Top Minion Nail Art Designs

Who hasn’t seen the Despicable Me cartoon? Almost everybody has. And the popularity of these small lovely creatures called minions has so great influence on people that they appear everywhere! You can find them on the shelves of toy shops, on the posters, on T-shirts etc. And now it’s high time you had these cute minions on your nails!

Painting minions on nails is quite easy. For this, you will need some nail design tools and a bit of your fantasy.

What polishes will be used? In most cases nail artists use the following color gamut:

  • yellow nail polish
  • black nail polish
  • white nail polish
  • blue nail polish
  • gray nail polish
  • matte top coat
  • top coat

What tools are needed? The standard set of the tools among which nail art brush, dotters or toothpicks is needed for a simple minion manicure.

How is it done? Following these steps you will be able to create a cute nail design with minions yourself:

  • apply yellow polish as a base (you may cover it with matte top coat then)
  • do a blue French tip for the overall
  • use a dotter to paint eyes with gray, black and white colors
  • add a thin black smile
  • finish with a top coat (or leave it matte)

However, it’s always up to you to decide what colors to add, what technique to use and what decorations to add to your nail design. Check out these awesome nail designs with minions and let your imagination create a masterpiece!
If you don’t want to go too far with minions, have only one nail done in the form of a cute yellow creature. The rest of the nails can be polished with a white color.

Easy minion nails
At Christmas time every woman wants to look interesting and unusual. Why not to apply minion nail design featuring Christmas motive then? Cute and original!

Minion Christmas nails
It would be easier for you to play with colors and designs and paint only some minions on random nails. Go for black, white and gray colors and minions will stand out!

Minion nail art
One more example how you can get a minion nail design with only one creature. Pull off stripes, bananas and hearts to diversify the manicure!

Minion nail design
If you want a more complicated nail designs, it’s better to use decals as every little detail will be neatly depicted on them. They work well with short round nails.

Minion painted fingernails

Red and Black Nail Design Ideas
Don’t leave your toes without attention! For a better look apply minions only on big toes and use the same color gamut on the other nails. Looks really cool!

Minion toe nail art
Focus on the main minion colors painting Tim and Jerry only on the thumbnails. This will help you to look bright and cute.

Minions manicure
Don’t follow the trends; create your minion designs! Tender pink polish color makes a great contrast with bright and colorful minion-themed nails, which makes this design really appealing!

Pink minion nails
Don’t stop your choice only on minions! Paint other cartoon characters to diversify the whole manicure.

Purple minion nails
Who is wanted? Minions are wanted! You can find them on the thumbnails showing different emotions and making your manicure look lovely!

Minion wanted art

Cute Bright Nails
Wow! Sometimes nail art design can become a real masterpiece! In this case, detailed minions are decorated with 3D acrylic hats! So eye-catching!

Minions 3D design
The longer your nails are, the more you can paint on them! Don’t be afraid of such bright and cute designs! Stick to the trendy things like small minions!

Acrylic minion nail
Thumbnails will give you space to work on, so paint minions on them and beautify other nails with a usual color gamut of blue, yellow and of course, bananas!

Gel minion nail design
The unusual color choice for minions yet it is still great! Everything is made in a minion style that it can take you to that unbelievable world of yellow creatures.

Fan minion nail design
Sexy design with minions? No problems! Funny naked minion on the middle fingernail and colorful signs looks fun.

Sexy minion nail design

How to Do Metallic Nails
Can’t decide what cartoon characters to have on your nails? Mix them together! You will get an interesting design and your favorite Doraemon cat and minions in one.

Doraemon vs minion nail art
Don’t separate from your favorite minions on a Valentine’s Day! You can combine the minions and romantic elements like hearts to create a theme related nail design.

Valentine minion nails
Just have a look at these Halloween characters. Don’t they remind you minions? Yes, cute and creepy mummy, Dracula, pumpkin and Frankenstein minions is all you need for an exciting Halloween party!

Matte Halloween nail design
Halloween can be welcomed with a really creative manicure of creepy minions. This is an example how you can mix cute and spooky things together.

Halloween nail design
Do you love diversity? Then you should really go for a complicated but interesting nail design with minions. You can’t help admiring such detailed characters!

Pretty minion nail design

Gold and Blue Nail Designs Which Make Your Life Brighter
Bored with yellow and blue? Try out some new hues! Your experiments can be successful and purple and pink colors can work well together on minions.

Nice minion nail art
You can do minion nail design yourself! The only things you need is a set of polish colors, a few tools and your creativity!

DIY minion nails
Oval acrylic nails are so good for minion faces on them that you can’t ignore such an unusual nail design! People’s attention is guaranteed!

Oval minion nails
Flower pattern would look not so cute without a Hawaiian-styled minion with a very playful look. Awesome work!

Cool nail designs
If you have tried all possible minion nail designs, go to the next level and get 3D acrylic models of minions and bananas placed onto the nails. People cannot ignore such a great work!

Modeling minion design

Light Pink Round Nails
Gentle mint polish color will be a great choice for a base on which you can apply small minion decals. Not loud yet cute and sweet.

Mint nail design
Tiny minion stickers applied onto your square-shaped nails will look cute. By the way, there is nothing difficult in doing such a manicure with your favorite cartoon characters.

Minion stickers nail art
A standard French manicure can be combined with funny minion stickers. The lovely and sweet design is just what you need!

White minion nail designs
Short nails can have a very elegant and fun look at the same time. Just apply beige nail polish and some signs from the cartoon and add some minion decals on a white base!

Beige minion nails
Beautiful nail design which can become a great decoration in summer. Saturated yellow and white colors, striped pattern and cute minions will be fun!

Short minion nails

Matte Black Nails with Gold
Two cool minions will be enough for a cool look. As for other nails, create a pattern with minions’ favorite things – bananas!

Yellow minion nails
Go for one minion applied on each nail. The design will look more interesting if you create different emotions on their faces!

Minion themed nail designs
Unusual minion design. Most people use a bright color for the Despicable Me creatures. That’s why if you want to stand out, go for a black French manicure.

Black French nail design
It’s not necessary to paint minions if you are a fan of this cartoon. All you need is some bright nail polish colors and bananas!

Banana style nail design
Halloween is the time when you can show off! Why not to get a themed minion nail design then? Some characters, bananas and a skull will work well together.

Terrible minion nails

Nude Oval Nails for Shining Women
A great choice for those, who have short nails. Paint circles in black, yellow and white and add some banana patterns.

Round minion nails
The yellow color is the main one in minion’s cartoon, so your nails will look really good if you use such a bright color with different designs!

Good minion nails
Coffin nails have great space to work on. So, you can apply one minion on the middle nail and get a striped pattern on the others. Gripping!

Coffin minion nails
A soft nail design with really thin gold tips and cute hand-painted minions on the ring fingers will bring a French manicure to a new level.

French minion nail design
Saturated colors are everything you need for an exciting minion nail design. Lovely creatures with bananas will rock anywhere you go!

Sweet minion nails art

Matte Silver Nails to be Expressive