53 Meaningful Owl Tattoo Designs

The owl image is not new in the modern tattoo art, it appeared many years ago and became highly popular among both men and women. Some people associate these birds with smart and wise creatures, while others – with mysticism. Anyway, this bird has a special appeal, and therefore its image looks stylish and attracts a lot of attention.

Owl Tattoo Meanings

Such inks may be interpreted in different ways, depending on the composition in which it inked or the sense, which owners want to give their tattoos. But the most important meaning, which “the sage of the night” tat symbolizes, is a love for the night and everything dark, as this bird is a night hunter and usually acts at night time. So, the most popular mystical meanings are:

  • Evil and Death: the Chinese believed that those night killers are fraught with evil and causes destruction in the outer and the inner world of a man.
  • Evil spirit: Christians connect the bird discussed with the spiritual impoverishment, renunciation of faith in God, evil spirits. Screaming Owl carries the message of something bad, often even death.

But, nevertheless, most of the meanings of these tats are positive:

  • Wisdom: Ancient Romans believed that this bird was the faithful companion of the Goddess of Wisdom and Learning of Sciences.
  • Providence: The Greeks thought that owls were seers because of their ability to see in the dark, and the image of this bird was applied to coins.
  • Spirituality: in Russia, this wise creature is also considered as a symbol of intelligence and spirituality.
  • Protection: in the Indian culture, the night-bird symbolizes wisdom and also it is a great talisman.
  • Time: these feathered sages are often associated with the time, as they are long-lived birds.

The Popular Designs of the Owl Inks

A variation of this image is so large that everyone can easily find the owl tat for his taste. The sketch of a tattoo often includes additional characters that affect the meaning of the symbol, namely:

  • moon;
  • tree;
  • space;
  • arrows;
  • skull;
  • triangle;
  • roses;
  • butterfly;
  • heart;
  • blood and owl;

You may choose big or small tattoo, colorful or black and white one, as there are no restrictions. The following variants of tats are in a big demand:

  • cartoon owl;
  • realistic owl;
  • geometric owl;
  • owl eyes;
  • owl wings;
  • snowy owl;
  • Ying Yang owl;
  • owl on a branch;
  • broken owl;
  • owl hamsa tattoo;
  • baby owl;
  • barn owl;

The numerous patterns of designs illustrate fabulous compositions, where you may find varied styles, such as:

  • traditional technique;
  • tribal style;
  • watercolor tat;
  • Japanese style;
  • linework

This quite interesting and mysterious tattoo is located on the forearm. The crescent is a great addition to this tat because these birds represent ones of the best night hunters.
 The Heavy Black Barn Owl Tattoo with the Moon on the Forearm
This cheerful and creative ink on the back mixes “cartoon” and “graphic” tattoo techniques. The tat brings positive meaning and will make you look stylish and fashionable!
 The Funny Cartoon Owls Tattoo on the Back
It’s an astonishing and impressive work! This bird in combination with the all-seeing eye is very meaningful – it symbolizes the mind and vigilance!
 The Fantastic Evil owl tattoo on the Half Sleeve
This picture is endowed with some mysterious meaning. The image frightens and fascinates at the same time! This ink is both a great decoration and a powerful talisman!
 The Flying Black and Gray Owl Tattoo on the Chest
Here we have a beautiful and colorful geometric tattoo on the calf. The perfect lines and shapes in this tattoo make it really precise and beautiful!
 The Geometric Owl Tattoo on the Calf
Do you like unusual and creative tattoos? If yes, pay attention to this ingenious image with abstract branches that looks very elegant on the ankle!
 The Beautiful Owl Tattoo with a Tree on the Ankle
This tat with babies performed in black and gray, and occupies the entire back. The tattoo symbolizes the protection of the family (especially children).
 The Amazing Big Back Owl Tattoo
Here the pierced heart means unrequited love, while the night overseer symbolizes wisdom. All these details can denote that the owner has acquired wisdom after a breakup!
 The Dynamic Flying Owl Tattoo with a Heart on the Chest
The casual, not parallel lines and green expressive eyes create a sense of mystery and incompleteness of the picture. But nevertheless, the tattoo looks great and unusual!
 The Owl Eyes Tattoo on the Back
This ink consists of two fragments – the night-bird image in the background of the planets and space itself. The tattoo fits dreamy, creative individuals, who appreciate original stuff.
The Owl Face Tattoo with the Space on the Chest
This gorgeous ink image having the moon as the accent, is a symbol of the night force. This is a perfect choice for people who prefer night lifestyle!
The Half Sleeve Owl Tattoo with the Moon
This ink is done with some colorful elements, and it makes the tattoo really eye-catching. This ink is great for brave men, who have the spirit of a hunter in hearts!
The Cute Owl Tattoo with the Arrow and Colorful Elements on the Neck
There is the masterpiece tattoo of realism style! This bright tat looks spectacular on the sleeve and indicates an effective protection against enemies.
The Massive Sleeve Owl Tattoo with the Skull
Here we have a tiny tattoo for women! Such a pretty flying cutie can be a symbol of warding and also a very nice decoration for your tummy!
The Small and Cute Owl Tattoo on the Belly
This colorful pattern shows us really cheeky tattoo! The location of the tat makes it look impressive and realistic!
The Fabulous Half Sleeve Owl Tattoo for Guys
The combination of dotwork and linework styles is a very expressive and original decision. The fearless eyes of the depicted creature will challenge others and catch the attention of people.
The Black and Gray Owl Tattoo on the Forearm
This night hunter goes perfectly with the moon, because this bird is a symbol of the night, wisdom, and the higher mind, and the moon is the patroness of the night-time!
The Small Owl Wings Tattoo on the Forearm

This sweet tattoo is a perfect option for those, who like minimalism. This tattoo is located on the arm. However, this design will look cool on every part of your body!
The Small Owl Tattoo on the Arm

The combination of the beautiful snowy bird and a triangle finds its place on the calf. It does not seem catchy or boring, as its beauty is in simplicity and gracefulness.
The Snowy Owl Tattoo with the Triangle on the Calf
This tat represents traditional tattooing style. The moon with the skull adds mystery to this ink, while strong outlines and lots of heavy black makes the tattoo really remarkable!
The Traditional Owl Tattoo with the Skull on the Forearm
This creature image is chosen by people connected with the night lifestyle or mystic. Though, this avian friend is perfectly combined with geometric designs, indicating independence and freedom.
The Extraordinary Tribal Owl Tattoo on the Forearm
Would you like to be inked with something unusual like these night crawlers in the form of Ying Yang? Owning such tattoo, you will definitely be in the spotlight!
The Unique Ying Yang Owl Tattoo on the Arm
This tattoo is performed in the watercolor style and is located on the ribs. The ink is rich in vivid colors, which more fits women, due to the cute design!
The Watercolor Owl Tattoo with Flowers on the Ribs
There is one more simple design of unique tats. This ink is universal, as it fits girls and guys, and also because of its size that can be easily hidden under the clothes!
The Simple Two Owls Tattoo on the Biceps
This cartoon tattoo is great for young girls! The ink is located on the forearm, and its solid and bright colors won’t leave you without the attention!
The Cute Owl Tattoo on the Forearm
This realistic tattoo is created for brave and brutal men! Here is not only a lovely bird but also a dangerous night killer, which is presented in this colorful tat.
The Massive Owl Tattoo on the Half Sleeve
The bright black and gray ink with clear lines is for self-confident people. This elegant tattoo combines different tattoo styles, and it is a good symbol for attracting wisdom and intelligence.
The Fabulous Owl Tattoo in the Triangle on the Forearm
Here is a small and cute ink on the shoulder. The advantage of this tattoo is its unique design – the lines around the bird’s head or even on it seem highly stylish!
The Girlish Lined Owl Tattoo on the Shoulder
Here is a very colorful and bright tattoo design on the chest! Due to its size, and a variety of colors, it will not leave its owner unattended.
The Adorable Japanese Owl Tattoo on the Chest
This interesting tat is located on the arm. Such cute design with the bird’s face in the shape of the heart will be ideal for those girls, who are in love!
The Stunning Colorful Owl Tattoo Design on the Arm
This great ink is a representative of the realism style. It won’t let anyone forget how cute and pretty these night birds are! This tat is good for resolute people.
The Dark, Realistic Owl on the Forearm
There is an adorable ink picture, performed on the wrist. The design of this tat is perfectly combined with the location, which will be a good choice for tender women!
The Little Owl Tattoo on the Wrist
This ink is done in black and gray colors with clear lines and shadows. Shadows and volume – all that is necessary to impress the people around you!
The Delightful Black and White Owl Tattoo on the Upper Back
The solid black color, deep shadowing, and clear transition make this tat really gorgeous! Because of the skull, this tattoo has the mystical imprint that looks amazing!
The Bold Traditional Owl on a Branch on the Arm Tattoo
The original charm, freshness, and tenderness of roses always cause admiration! And if the roses are in combination with the cute creature, it will certainly be a great love mascot!
Black and Gray Owl Tattoo with Roses on the Thigh
It is impossible not to smile looking at this cute feathered baby tattoo! Despite its size, the tattoo looks clear. It can belong to a person with a good sense of humor.
The Funny Baby Owl Wrist Tattoo
The “Hamsa” mascot exists in all religions, and anyone can wear it! The “Hamsa” with the wisest bird ever is a very powerful talisman that will not help the insidious and evil people!
The Owl Hamsa Tattoo on the Back
This image in black color has a determined look and folded wings. It gives a sense of calm and composure. The foot is a great place for such kind of tattoos!
The Stunning Owl Tattoo on Foot
This tattoo of the sage-bird and the sweet skull has a profound meaning! The tat will be the excellent option for people with brave character and strong spirit.
The Owl with a Sugar Skull Tattoo on the Forearm
This pic expresses the power and strength. The emphasis is done on the blind-looked eyes. The eyes and the fierce look characterize the owner’s aggressive mood!
The Astonishing Lined Owl Tattoo on the Sleeve
Here the attention is paid to the forms and contours. The geometric structures create the full image and enrich the message of the tattoo! This tat will be appealing to many people!
The Simple, Lined Owl Tattoo on the Forearm
The smoke looks very harmoniously in the picture itself! The mythical predator with sharp claws is depicted in black and gray colors and occupies a lot of space on the forearm.
The Fantastic Lined Owl with Smoke on the Forearm
The explicit focus of this tattoo is done on the blood. The main “character” is inked in the black and gray traditional style, with the addition of a bright red color.
The Incredible Blood and Owl Forearm Tattoo
The next tattoo has an outstanding design! The elements of “surrealism” make this tattoo extraordinary. It is prepared for creative clients, who like to distinguish themselves from others!
The Surrealistic Owl with a Lot of Eyes on the Sleeve
This small tattoo with space elements is great for dreaming people! The mix of purple, green colorings and some stars, create the wonderful pattern of the nightlife.
The Space Cartoon Owl on the Arm
There are male and female fowls of the air with beautiful flowers. This tat is offered for young persons in love or married ones, and those, who want to express their love through a tattoo!
The Couple Owl Tattoo on the Forearm
The shtick of this ink is its creativity! This ink in black and gray color, with the addition of yellow into the bird’s eyes, is a super example of modern tattooing.
The Amazing Butterfly with Owl Eyes Tattoo on the Forearm
This tattoo is a mix of the black and gray and the watercolor styles. The combination of orange and blue colors is quite catchy and looks awesome in this design.
The Little Watercolor Owl Tattoo on the Biceps
The idea of “broken” image is something special! This tattoo encourages the viewer to admire its beauty and a special charm of the night inhabitant!
The “Broken” Black and Gray Owl Tattoo on the Forearm
This adorable tattoo in dotwork style is marvelous! The sharp and parallel lines transform into a beautiful pattern and make the tattoo look unusual and harmonious.
The Gorgeous Owl with Neon Geometric Figures on the Calf
This ink causes a feeling of mystique. The antlers symbolize power, greatness and energy. Take this ornament to add brutality to your image!
The Unusual Forearm Dark Owl Tattoo with the Antlers