The Greatest Ideas to Embellish Your Lips With Piercing

The lip piercing is a puncture of the lower or upper lip for further insertion of the decoration. It is almost harmless because the nerve endings and large blood vessels are completely absent in the lips. This piercing was popular in ancient times; it was one of the attributes of various rituals and rites. Today, avant-garde youth and representatives of subcultures are the main fans of the lip piercing, as it helps to stand out from the general mass, giving the lips particular beauty and sexuality.

Types of Lip Piercing

The classification of lip piercing includes about 15 different types. Their names are very interesting, original and memorable, and the result can be above all praise.

The most well-known lip piercings are:

  • Labret piercing – the most common piercing under the lip. It is subdivided into vertical, when the needle passes in one place, perpendicularly to the lip in the middle. The horizontal labret – is a more complicated version, when an ornament is put parallel to the lower lip in the center.
  • Monroe piercing – is a lip piercing over the upper lip on the left, which imitates the birthmark of Marilyn Monroe.
  • Madonna piercing – is similar to the previous type of puncture, only on the other side. Like a birthmark on the face of the expressive singer Madonna, the decoration is done over the lips on the right.
  • Dahlia – two symmetrical punctures over the upper lip in the corners of the
  • Medusa – this piercing is located exactly in the center of the nasolabial cavity.
  • Snake bites piercing – a puncture under the lip is done from two sides, symmetrically to the middle.
  • Angel bites – this is a combination of Monroe and Madonna piercings. Two symmetrical punctures are made over the upper lip.

The Variety of Jewelry

  • A barbell – is a rod with a bead on each side.
  • Labret– is a rod with an unscrewing ball and a fixed tip-cap.
  • Tunnel – is a hollow tube with small borders.
  • Ring or Hoop – is a circular rod, closed at the ends with a ball
  • Twist – is a semi-ring-spiral with balls rolling on the ends.
  • Semicircle or horseshoe – is a bent semicircle rod with balls on two ends.

The Lip Piercing Aftercare

The healing process normally takes about 3-4 months, but the jewelry can be changed not early than after 4-6 weeks.

There are some important rules that will help to accelerate the healing time and prevent negative consequences:

  1. After piercing, the first 4 hours are forbidden to drink alcohol, eat or smoke.
  2. Consume vitamins of group B, eat porridge, milk products, fruit, exclude sour, salty too hot or cold food for two weeks.
  3. After meals, rinse your mouth with special antiseptic substances (“Peridex”, “Stomatidin”, “Lyzoplak”).
  4. Chew food with caution, in order not to damage the tooth enamel.
  5. Do not often touch the jewelry, especially without disinfecting the hands.
  6. Do not make sharp movements in order not to damage the teeth.
  7. Regularly disinfect the place of piercing with antiseptics (“Chlorhexidine solution”, “Iodinexine”, 3% hydrogen peroxide, Chloramphenicol).
  8. During the healing phase use saline solution (one teaspoon of rock salt dissolved in a cup of warm water) twice a day for two weeks.
  9. Rinse piercing with running water before you get out of the shower to rinse off any shampoo, conditioner or soap residue.
  10. Rinse mouth after brushing the teeth to remove any traces of toothpaste.


The price depends on the chosen jewelry, its material and the number and type of piercing. It’s worth spending $60-$220 to make sure that it is done by a professional piercer, who knows what he or she is doing.
This bottom lip piercing penetrates the center of the lower lip. The semicircle silver jewelry looks fantastic with deep red lipstick!
The stunning bottom lip piercing
The “snake bites” lip piercing illustrates the double piercing. These blue stones in both jewelry pieces perfectly match this weird blue and purple lipstick.
The double lip piercing design
The “vertical labret” piercing is presented with a highly notice ball in the center of the lower lip and elongated rod under it. The chubby lips are a good pattern for such piercing.
The center lip piercing
The mystery and witchcraft are a base for this amazing triple piercing under the lower lip. The long black spike studs together with black lipstick complete this dark image.
The cool black lip piercing
Do you desire elegant piercing on your lip? Then, this sweet “vertical labret” in the form of a cute heart, is the prettiest choice for you.
The cute lip piercing
The snake bites and Ashley piercing are united in one lovely composition. This flirty design with bright red lipstick is above all praise.
The seductive dermal lip piercing
The snake bites and cyber bites piercing illustrate an incredible option for really brave people. The spike stud is associated with danger while a red lipstick – with blood.
The different types of lip piercings
The double snake bites piercing goes along with spider bites in this work. The horseshoe jewelry of different sizes is a suitable choice for such piercing.
The uncommon double lip piercing
The interesting way to decorate your lip with skeleton hand is presented here. And it does not matter that this piercing is unreal, as it produces an unforgettable impression!
The fake lip piercing
If you wish a laconic and modern lip piercing, this labret design should not be unnoticed. The standard hoop decoration in golden metal will come in handy.
The lip piercing with a hoop jewelry
The seduction and craftiness are key points of this magnificent lip piercing. The ring jewelry with dark pomade brings peculiar mystery.
The outstanding bottom lip piercing and pomade
Here the variant of inside piercing under the lower lip is nicely illustrated. The orange lipstick, horseshoe jewelry with a bird resemble a touch of Indian style.
The inside bottom lip piercing
This is one more example of extraordinary decoration for the lip. The inside piercing is complemented with a gorgeous charm attached to a plain lip ring.
The inside lip piercing with pretty charm
A little bit aggressive view with labret piercing you can see here. The vertical version of this famous lip piercing still excites people’s imagination.
The vertical labret lip piercing
The skull jewelry in the nose and a spider in the lip are harmoniously combined, creating a wild look. And do you want to follow this unusual design?
The union of lip and nose piercing
The cute decoration in the form of semicircle jewelry is taken for this vertical jestrum piercing. The simple work, at first sight, will fascinate others for sure!
The vertical jestrum lip piercing
These lips appeal immediately; the fabulous gloss gives charm and attractiveness. However, the strongest point here is, of course, an inviting lip piercing with a hoop.
The sugar lip piercing with a hoop
Oh, my God! Do you need your own personal Jesus? Then try this fantastic labret piercing and do not forget about such unusual jewelry for your lips.
The religious lip piercing jewelry
It is needless to say how crucially the lip piercing can change the appearance. Here the snake bites piercing adds thrills and uniqueness to your image.
The spider bites lip piercing with rings
This medusa lip piercing enhances the whole impression without a doubt. The marvelous lipstick art would not look so great without this sweet, white stud jewelry.
The above lip piercing stud
Combining different jewelry pieces, you can get something unusual. This ring on one side and the spike stud on the other, present the snake bites piercing in an interesting way.
The attractive lip piercings for girls
The emo subculture is closely connected with piercing as a way of self-expression. This guy with snake bites and nose piercings brightly illustrates this idea.
The lip piercings for emo guys
Despite a numerous lip piercings variations, these lips remain their tenderness and charm. The snake bites, medusa and labret produce one gentle composition.
The lower lip piercing design
The snake bites piercing is a good chance for men to show their individuality. The pair of identical steel rings works wonderfully for this kind of piercing.
The male lip piercing
This piercing of the lower lip is quite simple and low-key. The black jewelry is barely noticeable. What can be better for serious, young men?
The men’s lip piercing
The vertical labret is strictly done in the center of the lip. Two balls on both sides will nicely emphasize your beautiful and chubby lips.
The sexy middle of lip piercing
The sparkling lips are fantastic, but this amazing medusa piercing cannot be omitted. You will look like a superstar with this tiny decoration above the lip!
The adorable piercing above the lip
The protest is a key issue of this under lip piercing. The black lips and a weeny labret under the lower lip is a bright challenge to society.
The piercing under the lip
Here the snake bites piercing gives the strongest accent to the lips. This splendid effect is impossible without such magnificent blackberry lipstick.
The staggering side lip piercing
The tempting look of these lips is achieved not only by astonishing cherry lipstick but also due to the fashionable vertical labret.
The small lip piercing
The smiley lip piercing is prepared for the owners of a beautiful smile. If you want something more interesting and unexpected, take medusa piercing under the top lip.
The extravagant top lip piercing
The vampire theme is revealed through dark red lipstick and artificial fangs. The medusa piercing is an ideal addition to this gothic look.
The awesome upper lip piercing
The snake bites piercing is frequently chosen by obstinate and a bit aggressive girls. The blue lipstick only enriches the existing image.
The double vertical lip piercing
These two cute jewelry pieces make a slight emphasis on your lips. Without any lipstick, this piercing is appropriate for everyday life.
The snake bites piercing under the lip
The simplicity is a highlight of this delicate snake bites piercing. The result is full of tenderness and sensuality, without any frills.
The little snake bites piercing under the lip
This shocking design of piercing jewelry is dedicated to all fans of vampire stories. The snake bites piercing with jewelry in the form of fangs are outstanding!
The horrendous vampire lip piercing
The medusa piercing is perfectly combined with vertical labret, dividing the lips absolutely in the center. The identical choice of decorations looks cool anyway.
The refined center lip piercing
The red jewelry is not typical for a lip piercing. Red is a color of love and ardor. Thus, this idea may belong to a person with very passionate nature.
The red side lip piercing
To be in fashion is a dream of every girl. It becomes real with such interesting make-up and pretty labret lip piercing, which is presented with a ring.
The lip piercing ring for fashion girls
This gold ring in the center of the lower lip is so thin that you may not notice it at first. Nevertheless, it brings particular glamor to your appearance.
The simple labret lip piercing
The gentle pink lips and a black jewelry look contrasting, doesn’t they? The ring with a tiny ball is an excellent option for labret lip piercing.
The black lip piercing
The mysticism permeates this cool design of lip piercing. Beginning with black lipstick, white skulls and ending with incredible jewelry – it’s difficult to take your eyes off!
The gothic center lip piercing
The soft, diffused reddish pink suits well this breathtaking jewelry design. Here the labret piercing is embellished with steel piece, which resembles the web.
The cool lip piercing jewelry
The asymmetry is a successful variant for a lip piercing. The gray ring on one side and a spike on the other shows a perfect merge with the same color of lipstick!
The asymmetry side lip piercing
Jestrum is like a vertical labret but for the upper lip. So, you will get a puncture through the lip with the noticeable jewelry located in the center.
The jestrum for a top lip piercing
This standard labret piercing seems incredibly appealing, because of a right choice of decoration. The ring with several tiny stones is stylish and exclusive.
The modern lip piercing jewelry
The cross is not only a famous religious attribute; it can be even a part of your intriguing lip piercing. The sin and holiness like two sides of the same coin here.
The cross jewelry for labret lip piercing
This matte red color of lips is gorgeous, but what makes them look inimitable is definitely labret piercing with captivating jewelry in the form of a web.
The red lips and bottom lip piercing
Look at this labret piercing with lovely horseshoe jewelry in the lower lip. The ring with two balls creates a highly coquettish look for your lips.
The circle lip piercing