Little Girls Haircuts

Every mom wants her little daughter to look like a princess. And if the choice of clothes doesn’t create any problems, hairstyles for little girls can cause some difficulties. Not every mother knows how to braid hair or she just cannot think of anything except for the ponytails. In fact, there are a lot of hairstyles for young girls with different hair lengths. Don’t worry if your daughter has short or thin hair, even with it you can create a beautiful hairstyle.

The main rule of the kid hair styles is simplicity and convenience. Hair should not be unnecessarily tied up or made out with a great number of hairpins. So don’t choose very complicated skillful hairdos.

If you don’t have the time or creative ideas, our photos presenting children hairstyles which are simple and so cute will come in handy! They are suitable for both everyday and special occasions. Here we go!

Cool Short Haircuts For Little Girls

Every mom wants her daughter to be the most beautiful. Therefore, they choose the most interesting outfits, shoes and accessories for their girls. But the pretty hairstyle is very important too. There is a stereotypical opinion that it is impossible to do something original on short hair. We strongly disagree! There are many interesting hairstyle options for short hair for little girls that you can do on your own at home.

As for short hair, you can use various accessories, such as a headband or rims with flowers. They will open the face, removing hair so that it doesn’t interfere the child during studying or playtime and at the same time such decorations will complement the hairstyle image. Moreover, you can make such headbands by yourself. You’ll need soft knitwear, artificial flowers or flowers made of fabric.

We offer you a selection of interesting ideas of little girl haircuts for short hair. Each of them is interesting and pretty. You can choose different hairstyles every day! Just pick up the options that you and your child will like most. We hope that we’ll inspire you to create new hairdressing masterpieces.

Cool Short Haircuts For Little Girls 1
This ultra-fashionable asymmetrical sleek bob is an atypical hairstyle for a child, but it definitely will not be left without attention. You and your child will be delighted!

Cool Short Haircuts For Little Girls 2
When it comes to a hairstyle for little girls, bob haircuts are a very popular choice. This sleek bob with a side bang is very comfortable and simple.

Cool Short Haircuts For Little Girls 3
The A-line bob with a nice braid perfectly frames the girl’s face. Moreover, such a braid allows you to remove hair from the face or, for example, to grow out a tiresome bang.

Cool Short Haircuts For Little Girls 4
Probably, this is the easiest option for a girl with short hair. This neat haircut with the middle parting doesn’t require special styling and your daughter will be able to style it by herself – she just needs to comb her hair and the hairdo is ready!

Cool Short Haircuts For Little Girls 5
This is another variant of a classy and comfortable short haircut for a child with an interesting choppy bang! This hair length will not be hindering and it is an excellent option for the hair that often gets tangled.

Cool Short Haircuts For Little Girls 6
Meet one more idea of the simple bob with a side bang. Such a hairstyle will suit a girl with any face shape – this is a classic option. It can be curled or clipped from the side and you get a festive styling.

Cool Short Haircuts For Little Girls 7
Check out a beautiful and unhackneyed hairstyle for a girl that will suit both an everyday and festive look. It’s very easy to do – just comb her hair back and make the braids. The styling is quick and easy to do and the hairdo is very comfortable for little girls to wear.

Cool Short Haircuts For Little Girls 8
This sleek chin-length bob is perfect for a child with dark hair. To soften the effect of the adult hair, you can add a typically children’s accessory – a cool pin or a nice butterfly clip. Small things can bring novelty even to the simplest haircut.

Cool Short Haircuts For Little Girls 9
Looking for cool haircuts for little girls with curly hair? Meet this short wavy hairstyle with a few strands pinned with a beautiful jaw clip on the side of the head. With such a hairdo, your daughter will look like a real little princess, especially if she wears a beautiful dress.

Cool Short Haircuts For Little Girls 10
This short haircut is just a real catch for kids with very curly wayward hair and a life-saving option for mothers who are short on time in the mornings! It will take you less than five minutes to create such a hairstyle.

Cool Short Haircuts For Little Girls 11
Who said that pixie is a haircut for adults? Pixie is quite short, but it’s a very versatile haircut. It perfectly highlights girl’s puffy lips, huge eyes and tender cheeks, giving them a resemblance to elves from fantasy worlds. Ruffled locks and the texture of this hairstyle create a playful and dynamic image.

Cool Short Haircuts For Little Girls 12
If your daughter does not like the voluminous head of hair and generally prefers a more boyish style, try such a neck-length haircut! After all, the most important thing for a child is to feel comfortable and confident.

Cool Short Haircuts For Little Girls 13
You can make two pretty pigtails on the sides which will look wonderful.

Most of the time children are on the active move – walking in the fresh air, doing sports and playing dynamic games. All of this requires freedom of action. It is important that the hair doesn’t fall over kid’s eyes and do not interfere during classes. In this case, pigtails will be a great choice.

Cool Short Haircuts For Little Girls 14
Such bantu knots are a great idea of 5-year-old girl’s hairstyle. To create such a beautiful and comfortable hairstyle, you need to acquire necessary tools in advance, namely a soft comb, clips for fixing, as well as decorative hair pins or elastic bands.

But keep in mind that such tight weaving should not be made every day. Hairdressers advise to change the place of the main hair fixation and do not use especially hard rubber bands, which can lead to brittleness and split-ends.

Best Ideas Of Little Girl Haircuts For Long Hair

Many women dream of a daughter who will be their own reflection and, of course, as fashionable as her mother. It concerns not only clothes but also hair cuts. In fact, little girls are also concerned about these beauty issues despite their tender age.

However, it often happens that the desire to see a daughter to be the most beautiful girl faces some problems because of the lack of practice and ideas, which raises the question: what hair designs for kids girls will be the most successful?

Hairstyles for young ladies will allow you to show all your creativity and imagination. Any mom, having such an instrument as long hair, can do wonders, from trivial braids to really fantastic hairstyles. Lovely buns, funny ponytails, playful pigtails and naturally falling tresses are so versatile that they are suitable for any occasion. At school or in any children’s team, girls try to look adorable, changing haircuts and hair accessories every day.

This time we have collected the most luxurious children’s hairstyles for young ladies with long hair.

Best Ideas Of Little Girl Haircuts For Long Hair 1
You don’t necessarily need to tie your daughter’s long hair into braids or ponytails. Loose hair with a nice headband and a curtain bang look amazing, too. If your child feels comfortable, why not choose this hairstyle?

Best Ideas Of Little Girl Haircuts For Long Hair 2
All mothers know that good taste develops from the childhood. These soft waves which are combed to the side are stylish and elegant. This easy hairstyle looks like adults’ one!

Best Ideas Of Little Girl Haircuts For Long Hair 3
This is a good example of the layered haircuts for a little girl. These face-framing layers perfectly emphasize the childish features of the face and look especially beautiful on thick hair.

Best Ideas Of Little Girl Haircuts For Long Hair 4
Every mother needs to learn how to make hairstyles for girls on every day. Many moms know what the braid “fishtail” is and many of them like this hairstyle very much. The name arose because of the similarity to the tail of fish. Perhaps, the Little Mermaid wear such a hairstyle. A fishtail is ideally suitable for very little girls both with long and medium-length thin hair. If the hair is not very long, then make a few ordinary braids from the forehead to the nape as in the photo.

Best Ideas Of Little Girl Haircuts For Long Hair 6
Loose hair with a half crown braid looks amazing! To make such a hairstyle, take a few strands at the forehead and tuck them in small “hooks”. Thus, we get not only a beautiful hairstyle but also a comfortable one since the bang does not get in the eyes.

Braids, perhaps, are the most popular hairstyles for girls. Braided hairstyles combine the simplicity, beauty and fervor that are so suitable for little princesses. This simple diagonal Dutch braid with a side ponytail is a great choice if you are tired of boring everyday hairstyles and want to try something new!

Best Ideas Of Little Girl Haircuts For Long Hair 7
There is a dime a dozen of hairstyles with braids. For example, look at these cornrows tied in a ponytail which are perfect for little black girls. This hairstyle will look original, and a girl can wear it for several days, which makes cornrows very comfortable.

Best Ideas Of Little Girl Haircuts For Long Hair 8
Are you tired of boring tails, braids and loose hair? Try this simple and unusual hairstyle – an inverted ponytail. Anyone can cope with this elegant hairstyle!

Make the ponytail and tie it with an elastic band. Then create a “hole” with fingers at the base of the ponytail, just above the elastic band and pass the hair through the hole and tighten it with an elastic band.

Best Ideas Of Little Girl Haircuts For Long Hair 9
This is another great way to diversify boring hairstyles – a twisted side ponytail! All you need is a comb, hairpins and a hairband.

It is very important to create a hairstyle with a small fashionista – to allow her to choose suitable hairpins, and also to listen to her opinion about the design and style of the future styling. In addition, all manipulations with children’s hair require considerable care and tenderness.

Best Ideas Of Little Girl Haircuts For Long Hair 10
The plait in combination with the wavy ponytail looks great! This hairstyle is not difficult to do and it’s a great option for a children’s party.

Best Ideas Of Little Girl Haircuts For Long Hair 11
One of the most popular options is a hairstyle with two braids – it can be a classic weaving of three strands or French braids. Such quick and easy hairdo looks good and is convenient for a child.

Best Ideas Of Little Girl Haircuts For Long Hair 12
Long hair is always beautiful, regardless of age. If your girl wears her hair loose most often – the best option is a graduated haircut. Pay attention to this cut if you’re looking for new ideas of little girl shoulder length haircuts! This will greatly facilitate the process of daily manipulation with hair – it will only need to be carefully combed.

Best Ideas Of Little Girl Haircuts For Long Hair 13
The bob haircut on straight hair allows you to play with the length. In the case of children’s haircuts, the optimal option will be the length, allowing to make a ponytail if necessary.

Best Ideas Of Little Girl Haircuts For Long Hair 14
Meet this cool top knot for curly hair! Such a hairdo removes the strands from the forehead, leaving the rest of her hair loose. Very fashionable and comfortable hairstyle!

Best Ideas Of Little Girl Haircuts For Long Hair 15
This long straight hair looks gorgeous! With such a hairstyle, your girl will look like a Disney Princess.

Best Ideas Of Little Girl Haircuts For Long Hair 16
Check out this amazing layered haircut for little girls with a thick bang.

The feathering of the tips will greatly simplify the process of styling and will preserve the shape and beauty of the haircut for a long time.

Cute Toddler Girl Haircuts With Bangs

Mums who have small daughters need to do something with their hair from early childhood. Some mothers opt to a short child haircut, and others prefer to let their daughters’ hair grow out hair so that they could make hairstyles for little girls. The main thing here is that the haircut is comfortable, beautiful and takes little time to perform. After all, toddlers do not like to sit in one place for a long time.

The comfortable and easy option for toddlers is a short haircut. It doesn’t take much time when styling – you just need to comb your girl’s hair and decorate her head with a beautiful pin, rim or band.

It is very important to choose a suitable hairstyle for your daughter from a young age. Fashion stylists in beauty salons even have special secrets for kids’ haircuts. We offer the most popular variants of haircuts for young princesses from 1 to 3 years.

Cute Toddler Girl Haircuts With Bangs 1
Such funny pigtails with a full bang are an excellent choice for a little boisterous girl who is constantly on the move!

Cute Toddler Girl Haircuts With Bangs 2
Long straight hair with a choppy fringe is perfect for a girl who doesn’t actually like to wear complicated braided hairstyles!

Cute Toddler Girl Haircuts With Bangs 3
An asymmetrical curtain fringe is a good way to make an ordinary bob more original without changing the length and haircut itself.

Cute Toddler Girl Haircuts With Bangs 4
Your little princess will surely like this funny fountain hairdo – just make a little pigtail on the half of the hair.

Cute Toddler Girl Haircuts With Bangs 5
Two buns and a beautiful pink headband is a perfect hairstyle for toddlers!

Cute Toddler Girl Haircuts With Bangs 6
Of course, it is impossible to make a magnificent ponytail on short hair, but we do not need it. A short bunch is ideal for little girl’s thin hair – it looks very cute, fun and cheerful.

Such choppy haircut will look natural even when your daughter’s hair gets tangled!

Cute Toddler Girl Haircuts With Bangs 8
If your child has short thin hair and you want to decorate her hairstyle, make a side fringe.

Cute Toddler Girl Haircuts With Bangs 9
Check out this short messy haircut with a choppy bang – excellent choice for a 2 year-old-girl.

Cute Toddler Girl Haircuts With Bangs 10
You can choose among a great variety of hairstyles for toddlers! You can change the length of the bang, make small layers and feather strands. Moreover, you can use fashionable headband for the hair and nice hairpins which open the forehead from the bangs or are worn over it.

Cute Toddler Girl Haircuts With Bangs 11
This is a cute haircut for a 1-year-old child with really thick hair.

Cute Toddler Girl Haircuts With Bangs 12
Even the youngest ladies can wear a stylish pixie cut!

Cute Toddler Girl Haircuts With Bangs 13
This is one more pixie idea for your toddler! A short haircut is not only very comfortable but also very stylish – see for yourself!