Oval Nails With the Variety of Designs

What modern girl can live without a good manicure with a unique design? No one! To have perfect nails, you have to know that the shape is very important for having an appropriate manicure! It may be difficult to choose the nail shape, which will emphasize the beauty not only of your nails but also your hands!

Of course, nowadays you can select from a great variety of nails shapes and designs, combining them with each other. It`s also possible to change your nails as often as you want! However, oval shaped nails are not staying away! Even guys claim that they like oval nails on girls: when oval nails are combined with some chic nail art, and bright colors, ladies can pull of a good vibe effortlessly! Furthermore, it`s easy to make oval shaped nails only using a good file (you don`t need the help of a manicurist anymore!).

Oval nails were very popular in the 1940s and 50s. But who says that they are out of fashion right now? Don`t worry; oval shaped nails will always be on trend! That`s due to their universality! Everybody can wear them, `cause they are suitable for all occasions and everyday occupations! Some ladies like oval nails with the vintage-styled moon manicure, others think that these nails are better to decorate with the black polish or the clear one to look natural. The nails of the oval shape go well with all modern as well as classic designs!

Despite many girls prefer wearing nails of almond, square, coffin or stiletto shapes, oval nails have a number of advantages, which will persuade you to try them out! Finally, decide to change your nail shape? Choose oval shaped nails! It may be intimidating at first, especially if you have square or stiletto nails now; but be sure: you will not feel sorry! Oval nails have more resistance, and you run less risk of accidentally filing away too much nail. Keep having problems with the nail corners breaking? With nails of the oval shape, you will really feel more protected! Are you playing the piano or doing other activities that mainly involve using your hands? You should get oval nails!

Oval shaped nails look equally wonderful when they are short and long! In addition, you have more chances to have long natural nails: oval shaped nails don`t crack off as soon as they gain any length! Even if your natural nails are not good enough, it`s possible to make different types of artificial nails (gel, acrylic etc.)! If your hands are very long, the oval shape will look more elegant, than nails of any other shape; if you have super long nail beds, you will love shaping them into an oval, because it really enhances the length! Aren`t the perfect reasons to make your nails oval?

Don`t know how to make nails of the oval shape? We are here to help you! You`ll look quite unique with any design for oval shaped nails!
These nails of the oval form are executed in a very unusual way! A smooth transition of colors is covered with the matte top. Glossy spots resemble drops of dew on a flower petal!
How to Make Magic Nails of the Oval Shape
“Wow” is the reaction of everyone who sees this manicure! Confetti and gold glitters look wonderful as well as the combination of matte and glossy. The burgundy nail makes the design unmistakable!
Attractive Acrylic Nails of the Oval Shape
These oval nails look great! The manicure, full of glitters of different colors (from green to orange), is very fashionable! An incredible brilliance of the design really impresses!
Trendy Designs for Almond and Oval Nails
This incredible design will enchant everyone! Glossy nails and a huge number of black sequins are beautiful! A nail with gold sparkles makes the manicure not so dark.
Black and Gold Oval Nails
The design on these oval nails looks like the opposition of two extremities! Black and white colors, decorated with gold will bring you pleasure! Decorative sea stars and shells are so cute!
Nice Black and White Oval Nails
To create this design, you need to have oval nails of the long length. Black color stands out beautifully and identifies the owner of the manicure.
Charming Black on Oval Acrylic Nails
A deep color is always a right choice, especially if the nails of this color are covered with the matte top! But all the attention is concentrated the veil design with rhinestones on it!
The Mixture of Clear and Bright on Oval Nails
Nails become great mainly due to the good color match! This manicure will fit every girl. The design with confetti on the ring finger is simple, but not too ordinary.
Cute Oval Nail Designs
The classic smile of the black color, and hand-painted ornaments on a few nails are a creative decision for oval nails! This work will never leave you indifferent!
Oval Nails With the Dark French Manicure
Long oval nails of the gold color are created for those, who love to shine in public! This design is very stylish and fashionable! Nails with gold glitters are the best option exactly for you!
Expressive Gold Oval Nails
If you want a delicate manicure, the pink color will do its best! Pink nails of the oval shape are feminine. This color does not need additions!
Light Pink Oval Nails
Creativity is the main element of any good manicure! The delightful beige base is covered with white curls, and a beautiful three-dimensional leaf pattern, sprinkled with the powder, are what you need for gorgeous nails!
Long Oval Shaped Nails With Stunning Ideas
Simple shapes and colors are intrinsic components of the design for oval nails! There is an unusual shade of the blue pattern on the beige background; the gold nail with glitters is the accent here!
Nail Art for Oval Nails
The mysterious woman on this oval shaped nails is the embodiment of art! Blue and pink colors, used as the background for the design, create an impression of the innocence and purity!
Remarkable Nail Designs for Oval Nails
The elements of the broken glass will never look ordinary, even if they are the only décor on nails! Cover nails with the nude polish and add some shining pieces – that`s all you need!
Nude Oval Nails With Easy Designs
Not only children love cartoons! The characters from the favorite movie will look fun on oval shaped nails with the orange background! Childish? Maybe, but so sweet!
Oval Fingernails With Cartoon Ideas
Every design can be decorated without any efforts if you have appropriate adornments! Thin French tips of the oval nails look simple, but large rhinestones make them expressive!
Emphasized Oval French Nails
The traditional French design looks classic and elegant on oval shaped nails! Silver adornments near the cuticle create the luxury look without any additional accessories!
Oval French Tip Nails With Gems
An ideal color is the base of a good manicure! The deep blue polish with small shimmers is so attractive that you won`t be able to resist! Volumetric gel bulbs are also interesting!
Attractive Ideas of Oval Gel Nails
Oval shaped nails of the middle length will look harmonious with a pastel color. The combination of beige and silver glitters, covering nails fully as well as only near the cuticle, are easy yet wonderful!
A Flawless Oval Manicure
What a festive manicure! The intense blue color, decorated with large rhinestones, the marble effect, and beige nails with the volumetric stripes are a good choice for any special occasion!
Oval Nails With Fancy Designs
Are you fond of everything natural? It`s a lovely design for you! Pale colors, used for the translucent ombre manicure, look absolutely stunning on these delicate oval shaped nails!
Oval Nails With the Natural Look
You will not spoil the shape if make your nails more pointy! The light base and the leopard print on it create something like the wild design!
The Daring Design on Oval Pointy Nails
You don`t have to follow the tradition to decorate nail tips with the boring white color! Two black stripes at the edges of oval nails are an inspiring alternative to the French manicure!
Oval Shaped French Manicure
The eye-cat polish is still on trend! The shimmering of the polish and its beauty are so enigmatic! If you add some volumetric bulbs on a few nails, you`ll be surprised!
Popular Trend of Oval Shaped Nails
The best shape for short nails is definitely oval! The matte background of the delicate pink color and black branches on it can be combined with some nails of the black color. Gorgeous!
Short Oval Nails With the Simple Design
Light green edges on the purple base is a new decision of the French manicure! Rhinestones on the ring finger are so cool! The design is suitable for oval nails as well as square ones!
The Best Design for Oval and Square Nails
Oval stiletto nails are not a joke! Sharp edges of long nails are created for those who want to look daring! Complement them with the powder of foil of different colors and the floral pictures.
The Combination of Oval and Stiletto Nails
Love the simplicity of the French manicure? Then this design is exactly what you need! Classic white tips of oval nails and hand-painted floral patterns are the best variation of such a popular design!
Oval Nails With the Traditional White Tip Design
Bright nails will always be in the center of attention! An intense polish of the pink color will emphasize your beautiful oval nails! The abundance of big and small crystals on some nails are amazing!
Rich Pink Designs for Oval Nails
Aren`t ready to change nail shape cardinally! You may do this gradually: from round to oval! Light beige and black nails with the matte top, decorated with crystals, studs and hand-painted bows look incomparable!
Pretty Round Nails
Red nails can be different! Confetti and glitters at the tips, the mirror effect, and the matte top – all look perfect together! Roses, made of acrylic powder, are a good idea!
The Variety of Red Oval Nails
Are not a big fan of oval edges? Make the tips of oval nails pointy! The white base with crystals near the cuticle, and gold glitters are a special design for oval shaped nails!
White and Gold Accents on Pointy Nails
Decorate your egg shaped nails with the magnificent polish! The rainbow glimmer is able to catch the eye and charm everybody! You don`t need any additional accessories in this design!
Egg Shaped Nails With the Fascinating Design
You will love the color combo: black and light pink – both in matte! The touch of the velvet décor on little fingers and crystals on ring fingers make the design really nice!
Matte Black and Pink for Oval Nails
Nails always rock out when you add an appropriate polish for your manicure! The rich purple color on long nails of the oval shape will be in benefit with large crystals and the foil!
Purple Oval Nails for a Little Mermaid