Outfits with Leggings

Nowadays you can find a pair of leggings in a wardrobe of any modern woman. No one will argue that Leggings are one of the most necessary and comfortable parts of clothing. But is it good to leave such a useful thing only for your cozy home or sports training?

Despite all the criticisms and arguments, that you may hear, leggings definitely can be a stylish essential for your everyday outfit!

You can wear them just about anywhere by choosing the right pieces to dress them up. It could be appropriate for weekends, holidays, parties, and even office work.

How to Wear Leggings

Some practical advice:

  • Your leggings should be opaque. Better if they will be made of a thick material and have a good stretch.
  • The top of your cloth should be long enough to cover your butts. You should move and sit without any discomfort.
  • Wear proper-fitting leggings. Leggings are often free sized, but could look different on different body types.
  • Never ever wear faded, stretched out or too loose leggings with small holes or any tightenings, curve welds, etc. Leggings are made in such a way that they attract attention even to the most insignificant defects.
  • No one should see your panty lines. So manage to find right underwear.
  • If you have very big calves wear leggings with knee-high boots, otherwise leggings will stress it disadvantageously.
  • Be careful when you combine different prints and patterns in your look. Don’t overdo it.
  • It is better to avoid tan- or skin-colored leggings – they may be very provocative!
  • Ribbed pieces, the subtle biker details, and sheer panels make your leggings look incredibly flattering and take them to the next level.
  • If you are wearing a solid color for your leggings, then you can opt for different patterns and prints for the shirt and vice versa.
  • If you are going to wear a patterned shirt, make sure that the pattern matches the outfit.
  • You may harmoniously complement your look using boots and a scarf for cold weather or statement jewelry if outside is warm.
  • It is unappropriated to wear leggings under dresses for cocktail parties and other semi-formal events. Because such look is casual and not suitable in this situation.

What to Wear With Leggings?

Are you in doubt what to wear with leggings? You always may choose the athletic style and pair your leggings with sneakers and a sporty bomber, or you could make your outfit appropriate for a weekend party or even work with the help of some strategic layering.

There is a wide variety of things that fit well with leggings:

  • A crop top and  jacket
  • A long button-down shirt
  • Cardigans
  • Tunics
  • Lace hem sweaters
  • Blazers
  • Oversized knit sweaters
  • A long poncho
  • A mini skirt
  • A dress
  • A long graphic tee
  • Scarves
  • Wear leggings with the right shoes:

For a casual look, it could be different things like flats, boots, ballet flats, knee-high and over knee-high boots or sports shoes. You also may wear pumps for more formal occasions.

Nowadays designers are perfectly doing their work and offering a great variety of sheer-paneled (leather- and another type paneled), embellished, embroidered and even sequin leggings outfits. You will certainly find something matching your style from the classical monochromes to the printed structures. Be creative, have fun and enjoy your new leggings outfits! Good luck!
Look how different parts of this outfit totally match each other! This oversized creamy-white sweater harmonizes with the same-color elements of the pattern on the leggings. Floral prints bring some inspiration.

rockstyle outfit

This all black leggings rock-style outfit boasts arrogance and confidence at the same time.
Amazing black leggings outfit

Classic shirt and classic black leggings with a nicely patterned oversized sweater are absolutely amazing together. Chunky boots and black leather moto-jacket give these leggings a cool twist.
Cute schoolgirl leggings outfit

The knitted bulky sweater and short skirt with solid gray leggings just ideal for cold seasons and make this school-girl outfit comfy, cozy and cute. Plaid button-down shirt and white Doc Martins boots help to place the right accents in this look.
Gray leggings outfit

This casual style will not leave anyone indifferent. White tee, unbuttoned denim shirt, a great pair of light-gray leggings and, of course, beautiful white snickers – so fresh, comfy but very stylish and put-together look!
Bohemian brown boots and leggings outfit

Very impressive, extraordinary and bold, but at the same time gentle and poetic look. Unusual details and interesting print make this image incredibly attractive. Amazing how every single detail combined with the others!
Warm, soft colors and multilayeredness make this image so peaceful. Full-length leggings are always a good decision if you are hesitating about the length. Your legs will seem even longer.
Organic Cotton burgundy leggings outfit

Leggings could be made from different materials: cotton, poly spandex mix, lycra, rayon, modal, viscose, sometimes even leather. But cotton leggings still are the most comfortable and most popular.
Camo leggings outfit

The military style always stays on trend. Patterned leggings will look advantageously if you pair them with a monochrome top.
Leather leggings outfit for ladies

Leather or faux leather leggings are perfect for creating bright looks. They will seem well balanced and more soft with a top made of light and delicate materials.But do not forget that they should be not too thin and more like leather pants then like athletic wear.
Casual outfits with leggings

One of the hottest and youthful looks are leggings in combination with a crop top and oversized jacket. Toned abs peeking and toned legs will give this look an extra attractiveness.
Original colorful leggings outfit

Be creative and original, mix colors, patterns and shades, but at the same time keep in mind the basic rules of being stylish!
Cute leggings outfit for fall

Pair leggings with a skirt and roll neck jumper for fall outfits. Bootleg Net Leggings an excellent fashion idea. It is something in the middle between an enticing young lady and badass. Net panels and thigh-highs make this outfit edgy and so captivating.
Cute flowers leggings outfit with boots

Floral print leggings are very feminine and romantic. Leather jacket and same color leather boots entirely complete this awesome outfit.

You may harmoniously complement your look using high boots and a scarf for cold weather. Layers will make your outfit more interesting and diverse. And you may always take off something if it gets hot.
Cute outfit with tights

Leggings with a dress! Why not? They give you the opportunity to wear your favorite light dresses even in cool weather. You also may go for something shorter than you usually wear. And no need to be afraid of the wind if you wear a loose dress.
Cute winter outfits with leggings

Black color leggings are always suitable and considered as a classic. Just add this amazing red coat. You will look gorgeous this winter!
Dark gray leggings outfit

It is so interesting to play with the color using different tones, shades and textures. There is something magical. A long coat will help you to make a nice balance in your leggings outfit and keep a fascinating style.
Cool dressy black leggings outfit

Glam your look by rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and accessorize. Add some sparkle to your pretty outfit.
Floral leggings outfit

Pairing your beautiful floral printed leggings with a white stylish crop top and lovely white blazer for the pure, tender and blooming outfit!
Galaxy leggings outfit

Ombre sweatshirt smoothly turning into leggings with a space print and create a very harmonious and fascinating image. You will be exactly the most charming star in our galaxy!
Girls Bulletproof Bandidas legging outfit

There are absolutely fantastic leggings pattern and color combination. Bulletproof for any critic words and lift you up to the next fashion level.
High waisted leather leggings outfit

Layering is the best way to create your own unique style. You may use an unbuttoned shirt, sweater, denim jacket and wherever you want. High waisted faux leather leggings look great in this company.
Jean jacket and silver leggings outfit

Why not try something unusual? Silver leggings can add a metallic glow and extra glam to your image.
Lazy day outfits with leggings

Leggings made for comfort and they are perfect for lazy weekend outfits. Wear gray knitted high neck tank if you have in mind relaxation at home, and just put on a gray cardigan when you go outside.
Patterned leggings look

A mini skirt paired with leggings could be a very nice fashion trick. Thanks to amazing cathedral leggings this outlook became so vivid and appealing.
Suede leggings outfit for work

Simple and very creative look. Stylish maxi-top with classic suede leggings with decorative inserts, high heels shoes and black clutch – excellent leggings outfit for work.
Black Galaxy leggings and shirt outfit

Sparks of the sheer metallic shirt, black galaxy leggings, and heavy Freda boots altogether resembles a beautiful comet that burst into outer space.
Leggings and shorts outfits for men

You may be surprised, but leggings are not worn only by women. Leggings are quite popular around men, because they are really good for different sports activities, especially in cold season.
Total black leggings and sweaters outfit

Total black has been ever stylish. Bulky style of sweater makes a lovely contrast with the narrowness of the leggings.
Leggings going out outfit

Using layers is very relevant and practical. This look is an actual fashion bomb among going out outfits.
Beautiful lularoe legging outfit idea

Off the shoulder top with pattern leggings is a great idea for walks through the forest or the river bank, where you can enjoy the unity with nature. Long length cardigan will nicely slim your figure.
Maroon leggings outfit

Do not stick to black. Try different solid color leggings instead of it. Look at these royal maroon leggings! They are fascinating!
Outfit with leggings for summer

In summer you may wear your leggings with a long graphic tee for the definite athletic style.
Gold party outfit leggings

This divine leggings costume is perfect for formal occasions or parties. It is a true golden touch of chic and luxury.
Patterned leggings outfits
Black Sequin legging outfit
Comics printed leggings outfit

Let’s be unpredictable! Have fun and be yourself! Wear something unusual and extraordinary. Paint this world with bright colors! This comics printed leggings certainly have a superpower!
Red leggings outfits

It is impossible to stay away from this well designed red leggings! Asymmetric tunics and tops create an interesting silhouette and visually lengthen the lines of your body.
Ripped leggings outfit

Want to try something new? Choose this full of life energy and new emotions look for those who are young and free!
Spring outfits with leggings

Do you feel the fresh spring breeze in this outfit? Pay your attention to colors and accessories. They are stunning!
Stylish outfit with leggings

The Even ordinary urban look could turn into stylish if you use right prints and materials, isn’t it?
Simple tshirt and leggings outfit
Sporty crop top and leggings outfit

Look at this sporty crop top and leggings! They are made to emphasize perfect body shape. White and black always made a beautiful contrast.
Rock top to go with leggings
White leggings outfit

White mesh leggings with cut-out tank and appropriate necklace create super stylish sporty outlook.
Sexy womens leggings outfit

If your purpose is to look sexy in your clothes – this outfits is for you. High waisted leggings and open top great for the alluring look.
All black leggings look

Captivating and tempting outlook. High level of leggings design. It will be an explosion!
Skirt and leggings outfit for girls

Do not forget that leggings can be a good alternative to tights. They are usually thicker and could be especially good for the cold season. You may wear any fabric and skirt shape with leggings.