Name Tattoos – Top-flight Ideas and Symbolism

People devote a great attention to the name tattoos. They vary in meanings and designing according to the culture or by who they are held. From the esthetic point of view all the details are important in the name tattoos:

  • Language. Chinese and English are very popular.
  • Font. It can be cursive for romantic sense, or it can be capital letters, with 3D effect or graffiti one.
  • Size. The size depends on the location and your choice, of course.
  • The message to the outworld.

So, enjoy the options of the names tattoo in this article to choose a top-flight one for you!

Name Tattoos Symbols

A sure thing, when you choose to get a name inked on your body, you have a lot of ways how it can be presented. The best ideas with its symbolic meanings are below:

– A boyfriend’s or a girlfriend’s name tattoo.

If you are ready to display your feeling to the surrounding world, the tattoo with the name of your beloved one is a cute option. But consider the seriousness of your actions! But if you 100% sure, the darling person can believe and sure that you respect and want him/her to exist in your life all the time. This type of tattoo is in a great request during the valentine season or in the marriage dates.

– Children’s name tattoo.

Many parents decide to honor their endless love with a tattoo for their little kids. The kids` name tattoos are highly sought out by both man and women. The men choose a more geometric and plain design, women go for the symbols of flowers, hearts, and infinity. The birth date is a quite often symbol of the children’s name tattoo as it coveys the great importance for Mom and Dad.

– A family tree idea with the names/parents` names or with the last names.

A tree is a source of life. The family trees are often inked to honor the respect of the wearer to her/his family and ancestries. The symbol of the tree is often tattooed on the chest, back or half sleeve, and is a way to show family history. The last name is often inked separately without any other symbols just to show a tribute to the family origin. Sometimes adult children get inked with their parents` names to honor them in nowadays life or if they have passed away.

– Options for lovey-dovey pairs.

Lovers around the world get inked their bodies as a symbol of their unity. Mostly name tattoos include love symbols such as rose, heart, love quote or an infinity symbol. The matching design is at advantage speaking about the completeness and harmony of the lovey-dovey pair when they are together.

– Abstract hints of the name tattoos.

The abstract name tattoo design is used to represent your own nature, your way of thinking, creativity, and beliefs. In abstract name tattoos, letters of the name serve as a foundation for more interesting designs. So, let your fantasy work on you!

– Your own name tattooed.

So, the name itself is an important sign of a personality. It gives every person some understanding of the character, mood and often influences our life way.

– Name tattoos in the form of the rings.

In these latter days, the newlyweds choose creative rings in the form of the names. It is a romantic and promising start of their life together.

There are many locations on a body that one might consider having a name tattoo, but the coolest places are:

  • back;
  • chest;
  • half sleeves;
  • legs;
  • fingers or face – yes, even there!

Different fonts, graffiti aspects, abstracts hints or other symbols as hearts, trees, crowns or banners will add personalized and attractive lines to your name tattoo. Get inspired by the following samples and go to a high-class tattoo artist!

Name Tattoos Ideas

A brilliant triplet idea of getting her babies` names tattooed on the leg. The bigger part of the tattoo is made in black and white colors. But there are some colorful insertions on beads and bands. The above-pictured tattoo seems to be a tribute to loved people of the wearer.
3 name tattoos
The Gothic font and the placement of the tattoo certainly work together! The maximum effect is achieved by the 3D artwork on the leg. Such sample is the best idea for the 3D name tattoo.
3d name tattoos
This is a cute variant for the proud papa. The names and dates are indicated on the man’s belly around the guitar. It shows the most important days in the wearer’s life – the kids` birthdays. Colorful splashes add more vividness to the tattoo.
Children’s name tattoos
Here we can see a beautiful example for the guys` biceps who want to honor their daughters. A very bright idea includes all symbols which are peculiar to the girls: hearts, flowers, and bird. But they also bring their senses: heart stands for love, flowers – for beauty and the swallow bird- for freedom and spring. We can suppose that the fathers wish all these things to her lovely daughter.
daughter name tattoos for guys

A family is a source of love, strength, and hope. The tattooed family tree symbolizes a great role of the family in our lives. The colors are gratifying to the eye. A good job of the artist!
family name tattoos
Among the choice of flowers, the rose is common, but this variant is really adorable. Three red roses are located on the forearm so that all rose-petals are seen clearly and the name of the loved person is stylistically written in such a way as they are lying on the flowers. For sure, the owner of such tat fell in love with the woman whose name is shown on the forearm.
flower tattoos with names
A name of the darling boy is evident to everyone. It is one of the loudest ways to express one’s love to the darlings. A cursive font smoothes an attention-getting execution on the face.
girl tattoos boyfriends name on face
It is a really glorious gesture to have the girlfriend’s name tattoo on your forearm. It means that you are quite sure that your relationship will last for a long time. The fire symbolizes changes and passion. So, one can get such tattoo to express his passion to the girlfriend and his readiness to change the status.
girlfriend name tattoos

It is an incredibly cool design for Mom, who would like to show how much she loves her kids. The heart keeps us alive. The kids for Mom are the energy and that hearts which keep her active.
heart tattoos with kids` names
There is one of the favorite name tattoo designs for the women on the forearm. Usually, a woman gets such ink to honor her one man in a million. The frame around the name is made in darker shades that make the name standing out of the whole picture.
husband name tattoo
In this case, you will not worry as with the girlfriend’s name. It is a show of a profound respect for your ancestors before you and you will not need to cover it up or remove. Here is a hard-core look with colors which are dividing the last name horizontally.
last name tattoos on arm
If you want to demonstrate a never-dying love for one another, get heart tattoos with each other’s names written on the wrists.
love tattoos with names
Here we see how the artist has beautifully put the letters of the name. Having the name of your lover or spouse has been a long popular tattoo trend. So, you can get the above-pictured ink as an inspiration!
name tattoo on chest
A side of the finger is a perfect place for the name or small quote tattoo. The wearer has chosen a gothic font and was right. It looks really eye-catching!
name tattoo on finger
A multi-element tattoo design is always a lottery ticket! On this ink the there is a luxurious crown with diamonds above the name. We can suppose that the wearer is very proud of this name and has a great love and honor to the owner of it. It looks really splendid on the muscled half sleeve of the man.
name tattoo on hand
A heart symbol has become synonymous with love and passion across the world. A very creative twist of symbols: heart as an organ and the name of the darling. The heart is shaded by red color and thus emphasizes a feeling of love of the wearer.
name tattoo on forearm
So gorgeous! The name of our loved one has a special place in our hearts. So, the location of the name tattoo on the rib is just perfect. The crown symbol estimates the girl, Sofia by name as the Queen in the life of this tattooed man. If you are over head and ears in love, this variant is for you exactly!
name tattoo patterns
When you’re indeed in love with anybody, it can feel as you’re incomplete without beloved one. A heartbeat line joins the names of the couple on the forearm and stands for the vital importance of their love. The feeling of love is also pointed by the red color of the heartbeat line and thus adds a cute peculiarity to the name tattoo.
name tattoos for couples
A color effect is another way to enhance the name tattoos. Purple and pink splash shows a name tattoo design that looks awesome and stylish.
Name tattoos for girls
Rosary beads are wonderfully worn on the forearm. And the beads are interlacing with the name that is dear to the wearer. A total black tattoo works on the man’s style of the name tattoo.
name tattoos for men
It is much more than an artsy item. A design is for Moms who cherish her kids so much. Such variant will feature your kids` names and also their birthdates by flower symbols. A tramp stamp is very popular among females.
name tattoos for women
Such ink is a sort of the reminder about the sweetheart to the wearer. The red rose without thorns symbolizes that its owner is head over heels in love.
name tattoos on back
A font that will help to write out the names in such a way that it will form a heart. The tattoo is inked in black and looks simple yet nifty-looking. The form itself speaks about the meaning of this tattoo. Let your heart rule your head!
name tattoos on foot
A really picturesque idea! The abstract style in tattoos is always a mind-catching! The different elements are involved in this colorful work starting from flowers, tools and ending with the name.
name tattoos on forearm
It`s definitely nice and chic. It is a general practice for people to ink their kid’s names on their bodies and here is one sample of a tattoo done on the collarbone of a woman that sports the name of her daughter. The splashes are becoming birds and that symbolize love and freedom.
shoulder name tattoos
One more ink concept about the absolute love of the mothers. It looks simple and clean like the kids` love. The location on the collarbone at the left side is closely related to the heart organ location. It one more time proves how great is the love of the Mom.
simple name tattoos
This is a laconic way to pay a tribute to your loved ones. The names are made in print letters and create an absolute feeling of what is important to the wearer.
small name tattoos
If you are a father and loves your son with all your heart and soul, this option is exactly yours! The names are made in a rather hard style which fits for men. The labels consist of the sons` names and their years of birth.
sons name tattoo
The tribal style of the name tattoo is quite popular due to its pretty look. The shaggy letters are topped with the crown at the end. This composition really makes a luxurious look of the name tattoo on the half sleeve.
tribal name tattoos
A forearm name tattoo looks sweet on a splash of colors. The black inked name stands out to the foreground. Looking as if a piece of art is painted on your skin!
watercolor name tattoo
The tattoo looks like a real piece of the paper letter and the name of the darling overhangs out of this letter. We can suppose that this letter is about love, of course.
Script name tattoo
Matching hearts make a great opt for the couple to make a show of their dedication. Another option in this idea is a personalization of the hearts by names of the married couples. A bright idea for your undying love!
married name tattoos
The above-pictured tattoo is a vital declaration of a personal connection to someone else, i.e. to the son or a father. It is a masculine name tattoo with the inked lettering on the forearm. The letters are plain but colored with a cute shading-off.
name tattoos for guys

A truly feminine style! Roses portray a tender love of the wearer to the person whose name is inked under the flowers on the rib.
rib name tattoo
A rose is colored with no exact lines and that create an abstract deign of the above-mentioned ink. The name is located on one of the rose leaves and is done in a cursive font. Ink this gorgeous rose and name deign for that something special!
abstract name tattoo
A brave decision to show respect and honor to your family is to ink the last name on your body. Here we can see a lot of elements which are indicated on the inked letters such as a birth month, year, names of towns and place. A really great banner-type tattoo for a man!
last name tattoos on back
A unique and personal design includes elements from different spheres. But nevertheless, they create an astonishing tattoo on the girl’s thigh. Te clock is well done that is the exact time is seen. It can be a symbol of a very special moment for the wearer. The roses surrounding the clock stand for love and the crown, in its turn, speaks about a royal tribute to the importance of the darling one to the wearer.
crown name tattoo
A combination of the name with the rose has a quite rich popularity. But just look at this one! The flower seems to be gifted by the wearer to those whose names are inked on the forearm, as an expression of her love and passion. Two names of the daughters are united by one green leaf of the rose. It gives a special highlight to this ink.
rose name tattoo
A gorgeous idea with the girlfriend’s name carved on the body. It is a beautiful decoration of your body with the name of your girlfriend! The owner of this tattoo has chosen a romantic font for the name of the girl and was right. It looks gorgeous! A few shadings of black and red on the symbol of love create some contrast and thus make this job attractive!
girlfriend name tattoo ideas
The fancy font displaying the name of wearer’s beloved in black and red shades looks very appealing on the forearm. The girl may express her affection to her lover with such cute name tattoo.
red and black name tattoo
A fancy idea! It looks very funny and bright as all the children are. If you are an affectionate mother, you can go for this option and immortalize your love to your child!
children name tattoos on hand
Two black hearts are inked in a sober manner on the leg. But the cursive font lends it a romantic look. Such tattoo conveys the love and affection between two persons. Do it to honor your LOVE!
heart tattoos for couples
A cursive, graceful, romantic and feminine idea of the name tattoo on the foot.
female name tattoos on foot
An infinity tattoo with the name of the partner is an ideal choice to express the endless feelings of the loving couple. Generally, it is a unisex design and can be inked by both, females and males. It looks effective!
infinity name tattoos
«Kayden» is the name of the wearer’s son and he got it carved on the forearm to express his proud and love. It is absolutely male design in the strict style of capital lettering. Such tattoo serves as an inspiration as it always reminds him to be responsible and caring.
male name tattoos