Metallic Nail Design Ideas

Metallic nail designs have become one of the most fashionable trends these days. That’s not only because they bring shining to your nails but also because they look interesting and you become the person in the spotlight. That’s why we have collected 40 most eye-catching nail designs for you to try!

If you want to be unique, pay attention to every little detail! Especially it deals with a manicure as it can add a classic or a wild look, create a daring or a sweet image. Metallic nails have grown in popularity as their hue can go with any style and event and make you the most fashionable lady at any place.

Metallic works well with any other color, starting from a black one if you want a rocky look, ending up with a nude or a light pink hue for a sweet and attractive image. You may be confused with a choice as the color combination is diverse and sometimes it’s difficult to select something for yourself. But don’t worry and rely on your sense, think what you really fancy. It can be a simple French manicure with metallic tips or the whole design is made with one metallic polish. Think about the season, as summer demands some really colorful ideas which can be combined with a metallic color and in winter you can go for white and blue metallic nails with snowflakes.

Talking about length and shape, it doesn’t really matter as metallic nails can be long and pointy for a rocking image or short and rounded for a classier look. Everything you need is to take either a metallic polish of any color or a metallic powder which is highly pigmented and rub it into the nails previously applied with a polish of your favorite color. You can play with patterns, stripes, geometrical figures but be careful with rhinestones and gems as the metallic color is shiny itself and needs no or a very little top decoration.

So, here we go! Scroll down to see the best collection of metallic nail design ideas and stay on trend at any time at any place!
Chrome Nail Designs
For a winter season, it’s not necessary to go for standard red and white colors. With a chrome powder and Christmas vinyls, your nails will look much more interesting. Happy holidays!
DIY Metallic Nails
Silver mirror powder is extremely popular nowadays as it gives your nails a space look and outlines a perfect square shape. Moreover, you will be noticed from far away!
Gold Metallic Nails
Combining a royal blue polish with gold and silver metallic embellishments from the East will bring some mystery to your image.
How to Do Metallic Nails
What can look more luxurious than a classic combination of black and gold? It will never go out of style as it always spices up any outfit.
Metal Nail Designs
If you want to reveal your dark side, definitely get pointy nails with a metallic polish! Adding such massive rocking rings will add a zest to the manicure.

Simple and Elegant Fall Gel Nail Designs
Metallic Nails
Wow! That can be said about simple yet eye-catching silver metallic design. The only thing you need is just to apply a silver powder over the basic color.
Metallic Black Nails
Do you agree that simple things are beautiful? If yes, you may want to get an ordinary black metallic design with an inclusion of silver elements for a gripping view.
Metallic Blue Nail Design
Long stilettos have a huge space to work on. That’s why your design should be interesting, like this one, with black, white, blue and silver stripes with a metallic effect.
Metallic Fingernails
A common silver metallic nail design shouldn’t be boring. The 3D eye on the middle finger will look deep into your soul!
Metallic Manicure
Try out a manicure that creates an optical illusion. It seems that it’s just a striped design, but looking carefully at it you can notice how interesting this metallic pattern is. Tricky!

Pink Gel Nails With Luxury Designs
Metallic Nail Art Designs
A gorgeous combination of metallic white and green colors takes your nails to another level of beauty. Especially when some of them are decorated with 3D adornments!
Metallic Nail Colors
Short nails will definitely look interesting if you apply a mirror powder over them. Such a unique look can’t be ignored.
Metallic Nail Tips
Wanna see the space with a million stars? Just look at this nail art! Metallic black tips with a sparkling ombre and matte nails will take you to the Universe!
Metallic Ombre Nails
For a really festive look, you will need nothing but a black base and a holographic powder spread over the nails in the ombre technique. With such a design, you will shine anywhere you go!
Metallic Purple Nails
Long pointy nails don’t always have to be decorated with intricate designs. Instead of this, you can go for a really stunning metallic purple color and a 3D modeling on the ring finger.

Fabulous Ideas for Coffin Shaped Nails
Metallic Silver Nails
Be careful! Long stilettos covered with a metallic silver polish cause admiration! Decorated with a daring skull ring this manicure rocks!
Pink Metallic Nail Designs
Take yourself to the fairy tale! Metallic pink color seems to come from the magic world where everything is so light and beautiful that it would be difficult to take your eyes off such a wonder.
Shiny Silver Nails
Dazzling beauty on your nails can become a reality if you apply silver glitters on the metallic polish. Awesome choice for a bright party!
Chameleon Nail Designs
Can’t decide what color you want to have on your nails? Then get a black base and cover it with chameleon flakes. This design will definitely suit any outfit.
Green and Metallic Nail Designs
Metallic silver polish works with any color, especially when it deals with silver embellishments painted on a green base.

Sexy Gold and Pink Nails
Chrome Powder Nails
Nothing can be sexier than metallic silver nails. Everything you need to remember is that such a gripping manicure is a result of a neat and clean work using chrome powder.
Black and Metallic Nail Designs
Combining two opposite hues can create an eye-catching result. Pointy nails covered with black and metallic silver colors can lead to addiction!
Rose and Metallic Nail Art
Geometry and roses? That’s right! These two components perfectly supplement each other being applied on a silver metallic base.
Short Metallic Nails
Even if you have short nails and don’t want to lengthen them, silver metallic polish will help you to look bright! Add some decals on thumb nails for the unusual look.
Chrome Ombre Nails
Long pointy nails are so dangerous-looking that it seems impossible to apply some sweet hues. That’s wrong! Cool ombre featuring pink base and silver metallic tips fit such nails perfectly!

Burgundy Matte Nails – Best Matte Maroon Designs 2017
Green Chrome Manicure
Not every woman dares to wear such a poisonous polish color. But it’s really worthy! Just look at this smooth surface sparkling with all the green hues!
Metallic and Black Nails
Long nails are beautiful and sophisticated. So you need to be really careful with polish color. You won’t lose if you choose never-going-out-of-style black and white with a silver metallic color.
Galaxy Metallic Nail Colors
Some nail designs seem to be so galaxy that you can’t take your eyes off. Charming colors, unique technique and metallic sheen are striking!
Metallic Flower Nails
Wanna go for different designs? Go ahead! Blue and white matte nails, the ombre with the same colors, nail caviar of different hues are well diluted with metallic flowers on some fingers.
Shiny Gold Nails Designs
Nails can become a real masterpiece if you have creativity. Just look at every nail carefully! Each of them is unique yet together they make one beautiful shiny picture!

Ideas of Gold Nails Designs
Gold Metallic Stiletto
Different nails can be so interesting to look at that it seems it can’t be a manicure. It looks more like some tribal decorations made of wood and gold.
Unusual Metallic Nail Designs
What nail design can be called unusual is this one. The black metallic base is only the beginning of such a beauty. Snake skin, a big gem and a really unique ring finger nail shape make this manicure unbelievable!
Holiday Metallic Nail Art
Has winter come yet? Why not to have a theme nail design done? Mix nude polish with white snowflakes and stripes and silver metallic for an excellent festive look!
Gold French Nail Designs
A French nail design has a lot of upgrades. One of the most popular is leaving nude as a base and applying shiny gold tips. Sweet and luxurious at the same time!
Silver French Nail Designs
One more variation of a French manicure. This time classic nude is left as a base, but tips are performed in an interesting V shape polished with a silver metallic hue for a shiny look.

Creative Long Nail Art Designs
Chrome Coffin Nails Designs
Coffin nails are so good for your imagination that you can experiment a lot with them. Colorful matte free designs on a black base greatly work with chrome silver nails.
Metallic and Yellow Nails
Such a tremendous nail design is a great way to welcome summer! Hot yellow color alternating with a metallic silver polish looks flawless.
Punk Black and Metal Nail Designs
Definitely, that suits a rock star! Black and silver metallic go well together, especially being decorated with silver piercing rings.
Pointy Chrome Nails
For a winter season, blue and white are the best colors to apply onto your nails. When they are spread over with a chrome powder, they look like Christmas decorations.
Chrome Metallic Nails
One of the most popular variants of chrome metallic designs. Shining silver nails seem to be saying: “There is nothing to add and nothing to take away!”.

Coral Nail Designs