi dress creates perfect fall outfit and not only warm you up but beautify. Complete it with nice gloves, matched purse, and glam sunglasses.
black leather jacket outfit

#2. Blue Leather Jacket Outfit

If you need something bright for transitional months, try this combo of pleated midi skirt and crispy white sweater. Complete the look with amazingly beautiful fitted blue crocodile leather jacket.
blue leather jacket outfit

#3. Brown Leather Jacket Outfit

Do you want something more sophisticated? Then try to play with contrasts: brownish leather jacket and deep blue jumpsuit look fabulous. Add some bright accents to this set with a golden belt, bracelet, and pumps.
brown leather jacket outfit

#4. Casual Leather Jacket Outfit

The leather jacket is so versatile item! Go for simple black leather jacket and style it with summer pleated maxi skirt and super cozy white sneakers for a casual spring look.
casual leather jacket outfit

#5. Cute Outfit with Leather Jacket

Are you wondering what to wear this fall? Make a note on this simple yet cute set. The peplum deep blue denim skirt looks really harmoniously with a black moto jacket.
cute outfit with leather jacket

#6. Guy in Leather Jacket

Do you like to stand out from the crowd? Then you should try this extraordinary leather jacket with cool fringe on the sleeves. It looks just fine with hooded fleece jacket and jeans.
guy in leather jacket

#7. Jeans and Leather Jacket

Jazz up your fall wardrobe by adding a colorful fashion piece in it. Burgundy leather jackets easily fit into any style, so try it with the same colored ankle boots and cropped jeans.
jeans and leather jacket

#8. Leather Jacket and Boots

The oversized clothes are in trend for a few last seasons, so why can’t you try to rock it with a leather jacket? Worn atop casual gray&black textile dress and balanced with black leather ankle boots and cozy hat, this set will become your favorite one this fall.
leather jacket and boots

#9. Leather Jacket Black Jeans

All black outfits are never out of trend and always are the easiest way to look stylish and cool. Team up a black skinny jeans, simple top and moto jacket for a win-win look.
leather jacket black jeans

#10. Leather Jacket Fashion

If you are the kind of girl, who is bored with a solid-colored leather jacket, then use your creativity and make your own style! Decorate it with painting, rivets, knitting, etc.
leather jacket fashion

#11. Leather Jacket Lace Dress

Do you need a cute and romantic outfit for a date? Go for a crispy white summer dress and black-colored leather jacket. End this look with a brimmed hat and heeled sandals.
leather jacket lace dress

#12. Leather Jacket Look

Black and brown always work perfectly in a team. So try and you will definitely love this ensemble of a black crop top and brown leather jacket. Add knotted top to make it more interesting.
leather jacket look

#13. Leather Jacket Outfits Women

Who said that black leather jacket is for everything but a summer? Make a note on this great ensemble of a leather jacket and light maxi skirt.
leather jacket outfits women

#14. Leather Jacket Street Style

A leather jacket can rock any style! Don’t you believe me? Then take a look on this boho styled set of little black leather dress and multicolored abstract printed leather jacket.
leather jacket street style

#15. Leather Moto Jacket

Rock-n-roll forever! A black leather jacket with a big printed tiger on the back is a perfect outfit to wear for going to the concert of your favorite rock band. Just wear it atop white T-shirt and jeans.
leather moto jacket

#16. Mens Leather Jacket Outfit

Wondering about casual and comfortable yet stylish fall outfit? Combine light gray knitted pullover with black skinny jeans and ankle boots. Finish the look with a cool leather jacket and voila!
mens leather jacket outfit

#17. Outfit to Wear with Leather Jacket

Add some French chic to your fall wardrobe! A black turtleneck, which was worn atop of a white shirt and cropped jeans looks extremely pretty with a cute hat, heeled ankle boots, and charming painted leather jacket.
outfit to wear with leather jacket

#18. White Leather Jacket

A leather jacket doesn’t have to be black and boring. Take a look at this fabulous gray leather jacket, decorated with metal chains and figured rivets. Team up it with pants, or dress, or your favorite denim skirt for an ultra-modern fall look.
white leather jacket

#19. Red Leather Jacket Outfit

A black and red is a classic combination for an eye-catching look. So add the colors to your outfits in chilly months with this red leather jacket. You can easily wear it atop hooded fleece pullover for extra warming.
red leather jacket outfit

#20. Sweater Under a Leather Jacket

This is another simple but great looking leather jacket outfit. This modern black leather jacket will complement the classic combination of denim jeans and deep blue turtleneck. You can combine it with combat boots, cowboy boots, or a pair of your favorite suede ankle boots
sweater under a leather jacket

#21. Worn Leather Jacket

Make unusual and a little bit defiant look with this beautiful abstract printed leather jacket. It looks pretty chic with a black crop top and turquoise high-waisted shorts. A knee-high boots and black mesh tight look impressive styled together.
worn leather jacket

#22. Classic Leather Jacket Outfit

Do you want an idea of the outfit that will definitely sweep her off her feet? Then try this classic combo of crispy white shirt and black skinny jeans, teamed up with a nice leather jacket, brimmed hat, and stylish boots.
classic leather jacket outfit

#23. Pink Leather Jacket Outfit

A leather jacket can be amazingly feminine! Make a note on this gentle pink leather jacket worn atop tight crop top and paired with blue jeans. Complement this set with cute matched colored purse and astonishing heels.
pink leather jacket outfit

#24. Leather Jacket Outfit for Guys

Do you want a cool idea on how to rock a leather jacket this fall? Make a go-to outfit of jeans and vintage leather jacket worn atop printed T-shirt. Finish this look with black combat boots.
leather jacket outfit for guys

#25. Leather Jacket Fashion Idea

A black leather jacket effortlessly complements with animal prints, golden and metal jewelry and accessories. So make a look on this non-trivial set and get inspired!
leather jacket fashion idea

#26. Christian Benner Leather Jacket Outfit

This cool casual look consists of cropped T-shirt, plain black leggings, and a stylish moto jacket. Team up it with ankle boots or just flats. Simple, laconic and cute.
Christian Benner leather jacket outfit

#27. Leather Jacket and Blouse Outfit

Don’t be afraid of layering! A white button-down knee-length tunic and black skinny cropped jeans, worn under classic black leather jacket will make you look casual yet chic.
leather jacket and blouse outfit

#28. Leather Jacket and Dress Look

Do you want to know the key for a win-win look? Go for all black ensemble of pleated light skirt and fitted leather jacket.
leather jacket and dress look

#29. Leather Black Super Long Sleeves Jacket Look

Are you one of those girls, who love to be on the top of the fashion trend? Then try this outfit with a modern oversized leather jacket.
Leather Black Super Long Sleeves Jacket look

#30. Leather Jacket and Pajama Pants Look

Wear checked trousers with a leather jacket and black top to make it work for fall. Add a pair of combat boots, brimmed hat, and stylish metal accessories to finish the look.
leather jacket and pajama pants look

#31. Leather Jacket Look for Men

This extraordinary leather jacket makes even a professional-looking pants-suit more stylish and cool. You can team up it with a pair of combat boots or classic shoes on your taste.
leather jacket look for men