51 Moon Tattoos Ideas

The moon has been attracted people with its mysterious look, serenity, and soft shining since forever. It was worshiped and honored in many cultures and was surrounded with different legends, mysteries that are not solved yet. Filled with numerous symbolic meanings and senses moon inks can fit anyone who believes in heavenly power, whimsical power or astronomy.

Moon Tattoos Symbolism and Meanings

There are plenty of moon tattoo variations and symbolic images, so, if you chose the moon for your tattoo, you have to be aware of all the possible meanings it carries.

  • Feminine power;
  • Mystery, magic, and Wiccan beliefs;
  • Cycles and time;
  • Rarity;
  • Insanity, mischief, and lunacy;
  • Creativity and growth;
  • The power of Astrology
  • Memory of the loved ones;
  • Duality of human nature or life;
  • Dreams.

You can easily increase the meaning of your moon tattoo by adding some complementing details. The most wide-spread supplementing images are:

  • Animals – wolf, grizzly bear, cat, rabbit etc;
  • Space, planets, stars, sun, clouds, spaceships, astronauts;
  • Birds, flowers, trees;
  • Yin Yang sign;
  • Compass;
  • All-seeing eye;
  • Mermaids, werewolves, and other mystical creatures;
  • Woman’s face or silhouette;
  • Celtic knots or Viking runes.

Moon Tattoo Features

First thing first, you have to decide what stage of the lunar cycle you want your moon ink to be in. It could be waxing the crescent moon, the full moon or the waning crescent moon. It’s more common to see moon inks performed in black color but they could be easily inked using bright colors with plenty of complementing details. Despite the fact that the moon is presumably considered as women’s sign, men can find some interesting moon tattoo designs as well. The moon is one of the universal tattoos that can be placed on any part of the body depending on its size.

Among all the moon tattoo variations we can single out next ones:

  • Realistic moon tattoos;
  • Black and white moon images performed in Dotwork, Graphic or Geometrical styles;
  • Colorful moon inks done in Watercolor or Cartoon tattoo styles;
  • Tribal and Ornamental moon tattoos;
  • Minimalistic moon images;
  • Moon mandala;
  • Trash Polka moon inks.

Moon Tattoo Designs Ideas

The tattoo that shows the waxing crescent means growth and creativity of the bearer. No surprise that it is decorated with flowers and stars.
Charming crescent moon and stars tattoo on arm
If you want more delicate ink, go for the crescent performed in Dotwork with lots of decorations and ornaments which will make your tatt look fabulous!
Beautiful Dotwork crescent moon tattoo on arm
This total eclipse tattoo that shows the moon with sun rays only means the greatest union of two opposite forces, peace, and collaboration.
Interesting crescent moon with face foot tattoo
Sun-moon opposition is the most recognizable one. While the moon determines night, feminine power, maternity and woman herself, the sun is the symbol of the day, masculine power, and man.
Mystifying half moon half sun tattoo on arm
Stars and the moon have always been associated with night and dreams. This crescent moon with the sleeping men’s face is decorated with feathers the same way as in the Dreamcatcher. Nice ink to remind yourself of dreaming!
Colorful half moon tattoo on ankle
This phrase ‘I love you to the moon and back’ is used to express the feelings which can’t be measured. This girl got tattooed to show her endless love. Sweet, isn’t it?
Sweet ‘I love you to the moon and back’ quote tattoo
This little waning crescent means the elimination of negativity from your life. It can define the things or habits that you don’t do or don’t need any more.
Delicate little moon tattoo on thigh
Exploring space, new planets and the moon is one of the human’s greatest achievements. If you find all of these fascinating, you should definitely take this amazing half-sleeve with an astronaut on the moon into account!
Breathtaking man on the moon half-sleeve tattoo
With sated colors and bold thick outlines, his sleeping moon with clouds tattoo absolutely catches our eyes! By adding a face to the moon you can make your tatt more whimsical!
Whimsy-looking moon and clouds tattoo
Such meanings of stork and the moon as renewal, creation and rebirth are intersected. That’s why if those meanings are first reasons you want a tattoo, you can go for a combination of the stork and the lunar cycle.
Fascinating stork and moon cycle arm tattoo
It seems as it was sprayed from dip tube right on the knuckle. The tatt on finger perfectly reflects the beauty of night and moonlight!
The unique crescent moon finger tattoo
The moon is predominately feminine sign that influences on and takes care of women. Having this amazing dancing girl holding the moon tattoo can be the way to know your feminine nature better.
Alluring moon-goddess shoulder tattoo
There’s hardly any other animal that is connected to the moon more than a wolf. By inking this intelligent creature with the moon you are expressing your inner leadership and communicative nature.
Galaxy wolf with the moon wrist tattoo
Tattooing the lunar cycle is deeply symbolic in many senses. It is a reminder that everything in this world isn’t endless and goes in a circle. It can be the representation of karma as well. The side is perfect for the moon phases tattoo because it gives much room for a tattoo artist.
Inspiring realistic phases of the moon side tattoo
Realistic moon tattoo

If you are fascinated with simple inks, opt for the waning crescent with stars inside it. It’s like having a piece of the universe on your arm.
Cute simple blue moon with stars arm tattoo
You can decorate your wrist with just bold black lines that create images of the sun and the moon. Though the tattoo is simple, it looks nice and girlish!
Super simple the sun and the moon wrist tattoo
Back in ancient times many cultures associated different goddesses with the moon and worshiped it. Therefore the moon embodies secret wisdom, subtle energy and feminine power and can be the perfect choice for a woman’s tattoo.
Nice small waning crescent moon hand tattoo
Paired tattoos are great if you want to ink some opposites. While the sun signifies rationality and masculine power, the moon personifies intuition and feminine power.
Striking sun, moon, and stars arm tattoos
The tatt doesn’t have to be complicated to look sexy and beautiful! Just take a look at this half moon ink on the ankle and make sure.
Sexy tiny ankle moon tattoo
The moon affects sea tides, animals, people’s mood and, of course, dreams. To have moon dream catcher tattoo inked on your thigh you can get a strong protection and charm against bad dreams.
Alluring traditional moon dream catcher thigh tattoo
Traditional style with its bold lines and the primitive color palette is never out-of-date and can be a great option for a moon tatt. This ink represents feminine power by showing the girl and the moon together.
Exceptionally beautiful traditional moon thigh tattoo
How about this mysterious and slightly gothic forest with the full moon half sleeve? The moon is the patroness of different mystical things and creatures and often is associated with witches, werewolves, and vampires.
Mystical tree and moon half-sleeve tattoo
The way thick lines are mixed with thin ones is just amazing! The absence of outlines adds a special flavor and makes it the unique tribal waning crescent moon tattoo.
Intricate blue tribal moon tattoo
The tatt showing the waxing crescent, the full moon, and the waning crescent is called triple goddess moon and means life rhythm and renewal.
Fantastic triple goddess moon back tattoo
The colors inside this waning crescent moon reflect the galaxy and catch our eyes immediately! The moon is a cosmic object in a first place and inking it with a part of the universe inside is a great option.
Breathtaking colorful shoulder moon tattoo
The combination of unclear watercolor splashing and intricate stencil-like waning crescent moon with compass pattern is just amazing! Get tattooed with this moon design and you’ll receive its protection and always find the way.
Appealing watercolor moon and compass shoulder blade tattoo
This is a tatt of all Seeing Eye or also called the eye of Horus, the Egyptian god of the sun, who has sun eye and moon eye. The ink signifies wisdom and protection from all who wish you bad.
Symbolic all seeing eye moon leg tattoo
The absence of clear outlines and sated black color make the crescent moon tattoo absolutely special! Seems as the tattoo artist took the brush and splashed the paint onto the canvas.
Expressionistic black half moon arm tattoo

Have you heard the phrase ‘once in a blue moon’? Yes, it means that something happens very rarely. Rarity is one of the symbolic meanings of the moon tattoos.
Interesting interpretation of blue moon tattoo
Both a cat and the moon have always been slightly superstitious objects. If you believe in a special power of the moon and a cat that can be turned into a witch, you can ink it sitting on the edge of the crescent moon.
Adorable cat sitting on the crescent moon shoulder blade tattoo
Poppy flowers and the moon have some meanings in common; they both symbolize dream and serenity. Trash polka is a great way to ink this tattoo pattern because all you need are black and red colors to get this tattoo masterpiece.
Amazing trash polka poppy flowers and moon side tattoo
This cool moon tattoo sleeve is an exceptional piece containing forest image, the full moon, colorful butterflies, and north-lights. If you feel bored with regular simple moon patterns, take this one into account!
Vivid and colorful full sleeve moon tattoo
The moon has been associated with women since the ancient times and influenced on women’s changing phase. Preferably moon tattoos are women’s privilege because they symbolize feminine power, motherhood, and intuition.
Pretty moon tattoo for a girl

For those of you who search for men moon tattoos, we found this amazing calf ink that illustrates a sailing full-rigged ship with the giant full moon in the background. It looks magnificent and mystical.
Awesome men’s ship and the moon tattoo on calf
For men, a moon tattoo can signify the hope for renewal, especially when the tatt shows the whole moon cycle. And the placement is just perfect because it gives the opportunity to reveal the whole beauty of moon phases.
Cool realistic moon phases arm tattoo for guys
Rabbits are associated with the moon in many cultures. Buddhists believe that the rabbit was rewarded for his self-sacrifice and turned into the moon. Mayans compared the moon cycles to the rabbit’s jumping motions.
Symbolic rabbit and moon tattoo
The wolf howling at the moon is a great tattoo pattern for those who consider themselves as communicative and outgoing people. In some cases, the moon with the wolf tattoo means loneliness and self-sufficiency.
Incredibly beautiful howling wolf and the moon arm tattoo
For the whole human history, the moon was inextricably linked to dreams and dreaming. There’s something mystical and fabulous about this moon thigh tattoo illustrating the little girl with teddy bear touching the moon, is there? Dream a little dream, guys!
Fairy moon and dream thigh tattoo
A spaceman with the moon tattoo can show your interest in science, the universe, and technological movement forward. If you are a space mad, this intricate graphic calf tattoo will satisfy any desires.
Stunning astronaut, the moon and atom calf tattoo for men
This half moon and star shoulder tattoo with lettering that says: ‘the strength you need is in the noble blood in your veins’ refers to the Turkish flag and Islam religion.
Turkish flag moon and star male shoulder tattoo
With all these intricate curves and complicated Celtic knots that form all moon phases, this tattoo symbolizes an endless cycle of life and reminding that everything is changing.
Absolutely gorgeous Celtic moon phases thigh tattoo
You will hardly find a more harmonious blend of the opposites than the Sun and the Moon. While the Sun gives the daylight, the Moon reflects its light at night. Isn’t it just perfect for a matching tattoo?
Fantastic matching half moon and the sun arm tattoo
The moon is the representation of Yin, darkness, and feminine power and the sun is Yang, daylight, and masculine energy. The sun and the moon are two opposites which complement each other and live in harmony.
Beauteous Yin Yang sun-moon tattoo
Some animals and birds live only under the cover of night and the moon as owls. Both the moon and owl represent secret wisdom and mystery.
Eye-catching owl and moon tattoo on arm
Mandala tattoos often take the shapes of different celestial objects as the sun or the moon. This incredibly charming arm tatt presents the half moon decorated with flowers and mandala radiant ornaments. Tight and intricate moon ink!
Intricate half moon mandala arm tattoo
This inner arm tattoo reveals the whole lunar cycle that means the cyclic life and ever changing nature of everything. If you are an extraordinary person, trash polka with its provocative style and sated black and red colors is for you!
Extraordinary trash polka moon cycle arm tattoo

As the moon waxing and waning, it reminds us of life constant changes and instability, but with Vegvisir runic compass you will always find the way out. The combination of runic compass and the moon phases is a strong talisman for protection!
Viking Vegvisir compass with moon phases arm tattoo
Full moon tattoo

If you want to express the whole power of the universe, get inked with the image of the dark sky and the realistic moon. The result is fairly unbelievable as you can see!
Magnificent blackwork moon tattoo on shoulder
While being the representation of night and darkness, the moon is connected to some magical unexplainable things and mystical creatures as mermaids, for instance. It is believed that these creatures get special power in the full moon phase as shown on this tat.
Fabulous mermaid and the moon tattoo on thigh
Ancient Celts believed that a bear was a symbol of femininity and was under the moon power. By portraying the bear with the moon in your tattoo you point out on the motherhood symbolism and protection.
Impressing roaring bear and the moon tattoo
If moon tattoo symbolism is everything you were looking for, add some decoration to it to make it look more girlish. Roses are always in trend in tattooing! With its hypnotic beauty, the rose means love and deep feelings.
Tender female moon and rose arm tattoo