Lion King Tattoo Ideas

The works of Disney are famous all around the world. Those thrilling tales that have been inspiring several generations always have something more than nice animation, bright colors and pretty faces of princesses. Morality, sense and emotional power in every second are the main elements of any Disney company project.

“Lion King” is included into the unofficial list of the most memorable films of any Disney fan. We can surely call this work “film”, as it has the serious story, detailed scenario, and charismatic main characters. Mufasa, the present king rules the jungle, mean Scar, that has the lust for power, wild and weird shaman Rafiki, and, finally, little Simba. It is worth noting that the path Simba will go, recalls the path of any good king (or we believe that it is the right way to become a good one). Anyway, Lion King inspires a lot of people to get a tattoo with the characters to remember that the road to oneself of full of responsibility, strength, laugh, and tears. In other words, life is full of these things; and the movie shows us, that our life can and should be full of cool contrasts too.
Baby Simba Tattoo
Little Simba in flowers is a symbol of fresh young years and positive attitude to life. The tattoo master made a real artwork, depicting happiness in Simba’s eyes with only black ink.
Cute Lion King Pictures
Such tattoos usually choose girls. Well, noticing a lady with cute Simba tattoo on leg, remember, that it is the son of the influential king with noble blood in the veins.
Lion King Quote Tattoos
These similar tattoos of neo traditional style is accompanied with the signature font of Disney. The happy couple with the movie quotes on their legs obviously has a perfect sense of humor: they have chosen the cleverest phrases of the “Lion King”
Lion King Simba Tattoo
This touching and powerful image of Simba seeing the silhouette of his father Mufasa has the highest possible emotional effect. The author of the tattoo idea is worthy of applause.

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Lion King Sleeve Tattoo Design Idea
Just look at this perfect sleeve tattoo with all the characters of the movie! A bold variant for true fans. Note that the sleeve seems to be divided into two parts – one of the dark side with Scar on top, and the other of light, with all the protagonists of the story.
Lion King Tattoos Hakuna Matata
Do you remember those two funny persons, who accompanied Simba on his journey? Their famous song “Hakuna Matata” became a hymn of life with no worries. Tattoo with Timon and Pumbaa will always support you in any difficult life moment, reminding you that everything depends on your own power and attitude to the situation.
Mufasa Tattoo
This silhouette of Mufasa depicts his free soul, as well as his devotion to the savanna he was born in. Starry night in the king’s side is perfectly supported with the daylight of little Simba, the future king. Such a contract between adult and young nature is suitable for inscrutable persons able to combine freshness of the youth and wisdom of the life years.

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Nala and Simba Tattoo
People believe that the lion’s love is one of the strongest and lions’ couples are supposed to have a special connection. This nice tattoo with Nala and Simba is softened even more by the sketch style.
Nala Tattoo
In the movie, Nala had brave and bold personality. It highlights the character of all lionesses, whose life mission is the defense of their children. Additionally, in this very tattoo, Nala is shown as gentle and tender creature – a woman can have multiple faces, huh?
Pumbaa Tattoo
Pumba is rarely depicted alone, without his energetic friend Timon. Here is also Simba, who is clearly afflicted with the same madness – and this is beautiful! Soul comfort means the company, where you can be fully relaxed, and the two freaks became the best friends for lonely Simba, cheering him up every second.
Rafiki Tattoo
Probably, Rafiki is the most controversial character of the story. He was able to move and talk with the speed of light, but also had the amazing skill of meditation and knew something no one could learn. The owners of Rafiki tattoo are likely to have endless energy, but also the ability to direct the energy in the right direction.

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Scar Lion King Tattoo
In this tattoo, there is a combination of several Disney villains. It is made in outline style, which is quite minimalistic, however, you always can add some color for the tattoo to sparkle in full capacity.
Simba Tree Tattoo
If you chose the tree drawing of baby Simba for the tattoo, classic style will be the perfect match to it. Made in deep black roses and thick lines, this image will highlight the power and the perspectives of the youth.

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