Refreshing Orange Nail Designs for Bright Ladies

When it comes to different nail art designs the most important is to choose the basic color which will set the tone not only for the manicure but also for the whole look! But most of the modern ladies have some difficulties when deciding what nail polish to choose. The diverse of trendy colors and shades is great enough to throw off even the most experienced women!

Nail designs with the basic orange color are considered to be the most bright and impressive! Nails covered with different shades of orange and decorated with various designs cannot but attract the attention not only of their owners but also the attention of other people! It sounds great! But not all ladies can agree that orange nail designs are the wonderful choice for all women without any exception. Bright orange color can scare someone who feels awkward with the too bright manicure. That`s why not every woman will dare to decorate her nails with orange nail designs!

It`s not the problem anymore! Modern tendencies of decorating nails with orange designs can let all ladies look refreshing and feel beautiful! Classic orange color has different shades suitable for any taste: from light and delicate to bright and even hot! Orange can be well combined with different other colors, decorated with glitters of different shades, complemented with various rhinestones or techniques! Moreover, orange nail designs are very popular for a pedicure!

Some can claim that orange nail designs can be used only for summer of fall manicure. But this statement isn`t right! Who doesn`t want to have some heat and joy in winter or spring? Orange nail designs can cheer you up and make you feel more confident in every season of the year! Such a bright designs will complement every look and can be worn with the clothes of all styles! Everything you need is to work up a bit of courage and don`t be afraid of exciting looks!

Do you want to bring some sunshine in your life? With our abundance of orange nail designs, you have all chances to be refreshing and outstanding!

Orange Nail Designs

Acrylic Nails with the Coolest Orange Design

You don`t have to make all nails orange! Choose different shades of one color and have fun with the design! Glitters and multicolored geometrical ornaments are among the coolest choices! It`s a real bomb!
Black and Orange Funny Designs for Halloween Nails

These Halloween nails are the combo of gloomy deep blue and black colors with shining confetti and funny, bright orange pumpkins with cute and kind smiles! Like these cuties?
Fabulous Combination of Black and Orange Nail Designs

Want a non-standard good-looking manicure? Combine some different designs! Bright orange with large black rhinestones, silver glitters with confetti and the black veil design make your nails fabulous!
Blue and Orange Nails to be Bright

The best way to look bright is to have an appropriate manicure! Long pointy nails with the catchy orange can easily help you! Ombre nails complemented with the silver tape and crystals are so impressive!
Bright Orange Nail Designs with Interesting Ideas

Two different shades of the pastel orange color look interesting when combined with each other! Emphasized silver glitter nails and the elements of the décor in the form of silver studs are daring enough!

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Burnt Orange Nails for a Royal Manicure

Chic and luxury are the main features of the royal manicure! It`s easy to do with the help of gold mirror powder! This long shining stiletto nails are perfect! You`ll go crazy off them!
Cute Orange Nails with Beach Motives

It`s time to relax! Beach motives with palms, sea, sand and tasty drinks will please you! Pastel shades of the orange color are a good choice for a background of these summer nails!
Marvelous Gold and Orange Nails

The combination of the orange color and gold is marvelous! Gold chrome powder, matte orange with Swarovski crystals and other nails with glitters look very harmonious and impressive!
Mysterious Manicure with Green and Orange Nail Art

Camouflage green, pastel orange and light pink are amazingly combined in one manicure! The lines with crystals and the nails covered with silver glitters make these nails mysterious!
Hot Orange Nails for a Shiny Look

Quite a tidy manicure can be made with the help of the orange color, some flowers on the white base and large volumetric crystals! It`s the diamond shine!

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Hot Pink and Glossy Orange Nails

Glossy nails of hot pink and bright orange colors go well with the black, white, orange and pink ornament in the geometrical style! The thin black line on little fingers is simple but unusual!
Light Orange Nails for a Juicy Manicure

Want something fresh and juicy? You`ll be surprised, but it`s about your nails! Bright orange nails and the design in the form of oranges on the ring finger look as if they were real!
Noble Manicure with Matte Orange Nails

The matte effect can add the element of nobility to all manicure ideas! Long ballerina nails covered with the bright orange color and the matte coat can be worn for all occasions!
Nail Art Designs with Abstract Orange Patterns

Gold nail tips in the form of the triangle make your nails visually longer! Light pastel shades of the orange color with black and white abstract ornaments on ring fingers are absolutely gorgeous!

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Neon Explosion for Orange Nail Designs

When summer comes, everyone wants to look bright! Vertical ombre of yellow, green, orange, pink and violet colors with ornaments of the same colors can help you! It`s a neon explosion!
Orange and Brown Nail Designs for a Vietnam Manicure

You don`t need to travel a lot to know about other cultures! Attractive Vietnam women and other realities of this country look cool when paired with orange nails and multicolored confetti!
Attractive Orange and Green Nails

These orange and green nails may seem to be a bit weird. But in spite of the first impression the black, white and orange pattern attract the attention of all people without any exception!
Fruity Orange and Pink Nail Designs

Acid yellow, neon pink and bright orange colors paired with the floral design create a cool manicure! These pink and yellow flowers with crystals are as fruity and fun as Starburst candies!
Orange and Purple Nails with the Latest Trend

Want something new? These attractive nails are made with the latest trend named when the colors collide! The stains in purple and orange colors on long nails are really creative!
Orange and Red Nails for Your Passion

Such a stunning acrylic work on ballerina nails will become your passion! The mix of white, red and orange colors complemented with gold glitters, crystals and black lines is so wonderful!

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Orange and Silver Nails to Welcome Summer

What can be more appropriate for warm summer than the neon orange color? Bright nails with white and silver accents in the form of neat stains on the half moon manicure are pretty!
Orange and Teal Nails for the Sea Pedicure

Do you want to go to the sea? Don`t forget to create an appropriate pedicure! The combination of teal and orange colors, gold glitters and the elements of décor are exactly what you need!
Orange and White Nails for All Tastes

There`s so much to fall in love with this set! Multicolored flowers on the white base, volumetric rhinestones on orange, white transparent lace, marble effect and orange pineapple… Bright, catchy, attractive! Anything else?
Orange and Yellow Nail Art for Brightening up Your Day

Brighten up your day with the help of your nails! The neon pigment of the yellow color on the tips and the ring finger with the blend of orange and yellow stains looks fun!
Orange Flower Nail Art for a Discreet Manicure

Accents only on a few nails are very common for the manicure in bright colors! Don`t want to be garish make the flower design on two nails, and cover other ones with the orange polish!

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Orange French Nails for a Festive Atmosphere

French manicure is still popular among women of all ages! Bright orange nail tips will cheer you up no matter what happens! The ring finger fully covered with orange glitters creates a festive atmosphere!
Flawless Nails with Orange Gel Nail Designs

Short round nails can decorate the hands of every woman! Cover each nail with the different shade of orange and add violet décor on some nails, and you`ll have a flawless manicure!
Orange Glitter Manicure for Egyptian Nails

Are you fond of Egyptian themes? The elements of Egyptian history on white nails with the gold foil, black nails with stones and gold glitter nails create a real atmosphere of Egypt!
Orange Nail Ideas with Shining Crystals

Coral shade is an excellent decision to be combined with large crystals of different shapes! The turtle print on ring and index fingers go well with nude middle fingers emphasized with gold glitters!

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Orange Nails with Fire Tips

Nails made with the help of the ombre technique are always a good choice whatever plans you have! White pointy nails with orange tips of the gold shade look like a real fire!
Orange Pedicure Designs for the Hot Summer

You should care not only about your hands but also about the feet! Bright pedicure with the color of oranges and the line of crystals on big toes will perfectly highlight your royal tan!
Fresh Hands with Orange Pointy Nails

If you have long stiletto nails, don`t be afraid to cover them with the orange polish of the yellow shade! This interesting shade can add some freshness to your hands!
Perfect Manicure with Orange Stiletto Nails

Extremely long pointy nails covered with such a bright orange color are very catchy! You can cover the nails fully or just the part of the nail plate. Combined with Swarovski crystals: they are too perfect!
Orange Toenail Designs for a Sexy Pedicure

Want to have sexy feet and toes? Simple and elegant orange color with the shade of red looks fantastic on long neat nails! The focus goes right to your bright pedicure!
Orange Wedding Nails for a Bright Bride

The orange color can also be presented in the wedding manicure! Long coffin nails of the orange color with the accents in the form of Swarovski crystals on the ring fingers are stunning! Why not?
Neat Nails of the Pastel Orange Color

Are you tired of different too fancy designs? Just cover all your nails with the orange coat of the pastel shade! There`s nothing redundant, that`s why these nails look so neat and delicate!