Pencil Skirt Outfits for Each and Every Woman

The pencil skirt creates delicate and at the same time official look. These adorable conceptions of outfits below are aimed at different tastes and occasions and definitely won’t leave you imperceptible.

Pencil skirt belongs to the out of time category, as it continues to be on the top of the fashion trends more than hundred years and still is an integral part of the wardrobe of the most women. The style of this skirt takes its roots from “the hobble skirt” – a skirt, which was very popular in the 1910s. The biggest absence of hobble skirt was that it was as narrow at the hem as to impede walking. The design of a pencil skirt solved this problem.

Authentic pencil skirt represents a close fit skirt with straight and slightly tapered to the bottom silhouette. Basically, it has a cut on the back width of the skirt (or sometimes on the sides and even on the front width) that makes walking in it easier.

Pencil skirt is a versatile product that will befit for women of every age and body type. You just need to choose the right variant.

Pencil skirt usually designed in two length versions:

  • knee-length;
  • ankle-length.

The first variant is suitable for most women. But second– is mainly for tall, because it shortens your height.

Also, pencil skirt has few fits:

  • with a high waistline;
  • natural fit;
  • with a low waistline.

For plump or not tall ladies, in particular, it is reasonable to choose a high-wasted style with a shorter hemline. It will create the illusion of leaner, longer legs. Average height or taller women can choose any variant. Slim women or those, who has a lack in the hip area should choose natural fit and also underline their waistline with belts.

How to Wear a Pencil Skirt

Today’s configuration of a pencil skirt becomes particularly popular and acquires many new interpretations and stylish variations. It means that you can pick up a suitable outfit for an every occasion:

  • classic (office) style – no matter how straight is a dress code in the office, pencil skirt will create an elegant feminine look;
  • casual – great number of variations makes an everyday choice as simple as never;
  • romantic style – truly womanly cut will emphasize pros of your figure;
  • evening style – pencil skirt outfit is an unbeaten choice for a gorgeous look;
  • sports style – T-shirt and gumshoes match amazingly with a pencil skirt too.

Pencil skirt makes great matches with a wide choice of fabrics. It can be:

  • velvet;
  • suede;
  • leather;
  • jersey;
  • cashmere;
  • denim;

Couturiers skillfully mixes incredible combinations and so you can find pencils skirts made of different fabric’s textures such as:

  • pleating;
  • quilted fabric;

And also decoration:

  • basque;
  • flounce;
  • pin tucks;
  • folds;
  • bows;
  • patch pockets;

Pencil skirts looks amazingly in a great list of colors:

  • single-colored :
    • classic (black&white);
    • rich colored (yellow, blue, cherry blossom, plum, aquamarine, olive, mahogany, etc.);
    • subdued colors (milky color, beige, silver gray, tender pink, etc.);
  • with print (animal pattern, flower pattern, geometry, abstraction, etc.);
  • striped (horizontal stripes, vertical stripes, wide stripes, narrow stripes);
  • polka-dotted (large dots, small dots);
  • checked;
  • with glitters (paillettes, spangles, beads, etc.).

The main rule is: keep your attention on the balance of the colors and prints. If the skirt is single-colored then companion item – the top – can be either single-colored or printed. But don’t combine printed skirt with printed top, of cause!

What to Wear With a Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirts combines with different types of garment, for example:

  • top;
  • blouse;
  • chemise;
  • sweaters;
  • T-shirt;
  • jacket;
  • overcoat, etc.

The main rule is: keep your attention on the balance and proportions. The skirt is quite straight shaped so companion item – the top – should be loose-fitting, made of light flowing materials, without a deep neckline, etc.

Pencil skirts harmonize with different types of footwear, for instance:

  • with high heels;
  • with shoe boots;
  • with open-toe sandals;
  • with ballet flats;
  • with gumshoes;
  • and even with slippers.

2 Look at this captivating variety of designs and choose the most admirable option that will be appropriate for your taste and case.

Pencil Skirt Outfit Ideas

black pencil skirt outfit
Appreciate this plain and just comfy outfit especially for cooler months and for a warm autumn look! Black pencil skirt harmoniously mixed with loose-fit turtleneck cream colored sweater and stylish boots with metal studs.
white pencil skirt outfit
Look at this is an extremely hot casual outfit! It combines ankle-length white pencil skirt an eye-catching short houndstooth top. Paired with classic black pumps and short leather jacket it makes you look classy and feminine at the same time.
plus size pencil skirt outfit
How about to check another great everyday look? This textile olive pencil skirt and casual denim shirt compose outfit, which gently accentuates your luscious curves and both with a pair of open toe pumps creates absolutely charming and cute image.
long pencil skirt outfits
Do you want to add some visual interest to your usual office outfit? No problem: team up a high waist mustard pencil skirt with tucked dressy polka-dotted blouse, complete the look with the exceptional fur jacket and high-heels and voila – finished and sophisticated look is ready.
midi pencil skirt outfit
Amazingly gentle outfit in pearl-gray colors – is a perfect way to vary your casual look in cold months. Soft sleeveless knitted sweater and textile skirt will keep you warm and will give you truly elegant look.
red pencil skirt outfit
How about making everyone look at you? The concept is simple: combine bold rich red pencil skirt with a short white tee and use trendy accessories – wide brim hat and extraordinary boots.
high waisted pencil skirt outfit
Try modern updates with chic and unusual details to pick up your new summer look: futuristically colored pencil skirt looks just right with black short tight fitted top, high-heels, transparent plastic purse, and wayfarer style sunglasses.
gray pencil skirt outfit
This long-sleeved top and high-waisted slim-fit skirt (both made of knitted fabric) create an elegant feminine outfit and definitely will beautify your wardrobe. Noble pale grey will surely enhance swarthy skin or a nice tan.
short pencil skirt outfit
How to create a gorgeous look this spring? Use this bright combination of a short green pencil skirt and vintage middle-sleeved white blouse. Simple and chic.
casual pencil skirt outfit
A versatile black pencil skirt can be a non-trivial item for a casual everyday wear. Pair it with cozy white tucked out sweater and complete the look with a comfortable pair of sneakers or ballet flats.
blue pencil skirt outfit
This white T-shirt decorated with embroidery looks awesome tucked in high-waisted midi blue pencil cut skirt. Use subtle jewelry – slim golden bracelet, tiny earrings will work perfectly. Add black cuffed sandals to finish this outfit
denim pencil skirt outfit
You want to try a denim skirt for work but you not sure if it will suit for your professional image? Pair it with dressy floral printed skirt and classic heeled pumps. Voila!
leather pencil skirt outfit
The black leather pencil skirt is kind of item that will always make you stand out from the crowd. Just team up it with a matching color top and add some accessories.
striped pencil skirt outfit
Here we see a hot eye-catching ensemble made of a wraparound skirt and tight-fitting top in black & white stripes, styled with cute lime&sky blue cuffed sandals. Perfect for summer!
lace pencil skirt outfit
How about mixing textures and fabrics? This red lace pencil skirt looks gorgeous with black satin blouse. Another interesting detail in this outfit – is big black boots. Who would have thought it will work?
floral pencil skirt outfit
Do you want to add some romantic air or cheerful image to your summer wardrobe? In this case, you should choose floral prints for your pencil skirt outfit. Complete this outfit by adding shiny silver pumps and matching bag.
tan pencil skirt outfit
Only you decide how to mix and match different items. Even if it brown suede pencil skirt and whimsy music fan T-shirt. Complete the set with vivid accents – scarfs, shiny jewels, mirrored sunglasses, and of course, laced high heels.
crop top and pencil skirt outfit
This black from top to toe pencil skirt outfit follows the line of your silhouette and profitably emphasizes your feminine curves. That’s why make sure you have such stylish and nontrivial set in your closet. Pair it with matched colored jacket and sneakers.
pencil skirt outfits for work
Are you puzzling your head with what to wear at the office this autumn? Choose pencil skirt outfits and you’ll hit the right nail on the head. It easily combines with many items (from shirts to coats), so you’ll be able to create new awesome outfit every day.
pink pencil skirt outfit
Don’t you like sparkle, loud-colored clothes and accessories but you still want to get into the limelight? Then this plain but nevertheless elegant duet of pearl gray sweater and pale pink pencil skirt is what the doctor ordered.
navy pencil skirt outfit
It’s fair to say that in this rich dark blue leather pencil skirt outfit you’ll conquer all hearts. Just combine it with ankle boots and add some statement jewels.

white lace pencil skirt outfit
Dress this gorgeous white lace pencil skirt up with soft loose knitted sweater and make your everyday image cozier. Add romantic chic accent with beige high heels.
beige pencil skirt outfit
If you need a handy style piece for work stop your choice on a turtleneck sweater and mid-length skirt made in beige head-to-toe color. Keep your silhouette simple, just add black ankle boots.
romantic pencil skirt outfit with boots
And even simple black pencil skirt can be part of your romantic outfit if you pair it with adorable lace top. Complete this look by adding trendy snapback and black boots to make it a bit more youthful.
sexy pencil skirt outfit
Do you want to know the secret to guarantee success? The answer is – cream crop top and mini pencil skirt. Just complete this hottest trend combo with high heeled boots and a light jacket.
pencil skirt outfits for party
For a club outfit, choose an eye-catching pencil skirt with metallic spraying and simple white top. During autumn you can pair it with matching color jacket and black boots.
long black pencil skirt outfit
Pencil skirt is an extremely practical item and there’s always a way of adapting it to any style! Opt from top to toe black outfit with a long stretchy pencil skirt and crop top. Complete it with strap sandals, sunnies, and sports jacket for a win-win look.
winter pencil skirt outfit
You wonder how to wear a pencil skirt in winter? Go for an enchanting ensemble of cream-white midi skirt and a long-sleeved sweater. Made of soft, smooth to the touch fabric it will keep you warm and beautify.
mini pencil skirt outfit
Get inspired with this versatile and easy to wear street style image. Clean white T-shirt looks perfect worn with a plain black mini skirt. You’ll love it with black leather boots.
pencil skirt outfit for teenagers
If you think that pencil skirt suits for adults only, you are far from the mark! Take a close up look at this image: straight black pencil skirt works great with white knitted sweater, sneakers, and trendy knitted hat.
pencil skirt club outfit
Use your creativity to build a sophisticated set for a club: textile ocher yellow pencil skirt looks amazingly with a black shirt. Fur coat gives a special charm to this outfit.
pencil skirt business outfit
A strict dress code at your office is not a reason to choose boring uniform anymore. Take a note on this cute ensemble of a straight gray pencil skirt and tucked a striped shirt.
khaki pencil skirt outfit
The pencil skirt and crop top combo are one of the hottest trends, so make sure that you have it in your wardrobe. Khaki pencil skirt outfit looks extremely feminine with beige cashmere coat and laced sandals.
blue pencil skirt outfit
You will be so in love with this look! A pastel beige sweater looks fabulous tucked in a turquoise-blue pencil skirt with a high waistline and completed with a matching color clutch and black platform heeled sandals.
sport green pencil skirt outfit
Sportswear can be glamorous! Maybe you don’t believe it, but look at this photo: knee-length green glossy pencil cut skirt looks astonishing with high heel sneakers and black baseball cap.
creative pencil skirt outfit
If you like to catch the attention of others you should build up your daily outfit with mixing different fabrics, using interesting details and unusual accessories. Take a look on this image to get inspiration!
colorful pencil skirt outfit
Add some color to your everyday casual or office look! Match this beautiful yellow floral printed pencil skirt with romantic pastel top. Combine it with matching pumps and a bright clutch.
luxury pencil skirt and top outfit
Keep up with the latest fashion trends and make sure you have in your wardrobe black mini skirt and shining crop top. You can team up it with high-heel sandals or ballerina flats according to your personal preferences. Just be sure it should be a totally comfortable choice for you!