Outfit With Flannel or Plaid Shirt for Men and Women

The flannel shirt is probably the most loved (by both men and women) layering piece of clothes that can be easily transformed for any time of the year and occasion.

How to Wear a Flannel

Let’s take a look at a few tips on how to wear a flannel, depending on your sex, skin tone, occasion, style, etc.

Flannels can be worn in a lot of ways, so you just need to choose the variant that suits you the best. The possible ways to wear flannel are:

  • with no undershirt showing, untucked and rolled to mid-forearm or long sleeves;
  • buttoned up, but left the top two buttons undone, with the sleeves rolled up to around the elbow;
  • either as a single layer or layered (for example, over a tank and buttoned up, or with a white v neck underneath, unbuttoned and sleeves folded or buttoned up, leaving the top 2 unbuttoned and with a jacket over it);
  • with jeans and boots under some workwear/ military jacket;
  • untucked, with a pair of nice dark denim jeans;
  • unbuttoned, with a V-neck or scoop neck shirt;
  • wrapped around the waist;
  • avoid wearing overalls with the flannel shirt.

What to Wear With Plaid Shirts

If we talk about what to wear with flannels for women then successful combinations are:

  • flannels with a graphic tee;
  • flannels plus leather jacket;
  • flannels shirt plus rain trench;
  • flannels with a pop of all black outfits;
  • flannels plus midi skirt;
  • flannels shirt with a sweater;
  • flannels plus a maxi skirt.

As for men, then perfect ensembles are:

  • flannels with a T-shirt (especially with a white one);
  • flannels with chinos;
  • flannels with skinny jeans;
  • flannels with classic suits;
  • flannels with vests;
  • flannels with a pair of shorts.

As for footwear, depending on the weather and what you’re doing, it can be for women:

  • ankle boots;
  • heels;
  • rain boots;
  • flats;

And what shoes to wear with flannels for men?

Depending on occasion and season it can be:

  • service/combat boots;
  • a pair of super simple/subdued black dress shoes with colorful laces;
  • a pair of sneakers (like sambas or some canvas vans).

If you’re wondering of what accessories compliment flannels, then use:

  • thick leather belts;
  • wrist watches;
  • leather bags;
  • sunglasses;
  • different hats (from baseball hats and beanies to brimmed hats).

When you pick up the right flannel color it is important to take note of your skin tone and colors that suit you the best, for instance:

  • for a fair/pale skin – choose darker colors, which contrast with your skin tone, like gray, brown, burgundy, bottle green, navy and bolder shades of blue, peach, turquoise, brown;
  • for olive skin – opt for shades that are either a little brighter or darker than the middle ground, for example, pale beige, blue, pink, gray, peach, brown, white and magenta;
  • for medium skin – choose olive, purple, yellow, brown or red;
  • for a darker skin – wear bold, bright colors like jade green or cobalt blue, black, deep blue, gray, green or purple.

Depending on what color of flannel do you have in mind, you might pick up the matching pants/skirts, for example:

  • for dark flannels, blacks greens and blues prefer tan chinos/skirts;
  • for lighter blue or gingham flannels choose olive chinos/skirts;
  • for any and all red flannels, the perfect choice is dark denims/skirts.

Also, it is very important to pick up the right color combinations for compliment items, like jackets, T-shirts, trenches, hats, bandanas, etc. The beautiful matches are:

  • flannel with a pop of red;
  • classic combo of red, white and blue;
  • flannel with a pop of pink;
  • flannel with white;
  • blue and green mix;
  • flannel & pastels;
  • gray and brown combo.

Flannels are pretty much versatile pieces that well mix with different fabrics and prints, so it gives you a wide range of choices. For example, it will be nice to join:

  • dots with flannel;
  • flannel with leather;
  • flannel with flannel;
  • flannel with leopard;
  • flannel with denim;
  • flannel with faux fur.

Of course, flannels are used to be warm clothes, matching for colder months, but today there are many variations, that can be useful for any season, for instance:

  • during spring it is good to pair a graphic tee, open flannel, rolled at the sleeves, dark denim and boots;
  • for fall, when it’s colder, flannels can be used as a layering piece over a Henley;
  • in winter wear thick flannels and mix it with jeans, brown boots, beanies, vests, pea coats, Barbour jackets, bean boots, scarves, etc., mostly earth tones (dark blue, green, khaki, and gray);
  • in summer combine sneakers, plain tee shirts, baseball hats, shorts/jeans, Henley shirts, chambray, nylon shorts and a T-shirt, canoe shoes, etc.

Today flannels are very popular and designed in many variations, which mean that they easily suit any style, for example:

  • casual;
  • glam;
  • country;
  • classy;
  • holiday outfit;

Outfits with Flannels Ideas

Layer your favorite black and white flannel shirt under fur and denim jackets to make a perfect grunge look. Complement this image with skinny black jeans, laced ankle boots, a leather backpack and cool round sunglasses.
A grunge black and white flannel outfit
What to wear for an early morning walk? The answer is simple – just wear warm flannel shirt atop little summer dress, add comfy ankle boots and you’re ready!
Cute, stylish outfit with a flannel shirt
For a nontrivial spring, look combine a long black dress with a cozy flannel shirt and a pair of comfy sneakers of flats. Add nice necklace and bracelet to finish the look.
A dress with a flannel outfit
The mix of skinny jeans and cute flannel is a classic combo for a win-win look. Complement this outfit with a pair of beautiful suede ankle boots, ethnic purse and milky white jacket.
A flannel and skinny jeans outfit
This cute combo of a flannel shirt, worn under warm sweater, skinny ripped jeans and laced ankle boots is a safe belt for an effortless fall look. Team it up with cool beanie and sunnies.
A flannel and a sweater outfit

Button up your flannel shirt and wear it with a long black fashion skirt to look chic and effortless. Combine this look with low ankle boots, leather backpack, brimmed hat and trendy sunglasses.
A flannel shirt with a long black fashion skirt
Master the effortlessly hot summer look in a combo of skinny gray jeans, white crop top, and a bright flannel shirt. Want to go chic on the shoe front? Go for a pair of black, high-heeled ankle boots.
Sexy flannels look for a modern girl
Try pairing dark denims with a red&black flannel worn atop of a black sweatshirt to get a laid-back yet stylish look. This outfit is complemented perfectly with a brimmed hat and a pair of black leather boots.
A nice flannel outfit for men
What is the easiest fall outfit ever? Striped T-shirt, black ripped skinny jeans and a flannel. Complete the look with an amazing pair of burgundy ankle boots and warm jacket (in the case of a chilly weather).
A cool flannel outfit for women
Another perfectly simple look for the cool months is wearing a comfy plaid shirt atop of T-shirt and cuffed denims. A brimmed hat and a pair of leather boots complete this outfit and give you on-trend look.
A flannel shirt with the boots
Forget jeans! Choose incredible black and white flannel dress for a gorgeous fall look. Add tights and comfortable low shoes to finish this ensemble.
The girls wearing a flannel dress
Accessorize with a trendy brimmed hat, and pair your amazing flannel trench with skinny jeans and cropped top for a comfy yet warm hipster outfit.
A hipster flannel outfit
An oversized flannel shirt worn atop of a white dressy sweatshirt and black skirt will showcase your sartorial self. Pair this set with a pair of black, laced shoes.
An oversized flannel outfit
Stay simple! Team up pencil skirt with a gray top and then layer a flannel shirt under a cardigan to keep you warm and super casual. End up this look with classic gray ankle boots and sweet beanie.
A plaid flannel shirt and a cardigan
The stylish brown pants and a cute flannel shirt feel perfectly suited for weekend activities of all kinds. Add a cool black vest and laced ankle boots for extra warmth.
A plaid flannel shirt with a vest
You can make your professional office look cuter simply by adding an eye-catching a plaid shirt and a pair of fun matching boots.
A red flannel outfit with a skirt and the boots
The key for a perfect winter look is a layering. So mix a pair of skinny black jeans with a flannel, denim jacket and warm coat. Add a pair of cool sneakers and stylish beanie to finish your set.
A winter flannel outfit for guys
Don’t be afraid to mix your plaid shirt with other patterns, like this gray flannel and floral tee. Classic blue denims, ankle boots and gray beanie complement amazing to this set.
A flannel shirt and a floral T-shirt look for boys
Choose a flannel that suits your eye color the best and pair it with a pair of simple dark denims, for your new fall’s standout ensemble.
A simple flannel outfit for men
Team up dark pants with a plain light gray T-shirt and then tie your plaid shirt around your waist for a cool man’s look. Add leather sandals and bracelet to finish this image.
A cool man’s flannel shirt look
Cozy and warm flannel shirt, trendy black beanie and stylish laced ankle boots is a key for a cool girl’s fall look. Just add tights, socks, leather backpack and sunglasses.
Fantastic flannels look for girls
Mix up genres to create your unbeatable street style! Wear a combo of skinny jeans and cropped sweater and then layer on a long wrapped around the flannel skirt. End up this set with a baseball hat, heeled boots, and backpack.
Long flannel skirt look
Take a look on another cool everyday summer look! Combine denim shorts with a black sweatshirt and a flannel shirt for comfort and fabulous outfit. Add fun laced ankle boots, tights, and sunnies.
Comfort and fabulous look with a flannel shirt
Try on this new version of a country outfit to look both stylish and simple. Cuffed denims and unbuttoned flannel shirt, worn atop of plain T-shirt works just fine. Add brown boots and cool necklace to finish this set.
Country look with a flannel shirt
If you’re from those guys, who like to stand out of the crowd, try to team up an amazing green flannel with denims and stylish black denim jacket. Add a pair of comfy sneakers or shiny dress shoes on your taste to finish the look.
A green flannel shirt style
Combine a plaid shirt with denims and light gray jacket for a total daytime appropriate look. Compliment the image with black slip-ons and little over shoulder purse.
A casual flannel shirt and the jeans outfit
You can always make your summer set of ripped jeans and T-shirt work for cooler weather by tying a plaid shirt around your waist, like so. Add denim jacket and beanie for extra warmth.
A flannel street style for girls
Wear your favorite flannel blouse even in autumn! Just pair it with dark jeans, warm jacket, and beanie. Add comfortable laced ankle boots to end the look.
A nice flannel outfit for women
Make a note on this incredibly cozy and ensemble for this fall! A flannel shirt worn under a deep olive pullover looks amazingly harmoniously with ripped jeans and heeled ankle boots.
A pullover and a flannel shirt outfit
How to wear flannel shirts in summer? The answer is simple – just wrap it around your waist! Mini skirt, black crop top and a pair of heeled boots – is a perfect match.
A perfect look with a flannel shir
For those, who can’t imagine their lives without flannels take a look on another great summer outfit: short shorts, loose T-shirt, and your favorite gray flannel shirt look just awesome.
A gray flannel shirt outfit
Wear black and white flannel dress with cuffed sleeves for an effortless kind of elegance for this summer. Go for a pair of black ankle boots for a more dressed feel.
A flannel dress style for a female
Look at this cool men’s street style of ripped jeans and plain gray T-shirt, worn under a flannel shirt! Add suede boots to finish this look. Simple yet stylish.
Men's street style fashion with a flannel shirt
Dark ripped jeans, gray T-shirt and the beautiful flannel shirt is all that you need for a perfect street style. Just team up it with a pair of comfy shoes.
A casual flannel shirt street style outfit
Who said that flannels couldn’t be worn for an office? You just need to choose right variant and pair it with classic black pants and a pair of dress shoes.
Classic flannels look for work
Do you like a retro style? Then go for a pair of brown chinos and combine it with a nice fitted and roll-sleeved flannel shirt. Accessorize this set with cool leather belt and add a nice pair of shoes.
A retro flannel style for men
Don’t get stuck in a root with wearing checked flannels only. Try this variant of a striped flannel shirt and dark turquoise chinos for a nice casual look.
A striped flannel shirt outfit
Do you prefer an urban fashion? Then go for a combo of dark denims, long sweatshirt and a long, zipped on the back flannel shirt. Team it up with a pair of sneakers.
An urban flannel fashion
Wear simple black leggings and loose crispy white T-shirt, worn under black and white roll-sleeved flannel shirt for an effortless casual style. Complement this look with the pair of slip-ons and leather purse.
A simple casual flannel style
Tuck your plaid shirt into a pair of plain denims for an awesome daytime look that is a little more dressed up. Add a pair of sneakers and a baseball hat to end the image.
An awesome flannel shirt look
Layer your plaid vest atop of long-sleeved hooded sweater for the girls’ hipster look. As for footwear – try a pair of sneakers of flats.
A hipster flannels look for girls
For a chilly summer night opt for a combo of ripped jeans, nice flannel shirt, and a light jacket. Add a cool pair of sneakers to finish this look.
Men's flannel shirt look