Astonishing Peacock with Feather Tattoo Ideas for Men and Women

Peacock Tattoos Symbolism and Meanings

There are tons of different peacock tattoo variations and designs each with different meanings. So if you consider to get inked with its gorgeous bird image, learn some of the most common meanings it carries:

  • Wisdom and intelligence;
  • Immortality and glory;
  • Nobility;
  • Royalty and divinity;
  • Beauty and vanity;
  • Sexuality and desire;
  • Expansiveness;
  • Diversity and renewal, etc.

As being native to India, peacocks are considered as kings’ birds and a symbol of royalty. Christians believe that a white peacock is a secret symbol of Jesus Christ and the Church. In ancient Greece peacock, their tail feather, in particular, was a symbol of the all-seeing eye and was associated with Greek goddess Hera.  In Buddhism, these birds are seen as symbols of compassion, openness, and honesty. It is a bright bird and it is often thought as an embodiment of the Sun. Notice that besides vanity and narcissism a peacock tattoo doesn’t carry any other negative meaning.

You can increase the symbolic side of your tattoo by simply adding some other image to it. The most wide-spread supplementing patterns are:

  • Flowers, plants, trees, etc;
  • The Sun or/and the Moon;
  • Jewelry;
  • Butterflies, snakes and other birds.

The Features of Peacock Tattoos

While being predominately women’s tattoo design, men can opt to a peacock as well. You can go for the full image of the peacock or ink just a feather, a tail or a head. Of course, it would be a sin to ink a monochromic peacock tattoo because of the striking colorful feathers this bird has. Despite the fact that most of the peacock tattoo are done in color, many people prefer having black and white graphic inks as well. It’s only up to you to choose. Big peacock tattoos look better if they are inked on the back, thigh, side, sleeves. Smaller patterns can be put on ankle, arm, behind the ear. Peacock tattoos can be performed in:

  • Realism, 3D or Hyper-Realism style;
  • Watercolor;
  • Tribal;
  • Linework or Dotwork;
  • Traditional, Old School or New School styles;
  • Japanese Traditional.

Peacock Tattoo Designs

People who get peacock feather tattoo are brave enough to display their true nature, as well as male peacocks, show off their beautiful feathers in front of female peacocks. Thus, peacock feather tattoo means honesty and openness.
Extraordinary 3d peacock feather tattoo
The peacock tattoo doesn’t have to be colorful and realistic to transmit all the necessary meanings. Sometimes even some solid black outlines in a shape of a bird will be enough. Look how beautiful it is indeed!
Creative abstract peacock tattoo
Women who prefer inking a full-size peacock tattoo should consider the side as it is a perfect spot. With all the intense colors and beautiful shape, this peacock placed on the side looks fantastically.
Extremely amazing side peacock tattoo
Without the doubt, the most attractive part of a peacock is its colorful tail. Still, some people who must be real aficionados of this bird choose peacock head for a tattoo. It looks surprisingly beautiful, especially with a lotus flower on the half-sleeve.
Unbelievably beautiful realistic peacock head tattoo
You can’t be more wrong if you think that black and gray peacock tattoos look dull. Check out this breathtaking monochromic peacock on the forearm and be sure that it’s amazing.
Cute black and gray peacock tattoo
Here’s one more example of black and white peacock tattoo for those who has got enough bright colors in life and want to display their true nature through a symbolic tattoo.
Cool black and white peacock tattoo
This charming peacock head tattoo with some beautiful feathers in the background attracts more and more while you are looking at it. Purple lilies blend in harmoniously into the composition because they mean renewal and elegance.
Charming and colorful peacock half-sleeve tattoo
This fabulous peacock comes alive in front of our eyes with its tail as colorful as a rainbow. It’s not a surprise that the peacock is shown with the sun because it was associated with this celestial body back in the day.
Super cool peacock tattoo on arm
Without any doubts, the peacock tattoos are predominately chosen by women. The diversity of all possible designs, bright colors, and interesting shapes make the peacock so desirable among women.
Sexy feminine peacock tattoo on the side
When performed with many complementing patterns such as wildflowers, roses, sparrows, and beads the peacock becomes enriched in symbolic meanings. It goes without saying that this tattoo requires a lot of places to be inked.
Snorting full back peacock tattoo with flowers
Only a close-up look opens the whole beauty of this delightful peacock feathers tattoo on the forearm. Slightly blurred but saturated in color, it hypnotizes and inspires.
Damn good peacock feather forearm tattoo
The peacock tail is made up of eye-shaped feathers which can be interpreted as symbols of watchfulness and awareness. Performed with black and white dye only in Japanese style, this peacock tattoo is unbelievable.
Enormous Japanese peacock tattoo on the back
Tattooed in Traditional style with bold outlines this peacock tattoo has got really interesting placement. The body of a bird is inked on the side while the beauteous tail is shown on the lower back.
Impressive lower back peacock tattoo

As an ancient symbol of the sun, the peacock is often portrayed with it in tattoos. Old School tattoo style allows to play with the color palette and to create the unique tattoo piece.
Marvelous Old School peacock tattoo
If a peacock isn’t enough for you, go for complementing elements which will decorate your tattoo. With clear outlines encircle every image and vivid colors this peacock tattoo has the right to be called incredible!
Incredible peacock bird tattoo
It seems that this man shows off his absolutely amazing peacock chest tattoo just like male peacocks show off their big beautiful tail in front of female peacocks. Anyway, the ink is neat!
Magnificent peacock chest tattoo
This peacock green eye tattoo looks beautiful and bizarre at the same time. The spiral that goes deeper and deeper in the eye hypnotizes more and more.
The hypnotizing peacock eye tattoo
The colorful peacock feather tattoo on ribs is a perfect choice for a tender and timid girl who wants to highlight her natural beauty and irresistibility.
Intriguing peacock feather tattoo on the ribs
If you are looking for some ideas for your colorful full-sleeve, peacocks will fit best. Due to their multicolored plumage and various positive meanings, peacocks can create a marvelous full sleeve as you see in the photo.
Mind-blowing peacock feathers sleeve tattoo
While most of the peacock tattoo designs are big size, a simple peacock feather can be easily placed behind the ear. As a symbol of beauty and spirituality, the peacock feather tattoo looks just fine on women.
Beauteous and meaningful peacock feather behind the ear tattoo
With feathers as bright and colorful as the rainbow peacock stands out from other birds, so the person, who bears this kind of tattoo, wants to stand out from other people too.
Saturated in color peacock feathers tattoo on the forearm
You can’t be more wrong if you think that peacocks can be chosen only by women. This man has got the amazing full-sleeve showing a peacock, sakura florets and butterfly.
Eye-catching peacock feathers tattoo on arm
The peacock tattoo design is the embodiment of harmony between the soul and the body. If you are and an open-minded, risky and self-confident person, this enormous peacock tattoo with a chrysanthemum, a peony and a lotus is for you.
Magnificent peacock feathers with flowers tattoo on leg sleeve
The peacock tattoo doesn’t have to be realistic to look beautiful. This simple in design yet interesting and creative Traditional peacock tattoo on the thigh proves our words.
Charming Traditional peacock feathers tattoo on leg
If a realistic bird image seems boring and you seek for some unique tattoo designs with peacocks, this one with paisley-shaped feathers of this gorgeous bird and flowers decorated the composition might be interesting.
Gorgeous peacock feathers tattoo on the shoulder
There’s hardly some other bird which is as elegant and extraordinary as the peacock with its feather eyelet and speckled plumage. Thus, it has become an epitome of vanity, external beauty and boasting.
Remarkable peacock feather tattoo on thigh
This peacock seems to be so proud and confident in its beauty that leaves no choice for you not get inked with such an amazing Neo-Traditional tattoo.
Majestic peacock feather tattoo on wrist
While being the vividly colored type of tattoo, the realistic ink shows all the details that are true to life. This one on the thigh inked so masterly that you almost hear the sound of a butterfly flying from the flower.
Hyper-realistic peacock with flower thigh tattoo
Many people associate noble peacocks with deep love and external beauty. It’s not a surprise as they are ones of the most beautiful creatures in the world, thus, are often chosen for half sleeves and full sleeves.
Breathtaking peacock half-sleeve tattoo
The most common meanings of peacock tattoos are glory, beauty, and vanity. This alluring hip tattoo showing the peacock in all its beauty reveals all the meanings mentioned before.
Alluring peacock hip tattoo
Sometimes the peacock feather is called as the eye of a devil. But there’s no negative connotation in it. This tattoo can serve as a charm and protect from bad things that might happen in life.
Protective peacock leaf tattoo

It is believed that people with a peacock tattoo are open-minded, friendly and sincere as they don’t afraid to show their nature through the tattoo.
Beauteous peacock tail tattoo
As for a half-sleeve, a peacock can create the perfect design. Men might be interested in some meanings the peacock carries such as self-development, renewal, and self-confidence.
Spectacular peacock tattoo for men
This peacock feather imitating ankle bracelet is considered to be the talisman for the bearer as it protects from the harmful effects or an evil eye.
Bracelet-like peacock tattoo on ankle
The peacock has been associated with mysterious or even heavenly creatures. In this meaning, a person who wears the peacock tattoo always stands out from the crowd and show his/her extraordinary personality.
Japanese traditional peacock tattoo on back
Having a peacock tattoo inked on your body is like always celebrating a carnival. The riot of colors on your skin makes passersby turn their heads and envy you.
Impressive peacock tattoo on side
The top of the peacock feather with its eye-like shape can create a nice underboob tattoo design. With some decorated leaves and beads hanging freely below this tattoo is an excellent girl’s choice.
Interesting peacock feather tattoo on stomach
If you want something simpler and less provoking, you can opt for outlined peacock tattoo design with minimum shading and monochromic. However, you might want to add some decorations and ornaments to the tattoo to make it look more attractive.
Outlined and decorated peacock tattoo
This cartoon-like peacock tattoo with heart-shaped tail feathers is an undoubtedly female option. Such a colorful and attractive tattoo pattern will definitely single out the bearer from the crowd.
Fabulously beautiful peacock tattoo for girls
Peacocks change their feathers every year, thus, in this way, a tattoo showing motley plumage of these birds means renewal of spirit and immortality.
Astounding peacock tattoo for women
It will be impossible to avoid attention and turning heads at once you get tattooed with classy peacock ink. And the hip placement makes an already sexy girl even sexier.
Miraculous peacock wing tattoo
Girls who want to highlight their extraordinary personality and women’s sensuality can opt to a huge colorful peacock tattoo on the side with intense purple color.
Incredible purple peacock with colorful feathers tattoo
The peacock feather tattoo carries different meanings among which we can single out the most common one. From ancient times the feather that reminds the eye is a symbol of the all-seeing eye.
Realistic and symbolic peacock feather tattoo
If you want to have some unique tattoo piece, go for ornamental peacock tattoo with watercolor elements. The combination of these two styles creates something amazing!
Very sexy peacock side tattoo
Peacock feathers can look fascinating even without vibrant colors. This matching black and white tattoo on the forearms reminding Yin Yang symbol means harmony and immortality. Great tattoo idea for best friends.
Simple yet meaningful Yin Yang peacock feather tattoo
It’s not a common thing to get inked with small peacock designs; still, if they are smaller, peacocks can create a cute tattoo especially for girls.
Small and cute peacock ankle tattoo
This intense in color yet primitive in details peacock beating the snake tattoo represents the struggle between good and evil and means protection.
Exceptionally beautiful Traditional peacock tattoo
This peacock shoulder blade tattoo with some element of Tribal ornaments unfolds the true nature of the bearer. It can be the striving to achieve set goals and to disclose inner potential.
Distinguish Tribal peacock tattoo
Seems as if this blue peacock wasn’t inked on the forearm, but painted on paper. Those blurred watercolor parts add some refinement to the whole image.
Classy watercolor peacock tattoo
The White color is quite unusual for peacocks, so it can be a nice idea for a unique tattoo design. Symbolizing purity and faith this flying white peacock decorated with colorful flowers looks stunning!
Unique white peacock tattoo

If it is less colorful, the peacock can be a nice tattoo for men. Check out this Old School flying peacock and make sure that it’s true.
Zingy flying peacock tattoo
This erotic sea blue peacock tattoo on the fanny is a way to show your inner or external beauty and your self-confidence as well.
Astonishing blue peacock tattoo
If at least one of all possible peafowl meanings fits your personality, you can easily express it in a visual way. Even without their beautiful tails, peacocks can create wondrous tattoo designs.
Interesting peacock head tattoo
You hardly find some other side tattoo that will look as beautiful as the peacock with its amazing tail which perfectly outlines woman’s hips.
Fascinating peafowl side tattoo for women