Impressive Long Nail Designs for All Occasions

What can make modern fashion women happy? Most of you will confidently say “A good manicure!” Surprise? Don`t think so! An ideal nail art design is a universal way to please all ladies in all circumstances, and cheer them up in spite of different difficulties! The variety of nail art designs is really impressive! It`s possible to create everything you want, choose the size and the length you would like your nails to be. But nobody will argue that nowadays long nails are the most popular!

Long nail designs are numerous and varied! All possible ideas of nail art designs can be applied to long nails! Need a manicure for the party? Choose a long nail design with bright colors, glitters, crystals or 3d décor. Are you interviewing for a new position in a prestigious firm? Long nail designs with nude or pastel colors are your choice! If you have strong and healthy nails, you`ll not experience difficulties with long nail designs! Otherwise, long nail designs can be easily done with the help of gel or acryl.

However, the long nails are considered to be in a love hate relationship! There are a lot of advantages of long nails! Long nails are the most suitable for creating various nail art designs because you have much more free space on the nail plate. It`s easy to create all possible shapes on long nails. Want round, oval or almond nails? Just cut off the edges of your nails! Prefer square, squoval or coffin shape? It`s not a problem: use the nail file! Are you a fan of stiletto nails? There is nothing better than long pointy nails! Unfortunately, some women claim that long nails are a bad idea, `cause they are getting dirty, braking, snagging and look unhygienic. It`s also hard to use different gadgets or work with extremely long nails! However, good nail hygiene does exist! So if you want to have long nail designs, don`t hesitate!

You can`t deny that long nail designs make your hands look super graceful and feminine! Don`t worry about feeling uncomfortable with long nail designs! You can define the most appropriate for you length or make the most comfortable shape! With the variety of long nail designs, you`ll never be out of fashion!
Acrylic Long Nails with Well-Fitting Designs
Long coffins nail with this design look great! Beige nails with rhinestones go well with the emerald mirror powder! A pair of nails with the picture in the form of a feather will inspire you!
Beautiful Long Fingernails with a Gentle Design
What a beautiful manicure with a gentle design! The combination of light blue nails and the matte design is always pretty! Bright flowers with green leaves and small white stamens look interesting on long nails!
Best Nail Color for Delicious Long Nails
Long coffin nails of the emerald color with the chrome effect look delicious! Rhinestones of different sizes and a pair of glitter nails will shine very bright with green and purple colors.
Black Long Nails Which You`ll Remember Forever
You`ll always remember these stiletto nails! Matte black, beautiful shades of glossy pink and violet colors go well together! Pink crystals near the cuticle and black rhinestones on the pink nails are wonderful!
Blue Long Nails with an Unusual Design
These unusual and nails will definitely draw your attention! A lot of small pixies and strange stones on the gray base are incredible! The marble design looks as if it were clouds or sea waves.

Fascinating Mermaid Tattoos With Symbolic Meanings
Cool Nail Designs for Unconventional Long Nails
Long stiletto nails with an African oriented design is unconventional! Gold nails with the chrome effect look amazing! Three-dimensional drawings and rhinestones make these nails suitable for a party or a theme evening!
Cute Long Nails with Mirage Designs
Ballerina nails with this design look pretty tender! Some nails are made with the help of the ombre technique, passing from beige to gray. And white nails with gold patterns are perfect!
Easy Nail Designs for Romantic Long Nails
An easy manicure does not mean a bad look! An interesting shade of glossy and matte pink looks great on long square nails. A neat heart complements the design and makes it romantic! Simply gorgeous!
Huge Nails with the Memorable Design
Huge nails with a very bright design are memorable! A few drawings, a pair of rhinestones, a foil and a broken glass all together make up an incredible design on long coffin nails!
Long Glitter Nails with the Summer Brightness
It`s a real summer brightness for your long nails! The neon yellow color resembles the light of the sun. Add Swarovski crystals, whorls and simple lines, and you`ll get an unimaginable result!

Popular Nail Art Designs for Timeless Oval Shaped Nails
Long Gold Nails with 50 Shades of Gold
With a huge amount of the gold color, these nails are really on fire! The design on some nails looks like snake scales; glitters and a bunch of Swarovski stones of different shapes are catchy!
Long Manicured Nails for Gentle Girls
The combination of cool pink color and gentle flowers on the white background is excellent! This manicure is a good option for each girl who wants to look well-groomed and generate the interest of people!
Creative Long Nail Art Designs
These nails are unusual not only because of the design but also of the shape! Wavy edges resemble butterfly wings, especially with abstract patterns! Be creative with long nail art designs!
Pretty Manicure with Long Nail Ideas
Long coffin nails made with the help of silver glitters are impressive! Round and square rhinestones on the multi-colored base with flowers will be a good complement to your look!
Long Nail Styles for the Expressive Look
Want to be more expressive? Ring fingers completely covered with shiny rhinestones are your answer! Cover some nails with the pink color; add the matte top and the delicate powder to become unimaginable!

Impressive and Stylish Tramp Stamp Tattoos
Long Nail Tips with Discreet Colors
A manicure made with the help of gentle, discreet colors is simple but still wonderful! Smooth transition from the light pink color to the silver tips will suit all modern girls!
Long Nails Images for an Extreme Look
Extremely long stiletto nails with the elements of the mirror powder will make your look fashion! A few rhinestones near the cuticle sparkle and impress! Huge stones and pearls are also important details!
Long Nails with Glamor Pink
A large amount of the pink color looks glamor! Glitter coat, mirror powder with the chrome effect, Swarovski crystals… The design on the ring finger nail looks like a unicorn horn! What a girly manicure!
Long Pink and White Acrylic Nails with the Neat Design
Very delicate nails with a neat design are the choice number one! The oval with hand painted roses look like a vintage decoration! A few rhinestones can add some charm to the manicure!
Long Pointy Acrylic Nails for a Fabulous Image
Long pointy nails of the intense mint color are fabulous! Beautiful scattering of small stones, huge rhinestones and pearls will complement all nails! This manicure is for a fancy girl!

Stiletto Nails Designs
Exquisite Designs for Long Square Nails
Long square nails covered with the cool shade of the green color are exquisite! Bright butterflies of green and black colors stand out perfectly on the white background! Wonderful and impressive!
Long Straight Nails with the Colorful Design
Long square nails with the complicated and interesting pattern look very nice! The abundance of various lines and ornaments is made with the help of different colors. These colorful nails have a pleasant view!
An Amazing Manicure with Long White Nails
White nails with the pearly shade look amazingly beautiful! There are a lot of rhinestones on the edge of some nails. One of the nails is complemented with big and shiny crystals! Unprecedented view!
Pink Long Nails in the Swag Style
All nails in the swag style are incredible! Matte pink, the ensemble of rhinestones, sexy patterns with the vitrage gel polish… You`ll always be in the spotlight with neon pink nails!

The Most Remarkable and Delicate Designs of Lace Tattoos
Long Nail Designs for the Pretty Look
The perfect shade of blue with 3d ornaments and Swarovski crystals look perfect on long ballerina nails! Cover some nails with the nude polish and the mirror powder. Your manicure will become your pride!
Spectacular Long Nails of the Purple Color
The combination of deep purple and clear white colors complement each other on these long nails! The elements of purple broken glass decorated with white geometrical patterns have a good look! Crystals are also relevant!
Real Long Nails not for Everyone
Want to challenge yourself with new techniques? Extremely long and pointy nails with white French nail tips are really memorable! Delicate rose is a good complement to nails! Not everyone can appreciate this extravagant design!
Simple Nail Art Designs for Exceptional Long Nails
Be exceptional with the simple nail art design! To choose an appropriate color for the base of your long nails is enough to be perfect! Be sure: the Swarovski crystals compliment will please you!